Dear people of Pakistan, our politicians may be corrupt looters, but you’re far worse

Published: July 15, 2018

They say all is fair in love and war, and elections can count as modern-day warfare, which is why some leeway is acceptable for the nastiness that precedes an election.

Election season is never pretty in any part of the world, and Pakistan is no exception. Sleazy comments, tell-all books, personal attacks, we have seemingly witnessed it all in a span of months.

They say all is fair in love and war, and elections can count as modern-day warfare, which is why some leeway is sort of acceptable for the nastiness that precedes an election. However, even wars have rules, and certain events have transpired that – no matter what side you find yourself on – are completely unforgivable. Not only are we getting to witness the true face of our politicians, we are witnessing the true face of the general populace as well – and it’s ugly.

The following are five events from the past week alone that should make us feel ashamed of ourselves:

1. The attack on Junaid Safdar:

It is not a new phenomenon for our nation to take “justice” into its own hands (public lynchings, anyone?). And when it comes to Nawaz Sharif, our people don’t seem to know where to draw the line. Maryam Nawaz’s son Junaid was recently arrested for a scuffle with a worker from an opposing party, but videos soon emerged showing what the scuffle entailed.

A man can be heard screaming rape threats directed at someone’s mother. While it is unclear who was this being directed at, people on social media have alleged that it was against Junaid. However, unsurprisingly, there are many out there defending what is being said in the video, suggesting that Maryam deserves whatever is coming. While we do not condone physical violence or aggression, how can one possibly in good conscience justify a rape threat? Is being charged as a thief enough for our society to justify rape? In a country that still mourns Zainab and countless other victims of rape, being so cavalier and quick to throw around rape threats – especially when pointed at women we do not like – shows where the problem lies.

We all know “honour” makes the Pakistani man’s world go round. That guy allegedly attempted to ‘dishonour’ Junaid by threatening to rape his mother. If this seems like understandable behaviour to anyone, they should really just cease to exist. We already have too many vile human beings in this country; there simply isn’t enough space to accommodate more.

Let’s take a look at events in Junaid’s life, and we know it’s too much too much to ask for, but try being in his shoes for a few seconds:

Grandmother: Pronounced brain dead, fighting for her life

Grandfather: Going to jail

Father: In jail

Mother: Going to jail

On top of all that, you cannot leave your house because every time you do, a mob waiting outside start hurling nasty comments at you and your family. And you just had to say goodbye to your mother, knowing what awaits her, and you’re feeling angry and upset when someone passes a comment that was uncalled for.

If someone passed a rape comment about your mother, what would you do? Would it not boil your blood? Would you not react, like every other human would considering human nature? Would you not want to punch that man?

Yes, Nawaz and Maryam have been charged for corruption. But does that make it okay to harass her children? To punish children for the sins of their parents? To tell a son that his mother should be raped? If this is simply how people behave in the heat of the moment, we have no right to ever call #JusticeFor anyone.

Have you ever wondered why Pakistan is the sixth most dangerous country in the world for women? Because our general public consists of people who either casually throw around rape threats, or people who sit back and defend them.

2. The slut-shaming of Reham Khan

Reham’s controversial book ruffled a lot of feathers, even before its release. Though Reham received a lot of flak (as expected) and became a frequent topic in the national conversation, the dialogue would more often than not progress with misogynistic overtones. Thus, it was not surprising to see misogynistic comments yet again after the release of the actual book.

Yes, the contents of the book are questionable, and the moral ambiguity of the revelations needs to be discussed at length. But why are we incapable of criticising women (or men) without inevitably showing how sexist and misogynist we truly are? Can Reham not be critiqued for the content of her book without people mentioning she is a divorcee? Or claiming that Jemima is better than her? Or taking the route followed by Sheikh Rasheed, and calling her a prostitute?

3.The “emasculation” of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

It is not uncommon to see politicians attack each other, neither is it uncommon to see their followers pick up on that rhetoric and attack other political parties and their supporters. After all, all this is strangely part of a healthy democracy. But as mentioned earlier, there are certain limits that can never be crossed, such as mocking Bilawal for unwarranted reasons – not for his participation in dynasty politics, or his father’s alleged corruption, or his party’s lack of action in Sindh, all of which are legitimate reasons to criticise him. Instead, Bilawal is often mocked for his “femininity”, and he is often labelled either a homosexual or a transgender.

Mocking PPP’s paid content making rounds on national TV, Pakistanis did not hesitate to make fun of Bilawal’s manner of speaking, calling it “girlish” and “transgender-like”.

We celebrate when a member of the transgender community becomes an anchor, or when a school is built for them or even when a law is placed for their protection. However, we do not hesitate to use the same community as a means to demean others. Because at the face of it, Pakistanis want to seem open-minded, kind and accepting. But in reality they always look down upon anyone that does not fit their idea of “perfect”. Because how can a macho, manly male speak so softly?

4. The defeminisation of women

Another revelation to come out of Reham’s infamous tell-all was the allegation that Imran believes Shireen Mazari is “hardly a woman”.

Mazari is often dragged on social media, and was once again not spared as people took up the opportunity to troll her once again and share precisely the extent to which Mazari was “not a woman”. However, when Ayesha Siddiqa, a scholar of South Asian and military affairs, tweeted about this, people quickly began attacking her as well, with personal attacks on her looks being all-too frequent.

5. A mother ridiculed

A video went viral recently where Nawaz’s mother is seen announcing that she will not let her son go to prison and if he is, she will go with him. We understand that many people thought this was a tactic to gain public sympathy. However, it wasn’t justified what people ended up saying about her. Ridiculing her for giving birth to Nawaz, praying that she is never able to stand on her own two feet or even giving death threats revealed the 50 shades of inhumanity in the people of this country. It is a sad state of affairs when a mother is attacked for trying to protect her son. Even mothers of murderers and rapists would protect their sons, any mother would.

However, it is indeed worse that we do not have even an iota of respect for our elderly.

Photo: Screenshot

Photo: Screenshot

The elections are just an excuse for people to bring their worst selves to the table – anyone who has seen the Purge movies can probably relate. It doesn’t matter what party you support, at the end of the day, you all vote for harassment. You get what you vote for, and that is why this country is how it is.

The politicians of your country and the people you elect are reflective of the larger public – after all, the corrupt and greedy politicians we despise so much are all coming from within our own people. If anything, the vile and vulgar comments we see on social media day in and day out make it evident that our people are as bad as our politicians. After all, we can only blame politicians for so much; overtime, we’ve transformed precisely into the politicians we love to hate so much. Case in point: Imran Khan

Or perhaps we were always one and the same. What better way to represent a problematic nation than a problematic politician?


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  • Sheraz Khalid

    Typical pseudo liberals mindset. Wasted my time.Recommend

  • umar

    Totally agree with the premise of the article. Pakistani people have one of the lowest moral standard in the world. From honor killings to contamination of foodstuff we have everything. But at the same time we have one of the best people who will go out of the way to help others. But these are a minuscule minority.Recommend

  • Chalice93

    Cherry picking a couple of tweets and painting an entire nation with them. This article is the very definition of irresponsible journalism.Recommend

  • UJ

    Majority of people in Pakistan do not participate in social media. More importantly, how is a 140 character insult worse than politicians systematically looting people for decades?Recommend

  • Farhan

    Good article. It’s time common public should be shown the mirror.

    People won’t declare their forex or jewellery that they keep in their homes on their wealth statement but will want to hold their leaders accountable till the last penny.

    They’re hideous inside and out but want their leaders to be angels.Recommend

  • Abdus Salam

    This article is so on point. Thanks for sharing.Recommend

  • Atika Khan

    Phenomenal! We really need to review what are we doing on our part.Recommend

  • Hanif Mohammad

    I agree with you.Recommend

  • Sadia Ayaz

    I dont understand , how can you write a an article which makes us aware of our mistakes ( which i completely agree too ) but to
    be so unaware yourself.
    With all respect, what you are saying in short is a cycle. The tangible order which makes us stand on a common ground is media/ newspapers and these social websites like yours and many other that are followed religiously. These “dictators” may state facts but only those facts that are juicy enough to be discussed , wasn’t the mastung bomb blast worth a mention? weren’t the lives of 200 people worth a mention? and its not like its not related to this article, he went for elections, didnt he?
    i’m only a 23 year old so i dont mean to be rude, just saddened and disappointed where we make big claims , we end up doing the same. pointing fingers.Recommend

  • Phantom

    what a sorry argument.

    1) Are you seriously using honor as the argument to defend junaid’s actions? double standards much?
    2) Using random social media opinions as arguments? Really? (What sheikh Rasheed said is wrong, but you cannot magnify the argument by using opinions of random people on the internet.
    3) This is a valid point in general…but doesn’t really excuse corruption on a mass scale.
    4) You go out of your way to cite Imran khan via reham khans book, but gloss over the many times PMLN members have insulted women, both specifically and in general. I cannot help but see this as agenda driven, or at the very least, biased. Call Imran khan anything, but the man has never publicly shamed any woman, be it reham or gulalai, regardless of how much they attempted to drag him into the mud.
    5) Again, social media comments as arguments? If you have used the internet for a few months, you will come to understand that people will insult just about anyone they disagree with. I am not talking about Pakistanis, I am talking about the world in general. Obama, Trump, Mrs Obama, Mrs Trump, the queen, putin, the kardarshians, Justin beiber…and the list goes on and on…all receive doses of profanity on a daily basis, including “threats to rape” and death threats…while they are all wrong, you simply cannot use one tweets to cater to whatever argument you are trying to push.

    On a final note, its true that Pakistanis, like the rest of the world, can tend to misbehave…does that make them worse than a person involved in heavy corruption and responsible for the misery of an entire nation….uh no…Recommend

  • Safdar

    Completely one sided view of things. Do take few moments to sit in your cozy study or drawing room in your posh residence in suburban Lahore, to think about reality of life for a common (generally poor) man across Pakistan. If you wanted to, you could have spent time to reflect on the loot of wealth last two so called ‘democratic governments’ in have done. Poverty is reaching epic proportions, population is swelling with almost no investment in human development so basically we have a disaster in making. If you ever had to walk several kms to get water and or go and work outside Pakistan for megre money you would have appreciated people’s anger. I don’t subscribe to violent behaviour or reaction but in your writing you should atleast take a rational view on things and reflect on cause of these reactions or people’s frustrations.Recommend

  • ziaulislam khan

    Which world do you live you know how many people die of hunger in Pakistan..disgusting to justify corruption…cant believe that morality has dropped this farRecommend

  • ziaulislam khan

    Half of the people cant get food on their plate…Recommend

  • rabia Ashfaq

    Somebody had to speak up. Hats off to the authors for a well written piece!Recommend

  • Zubair

    This is such a biased article, at best trying to defame Pakistanis or at worst trying to make PTI look bad….

    This happens everywhere in the works including the so called democracy champion, USA…..

    Be constructive, analyze everything without a bias, and provide solutions – calling everybody bad is so so so easy!!Recommend

  • Muhammad Umair Khan

    The moment i read her interest that had the word “Feminist” ,i was certain this article would be a waste of time, and by reading the comments , i am glad i saved 5-10 minutes of my life!!! What can i say, as predicted, a deprecate, cynical,denigrating,patronizing and a deploring article by person with a pessimistic mind that formulates subjective decisions. By Judging “Pakistanis” this lady is accusing Pakistanis of “Judging Others”.Recommend

  • Ibrahim

    Pathetic article. You can’t generalize 20 carore people just by using a bunch of tweetsRecommend

  • Parvez

    Painting our leaders as the underdog ( how wrong can you be )……. and then coming to their rescue makes for clever journalism but certainly not credible journalism.
    I always like the views you’ll put forward….but this time sorry. I’m not with you.Recommend

  • Talia Manzoor

    Wasted my time & I still cannot fathom the fact that you may have called Reham Khan “innocent”. You’ve talked about what people are calling her but I guess it must’ve slipped you mind the absurd things she called IK. Despite political differences, that man is our national hero so have some courtesy to at least show some respect towards him. So called liberals you are, you people are the problem of this country!! Not that I am defending what language people use but what these people have done cannot be justified!! As for Maryam Nawaz, she should have thought about her own children before looting the nation, what goes around comes around. If I remember, she character assasinated women of parliament herself. And what about the lives of this generation that got destroyed by them ?? Show some devotion to your country & if you cannot do that, at least don’t side with the traitors!Recommend

  • Saima Kamran

    These criminals have looted billions from a beautiful promising country
    named Pakistan. Forced its poor people to commit suicides out of poverty
    and deprived them of their basic needs like water, electricity, gas
    etc.This article clearly shows how much these writers despise poor
    people of Pakistan. If Junaid Safdar is the only one who got arrested
    then it simply means that whatever protestors were saying was allowed in
    the UK. Why don’t these writer dummies criticize UK laws??? Secondly
    quoting a pornographic unreliable book of Reham Khan who is facing
    defamation litigation is appalling. Don’t these writers know how much
    privileges these criminals are enjoying even in the jail for example
    rides on private jets and a five star compound in Adyala. Before writing
    such crap, these dummies should have read about European revolutions
    who changed and modernized Europe by holding accountable their utterly
    corrupt elite and made a place where criminals of a developing country
    like Pakistan love to live and satanic creatures like these writers
    probably admire.To summarize this article, it is basically a bunch of
    crooked writers trying to seek sympathy for one of the most corrupt
    administrations Pakistan has even seen – my fellow Pakistanis don’t get

  • ABKhan

    Dear so called blogger. Let me teach you something. Politicians are sitting on our tax money and we have every right to criticize their corruption. General public is not sitting on tax money. Did you learn something today?Recommend

  • Patwari

    Munna wala Junaid is 22 years old. Out of diapers and on his own, years ago.
    Belongs to a political family. Has lived his life under the microscope and is used to it,
    and knows it. Is fully conversant with being a scion of privilege.
    In Pakland a 22 car entourage takes Junaid to the market to buy an ice cream cone
    or jamuns, or a pan, or samosas, or bheja nihari…if the urge strikes him. Not in London
    His grandfather, Nawaz, is in jail. Because he is one of most corrupt feudal, politician
    in Pakland’s 70 year history..Duly tried and convicted.
    His mother, Maryam, with a very foul mouth, is in jail because she aided and abetted, Junaid’s grandfather, Nawaz with his money laundering schemes and whatnot. Duly
    tried and convicted.
    His abbu, Gazi Capt. Safdar, Defender of the Faith, is in jail for lying on his election paperwork and signing forged papers. Also aiding and abetting Junaid’s mother Maryam
    Duly tried and convicted.
    Gazi Safdar is known for one thing only :- Vociferously defending the killer, of the Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer. [this killer is now near pir status in Punjab! Make you want to weep at what Pakistan is turning into]
    Safdar is the point man in the movement to deligitimize a Muslim minority sect.
    This sect is not even allowed to shop for bread, groceries, in most of Lahore’s bazaars
    Maryam’s munna should know you don’t try to bash in a taunter’s head. Not in London.
    In Lahore or Gujranwala or Jhang, Munna Safdar can get away with it. Not so in London.
    Shows how the baby was raised,does it not?…not much of a going concern now, is it?Recommend

  • Zohair Reborn

    Two wrongs don’t make one rightRecommend

  • Zohair Reborn

    Yes you can. The mobs show it allRecommend

  • Zohair Reborn

    How many?Recommend

  • Zohair Reborn

    Where did you get that number?Recommend

  • Zohair Reborn

    While I agree with the grim reality observed in the article, we also have to start talking about how to make a change.Recommend

  • Awaad Abdul Ahad Khan

    In some cases the comments of the writer make sense. After all, we should not go after the children or parents of corrupt politicians. Plus if we claim to be a democracy ( which I have serious concerns over) the freedom of speech is given but not character assassination like they are doing in regards to Bilawal. True Z.A Bhutto Jr is a cross dresser but that is his choice and his life…eventually it will be his grave and his test. We cannot judge.

    But the writer is not fair either. No, no….. what the writer does not allow him/herself to accept or understand is that many have suffered major financial setbacks during the rule of the current politicians who are being imprisoned for their corruption. Pakistan is a poor country and financial set backs ruin lives, futures and most importantly the future of children. The writer should know that people who have suffered have also seen the children of the same politicians because of whom they have suffered make sure that their children do not suffer. Hence the reaction. As for the parents of these corrupt politicians…here is an example. When Shahrukh Jatoie’s death sentence was revoked, he was making victory signs and his father was kissing him on the cheek. I was more angry with the father then the son. Is this the training the father gave to his son, that he could go around killing people? Same is the case with Nawaz’s mother….did she train her son to loot the poor Pakistani people’s money? To be corrupt? To defend such an act is corrupt by itself. It not only ruins your impression but if you are a religious person, you must believe that it will tighten your grave. So honestly, when she spoke in favor of Nawaz i felt like telling her that you should stay with him in prison yourself. After all, you trained him. You deserve some credit.Recommend

  • Not Mir

    I think the presentation here makes it look like that is Hamid Mir’s real account its not his account and Hamid Mir never tweeted this. While I am not a fan – I think thats a little unfair and should be corrected.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    And you also because you added Nawaz Sharif and Bilawal but not added Imran Khan picture in banner. Actually you are spreading negative propaganda.Recommend

  • Shan E Ibrahim

    Yeh hamari parhi likhi awaam haiRecommend

  • Yasir

    Wow. Brilliant!Recommend

  • Yasir

    The blog does have some essence but the connection the author is trying to make to the politicians, is really lame, does not make sense, and appears to be just a catchy title to draw attention. Fail!Recommend

  • Patwari

    What two wrongs? There is the corruption wrong, where’s the second wrong?
    A nation of 200 million, being looted and plundered systematically, with barely
    any social infra structures, where women die on “govt. hospital” floors, or give
    birth in the street outside “govt. hospital” because of no money. Or their babies
    die because the incubators broke down years ago. Were never fixed. In Faisalabad, Sialkot,Gujranwala, Sahiwal….a simple incubator could have saved the babies lives. The rulers, Sharif Brothers need to be held accountable? Yes?
    This Sharif Brothers Cabal has ruled Punjab for decades and yet a pregnant woman was stoned to death outside the Lahore High Court. while the police
    stood and watched the tamasha. A young girl stripped and paraded in her village.
    Or the same police committed the Model Town Massacre? On instructions from
    from powers that be to “teach a lesson” to unarmed peacefully demonstrating citizens. Or nurses, peacefully demonstrating for better pay, savagely beaten.
    Or people loose their lives, guaranteed, whenever it rains in Lahore.
    Never mind what happens in the other parts of the country.
    The Sharif Brothers Cabal need to be rooted out, put on a ship, and sent to London. Their first and true home. Or their second home Saudia….each will do.Recommend

  • Zohaib Usman

    How much time you spend to gather all this negativity??
    You use the word “Maybe” for our politicians but your article is giving the impression that you are damn sure that Pakistani Nation is Worse

    Go and have some good night sleep.Recommend

  • Despicable Dude

    So you are basically saying its ok to harass people for their looks, gender and relatives ??
    Never mind liberals, if you had paid attention to Islamic study courses you would have understood what the author meant here.Recommend

  • Despicable Dude

    This is not just the reflection on PTI but the whole nation. PTI is shown in limelight here, because they are the most vocal ones on social media, and the fact that they/we are supposed to be the more educated ones rather than supporters of other parties.
    But again this is not a commentary on PTIans, but on the Pakistani society.Recommend

  • Despicable Dude

    Nobody is defending the acts of Shareefs and other political goons here. Two wrongs dont make a right.Recommend

  • Despicable Dude

    Finally someone stood up and said something about this. This is an apolitical problem which is rooted deep into the mindset of our society!
    starting from the concept of “log kia kahaingay” indirectly justifying the actions: “logon ka kehna”.

  • Patwari

    Politicians are suppose to be selfless, honest, with public service front and foremost.
    That is why the people elect them. To fight and watch for their rights. To build roads,
    infra structures, hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. etc. in their communities. Bring jobs, more
    business, housing. Make their district, tehsil, whatever,… a better place to live in.
    This applies all over the world. In every country
    Politicians are suppose to be a cut above, the regular people. They have to be, to serve
    Again, politicians have to be angels, [at least in public]. Otherwise they go back to being just another common “public”.Recommend

  • Junaid J. Khawaja

    am fully 100% Sure this article belongs to some corrupt Leader supporter, Might be a Patwari or might b belongs to baby bilawal. you deserve in return if u have done something wrong. So Go and get a Life.Recommend

  • Patwari

    What difference does it makes? If it’s 50 or a 100 or 2000?
    They died, from hunger. Or slow starvation. Did they not?
    Do you get it?Recommend

  • Awaad Abdul Ahad Khan

    I agree with you on everything…..but you should have mentioned Rana Sanaullah as well. The rest is perfect.Recommend

  • backseatdriver

    This is not a journalistic article but an opinion piece so we shouldn’t critise the author for having a bias he/she is in perfect right to write it as per their own opinion. Just like everyone in the comments section has a right to hold opinion and therefore people on social media also have a right to hold opinion. On the otherhand verbal/written or phycological abuse threat of sexual/physical harm or hate crime i.e. threats due to race/religion are all criminal acts in U.K at least (not sure about Pakistan) therefore instead of getting into a “scuffle” Junaid & co could have made a formal complaint to the police who would have dealt with it.
    Secondly all the “social media” abuse containing sexist or mysogynist abuse is not just part and parcel of Pakistani culture it exsists everywhere in the world, take examples from American and British election campaigns. Only difference is that it is usually done by alt right or alt left which is picked up by the media and the culprit is usually thoroughly rinsed hence making an example. More centerists usually refrain from such comments because the “justice” system (not just the court it involves media/politicians/social forums) is much more mature and general public has faith that a “wrong” is going to be stopped and dealt with, whereas in Pakistan no one in public has faith in any form of justice and hence take it among themselves to deliver that justice and only way a simple layman thinks he/she can serve justice is by hurling abuse.
    Therefore instead of writing biased opinion blogs please concentrate on journalistic approach on giving general public the justice they deserve by calling out politicians and other influencing personalities from all sides when they are in the wrong.Recommend

  • Ameer

    Total nonsense.

    1. The rape comment in the video was made by Zakarriya Hussain Sharif. And it was 4-5 guys beating 1 guy.

    2. You are so sympathetic towards Reham Khan and show zero sympathy or appreciation for Imran Khan for not uttering a single word in the face of outrageous, insulting and hurtful slander. Only because Reham is a woman. It’s sad.

    3. You cherry picking tweets and trying to brush the whole nation or all members of a political party with that brush is not only non-sensical but also very annoying.


  • Sam Villa

    These are not liberals, they are “lie-berals”; and they are a disservice to the true liberals of this country. They value freedom of speech only when speech fits their criteria they value freedom of dress only when it fits with what they believe dress should be, they value accountability, transparency only for the political/social movements which they adhere to, they value democracy only when democracy delivers the results they are looking for. A true liberal is consistent in their beliefs.Recommend

  • Patwari

    If that is so, and, if that is the way you think, then you
    are just as guilty as the mob.
    Whether you sit at home or out in streets, snarling with
    your pitchfork. Why? Simply because you are Pakistani.
    You represent this mob, and they represent you…anyway
    you look at it. Harsh but true.Recommend

  • Sheraz Khalid

    Bla bla bla. People are dying, committing suicides and suffering because of these corrupt goons. i do not support what people had said but its just a natural response. But pseudo liberals wont understand bcz people born with golden spoons dont know ground realities.Recommend

  • Sheraz Khalid

    Very well said.Recommend

  • Kazmeen batool

    i totally agree with the author we as a nation is so pathetically judgmental about others. we have no respect for each other n we claim as the best muslim nation. who has given you the right to use abusive language and pass bad remarks on anyone. Why dont you think for a second you are actually showing your reality as an individual of Pakistan…Recommend

  • Babar Jamal

    You must have suffered greatly in your life right. Lets see: You have internet access, phone, a place to live, food on the table. You are one of those with a golden spoon because you are already richer than the 65% of the people of this country. So stop your crap and get off your high horse. Go do something for those people who you are advocating about. Otherwise be quiet and let others that want to do it, do it.Recommend

  • Babar Jamal

    Except he’s not the one crying about being generalized. Don’t make it about yourself and understand the point. Most of the commentators are actually proving the article’s points.Recommend

  • Atika Khan

    That still doesn’t justify the unethical speechRecommend

  • Patwari

    Understanding “the point” must require a Phd. in Psychology.
    And crying and weeping buckets.[is that cultural,… in Pakland?]
    The rebuttal was regarding ‘reborn’s’ comment which was juvenile.
    It was not about what others are writing or proving. Non, whatsoever.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Everyone has a right to their opinion. Whether YOU can tolerate it or not.
    So don’t tell anyone to shut up. Cut YOUR drivel out.
    There is still a little bit of freedom of speech left in Pakland. Enjoy it before
    they take it away,… too.Recommend

  • Babar Jamal

    Yeah no. When you disregard someone’s opinion, then you can accept to have your own opinion disregarded. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean spreading hate and scorn such as ‘Pseudo liberal’. I have no respect for those using this term just because their reality is different to other people. Its people like this guy that do nothing and use the people’s misery to boost their own ego. Do something, or let others do it.Recommend

  • Aliha

    one of the best blogs ive come across! im moved.Recommend

  • Aliha


  • Harris Ahmed

    bad piece defending corrupts, typical pseudo liberal. you are wrong and corrupts will be punished whether you like it or notRecommend

  • Saqib

    more power to you mate. Thats what I wanted to say.Recommend

  • Saqib

    Dear Blogger! I worry more about malnourished, uneducated,weak, abused human children of pakistan then these feudals lords aka our brown masters. NS and his clan can go to UK and pay millions of pounds for their treatment. While pregnant women of pakistan die in their droves because of lack of basic medical facilities. leaving orphans behind. The Djinn of free media and social media is out of its lamp. Now they will have to hear what tortured souls of pakistan have to say.Recommend