Why an independent Kashmir is not good news for both Pakistan and India

Published: September 18, 2017

An Indian child is seen near Chenab River about 155 km northwest of Jammu. PHOTO: REUTERS

In a previous blog that discussed the implications of President Donald Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy, I suggested that Pakistan requires a re-think of its policies towards the US and Afghanistan.

It further stated that Pakistan should try to normalise relations with India, since the key to peace on the western border may lie on the eastern border. For this to happen, it is necessary for Pakistan to carry out an analysis of the continued validity of its Kashmir policy. This is not required as a concession that needs to be given to India to achieve peace, but it is necessary due to the ground realities.

However, before we enter the domain of a rational and fact-based analysis, we need to check in our emotions at the entrance. As mentioned in my earlier blog, foreign policy is based on a cold calculus of national interests and not emotional attachments.

As an example of this fact, please note that over the course of the Afghan War, both the US and Afghanistan have changed allies. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the US was fighting the Tajiks, Uzbeks and the Hazaras, who were aligned with the Soviet Union and mobilised the Pakhtuns and religious elements with Pakistan’s help in throwing them out.

Now, they are aligned with the same Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras against the very same Pakhtuns and religious elements who were their allies earlier. Furthermore, they have done this under the same slogan of helping the Afghan people achieve freedom.

Pakistan is currently pushing to improve its diplomatic position and thus enforce United Nations (UN) resolutions to enable the inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir to exercise their rights of self-determination. Inherent in this policy is the assumption that given a choice, the people of Jammu and Kashmir would want to either join Pakistan or establish themselves as a separate country that would have friendly relations with Pakistan.

However, too much has happened since our Kashmir policy was first formulated and it may be time to test the underlying assumptions of this policy. In an earlier blog on this subject, I had noted,

“Two major opinion surveys conducted on both sides of the border in Kashmir over the period 2007-2010 have shown that less than 10% of the Muslim population of Indian Kashmir would like to join Pakistan. Likewise, Pakistani Kashmiris do not want to join India.

Therefore, it seems time has moved on and the situation on the ground has changed since 1947. The Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir are not as keen to join Pakistan as the Azad Kashmiris are for them to do so.”

Pakistan also needs to note that if an independent Kashmir were created, it would base its foreign policy on its own interests – interests that may not be congruent with those of Pakistan’s.

Furthermore, there is one more variable to take into account and that is of the principal waterways that flow through Kashmir – Pakistan’s critical lifeline.

The Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan, brokered by the World Bank in the early 60s, allotted the three eastern rivers – Sutlej, Bias and Ravi – to India and the three western rivers to Pakistan. Additionally, India has the right to use up to 20% of the western rivers for “non-consumptive use”.

If we look at the trajectories of the three rivers allocated to Pakistan, we can observe that the Indus River starts in Tibet, flows through a section of Indian-held Kashmir, just below the Aksai Chin area, and then enters Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B).

Here, it is fed by the glaciers of the K2 and then flows down through Azad Kashmir into Pakistan. The river Jhelum originates in Indian-occupied Kashmir and enters Jammu and Kashmir. Chenab starts in Indian-held Kashmir and then enters Pakistan. 

Recently, the Indus Water Treaty has come under some strain, as reported by the Express TribunePakistan has objected to India building the following projects, the Kishanganga and Ratle hydroelectric plants, on the tributaries of the Jhelum and Chenab rivers. Secretary level talks held on September 14th and 15th were inconclusive and Pakistan has now requested the World Bank to fulfil its duties under the treaty by impanelling the Court of Arbitration.

I remain optimistic that a resolution will be possible since the treaty has withstood similar strains in the past. Nevertheless, this issue does bring out the fact that the more reliable water source for Pakistan is the Indus River since it is less susceptible to diversions.

Still, if Azad Kashmir were to become a part of an independent Kashmir, then the entire water shed area of the Indus (including the part that is in G-B) and those of the Jhelum and Chenab would lie outside of Pakistan. At present, major parts of these areas are within Azad Kashmir and G-B. Pakistan is building key projects such as the Bhasha dam and the Bunji dam with the help of the Chinese in G-B. Thus, losing control of all rivers to a third country would be even riskier than the partial control of the waterways that Pakistan currently has.

We see, therefore, it is no longer in the interest of Pakistan to press for a UN plebiscite or an independent Kashmir. India has always been unwilling to consider an independent Kashmir as an option. Hopefully, after three wars, both India and Pakistan have realised that they cannot gain entire control on Kashmir.

survey reported in April 2005 stated the following:

“Overwhelming opinion both within Indian-occupied Kashmir and outside in Indian metropolitan areas that it’s better to live with ground reality instead of seeking to redraw borders. A staggering 77% of those polled in five metros – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad – and 55% of respondents in Srinagar and Rajouri think the de facto position of the LoC as the effective border should be made de jure as well. Considering that the poll in Jammu and Kashmir was restricted to Kashmiri Muslims, that’s a revealing reflection of the popular mood.”

Therefore, a division along the Line of Control (LoC), that is, a formalisation of the status quo is in the best interest of both India and Pakistan. This should be the primary thrust of Pakistan’s policy, not because it is the best deal that it can get, but since the alternative is not in its interest.

Now, Muslim Kashmiris do want independence essentially to get rid of the Indian suppression. The Indian government says that their military actions in Kashmir are a consequence of alleged Pakistani cross-border incursions.

Therefore, if a settlement is reached between India and Pakistan, it would also drastically reduce the support extremist groups receive in Pakistan. This, in turn, should lead to a reduction of their activities, which would go a long way in ending the repression in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Furthermore, normalised relations with India would quell Pakistan’s urgency to have a pro-Pakistani government in Kabul. Consequently, it would reduce tensions between Islamabad and Kabul and maybe even contribute to peace in Afghanistan.

In light of the possible outcome of defusing the Indo-Pak tensions, it is imperative that political leaders of both countries (with encouragement from the international community) spend the necessary political capital to come to an agreement.

Dr Ali Hashim

Dr Ali Hashim

Dr Ali Hashim retired recently from the World Bank. He has extensive experience in Public Sector Management and has a PhD from the Imperial college of Science and Tech.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • 19640909rk .

    Dear Sir, a very simple solution to Kashmir. Pakistan can have Muslim part of Kashmir. (Jammu and Ladakh are not Muslim parts. They are Hindu and Buddhist). But will they take back all the Muslims who stayed back in India after 1947?????Recommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    If offer is made to make LoC is as permanent border, India will lap it up as it is not interested to absorb more Muslim population from PoK or GB.Recommend

  • Rahul

    The reasons for Kashmir demand in Pakistan are multiple and have nothing to with getting Kashmir. Kashmir is a political issue in Pakistan. Pakistan maintains the 5th largest military in the world based on its perceived threat from India. Pakistan military budget is not under control of the civilian administration. If Kashmir issue is resolved and there is peace with India, the military would lose its prominent position in the country. Recommend

  • Biased

    Wow. so after 70 years of “cause of Kashmir” the author wants Pakistan to accept what India has been offering all along? What a breakthrough!

    And all this because Trump made a speech? ……or an obscure survey from a decade ago?

    Why did Pakistan fight all these wars, if the point was to accept the status quo? What does it say about Pakistan as a nation among community of nations?Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    Any rational thinker in Pakistan will realize what this writer is saying.. Because India is not going to cede control over Kashmir. Only way Pakistan can get Kashmir is by means of Force. Also International community cannot exert any pressure on Indians. Indians will defy any such pressure. Also US, Russia, UK and Japan are firmly with India. So any UN sanctions are ruled out. Russia and US will not allow any UN sanctions in the security council. So What options Pakistan really has on Kashmir? TThousand year war? you think it will force Indians to give up Kashmir to Pakistan? Do you really think so? In fact in the quest for Kashmir there is a real chance that Pakistan will eventually lose Fata or Baluchistan.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    The is no “Muslim” part or “Hindu” part. it is a part of India. Land does not have religion, next you will be asking for Bradford in London to join Pakistan. Going by your logic, if Hindus don’t deserve to be in Muslim majority areas then Muslims don’t deserve to be in any place or country they are in minority since it is not “Muslim land”. For example Rohingyas in Myanmar should go to Muslim lands like Pakistan and Bangladesh as they don’t belong to “Buddhist” landsRecommend

  • peter pan

    General Musharraf, when he was President, did offer this division to PM Vajpayee while on his famous Agra visit. He also said that the time was right for this to be implemented. However PM Vajpayee could not get the necessary political backing and the deal was not signed.Recommend

  • Qayoom Ul Hassan Shah

    I am from Indian Kashmir and i know Majority of Kashmiri people want to join Pakistan…The survey which you talk about,10% supporting Pakistan in Indian Kashmir, seems to be fake and far from ground reality….As of now,Kashmiri people are burying their martyrs in Pakistani flags..So instead of going through fake opinion polls,conducted by hostile agencies,have a look at reality……Independent Kashmir has also many lover on indian side,but the majority support merger with Pakistan…While India claims Whole Kashmir,Including Pakistani Kashmir to be part of India,Some Pakistani so called intellectuals ashamed of fighting for Kashmir cause..This is disgusting and shameful….Hassan,Srinagar,KashmirRecommend

  • Qayoom Ul Hassan Shah

    What about india….??India is maintaining 700000 army and para military in Kashmir…Every year hundreds of Indian soldies die on siachin glacier..Millions of dollors are being wasted by India in controlling Kashmiri population,which doesn’t want to be part of India…All this is happening,while millions of Indian don’t have food to eat and thousands of farmers are committing suicide every year…..India should settle this issue once for all..That only can bring peace to kashmir and whole sub continent….And save India from further destruction…Recommend

  • Qayoom Ul Hassan Shah

    The muslims of India are staying on their own land….Nobody can ask them to leave that land….If we go by your logic,then Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh and also of Kashmir should leave their respective countries and motherland for ever.Also Hindus of India,living in muslim majority areas should leave those areas and vice versa….Two nation theory never wanted people to leave their respective motherland…It was just meant to create two countries on the basis of majority sects living in them,with geographical feasibility being the main condition..That is all…..Recommend

  • Lalit

    Pakistan fought all these wars because her leaders. Much to their surprise they lost half their own country .The gap between India and Pakistan is increasing day by day and Pakistan is running from Pillar to post in search of a shoulder to cry upon.Recommend

  • genesys

    Practical and realistic.If Kashmir leaves India then why would it join Pakistan.Kashmir here refers only to the valley and will not include Jammu and Ladakh.The one country that will benefit from an independent Kashmir will be China if that happens.Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    India never offered an inch of J&K to Pakistan (including PHK & GB). It is absolutely a wrong notion that India offered to convert LOC in International Border between India and Pakistan. Parliament of India (representing 1.2b) vide its many resolutions, last dated 13.08.2013, have reaffirmed that entire J&K including PHK and GB are part of India and will defend it not only against Pakistan but the entire world. Looking into such voices, Parliament also passed resolution that any decision about territory of J&K will be taken only by the Parliament of India and not even by GoI. This is also specially reminded here that both nations have also agreed to solve the issue bilaterally and by peaceful means?Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    All note that “enforcing UN resolutions” dealing with Kashmiri self determination involves Pakistan removing all armed forces from Kashmir before a plebiscite as per those resolutions!Recommend

  • Frank Mossman

    The writer disregards the vital fact that making Kashmir independent would automatically resolve the Indo-Pakistan dispute. There would be no further need for enormous military expenditures and huge standing armies in either country. An independent Kashmir would be an Asian Switzerland, and it would be wise to offer tax-free and discreet banking facilities as well as tourism as do the Swiss.

    Having suffered foreign occupation (by both India & Pakistan) for over 60 years, with brutal military suppression in Indian held Kashmir, the last thing the Kashmiris would want is a water war on their hands. How would it benefit them ? Would they fight Pakistan in battle, over this water ? It would be child’s play for Pakistan to infiltrate men and weapons into an independent Kashmir and play merry hell with its infrastructure & transport systems. Being landlocked, Kashmir would depend on the goodwill of India and/or Pakistan for its route to the ocean for goods import/export.

    Continuing with hostilities after solving the Kashmir dispute would be a millstone around India’s neck economically too. It would serve them far better to greatly expand trade with Pakistan, which would open a big new market for their exports.

    For these reasons, I regret to say that the writer’s analysis is rather poor and not thought through.Recommend

  • Raj_1971

    As if nobody knows this? Recommend

  • MT

    With the growing differential bw two nations, pk is not in position to maintain currentll status quo

  • RA

    Kashmiris have a right to self determination and if they decide to be independent then we just have to deal with the consequences.Recommend

  • allaisa

    Finally the nickel dropped. Why did Pakistan fight the wars? Recommend

  • MobilePhoneCollection

    Nothing new. All talked, discussedRecommend

  • Raj Rao

    Authored missed one big thing…

    There is 3 step process for plebiscite to take place according to the UN security resolution.

    1] Pakistan has to remove it’s army and all armed forces from Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.
    2] India should place it’s security forces in this area
    3] Then UN will conduct plebiscite.

    These steps are sequential, according to the UN Security council ruling of 1948-49..
    So, UN cannot conduct plebiscite as Pakistan army will not withdraw from the Princely state of Kashmir.Recommend

  • Sumit

    “Two nation theory never wanted people to leave their respective motherland…It was just meant to create two countries on the basis of majority sects living in them,with geographical feasibility being the main condition..That is all…..” Well people obviously failed to grasp that since millions migrated to and fro from these lands, many perishing on the way to their respective countries.Someone will argue that Kashmir was inhabited by Hindus before the arabs came so aren’t they the original inhabitants of that place? Kashmiri Pandits had to flee their motherland. All parts of India are diverse and multiethnic including Kashmir. How come the Hindus of Jammu or Buddhists of Ladakh never face any bloodshed?Recommend

  • Pratap Prithviraj Bhuyan

    U Muslims of subcontinent should leave our land and go to Arab.Recommend

  • Sumit

    India has 800 million poor people. India also has 400 million rich people which is more than twice the entire population of Pakistan. And we achieved that besides the problems in Kashmir. In the next twenty years another 300-400 million will be rich. My point being India will develop slowly but surely no matter what the situation in Kashmir is. It is Pakistan and the Kashmiri proxies which are playing catch up. Indian army is doing their job very well which is fighting the Pakistani proxies. Off course the nature of confilct is such that some civilians die too. But Kashmiris should understand that a point will come in the next 5-10 years where India will have to answer to no one and to solve this Kashmir issue once and for all Recommend

  • Anon

    Then the Indians should pull the rug from under Pakistan’s feet by holding a referendum!

    Why has that not happened in 70 years?Recommend

  • harkol

    >Muslim Kashmiris do want independence essentially to get rid of the Indian suppression.

    Let us get this right… Muslim Kashmiris want ‘Freedom’ to do exactly the same thing Pakistan did – Cleanse the minorities, make them second class citizens by bring in a theocratic Islamic state. Valley is almost cleansed of all Kashmiri Pandits already, if they had their way, they will kick out all others (buddhists, sikhs and remaining hindus) from J&K. J&K still has near 40% non-Muslims.

    So, the issue has nothing to do with ‘Kashmiri Culture’ because Kashmiri culture, like many other sub-cultures within India – is alive and kicking.Recommend

  • wb

    So, who are these people? Are they Shia people, Ahmadi people, Sufi people, Barelvi people, Wahabi people, Deobandi people, Hindu people, Christian people, Sikh people, Buddhist people?

    And how do you know that majority of THESE people want to join Pakistan? Did you conduct a survey yourself? I’m pretty impressed that you know the entire population of Kashmir valley personally.Recommend

  • chakrs

    Pervez Musharraf said that even if Kashmir was resolved there would be penty of disputes between the two countries.Recommend

  • chakrs

    The East Pakistanis in 1971 got the same treatment that Rohingyas are getting now. But they were more powerful, so instead of fleeing they expelled Pakistan from their land.Recommend

  • chakrs

    According to some Pakistanis even trees have religions. So they are replacing native “Hindu” trees with date palms so as to make Pakistan more like the Arabian peninsula (except for the population density which will remain at Hindu levels!).Recommend

  • Ali Hashem sucks

    There are 13 million Kashmiris who want independence. You want Pakistan to throw them under the bus based on your conjured up fear that Kashmiris, once independent, will harm Pakistan. What is the basis of this fear? Independent Kashmir will never control water flowing out. Where will they keep it? Unless they drown themselves. Kashmir will need Pakistan’s protection and would align its intests with Pakistan, as it would want to benefit from open markets and trade routes, Recommend

  • Shrihari Kulkarni


  • numbersnumbers

    Because Pakistan has not complied with UN terms of holding plebiscite in Kashmir, namely that Pakistan was required to remove all armed forces from Kashmir before plebiscite can be held!Recommend

  • Suchi Baat

    Dear learned doctor. Your whole hypothesis is based on assumption that a fair settlement can be reached with India. May I dare to say that, the BJP government in power does not want any settlement. They want to create small states in order to have total regional hegemony. Have you heard about “Akhund Bharat” and know what it means ? Expecting current Indian government to talk to you would be highly wishful. Last time when Moodi talked to pakistan was just a photo session with MNS and show the world that how sincere India is and then: Two false flag operations one after the other.Recommend

  • Suchi Baat

    Because India does not have the guts to do that.Recommend

  • Suchi Baat

    Stop living in bollywood fantasies. That will never happen.Recommend

  • Sonali

    Oh really? Then why were the Hindus and Sikhs were forced to leave West Pakistan in 1947? It had 25% Non Muslims which dropped to 2% in 1950. Pakistani Hindus are an insignificant minority today, why?Recommend

  • Reeba

    If Kashmir becomes independent, there are chances that it could be taken over by the mullahs and militants and will become another Afghanistan. Neither India nor Pakistan would like that scenario.Recommend

  • Tom

    Pakistanis are very concerned about India’s poor…….. All the Pakistanis that I find in N.Y. are people who from house to house ask for construction work. Such a rich nation the Pakistanis are…..!!!!!Recommend

  • Patwari

    Banarsi Brahmini, here you are with your diatribe.
    Hindustani Occupied Kashmir is a Muslim majority region. Not hindu, not Sikh,
    not Budhhist. But Muslim majority. Muslims who are treated as non citizens by Bharat. More so now. Then before. This, is the stark reality. Undeniable.
    They do not want to live under a BJP/ RSS dominated Hindutva/Nationalist cabal
    lead by the Butcher of Gujrat ne Modi. Kashmiris will never accept Bharat.
    They have conducted thousands of International, impartial surveys. Even secret
    ones, by the Hindustani Govt. All show Kashmiris want nothing to do with Bharat.
    IOK is a Concentration Camp with 12 million Kashmiris guarded by Hindu Army.
    Everyone and his brother knows IOK Kashmiris wants to join Pakistan. That is
    why you need 700,000 Hindustani Army soldiers just to keep a semblance of
    control. It is chaos there. Martial Law in effect. No tourists, no tourism based
    industry. Nothing. Even hindu tourists avoid the region or are not allowed to visit.
    See, even the hindu village boy can tell you all thisRecommend

  • Tiwana

    exactly, why is that every time its muslims always asking and wanting, they are outsiders, got almost half of india’s land now they want further cause they have multiplied their population. you were always the opressor against natives and there is bound to be some reaction from locals, and when they react suddenly muslims become helpless innocent creatures and now demand for seperate state and circle keeps onRecommend

  • Shehryar Khan

    It is necessary to have peaceful relations with our neighbours but at what cost ,,,by giving up kashmir cause is there any guarente that india will stop its nefarious activities against pakistan,,,and ur suggestion on the base of survey conducted in area under indian occupation can not be preceived as representing all kashmiris,,,and relating kashmir with afghanistan and propakistan govt there ,,,,there is another best option why not to giveup on durand line and accept afghanistan stance if our only objective is acquiring peace,,,,even if UN hold plebiscite in kashmir there should b only two options of india or pakistan .Settlement on kashmir in an era when BJP is at its peak with its hindutva ideology and join hands with isreal is like accepting hindutva and giving up our two nation theory…….as far as indus water treaty is concerned world powers will not want two nuclear nations two to b at war ,,,and not even india which is at the peak of its economic growth.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Independent Kashmir might be good for Pakistan (atleast Pakistan pretends to fight for self-determination of Kashmiris) but not for India. So Pakistan can start by giving independence to their Pak occupied Kashmir. We will retain ours.Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    Hassan Bhai, are you sure about Kashmiri? If what you say is correct, do you believe in teachings of Nund Rishi and will you let me know from your heart as to who burn Char-e-Sharif? Will you explain me about issue of Hazara Shia in Pakistan? Are you in conformity with demands of Zakir Musa? Please also let me know the feelings of the people living beyond Zozila, Gujars and Bakarwals?Recommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    You see Hindus of India need to keep Muslims under the rule.Recommend

  • wb

    There are plenty of good mental hospitals in India. We lovingly call them as insane asylum. Shoot a tweet to Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and I’ll make sure that your illnesses are cured. I’ll even ensure that you’ll be cured of the heavy dose of brainwashing your parents have given you.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Most of the Hindustanis in NY are selling newspapers
    near Penn Station. Or Grand Central. Or are holed up
    in Edison NJ also known as little Bharat Jr. where they
    scam, and sell dosas and idlis, to each other.
    Even the shop signs there are in hindiRecommend

  • Anon

    So you don’t consider the opinion of the people to matter? Just what the ruler said?Recommend

  • Anon

    Has Indian expressed its intention to hold a plebiscite and requested the UN to come in?

    Is Pakistan standing in the way of a plebiscite that Indians are anxious to conduct?Recommend

  • abidawaan

    what about the lives lost for independent kashmir? should they be forgotten and given to pakistan and india as gift? Pakistan and India have knowingly destroyed kashmiris when they knew they cannot afford a free kashmir. The best solution for kashmiris is not to see interest of India and Pakistan but of kashmiris who have been fighting for freedom. UN must act and settle kashmir issue according to wishes of kashmiris.Recommend

  • Abid Mahmud Ansari.

    Author has proposed that it is important for Pakistan to normalize relations with India, because it is beneficial for it. But the reverse is more important for India. If India wants to have shortest, cheapest route to Afghanistan and Central Asian countries, its in its interest to improve relations with Pakistan. At the moment, Indians and Afghanis are showing great interest in development of Iran’s Chahbahar port,as an alternate to land route through Pakistan. Realistically, Chahbahar has a bleak future, in the face of looming U.S sanctions on Iran. So, the only option for both India and Afghanistan is to stop “posing” , and listen to Pakistan to improve relations with it and take benefits of land routes through Pakistan.Recommend

  • wb

    Dear, that’s fine. That’s hard work. Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Has Pakistan expressed its intention to support a plebiscite by agreeing to remove all its armed forces as per the UN agreement?Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    If Pakistan wants Kashmir- because it is a muslim country, then Muslims from India should also be forced to go there- that is the logic.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Any guesses why Indian community in US is having the highest per capita income ie more than hundred thousand US dollars ?
    I will tell you the answer because they are the most educated ,hard-working and law abiding people in the country.Along with holding high ranks in administration they are running leading MNCs as CEOs.They have registered their presence in every prominent field.From Medicos to astraunauts and Governors to secretaries they are everywhere.

  • wb

    Patwari, dearest, see the faces of Muslims and Hindus in USA.

    To make it easy even for the biggest of Pakistani idiot, I’m presenting a picture.


  • Patwari

    Has Hindustan agreed to withdraw all it’s armed forces
    personnel, more than 700,000, from Bharati Occupied
    Kashmir, so a fair plebiscite can be held? No intimidation?
    Currently, Kashmiris have to go through a gauntlet of
    fully armed Bharati soldiers patrolling the streets, just to
    buy sugar at the corner store.
    They never know if they will return home safely.
    That’s why you see grandmothers hurling rocks at Bharati soldiers.Recommend

  • Patwari

    According to you, Hindustanis have taken over US of A
    And they are about to put Indira Gandhi on Mount Rushmore
    next to Lincoln. And the dollar bill will have a chakra on it. and
    the White House will be remodeled to look like the Durga Temple
    at Aihole. And idlis and dosas will be sold in every supermarket.
    Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC will be renamed Nehru Ave.
    Time Square and 42nd St will be Gandhi Chowk. And Wall Street
    will be Manmohan Singh St.
    And they will be playing cricket at Yankee Stadium in New York
    and the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Wrigley Field, Chicago…..
    And auto rickshaws and peddle rickshaws will be everywhere.
    And suits will have dhotis. No more pants. Tie, coat, shirt and dhoti.
    And those little white Hindustan cars will everywhere
    [built by Hindustan Motors]
    Yup, Americans, will be wearing bindis.
    It’s done, US will be overrun by people from Hindu Desh.

  • Lalit

    Patwari…you genius ! you have seen the future.you really are an Oracle.And I must concede you know more about the greatness of my country than me.Recommend

  • Patwari

    And worse of all, cows will be roaming everywhere.
    In Downtown Los Angeles. Manhattan, Bunker Hill, Boston.
    China Town and Lombard St. San Francisco. Las Vegas!! etc
    They will be chewing the grass on the White House lawn.
    There will be no more beef sold, anywhere in US. No beef.
    Americans love “beef” so that will start a movement to
    kick the Bharatis back to Hinduland.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Yee-up. Have seen the future of Hindu Desh. Nothing much for you
    to write about and mail to Ayodha.
    Mostly, it’s two rusting, 80 + years old aircraft carriers, leaky submarines
    and Army Chief Boffin Sawat doing the sword rattling, chest thumping,
    saber dances at the Pak border, every Monday and Thursday. Regularly.
    Oh! Forgot! A mission to Mars, in a rocket made of salvaged tin and
    brass, sold by Bombay slums dealers. With a Hong Kong GPS.
    Sorry, y’all going nowhere, until you solve the Kashmir issue with
    Pakistan. Because Kashmir is like an anchor around Hindustan’s neck,
    hindering the future. Which would otherwise be with leaps and bounds.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Give us the Pakistan occupied Kashmir(we are going to take it anyways )…and the problem is solved.where is the problem ?
    We have progressed and we will progress….talk about your own existence which is in danger.Recommend

  • abhi

    Same can be asked about the so called AJK, Gilgit and Baltistan also. Why doesn’t Pakisntan conduct a refrendum there to pull rug from under India’s feet?Recommend

  • SM

    There will never be a plebiscite.Pakistan didn’t agree to conditions of plebiscite and lost the chance once and for all.
    Indian forces will be there as long as pakistani infiltration attempts are on.anyways .. it’s our internal matter how many armymen we deploy in our stateRecommend