Pari’s trailer had one job – to scare the viewers – but unfortunately, it failed

Published: February 23, 2018

Pari will be Anushka Sharma’s third production under her banner, Clean Slate Films. Pari, as the name suggests, is not at all a feel-good movie, or a fairy tale as the poster warns, about an angel; it’s the complete opposite – a horror movie.

Sharma’s last production, Phillauri, also revolved around a supernatural entity and it performed decently at the box office. This might be why she is taking on another project surrounding the supernatural – to replicate those results this time around too.

The trailer of Pari dropped recently and it has left me unimpressed to be quite honest. The 90-seconds long trailer didn’t even get a single fright out of me. Although the trailer looked visually appealing with good quality scenes and makeup, but a horror movie’s trailer has one job and one job alone, to scare the viewer, but unfortunately, Pari wasn’t able to do that.

It was a little confusing as well. We know from the trailer that Sharma’s character is a troubled one who believes that a one-eyed man (Rajat Kapoor) wants to kill her. Another man, played by Parambrata Chatterjee, falls for Sharma’s character, even after he’s been warned of her behaviour, and wants to somehow protect her.

There are scenes where Sharma is seen pouncing on her victims with mediocre wire work and running around long corridors with intense music in the background. We get a glimpse of a deformed creature which might actually be the “devil” himself. I have assumed from the trailer that Sharma is both the victim and the host of a demonic entity.

What makes this trailer a let-down is the fact that Sharma has mostly played bubbly characters throughout her career, and with her outlook, it is very hard for viewers to get frightened. Also, the only thing the filmmakers do to give her a scary look is a bunch of scratches and blood blotches on her face.

Frankly, Sharma doesn’t have the face to pull off a frightening character. Whenever she’s on screen, I still view her as Shrutti from Band Baaja Baraat or Jaggu from PK and not someone who is possessed by some sort of a demonic entity and is considered as a threat.

Will Pari bring something new to the horror genre? I really doubt it. Would it be one of Anushka Sharma’s best movies? I don’t think so. Would it rake in moolah at the box office? Maybe. The audience has always had a craving for horror movies and that might work in the movie’s favour if almost everything else is against it.

Pari is scheduled to be released on March 2, 2018.

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Sahir Palijo

Sahir Palijo

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