Selling uranium: Australia’s hypocrisy

Published: November 18, 2011

India's 20 nuclear plants produce only a small fraction of the country's electricity and operate at about half capacity for lack of fuel. PHOTO: FILE

The politics of nuclear proliferation is due to take centre-stage with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard lobbying to overturn a ban on the sale of uranium to India. And in this case, India has been put in a “class of its own” by the Australian prime minister, who added that the policy shift would apply only to India and not open up potential sales to Israel or Pakistan. So what is the basis for this hypocrisy?

India, like Pakistan, has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. However, fortunately or unfortunately for Islamabad, New Delhi has increasingly become Washington’s economic and geopolitical counterweight to China.

In that context, America signed a landmark civil nuclear agreement with India in 2008 over the use of uranium for nuclear energy and even though critics accused the United States of undermining the global non-proliferation regime, the deal was seen by then President George W Bush as the centrepiece of a new strategic relationship with India.

The double standard being applied by the West and the various multinational bodies under its wings, including the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is unconscionable. Should countries such as Pakistan, North Korea and Iran continue to face the heat and become increasingly isolated for pursuing their nuclear programmes while countries such as India and Israel can play their ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card for being favourites of countries that call the shots in the world?

Regardless of whether the geopolitics of the region permits such discriminatory policies, Pakistan will be at a loss if the ban is overturned. Uranium from Australia would help India, hampered by fuel shortages, to meet an ambitious target for nuclear energy growth, while Pakistan would continue to struggle to meet its energy challenges.

The move is even more disconcerting for Pakistan when the implications of other states following suit is considered. Even though Australia had supported the US-India nuclear agreement as a member of the 46-member NSG, it had continued to refuse to sell uranium to India until now. For India, the “discriminatory and flawed” nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which only allows countries which had tested nuclear weapons before 1967 to legally possess them, seems no longer of consequence — but it certainly does to its neighbours.


Hassaan Khan

A sub-editor on the national desk of The Express Tribune. He graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Vineeth

    Dear Hassan,

    Do you think any country or regime would have stopped pakistan from buying nuclear material if its record was clean on the proliferation front? If you are honest with this question you have your answer!Recommend

  • kemal

    The world doesn’t owe a wooden nickel to either Pakistan or India; however, India, unlike us, commands a lot more nuisance value, has played their cards well and are rightly benefiting from anything that comes there way.
    It is frustrating to hear us complain over and over again about victimization when we ought to have understood the workings of the world by now : The world is not a fair place but if you rise to the occasion intelligently you might…just might come off with something.

    So instead of complaining incessantly like the proverbial broken record lets use our khooopreess the next time. Recommend

  • Sirat-ul-mustaqeem

    Writer has done a great sin by writing a patriotic blog and now he has to get his punishment by the liberals of Pakistan. Wait and see…Recommend

  • Sonam Shyam

    Mr.Hassan, let me put the record straight as far as your contention that World has been hypocrite in granting special favors to India in the civilian nuclear deal. Firstly, India has an unblemished record of nuclear non-proliferation even though India is not a signatory to the NPT. Now compare this with Pakistan’s open nuclear trading in the black market led by the illustrious A.Q.Khan and the Pakistani army generals backing him to the hilt. It’s also an open secret that the Pakistani establishment transferred critical nuclear know-how to North Korea in exchange for the Nodong missiles in an unbelievable barter system deal. Therefore the world, Mr.Hassan, is not discriminating against Pakistan and North Korea; rather the world at large believes that India due to it’s stable democracy, civilian control of military and clean nuclear non-proliferation record, is indeed in a different class. By the way do you actually know why the the world including the Americans feel that India can counter China? It’s because of India’s growing economic might; otherwise why did not the world think India can counter weight China 15 years ago? It’s high time you stop comparing yourself with India since the world has de-hyphenated India and Pakistan long back. Recommend

  • Infidel says

    *Should countries such as Pakistan, North Korea and Iran continue to face the heat and become increasingly isolated for pursuing their nuclear programmes *

    You bunched Pakistan with North Korea and Iran. So does the rest of the world, as it should be. That should tell you why Australia has drawn the distinction that it has. Wake up and smell the pigsty.Recommend

  • antanu

    Spot on….its the double standard of the west causing upheavals across the globe.Recommend

  • Hindu Indian

    Cry BabyRecommend

  • Khurram

    Hassaan Khan, brother no offense it is not really about whether or not we are signatory to NPT it is all about who has the economic clout India does and we do not. I cannot comprehend why we even equate ourselves with our neighbor. we may not admit it but we are a failed state with no credibility left to speak of and India is a big success story as for as democracy and emerging economic power is concerned. So even if we complain of and show our resentment about such an agreement nobody would pay any heed. Recommend

  • rational_thinker

    @Hassan Khan.. before asking about the hypocrisy of supplying uranium to non-NPT signer country like India but not to NK, Pak, Iran and Israel, you should have asked one important question.. about the hypocrisy of China which signed NPT but clearly violated all its rules by supplying nuclear knowledge and material to Pakistan & NK.. Khuramm summed it up best.. money talks..Recommend

  • ashok sai

    Its nothing but heartburn from the author.


    Yes, double standards, as you do like posing yourselves as an Indian in some other forums.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    If I refuse to do business with a know criminal, would that make me a hypocrite?Recommend

  • Jack

    My friend, there is no obligation for the world to cater to the whims of either India or Pakistan, but the special treatment testament to India’s growing economic might, strong global ethics and strong democracy. A major factor is that India has never attacked any other country (let’s not bring the East Pakistan genocide and our intervention into this pls), and that makes the world reasonably secure in providing it with fuel that could still (ostensibly) be diverted to WMD. Pakistan on the other hand is proliferator of global repute; AQ Khan, Mumtaz Quadri and Dawood Ibrahim are apparently your living heroes, while ours are APJ Abdul Kalam, Amartya Sen and Ratan Tata – just to draw a contrast. As long as you refuse to fix your own problems and expect everyone else to fall in line with your paranoid fears, you will move further and further into the esteemed club of N. Korea, Zimbabwe etc (you cannot be equated with Iran as you have no oil – a major factor that keeps that country alive and kicking). I also notice how you have stealthily moved Israel from unfavored group to the other in the course of your article in a feeble attempt to bolster the flawed logic of your article. And the solution is not just Imran Khan btw.Recommend

  • http://Mumbai Blunt!

    @Hassan – SHUT IT DUDE!!!

    India has never had a history of nuclear proliferation, lets talk about Pakistan in the same aspect?

    If Australia wants to sell Uranium to India, its none of your business. India has made itself into a position where other countires can rely on it. Today, Pakistan’s position is such that it should not even think of talking about nuclear fissile material let alone trading it. Recommend

  • harish

    when did israel get an exemption?your statement equating israel to india has no sense.

    and it was not america,it was the world that gave an exemption to india through NSG. yeah,i got ur argument, AQ Khan is a nonstate actor,so pakistan is not responsible for his actions. Similarly Kayani, Osama, Mullah Omar, Hafiz Saeed are all non state actors, and i wonder who then is a state actor in pakistan, and how they got the bomb.

    Learn to take responsibility for your action first. After exporting nuclear tech to N.Korea,iran,libya and several more countries, if you think the world will look over it,it is stupidity.

    Iam truly amazed at the extent to which even educated pakistanis like you have their head in the sand. Thats why its called Denail-istan, and thats why pakistan are doing so badly today.Recommend

  • GA

    Every country has to play its cards well. Pakistan shouldn’t use India to justify it’s case. It should win or lose on the basis of it’s own strength and weaknesses.Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    Money Talks !
    Money makes the World go round !
    Paisa pheko Tamasha dekho !Recommend

  • AB


    The comments by vineeth and Jack sum up the situation more than your whole article does. Not trying to belittle your thoughts or your article, but since you have raised this question of hypocracy, may be you can answer questions asked in these comments… but freind, do you have any?…Recommend

  • Shekar

    Does pakistan have the cash to buy if it, if Australia agrees to sell?Recommend

  • Bambbaayyaa

    @ Author …

    Do u know how Pakistan got its nuclear material ???
    Do u know that Pakistans Nuclear material is at risk of falling in hands of jihadis ?
    Do u know whats a Pakisyani credibelity is in the world ???
    Do u know Pakistan plays a sNuclear Blackmail game with the world to beg…
    Do u know how Pakistani is looked at when he introduces himself as a Pakistani ??

    Dont be a hypocrate urself when saying all that u have said ….Recommend

  • Bali

    G . . . jali.Recommend

  • Rehman

    Pakistan is the only nation where people say that ”BUM” is our asset, Recommend

  • wise counsel.

    Shame on you Hassan Khan for writing articles that can mislead your society just like your school books do!!Please state true facts that can build and liberate the future of your country and not bring it to false patriotism which can ruin the future generations!!Recommend

  • Cynical

    @Hassan Khan
    You are economical with truth while accusing Australia of double standard.
    I don’t belive for a moment that you don’t know Pakistan’s role in proliferation of nuclear armoury (eg.North Korea,Iran and may be Libiya).India so far has clean record, that’s the difference.

    Pakistan has to earn the trust of International community, they can’t be forced.

    One more thing.
    Why you are silent about China’s duplicity?
    They actively supported Pakistan’s nuclear programe inspite of being a signatory to the NPT treaty.The answer is simple.It helped Pakistan.
    So the bottomline is, you have no problem with hypocricy if it suits you.
    Climb down from your high moral pedestal.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    I also notice how you have stealthily
    moved Israel from unfavored group to
    the other in the course of your
    article in a feeble attempt to bolster
    the flawed logic of your article

    Good observation. I think whenever Pakistanis carp over something, they sub-consciously think of US/India/Israel/CIA/RAW/Mossad.Recommend

  • Anand Kumar

    How about an article on Chinese hypocrisy?!Recommend

  • Anand Kumar

    How about an article on Chinese hypocrisy?Recommend

  • Samir

    Here I was reading the article laughing realizing the author has no clue what he’s talking about but it looks like other commenters have already made the point. To sum it up:

    a) Pakistan is a known nuclear proliferator
    b) Pakistan has no international standing or trustworthiness due to its shady dealings and the fact the ISI and Armed Forces run the country
    c) Pakistan’s economy is in shambles

    So basically (1) Pakistan’s hypocrisy and lies are now obvious to the entire world and (2) Pakistan has invested in terrorists, not its economy and its people (education, infrastructure, etc.) and the world sees Pakistan as a nuisance. Recommend

  • Hassaan Khan

    The question is not about Pakistan or India or even China for that matter. The question is about a level-playing field for all countries with nuclear technology. Pakistan, Iran and North Korea have been sidelined not because those countries would bomb the world but because these countries don’t play into the West’s narrative. Nuclear arms prevent war because there is a level-playing field, states wouldn’t go to war because there would be mutual assured destruction (MAD theory)
    India, has itself called NPT discriminatory and flawed but due to its present and future economic might and most importantly good relations with the West, it is above the Treaty, similar to Israel.
    The article was not about India, Pakistan and China, it is about the hypocrisy of the West when it comes to Nuclear technology. They set the rules, they decide the exceptions and then expect everyone to understand.
    Not everything is about Pakistan-India guys. Look at the bigger picture for once.

  • Majid Urrehman

    Yes world is hypocrite towards us. Thanks for informing us. Next time try to write on how to resolve it.Recommend

  • sajid

    @ the author
    Unfortunately the world is not a fair place. It is how intelligently we play our cards and how cleverly we deal with other nations which decides our place on the globe. Pakistan has completely failed in this department.
    As much as I hate to admit it economically and diplomatically India is a big player on world stage as compared to Pakistan. Australia and India are big trading partners and probably looking towrads increasing their trade in coming years. Indian students and immigrants form a resonable number in Australia. Indian culture their cuisine is very popular amongst the locals. Pakistanis on the other hand are seen as trouble makers and a backward group of people closer to arabs.

    You can call this double standard but unfortunately unlike us Pakistanis who are more concerned about Afghanistan and China the rest of the world is concerned about their own countries and will adopt policies benefitting their citizens. Recommend

  • samia

    @ the author
    After the bin laden episode I don’t think any country is going to trust pakistan for a long time let alone sell us uranium.
    We need to figure out a solution to this problem. We all need to really think about how to improve our gloal position and remove the black mark of terrorism from pakistan. Recommend

  • Zalim singh

    @ Hassan Khan,

    Wake up and smell coffee. You cannot demand somebody to respect you. It has to be earned. India is a respected nation in world economic circles. They are not known for their backword thinking, cheating, propagating terrorism, Hiding wanted terrorists, fooling their benefactors of billions. Also there is no danger of India falling in the hands of Hindu fundamentalists. Even BJP ruled 6 years and with honour and dignity.

    You cannot bracket India and pakistan in the same group. Of course even Israel cannot be bracketed with pakistan (even though Australians are doing it). They are a advanced nation, light years ahead of both of us. but the violent situation arpound them make them look bad.

    Get rid of terrorism and religious dogmas. You wil be taken seriously too.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    You can’t criticize a state for favouring its friends and allies, because that’s what we all do. Would you describe China’s decision to sell Pakistan advanced fighter jets at a discounted rate as “hypocritical”? It’s called “diplomacy”, something that our lone-wolf, chest-thumping, IK worshipping “Go Amreeka Go!” crowd cannot comprehend.

    Besides, with Pakistan’s dire internal security and economic issues, can you not see how the international community might consider our nuclear capabilities more of a liability than India’s? As much as it shames me to admit that, I don’t believe in denying facts.Recommend

  • malik

    Seller can decide who he wants to do business with. He can offer discounts to a guy whose face he likes and he shoo away a guy he doesn’t like.

    And you can’t do a thing to him. Recommend

  • G. Din

    @Hassaan Khan:
    “India, has itself called NPT discriminatory and flawed but due to its present and future economic might and most importantly good relations with the West, it is above the Treaty, similar to Israel.”
    India still calls NPT discriminatory and in fact is actively pursuing the movement to outlaw nuclear arms. And, if it has developed a nuclear bomb, that does not make it hypocritical because India learnt from Muslim invasions that one should never be weak. Our present and future economic might is a result of our hard work and sound policies. You could have done the same. It is not always we had “good relations with the West”. Remember when Pakistan sat in the lap of the West and was rewarded with free military materiel under Baghdad Pact, CENTO and then SEATO. What happened? Today, you are fighting the same powers. Even when we were at odds with the West, remember when we were victimized by the Chinese perfidy in 1962, it was the West which rushed military help to us. Have you considered what could have occasioned such an unexpected behaviour of the West? Even when we were the “enemy”, West recognized we were a “wise enemy”. And, when you were the friend, you were a foolish friend. Always, prefer a wise enemy to a foolish friend, as the saying goes You have, by your actions, authenticated that cliche.Recommend

  • http://ndia punit

    @ Hassan….In answer to your statement “(The question is about a level-playing………. because these countries don’t play into the West’s narrative)”
    .Dear Hassan sab,, India has not been favored for playing in the hands of the West………..In the case of India…..India does not change its stance …Just to give you an example….even though India has befriended many countries ,but has seldom ditched old friends at the cost of new friends…IRAN is still officially supported and remains INDIA ‘s official friend …India has never felt sign in criticizing America in its action against IRAN……same in the case with BURMA…..The last time Obama was in India…India was criticized by Obama in the the very Indian parliament for espousing the cause of Burma …It was blamed for trying to convince the West to leave there negative attitude against Burma and work with it just like India was trying to do……Now see the current situation…BURMA has suddenly taken the stage in the ASEAN as its chairman took center-stage…..and USA & UN has started looking at it favorably…..Has it happened if India changed stances ,to kep friendship with US…I have an advice for Pakistan…Try to be honest and remain truthful…Recommend

  • Raj

    Australia’s medical system is dependent on India. More than 50 percent doctors and nurses in Australia are from India.Both countries command respect in many fields including cricket.It is Australia’s uranium and India’s money. Thank God, author did not throw a tantrum that India should buy Pakistan uranium form Australia like PCB which wants BCCI to share revenue with Pakistan…and Pakistani players be allowed to play in IPL. Recommend

  • Bisma

    Its not a question of who has a clean record and who doesnt, who has a better economy and who doesnt. When sale of uranium is banned, its banned. For EVERYONE. Period. No ifs, no buts. So if australia is bypassing that law, its violating the law. If china does that, its wrong as well. I feel sad for those pseudo-intellectuals who go to any extent to portray pakistan as a global nightmare, and everything else under the sun as honey pure. And also for those who justify a banned act by saying hey but we have a clean record. When australia bypasses this law, its going to be a nuclear proliferator. So is the U.S. And also the french whose sale to israel is not even mentioned in proliferation debates. Recommend

  • Bisma

    Hahahaha. You mixed medicine with uranium with pcb and bcci. What an ‘explosive’ container of intelligence, arent you??Recommend

  • Shock horror

    @Hassaan Khan:
    You ignore all comments about nuclear proliferation and terrorism carried out by Pakistanis around the world because you do not have an answer. Pakistan decides who it sells its arms to. Would Pakistan sell the few armaments it manufactures to Israel? What about level playing field in this case? Recommend

  • Akbar

    Root cause of Pak’s troubles:
    The answers lie in one word: too much religion when its not wanted and radical hatred of other religions even in educated people. Do you have grow beard to show that you are muslim and be different?
    When you act different and expect greatness on religion-you will be treated different!

    The question is not about Pakistan or India or even China for that matter. The question is about a level-playing field for all countries with nuclear technology.

    Level-playing field ? when you have proliferators of world class repute like Aq Khan and with your nuclear proliferation record?? Are you alright Mr.Hassaan? Level playing field that too with India? On what basis? on the basis of your reputation or secular credentials or nuclear record responsibility?

    Can you answer affirmatively to atleast ONE of my questions????

    Please know you are not comparable to Iran at all as a nation and at present worse than North Korea. Nothing intended to humiliate but just facts-like it or not.


  • Anoop

    “India, like Pakistan, has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.”

    You are either ignorant or too lazy to look up the facts. The 45 Member NSG has given a waiver for India!

    “However, fortunately or unfortunately for Islamabad, New Delhi has increasingly become Washington’s economic and geopolitical counterweight to China.”

    You know an interesting thing? China can ask the NSG to give Pakistan a waiver just like it did for India. But, it wont. Why? Because that will be a futile and humiliating exercise. No sane Country will give the 12th most failed state a waiver.

    Pakistan can ask China to give it a shot, but we know how that will go. India with its impeccable nuclear proliferation record and its big economy and democracy has earned it. Pakistan has none of the qualifications.

    “Should countries such as Pakistan, North Korea and Iran continue to face the heat and become increasingly isolated for pursuing their nuclear programmes ”

    Do you even realize what you are saying! NK and Iran have signed the NSG!!! According to that they cannot develop nuclear weapons, but they are doing that and hence, violating a promise put on paper.

    Pakistan’s story is different. It acquired Nuclear Technology, fine. But, what was the need to sell it to other Countries? This is serious. Please do not argue against something the Pakistani Government itself has admitted and even Musharaff.

    The nuclear technology is not safe with Pakistan, it has already proved it by setting up a barter system with North Korea.

    India and Isreal have not given away their technology to any Country nor have they signed the NSG. So, they doing something wrong is out of the question.

    P.S. In IAEA Pakistan did NOT vote against India, even though it could have there by making sure the US-India nuclear deal will never be implemented. It did not vote against India. So, whats your problem when the Pakistani state itself has paved way for Indo-US nuke deal?Recommend

  • Raj

    Truth hurts whether it is uranium, medicine or cricket.Recommend

  • Vigilant

    wow….so many Indians lashing out at blog author….i wanna ask Indians how they develop their nuclear tech…..they researched & reinvented all of that tech???….nuclear proliferation does not mean to export nuclear know how to other countries it is also to means import from other countries… India did in 1970s from Canada betrayed them & develop weapons instead of civil nuke tech….a lot of Indian commentator are taking about to keep the record straight….then they must know record does not mean last 20year…’s start from the development of bahbah nuclear research center…..all the tech acquired from west was to develop peaceful nuke tech like energy but later on India betrayed nuke tech suppliers & developed & tested thermonuclear weapon in 1970s….
    Regrading Israel everyone knows how France was involved with this proliferation….& for development of nukes but one is bothered to talk about itRecommend

  • ukmuslim

    @Hassaan Khan @Bisma
    why don’t pakistan make a case in UN or IAEA or NSG. raise your concerns with australian govt. they will listen to you.

    you guys should write in influnatial western publications for public awareness, really. may be you will get a lot of public support.

    atleast you will find someone in western media or western public who is not hypocritical like UN / IAEA / NSG / Australia…best of luck.Recommend

  • Shamim

    @Hassan: If India was indeed acting as per narrative by the west, the mother of all fighter jet deals would have fall into USA’ lap don’t you think ? Recommend

  • Shamim

    @Vigilant: Did you hear any Indian claiming it invented nuclear tech ? India did receive help from Russia and within Nuclear Proliferation guidelines. Why did not you cold era friend USA gave you the same know how ? Why did AQ Khan had to steal the blueprints for centrifuges without which you would have no nuclear program. As recent as a week ago your chinese supplier was caught selling you illegally the epox paint. India did indeed tested nuke in 70s but as a response to Chinas’s test in 70. This point is somehow always missing in Pakistani’s side. Cause even if we burst a fire cracker Pakistan thinks it is to bully them. If you know your history well you will know the nuke test happened as setting level with China which took away Aksai Chin in 60s war. China being the permanent five had an exception from test ban treaty which India did not enjoy. It had no option but go ahead and upset the applecart and thereby inviting all sanctions from west there after. Please remember there were no further assistant to India’s nuclear program after that, even all weather ally Russia could not supply heavy water after that. But India is responsible enough to declare no first use and never involved in illegally selling tech to any other country. The comments are on Pakistan’s way of achieving the tech which is stealing and selling the tech which is black marketing. How straight the record could be ? What more you need to make it more straight ? The point is , no matter how much we discuss this you will always be in sense of denial that Pakistan will do anything wrong when India has not. Good luck with your “straight record” collection.Recommend

  • ayesha

    “Its not a question of who has a clean record and who doesnt, who has a better economy and who doesnt. When sale of uranium is banned, its banned. For EVERYONE. Period. No ifs, no buts. So if australia is bypassing that law, its violating the law”.

    Two facts:
    1. IF you referring to the global commuity then the Nuclear Suppliers Group has already passed a consensus decision in 2008 that it is legal to sell uranium to India. So Australia would definitely not be violating the covenants of the world agreement unlike China who stealthily sells nuclear supplies to Pakistan in violation of NSF=G mandates.

    It is Australia’s OWN laws which now prevent Australia from selling uranium to India. The Australian Prime Minster is therefore trying to get the laws in her OWN country changed to permit such sale. She would be unable to authorize sale of uranium to India until such time as she is able to get Australian laws changed. OF course never having lived in a true democracy, you probably do not understand the finer points of how a democracy operates.

  • gp65

    @Hassaan Khan:
    “The question is not about Pakistan or India or even China for that matter. The question is about a level-playing field for all countries with nuclear technology”.

    Do you even understand what a level playing field is? It is not a field where every participant wins. It is a playing field where no team has an unfair advantage. So if India and Pakistan have shown different behaviours, the outcomes will also differ. This is exactly what you would expect in a level playing field. Examples of behaviours:
    – India has not sold nuclear tchbology to other countries. Pakistan sold it to North Korea, Iran, Libya.

    India does not blackmail the world into giving it aid by reminding the world of its nuclear capability all the time. Pakistan does.

    “Pakistan, Iran and North Korea have been sidelined not because those countries would bomb the world but because these countries don’t play into the West’s narrative”.

    You are implying that while Pakistan does not comply with US wishes, India does and hence Pakistan is penalised and India is rewarded. Nothing could be further from the truth.India’s voting record in the UN matches that of US less than 20% of the time. This is something the US is not happy about and complained but India has responded that it will continue to vote independently on issues based on India’s own national interest. India had also refused to join the coaliation of the willing in 2003 and India continues to trade with Iran. On the other hand Pakistan’s army and civilians have given tacit approval to US to kill its own citizens without a trial via drones in return for dollars. Even historically whether Ayub Khan’s time or Zia’s time it is Pakistani leaders who was put its army for hire in return for dollars.Recommend

  • Vigilant

    I m amazed to know that Indian Record has “NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION GUIDELINES”….for your knowledge my friend…..
    Nuclear proliferation is a term now used to describe the spread of nuclear weapons, fissile material, and weapons-applicable nuclear technology and information, to nations which are not recognized as “Nuclear Weapon States” by the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons, also known as the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty or NPT”
    U did not replied to my question about developing nuclear weapon tech from expertise provided for ONLY civilian use….is this comes under “NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION GUIDELINES”??
    & for ur info i m not saying that Pakistan is clean….we did mistakes or i should called them blunders….
    Confrontation with china is not an excuse to develop “NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION GUIDELINES” for weapon development….Pakistan can also use that excuse for it’s mistake b/c of confrontation with India….by the thanks for my Record correction….
    Many of commentators are talking about isolation of North Korea, Iran & other countries b/c of sharing nuke secrets…..i want to ask them any western country is facing isolation b/c of same behavior?? Recommend

  • ukmuslim

    here responders have already covered the reasons. i want to sum it up.

    Selling nuclear technology for money : Pakistan was found engaged in nuclear technology sales to North Korea, Iran and Libya. soon may be arab country will be added in the list. On the other hand, India is not seen as a proliferator, which has helped in its ‘regularisation’ as a nuclear power.
    Political instability and nuclear safety : Pakistan is internally threatened with political instability. In Pakistan, political instability has resulted in an almost spontaneous ascendancy of the Army. Pak Army has been known to base its tactical policy vis-a-vis India on nuclear weapons and indulge in risk-taking which can threaten the world with nuclear conflict in South Asia.
    Lack of writ of the state : in Balochistan there is an ongoing inviting foreign interference. In the Tribal Areas, the state is struggling to re-extend its lost control. Cities like Peshawar and Karachi are subject to mafias and jihadi groups with strategies of ‘revenue-collection’ through kidnappings and robberies. Some of these mafias have warlords at their head capable of fulfilling ‘contracts’ like snatching a nuclear device. They seem to ‘practise’ this expertise by attacking NATO supply trucks.
    Revisionist nationalism and the bomb : nationalism is attached to this revisionism which is turn is attached to the bomb, making it dangerous because it allows Pakistan to think in terms of an unrealistic strategic parity with India.
    Presence of foreign terrorists : he presence of globally feared groups worsens the already weakened writ of the state. India has lost partially its writ in some states where a Maoist uprising in is in progress, but there are no foreign elements heading the movement with international financing.
    Terrorist ideology superior to Pakistan ideology:Pakistan is destabilised by terrorism coming from local and foreign sources. with infilterated fanatism within, public opinion now regards the ideology of Al Qaeda as being superior and also present in army. it sees the west, usa, israel, india as its enemy. (usa as enemy no 1)
    The idea of ‘revolution’ and the bomb : Pakistanis talk about Revolution more than ever before because they want the current order to change. in their opinion, the revolution has to against the democracy and in favor of shariyat. because of this, they consider the bomb as an asset.

  • Shamim

    @Vigilant: While I appreciate you hammering me on my loosely coined termed “NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION GUIDELINES”…you seem to have completely lost the underlying meaning behind that. When I loosely used the world guidelines I only and obviously mean that India played by the rules. It did not BLACK MARKET technology. Other countries in west share technology openly not in a clandestine fashion the Pakistan has done, denied and then confessed of doing it. Please don;’t mask the deed by calling it a blunder. It was a conscious strategic step which emerged from highest sense of insecurity. This plus your constant denial in harboring fugitives from world class like OBL to most wanted criminals like Dawood adds to your “credibility” doesn’t it ? Even though your common people are innocent and I believe they are, but your think tanks are crooks aren’t they ? Which nation completely falsifies their curriculum history text books to poison minds of young ones, belittle other religions, and fester hatred towards another religion? I can go on and on about your “blunders” but I sincerely do not wish to turn this into an ugly debate. Recommend

  • Akash

    Either my Pakistani friends(author included) don’t know the facts or they choose to ignore them…either way it makes them look stupid. Wonder when will this denial charade stop so that they can get on with building the nation.Recommend

  • Cynical


    Your response @Vigilant is to the point and I appreciate the restraint in your concluding line.
    It’s always a pleasure to come across people who are rational and openly transparent, even when we disagree.


    Between a hypocrite (as you think Austalia is) and a thief/black marketeer/smuggler (call what you like) as world sees Pakistan,A Q Khan,North Korea who do you choose?
    Any day between these I will go for the hypocrite. I guess you will too.Recommend

  • tomas smith


    P.S. In IAEA Pakistan did NOT vote against India, even though it could have there by making sure the US-India nuclear deal will never be implemented. It did not vote against India. So, whats your problem when the Pakistani state itself has paved way for Indo-US nuke deal?Recommend

  • Sane

    “Pakistan faces the heat”????
    Increasing its stockpile at the fastest rate in the world and it goes unnoticed.
    Steals and then sells this technology to rouge states. You think it should be rewarded?Recommend

  • Observer

    “The world doesn’t owe a wooden nickel to either Pakistan or India; however, India, unlike us, commands a lot more nuisance value, has played their cards well and are rightly benefiting from anything that comes there way.?

    It looks like you are one of those Pakistanis living in perpetual denial. The truth is that it is Pakistan that the world sees as a huge nuisance or a global migraine as Madelene Albright used to say. Pakistan is perceived as country that proliferates nuke technology and breeds global terrorists.

    On the other hand, India is looked upon as a responsible democracy and an ascending global economic power.

    Just setting the facts straight.Recommend

  • Maulana Diesel

    Its all got to do with money. India at the moment is on a huge defence buying spree worth hundreds of billions of dollars and the West with its weak economies are more than willing to get on all fours to make the sale. The crap about nuclear proliferation etc is just BS to deflect the realities on the ground. The US gave nuclear knowhow to Israel and Canada provided it to India. Right now the West needs India to counter China and they will sell their mothers and sisters to make that work. Although it is not going to work.

    Also, Pakistan does NOT need to import any uranium from Australia – we have plenty of our own!Recommend