Why is Pakistan assumed to be the only saviour of the entire Islamic world?

Published: September 14, 2017

Rohingya refugees looks on through barbed wire as they wait for a boat to cross the border in Maungdaw, Myanmar on September 7th. PHOTO: REUTERS

Many individuals have been crying hoarse over how the Pakistan Army should be sent to Myanmar to help out the Rohingya Muslims that are being brutally massacred. I would like to ask the said individuals to reconsider their stance.

Yes, we are truly upset and shocked at what is happening in Myanmar, but we already have enough going on in our own country and we have to protect our people first. Our soldiers are constantly on their feet on the Line of Control (LoC) as well as the Durrand Line, especially given the recent skirmishes.

Moreover, our soldiers are valiantly fighting against militants in North Waziristan, via anti-militancy programs such as Raddul Fassad, and our soldiers have been deployed to assist the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, owing to the security threat the Chinese face. Furthermore, our soldiers are curbing militancy in Karachi, which has been facing increasing crimes and militancy.

Additionally, the Army was even called in to deal with rain-related issues, given provincial government’s ineptness in dealing with natural disasters. The situation was so terrible that Karachi’s Mayor Wasim Akhtar outrightly said that the situation was out of control of the authorities under him.

Currently, more than 2,000 soldiers are deployed in Punjab for the anti-militancy campaign, while 600,000 soldiers are stationed at the LoC. Moreover, 15,000 soldiers have been deployed in CPEC-related projects.

What more can they be expected to do? Is this not enough already?

If individuals advocating for our forces to be deployed in Myanmar think we are not doing enough, they should do their research.

Are they unaware that Pakistan is the only Islamic nation in the world that has helped the most refugees and given them shelter? In comparison, no other Islamic nation has helped as much as Pakistan has. Rather than bashing our country to do more, how about we take pride in what it has already done?

Statistically, since the 80s, more than 0.3 million Burmese Muslims have immigrated to Pakistan and are complacent in their surroundings. We are, and have been, assisting the persecuted Rohingya Muslims since two decades.

Additionally, Pakistan has been putting pressure on other countries to do more to help the Rohingya Muslims. In a press conference, Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said the Rohingyas’ plight is “a challenge to the conscience”.

If individuals are rooting for us to do more, how can we do more? Pray, tell.

Furthermore, it is not only the Rohingya Muslims whom Pakistan has provided shelter for, as we have provided shelter for Afghan refugees as well. The number of Afghan refugees amounts to 600,000. We have always welcomed our Muslim brothers and sisters with open arms and never turned them away, because that is what one brother does for another, despite frayed relations.

Yes, the on-going Rohingya massacre is a genuine concern, there is no doubt about that. But I would like to reiterate that Pakistan is the only country in the region that is doing the most.

Where are our neighbouring countries and why have they not taken in refugees or provided aid? Especially India and Bangladesh, who are immediate neighbours with Myanmar. Narendra Modi’s silence on this matter is deafening. His actions stain the concept of humanity. Be it a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Christian, at the end of the day, we are humans and we should reach out to each other.

Even if we wanted our forces to be deployed on the ground in Myanmar or if we sent them for aerial action, it would be out of the question. This is because India would never allow Pakistan to use its airspace in order to save Muslims. That would be against Modi’s ethics and what his party stands for.

What about the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, who are presumed the upholders of religion? These nations who have state-of-the-art defence systems and vast amounts of money reserves seem to be silent as well. This could be due to the fact that Rohingya Muslims are of no economic importance to them and the persecuted group mean nothing to them in terms of monetary benefits. Saudi Arabia, who established the Islamic military alliance, apparently under the name of Islam, surprisingly does not think it important enough to save their Muslim brethren, be it the Rohingya Muslims, the Palestinians, the Syrians or the Iraqis. Here, I would like to ask Saudi Arabia if this alliance was formed to protect the interests of only the rich and royal families, because it surely seems so. Is it not their rightful religious duty to help their Muslim brothers and sisters who are being beheaded and burnt to death?

Other than Pakistan, Turkey and Iran’s efforts are applause-worthy since they are doing their best to rescue and help the Rohingya Muslims. Turkey was the first country to get permission for supplying aid to the Rohingya Muslims and the Turkish government even announced its plans to distribute aid to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladeshi camps. Furthermore, Iran called for a united effort to put an end to the Rohingya massacre and it has also decided to send aid to the persecuted group.

But then again, how much can three countries do? Strength in numbers is what matters now.

Why is Pakistan the only assumed saviour of the entire Islamic world? Yes, the Rohingya Muslims need help and they need it now. But our Army cannot do more.

Shehroz Kaleem

Shehroz Kaleem

The author has a keen interest in social issues. He tweets as @ShehrozKaleem (twitter.com/ShehrozKaleem)

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  • rama

    Question should be “Why is Pakistan should assume to be the only saviour of the entire Islamic world” when Pakistan is not able to take care of Shia sect of Islam !!!

    Instead of talking about other countries and stroking emotion of the Muslim population , Pakistan spend its energy and resource to build it country .

    Pakistan should learn from Malaysia or Brunei or IndonesiaRecommend

  • Mehran Traders

    Please correct it, it is 0.3 Milliion NOT BillionRecommend

  • Mehran Traders

    Total 3 lac Burmese are present in PakistanRecommend

  • wb

    A country that is the biggest killer of Muslims in the world (in modern history), about 3,400,000 Muslims, which includes Bengalis, Baloch, Ahmadi, Shia, Pakhtoon, Kashmiri, Hazara and even Palestinians claims to be the savior of Muslim world!!

    A country which has kept the second biggest population of Muslims in the world poor, illiterate, jobless, thirsty, hungry, toilet-less claims to be the savior of the Muslim world!!!

    That’s like a wolf claiming to be the savior of rabbits. That’s like a poison claiming to be medicine. That’s like a snake claiming to be protector of frogs!!!!!Recommend

  • Saadi

    Because it is an ideal that we should strive for. In this day and age of nation states, this concept seems to be too altruistic but if Israel can manage to stand for the rights of all Jews across the globe, perhaps Pakistan too can strive to do the same (even if other Muslim countries selfishly turn inwards.) Secondly, Pakistan as weak as it is economically and influence wise at this time, will not remain in this position forever. What the country does/say now will have implications for the Muslim world down the road. What is never lost on the Turks is the help that the Muslims of the subcontinent provided to them. They associate that fraternity to the Muslims of Pakistan now. So our help to Afghans, Rohingyas will be appreciated. If nothing more, it will help shape the character of the nation.

    By the way, I am not suggesting that we should send Pakistani troops to another sovereign country, yet Pakistan should use all of its diplomatic influence and aid to help the Rohingyas.Recommend

  • kdp ukp
  • Pratik

    “Statistically, since the 80s, more than 0.3 billion Burmese Muslims have immigrated to Pakistan and are complacent in their surroundings.” . The total population of Burma is a little over 50 million (0.050 billion). Not sure how 0.3 billion immigrated to Pakistan.

    On a separate note, no one takes Pakistani calls to protect Muslims around the world seriously since Pak only stands up when muslims are prosecute. Were there any rallies, TV programs to condemn what muslims did to Yazidis massacre
    is Syria/Iraq as a matter of genocide? or muslims beheading Christians in Libya/Iraq/Syria or what muslims did other muslims to Yemen? Pak stayed “neutral”. See the hypocrisy? You cant cry human rights only to protect your interest. Human rights are human rights ..applicable to all humans…what you guys profess is selective muslim rights. First stand up for all that’s wrong irrespective of who the oppressor and oppressed are, then talk about Palestine, Kashmir, Burma, Bosnia etc.Recommend

  • pratik

    On a separate note, no one takes Pakistani calls to protect Muslims around the world seriously since Pak only stands up when muslims are prosecuted. You cant cry human rights only to protect your interest. Human rights are human rights ..applicable to all humans…what you guys profess is selective muslim rights. First stand up for all that’s wrong irrespective of who the oppressor and oppressed are, then talk about Palestine, Kashmir, Burma, Bosnia etc.Recommend

  • Hyderabadi

    First of all, very poorly researched article. “Statistically, since the 80s, more than 0.3 billion Burmese Muslims have immigrated to Pakistan..” 0.3 billion is 300 million. Entire world population is 7.5 Billion. Pakistan’s 2017 population itself is less than 200 million.

    Secondly, Pakistan has done nothing but provide lip service. What surprises me the most is blogs that are too eager to criticize Modi and India on Rohingya cause, conveniently turn a blind eye/deaf ear to China openly supporting the crackdown by Burmese establishment. Express Tribune itself published an article on Chinese support to Myanmar, a couple of days ago.Recommend


    “more than 0.3 billion Burmese Muslims have immigrated to Pakistan” !! R u kidding me. That’s like 50% more than the current Pakistani population. Recommend

  • Bangla

    My dear friend in 1971 the actions of the Pakistanis created a refugee crisis of 10 million. So I find it laughable that Pakistanis have any genuine concern for Rohingas.Recommend

  • Enkay

    “Why is Pakistan the only assumed saviour of the entire Islamic world?” – However in REALITY it is “Pakistan sees and assumes that it is the only saviour of the entire Islamic world?” Well, if Pakistan seems and sees it as such than it must remember it is not assumed by others but it has assumed this title by itself ONLY and not by anybody else. Pakistan must not blame the World but only itself.Recommend

  • Ahmar

    Exactly. It is good to see other Pakistanis wonder the same thing.

    EDIT: Btw, 0.3 billion = 300 million. I don’t think the population of entire Burma is that much let alone immigrants to Pakistan.Recommend

  • Test Test

    I dont know if this author knows his numbers. He talks about 0.3 billion Burmese immigrants to Pakistan, does he know that Pakistan’s total population is actually 0.3 Billion? Probably less than 1-2 lakhs must have immigrated to Pakistan. Total number of Rohingyas itself does not exceed 1 to 2 million. Now coming to all this chest beating that Pakistan is helping is a joke. Pakistan played with Afghanistan and caused all issues and hence Afghans had to migrate to Pakistan. India is helping as much as it can and so is Bangladesh…We dont want to be stupid to take in more and more refugees. Its much better to settle them in Burma under safe conditions with UNs help. India already has a lot of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and also from other neighbours. And all this crying for Rohingya, why not cry for Balochis and FATA residents who still are burdened by British laws such as community punishment for an individual act. Dont be hypocrites and say you are doing a lot…You have committed a genocide on your own minorities be they Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Ahmediyas, Shias etc. Recommend

  • Cuban

    The only country that supports Myanmar is China – and that was enough for Pakistan to remain quiet – no different than Pakistan’s silence during the abuse of Chinese Muslims. It’s easy to talk bold – harder to do when it cost you something.Recommend

  • Afzal Khwaja

    An honest analysis. I agree that Pakistan, as a developing nation, has it’s own paramount problems as laid out in this blog. I agree that Pakistan is not the savior of Islam. If it is, then It must be the Saudi and UAE along with other Arabs first —where Islam was born. Their deafness on Rohingyans atrocities must have them to employ Islamic army and spend money. Their money spent would have been an amount equal to the size of grain of salt when compared to their vast wealth. Why Pakistan, being a poor nation, be responsible as the soldiers and creators of Islam. I agree with the author that all persons are people of god, and we must do our part as human and not as the only savior of Islam of the world – we have serious paramount problems of our own to correct our entire system first — to rid of “Jahalat”, Misogyny, child marriage, poverty, slavery, child labor and above all rid of misguided fanaticism to commit crimes — an enormous task.Recommend

  • SuperNeo™

    Pakistan do not assumed itself as saviour of the entire Islamic world or even own country.

    they believe in conspiracy theories ,creating sensational news to fool illiterate fellow citizens.

    Fellow pakistanis should think twice before considering themselves as “THEKEDAAR” of something ..
    you are no 1 citizens deported from all over the world.
    You themselves are trying day and night hard to move Western country illegally .
    fake asylum , illegal immigrants are synonyms to pakistanisRecommend

  • sterry

    I am tired of seeing Pakistan taking care of refugees and migrants from neighboring countries because they seldom show any thanks or care for the shelter they get. Whether Afghan, Bangladeshi, Central Asian, Iranian or Indian migrant, they are just using the country as a way station. It’s for Pakistan to care for its own.Recommend

  • Harry

    Pakistan, not Saudi Arabia or UAE, was carved out of India as homeland for South Asian Muslims, so Pakistan has responsibility to take in persecuted South Asian Muslims, otherwise it akin to paying for insurance but when time comes Insurance company refuse to pay.Recommend

  • IAF101

    Ask your Chinese “iron brother”.Recommend

  • Parvez

    That was a fair argument …… those who stir up such sentiment at home do so solely for polishing their own agendas or political platforms. I am quite sure if one asked them from which province in Myanmar do the Rohingya originate, they would not know.Recommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    What exactly Pakistan is doing other than making noise and sending Jokers like Liaqat and Zaka to Burma?? What has Turkey done so far except lip service? India has 40000 Rohingyas and Bangladesh has 300000 of them. You guys are good for nothing and can’t do and won’t do anything other than creating media sound bytes.Recommend

  • eshant

    blood of 3 million bangla muslims in your handRecommend

  • powayman

    Nobody outside of Pakistan considers Pakistan the defender of Islam – that’s a home made myth.Recommend

  • Thomas

    India doesn’t need or want anymore terrorist muslimsRecommend

  • Mo

    How come the author doesn’t challenge China. China had a long border with Myanmar and China is a large and economically sound country. China hasn’t accepted any refugees from anywhere. China has killed and driven out more muslims from china. Has control over their naming, beards, holidays and even restricts fasting. Pakistanis never seem to have qualms about that, I wonder whyRecommend

  • Allah_ka_Sacha_Banda

    Lets take two points from your article based on facts. If you published facts in the comment section of mine then i will think we can have some discussion if not than its completely your choice :

    “the on-going Rohingya massacre is a genuine concern, there is no doubt about that. But I would like to reiterate that Pakistan is the only country in the region that is doing the most.”

    The above lines of your’s, so can you explain starting from 1948 why pakistan sent raiders who looted kashmir even when maharaja sign standstill agreement and klilled kashmir who also happened to be muslims and raped some of there women.
    In 1971 can you please explain why did muslims some 3 million in number were killed. Can you please explain why 25000 in number palestine were killed on black friday who also happens to be muslims bychance. can you please explain hazaras killing..can you explain how come airstrikes in FATA killed only militants and not even a single civilians. There is lot more which cant be written here.

    “Where are our neighbouring countries and why have they not taken in refugees or provided aid? Especially India and Bangladesh, who are immediate neighbours with Myanmar. Narendra Modi’s silence on this matter is deafening. His actions stain the concept of humanity. Be it a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Christian, at the end of the day, we are humans and we should reach out to each other.”

    I think your real mountain brother china is also the neighbour of myanmar so can you please if have ethics stop your infrastructure projects with her or say to him in public or if any of your minister can rant in public about china supporting myanmar…that would be great..India and Bangladesh are not such a great country like pakistan who keep on telling that they had housed afghan refugees but the fact is pakistan did not did it for free…first they made taliban…to make life of common afghan worse..then for every refugee pakistan get an amount of money from UN and US…So u never did it for free…moreover your missile names are on afgan..why so..can you explainRecommend

  • Uzair Abbas

    Because Pakistan claims to be champion in the muslim world, being the only country with nuclear bombs?

    How about Pakistan start by not selling fighter jets to Burma? Perhaps sitting idle is much better than selling Burma weapons!Recommend

  • allaisa

    Is this guy for real? 0.3 BILLION Rohingyas? The whole population of Myanmar is 50 MILLION. So where did you get all those Rohingyas from? Afghans? You created the problem because of your stupid strategic depth concept. Now Afghans are YOUR responsibility. Besides UNCHR paid you Billions of dollars for their settlement. Instead of helping them you misappropriated them and bought weapons for your army. Do not expect the world to help you anymore. You bred snakes in your country and they turned against you. If you want I am certain your neighbors will be more than happy to give you a lending hand in eliminating them (remember India’s surgical strikes?). India and Bangladesh have no responsibility to take care of Rohingyas. You DO IT.Recommend

  • Alka Rim

    Beautiful article by Shehroz Kaleem. However, his focus has been on the Pakistani military already being stretched too thin. I wholeheartedly agree with him but the author needs to understand that the Rohingya Muslim do not necessarily need military might. It could do better with financial aid, medical aid, peaceful rescue operations with subsequent relocation and rehabilitation. All this can be achieved with political diplomacy rather than by violent means. Remember, violence breeds violence.Recommend

  • TanhayeekiZubani

    0.3 billion? that is more than the entire population of your country. plus no body thinks of pakistan to be the savior of anything. It is a vainglorious thought fanned by silly people with disastrous consequences so far for pakistani security.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Pakistan is seen as a country to Saviour Islamic terrorists, those killing non-Muslims. Burmese Muslims never took refugee in Pakistan, Rohingya Muslims did. Rohingya Muslims still have not got their citizenship yet even after 37 yrs. Those were taken at the height of Afghan war to train them as militants. Pakistan earn valuable foreign reserves in case of Afghan Refugee. Also it was Pakistan who destroyed Afghanistan.

    Even though, Pakistan record in giving asylum to Muslims is not bad but should be pointed that they failed to take Bihari Muslims from Bangladesh inspite of getting money to relocate them. Also Pakistan always trained refugees to become militants.

    Based on TNT India has taken all non-Muslims Indians from Burma since 1937-38. India is already taking care of Indian Muslims who were supposed to move to Pakistan close to 180 million. Indian has given them properties of Sikhs and Dalits (mostly).

    Why dont help Arab Pagans to get Mecca back ask your Army to help it?
    You can always ask China/Bangladesh/Thailand/Laos to help you to attack Burma, why you always want help from India to kill non-Muslims? Partition is already happened to why more Subcontinent Muslims want?

    Lots of non-Muslims migrate from Pakistan to India, how many times India attacked Pakistan? You want minorities like Hindu to take care of 25% of Muslims population.

    Pakistan army can stop training Rohingya Muslims to become terrorists and selling JF-17 to Burma. Give citizenship to Rohingya Muslims in Karachi or Pakistan.Recommend

  • vasan

    Your Iron brother China shares a huge border with Myanmar. Why drag India into this picture when Myanmar claims these people are bengali muslims and Bangladesh refuses to accept this. India has accommodated 50000 rohingyas and they are even in J&K as new settlers. Cant u write anything without dragging India. After all your heading is about “Saviour of muslim world”. Stick to Islamic countries and may be ChinaRecommend

  • Ramesh Kumar

    Has any Indian Muslim sought refuge in Pakistan? This answers all your hue and cry about the plight of Indian Muslims.Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    Pakistanis are eager to prove they they are not descendants of Hindus, converted. They would like to believe their ancestors came here from Arabia. To this effect, they try and become saviors of Islam. Net effect, they look like jokers.Recommend

  • Utsav Sharma

    you muslims shouldnt start violence if you cant deal with the consequencesRecommend

  • Dhamdev

    Indeed, why pakistan should bear the burden of muslims all over the world.
    It should put its own house in order and first look after its own minorities.Recommend

  • Raj

    This author is assuming that, Pakistani soldiers have got the capacity to conduct a strike on Myanmar. This is so foolish and Childish. Now a days, no country can invade any country. Going to Myanmar and strike thinking that Myanmar will just sit like a lame duck is so stupid. Even China has supported Myanmar besides India. Pakistan has been supporting terorrists and so it has to take back terrorists into its territory whether they are from Kashmir or afghanistan or Myanmar. NO natiion incluidng Myanmar will tolerate terrorists coming from Pakistan.Recommend

  • wb

    You’re talking about 10 million refugees?!! What about the stateless Biharis whom Pakistan refuses to take back in.

  • Yogi Berra

    The article is flawed on many front:
    1. The writer thinks Pakistan has capability to operate in other country and defeat that arm. This is pipe dream. This is not true. Please check your assumptions.
    2. Myanmar has border with India but not with Rakine province where Rohingyas live. In fact is hundreds of KM away from India. These Rohingyas who are in India are well connected well funded people who traveled entire Bangladesh and infiltrated the Bangla- India border after paying bribes and entered into India for jobs. They are not hapless refugees by any standard.
    3. Pakistan cannot send their army or air force to Myanmar. But then can send the aid to Bangladesh so those refugees can be taken care of. Saudi Arabia has loads of money. Why are they not opening up their taps for fellow members of Ummah? Look at India. India is sending 7000 tonnes of relief material to Bangladesh. Now that is compassion and global citizenship.Recommend

  • Raj

    Who needs pakistani figther jets boss. You are not in this world it seems. China and India are supporting Burma and do you think, that, China and Burma will not sell fighter jets to Burma? Come on Man. Recommend

  • addo

    “His actions stain the concept of humanity. Be it a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Christian, at the end of the day, we are humans and we should reach out to each other.”
    LOLOLOL When was the last time Pakistan spoke up for or helped the genocided Christians, Hindus, buddhists, jews etc being massacred in every muslim country? Or even muslims being killed by muslims in muslim countries? Recommend

  • Alfred Pascual

    Modi is not silent. is supporting Myanmar in its crimes against humanity. Pakistani leadership should come out in full support of Muslims, whether in Kashmir or Myanmar.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    “India already has a lot of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh”. Only the Muslim refugees from Bangladesh are considered “illegal”. The Hindu refugees from Bangladesh are immediately accepted by India and welcomed with open arms. And that is why India wants to deport the 40,000 Rohingya Muslims on its soil to Bangladesh.Recommend

  • Utsav Sharma

    lmao buddy you wrecked emRecommend

  • Utsav Sharma


  • Utsav Sharma

    you can never suggest sending troops anyway, because you’re army is too weak for thatRecommend

  • Faisal Mehmood

    I agree it is not easy to strike other country but how can we control state terrorism. States like India and Burma are doing state terrorism on civilian both in Burma and Kashmir.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Today Burmese have got power and they are doing what Muslims have been doing for a long time, whenever they had power.
    Why not Muslims look at themselves before throwing stones at others?Recommend

  • Rampravesh Upadhyay

    Tell me what Pakistan has done to its minorities? What is current population of Hindus in Pakistan and what was it in 1947?
    Why so many Hindu girls are raped and forcefully converted to Muslims??Recommend

  • sohaib virk

    This author is assuming like other writers,i have read this articae.i have a question for u can we have any state policy for kashmiry muslims???if we have please tell me and other people that they should be know about state policy for kashmir…Recommend

  • Rampravesh Upadhyay

    Writer is thinking Pakistani army is like USA army who can go beyond it’s border and attack Myanmar. Buddy your army was not able too defeat Afghan forces when they were in very week position. Recommend

  • wb

    What are you asking? Be reasonable and ask what Pakistan has done to its majority Sunni Muslims who are dying in dozens on a daily basis?!!!Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    There was an article in NY Times couple of days ago on the condition of Rohingya refugees living in Pakistan for decades. Every one must read it to understand in what condition these poor souls live in Karachi. They are prohibited from fishing because police insist on papers. They have no citizenship rights even after spending decades in Pakistan. The children born in Pakistan are denied citizenship too. The police officer told NY times reporter that Rohingya Muslims are thieves. I recommend every Pakistani reader to search and read this article in NY Times. It is just 2 or 3 days old so you should be able to find it.Recommend

  • Sushil Chadha

    Muzzies SUCKRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Pakistan is a visionary country. It has realized that a certain amount of culling is necessary when the population starts breeding too fast for its own good.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    I can understand Hindus being persecuted in Pakistan and Bangladesh but Bangladesh and Pakistan were created specifically for Muslims who then went on to genocide the Hindus living in these lands, so why should Muslims feel insecure in them.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Pakistan is a mercenary country, it does things only if money is paid. For example, money was paid to Pakistan to settle afghan refugees. But now no one is paying money to resettle Rohingyas. If tomorrow, UN starts paying money for the settlement of Rohingyas, Pakistan will be falling over itself to offer refugeRecommend

  • G.S.K. herzak

    Yes. My family left India because of anti-Muslim riots and violence!Recommend

  • W.J. D

    A country living on aid from USA, Europe & GCC countries is planning to help Rohingya Muslims. Good. But why Malaysia & Indonesia who are more closer than Pakistan are keeping quiet. Who knows the ground situation better than them. Pakistan may be trying to cash in on the expected aid from foreign countries to fill their pocket.Recommend

  • G.S.K. herzak

    Being the only Muslim nation on Earth carries responsibilities. Turkey and Iran can play a role also. Plus, if the Burmese can continue this slaughter, it will encourage the Hindutva Nazis in India too. Pak should arm Rohingya along with Turkey, Iran and the Arab nations that have their act together!Recommend

  • W.J. D

    Pakistan & Turkey are doing lip service only. Pakistan does not have a penny to help them. After 2 months they will have to beg to pay for their imports.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Pakistanis will give the Arab prince or Kashmiris a heros welcome in their own country but look down on the dark skinned Muslims of Myanmar and BangladeshRecommend

  • ansar

    Yes I agree Pakistan had allowed 3 lakh Rohingya Muslims onto Pakistan mainly Karachi on the last ,2/3 decades but I’m sorry to say they have not been given any documents that allows them the right to stay
    in Pakistan. Pakistan can’t give them nothing ie financial support, housing,health care,education.
    They are self financed by their sheer hard work & dedication, like all others, they along with others are not & never will be a burden to the state of Pakistan.
    SO why can’t they have the right to reside documents feel part of pakistanRecommend

  • ansar

    Hey guys the auther said .3 million
    For the saadey & simple people here that means 3 lakh or in numbers 300,000Recommend

  • vinsin

    This is the best realistic comment.Recommend

  • vinsin

    That is true and correct based on TNT. Muslims cannot be prosecuted by Muslims.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Pakistan was created for subcontinent non-Bengali Muslims. Pakistan cannot run away from that. Pakistan failed to take care of Bihari in Bangladesh, because of which she has to take care of Bangladeshi and Rohingya. Recommend

  • vinsin

    There is nothing called state terrorism. State is supposed to be biggest terrorists. But a state cannot do genocide. Burma do not consider Rohingya as their citizen but illegal Bengali and based on partition supposed to migrate to East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

    Many Rohingya Muslims are also associated with terrorism. Kashmir is a different ball game, state has to protect minorities from Kashmiri Muslims even though they have been successful in ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits. Indian laws are not applicable to J&K.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Don’t hide behind the inability to get air space and ground route from India to mount a military attack on Myanmar.You have no such constraint with Iron brother .They will provide you with both.Or better try stopping US drone attacks like yesterday on your soil,for a beginning.
    Sadly, Muslims around the world have lost sympathy, including that of your Iron brother.Thats why they are at the forefront to teach them a lesson.Recommend

  • Lalit

    They are treated as paid security guards and they fantasize themselves as saviour.Recommend

  • Lalit

    That is the reason no-one including Islamic countries take them seriously.Infact even Islamic countries are not taken seriously for their bluster.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Actually those are Chinese jets being sold by Pakistan and China to Myanmar.Myanmar is also purchasing them considering her relations with China.Recommend

  • wb

    Shakir Lakhani, you hit the nail on the head. I completely agree with you.
    We’ll take in Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and even Christians from persecuted countries such as China, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

    Political correctness is dead. Now, it’s time for facts and truth. Recommend

  • Hassan Mirza

    Pakistan have mind set of link them self with others and take credit for free . this is the same mind set once can see in Pakistan in media only Pakistan are progressive in ground reality that is not true. Roheyah musim scenario Turkey is the only muslim country who physical help with money and resources not for photo shot . Turkey also is the muslim country who stand in front of super power to stop interfering in his country without any hesitation and turkey nation stand with him .where as Pakistan officials and ruling party is try saving an corrupt ousted Prime minister instead Pakistan on Afghan issue that is ground reality. In Saudi Pakistan have only considered as a Maskeen where from Pakistan top officials to poor people have that respect to pay them Zakat and fitrana etc etc that is ground realityRecommend

  • rationalist

    “Why is Pakistan assumed to be the only saviour of the entire Islamic world?”

    Because, Pakistan has been beating its chest for 70 years that it is the savior and protector of its Muslim Ummah brothers.Recommend

  • Rachmann Rachie

    These rich/almost rich nations…can be defenders of Islam ( big manpower, high gdp,fairly large USD deposits, large /latest military mchines, fairly peaceful & industrialising & compassionate abt Islam….), namely:-

    1/. Indonesia

    2/. Turkey

    3/. Saudi Arabia

    4/. Egypt

    5/. I.R. Iran

    6/. Pakistan

    7/. Kazakhstan

    8/. Malaysia

    9/. Uzbekistan

    10/. Brunei

    11/. Qatari

    13/. Kuwait

    14/. Algeria

    15/. Nigeria

    The above Islamic Nations hv large combined armies of abt. 3- million or more active frontline armiesRecommend

  • Rajiv

    What’s wrong in that?
    the Hindus are persecuted in Bangladesh, that’s why we allow them.
    India is natural home for Hindus.Recommend

  • sac_nair

    My sister’s in-laws left Gujranwala because of anti- Hindu riots and violence!Recommend

  • rebel

    to shatter your little bubble after Bangladesh Pakistan has the second largest Rohingya Population despite of being so far from Pakistan.check the facts again. and we are not going to get involved in this Rohingya fight phsyically but we will support them morally and diplomatically.Recommend

  • rebel

    well you are the real type of analyst man. Pakistan is already hosting Afghan Refugees along with Rohingya Refugees. How many are being hosted by India remind me again?Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Decimal system and it’s numbers r HinduRecommend

  • Lalit

    Pakistan supporting any cause is ‘the end’ of that cause….look at KashmirRecommend

  • Baghi

    Yes our army can’t help Rohingya Muslims because they can’t hire Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    They need to revert back to their ancestral Dharma and find common cvilizational ground with natives of Mayanmar. Recommend

  • G.S.K. herzak

    Yes. But nobody sees tens of thousands in Pakistan being killed. Plus, neither China nor Pakistan always act like the home of tolerance
    You call yourself a tolerant democracy with free speech???Recommend

  • G.S.K. herzak

    India started the war killing millions. It’s on Hindu India’s hands!Recommend

  • Patwari

    Seems like 60% of the hindu nation is here. Minus the women, 40%, who
    are trying to get away, run away, as far as they can from the rape capital.
    You can see here, a good cross section of the Hindustani society’s mindset.
    Nothing but hate, poison and viciousness for it’s neighbors. Plus 1200 years
    of repressed rage
    And World the wonders why India cannot get along with anyone. Just read
    the comments and understand why.Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    Ok. Noted. But what about common man in Pakistan. If they have money to splurge on sacrificing millions of animals on Eid then they can definitely spare some money for these fellow Muslims. I do not see that happening though. Just blaming others and issuing threats.Recommend

  • Vedic_Sasthra

    that was during the partition.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Banarsi Brahmini, hope your caste upgrade to Brahmini
    is going well in your new village. Be very careful. If they
    discover your fraud, then be ready to run. To Sri LankaRecommend

  • wb

    Yes, going well, dear. Thank you for your well wishes. Although you’re inferior to me in all ways being a Muslim, I have no problem accepting your well wishes.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    You got paid to resettle Afghan refugees, taking money for doing something is not called a favor. Apart from refugees from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tibet etc, India also hosts 60,000 Afghan refugees who we took in and did not charge moneyRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Maybe others can do the same for Shias, Ahmedis, baloch and HazarasRecommend

  • Swaadhin

    The author has lost the perspective.

    The Pakistanis are not looking to bring the Rohingyas home, rather they would be happy to get rid of Afghans , Rohingyas who already live in Pakistan and also those whom they call Mohajirs.

  • Swaadhin

    That’s hallucination, not historyRecommend

  • Swaadhin

    We are hosting millions despite the partition.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    The world calls us tolerant more than we ourselves do, we believe we have been tolerant to the extent that we have been taken advantage of for centuries.

  • arif

    First, indonesia isn’t islamic nor muslim country, please don’t relating indonesia with Muslim conflicts. Second, indonesia is the most active country sending its aid in the form of meal and money to Myanmar considering it is the only country whose allow to enter Myanmar. Biggest donors for Rohingya and Myanmar are indonesia and Malaysia.Recommend