Should Pakistan accept the criminally degenerate from other countries?

Published: February 18, 2017

The purpose behind the deportation is to punish those who pursue vile criminal acts in the UK and then hide behind the human rights guaranteed to them through British nationality. PHOTO: GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE

News emerged last week that a group of men convicted of committing horrific child sex abuse against underage girls in Rochdale, UK, were denied their appeals against deportation to Pakistan. The accused in question had dual British-Pakistani citizenship, and acquired their British passports through naturalisation. 

The purpose behind the deportation is to punish those who pursue vile criminal acts in the UK and then hide behind the human rights guaranteed to them through their British nationality. Although the case will still be protracted and significant time will pass before they return to Pakistan, it is still an embarrassing prospect to deal with.

Let’s not sugar-coat this story at all. These men committed despicable acts of sexual depravity against girls as young as 13. The victims in question were plied with alcohol and drugs and then passed around within a group of men like sex slaves. Their vulnerability and young age ensured that those involved continued as they didn’t know any better. When the news broke of these allegations, there was uproar throughout the country.

Far-right groups, like English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First, had been complaining about the existence of such groups for years. They were ignored and called racist, which added more fuel to the fire and increased division amongst communities. Following the Rochdale convictions, several victims came forward in other cities up and down the country, revealing a nausea-inducing mesh of Pakistani men preying on young, vulnerable, white women.

British Pakistanis became tainted by the acts of a few imbecilic men. Reports came in that several customers started asking for white taxi drivers instead of Asian ones. Even today, there is much division and anger because of the acts of these men and so it seems as if deporting the convicts back might bring some closure to the victims and the wider community.

Rochdale’s Member of Parliament (MP) Simon Danczuk has made it clear that these men should not be allowed to stay in the UK. However, the question that arises is, should Pakistan accept these convicted criminals? Wouldn’t the lives of young, Pakistani women be under threat by the presence of these men in their communities? Sexual abuse is such a taboo topic in Pakistan and if these men went unsupervised, would they strike again? And if they did, would they face any punishment for their acts?

I can understand the reasoning behind the measures chosen by the British government but don’t think Pakistan should be some kind of dumping ground for the acts of vile men. Instead, they should face harsher criminal sentencing within the UK and receive extensive counselling to channel their frustrations towards more helpful causes.

Furthermore, if the British government is so keen to protect their communities from sexual predators then, by that same standard, they should be more forthcoming with deporting Altaf Hussain. The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader has been implicated in extortion, murder, money laundering, aiding and abetting terrorism in Pakistan and yet he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle in the UK. He has avoided any persecution in either country as he relies on the human rights card, despite depriving the rights of so many in Pakistan. Do the same principles of law and justice not apply in his case? Shouldn’t Altaf face deportation to Pakistan as well?

Rochdale is now a town synonymous with covert sexual abuse. It will take many years to reverse the damage those depraved men have inflicted upon their communities. Removing them from the country makes perfect sense but the principles that the British government is so keen to uphold must apply to everyone. Pakistan has enough societal problems of its own and is in no need of being burdened with the sins of others.

Faiza Iqbal

Faiza Iqbal

A law graduate from King's College, London Nottingham Law School. Having worked at Mandviwalla & Zafar as an Associate, she now writes freelance articles and is trying to qualify as a barrister in Canada.

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  • wb

    “British Pakistanis became tainted by the acts of a few imbecilic men”

    British Pakistanis are tainted because of British Pakistanis and not because of a few men. A vast majority of Pakistanis in British practice ugliest practices such as cousin-marriage, forced marriages, honor killings, extremism, Muslim Zones, drug dealing, double dealings in businesses, hooliganism, rape, child rape, robbery, gang wars and terrorism.

    Pakistanis have the highest percentage of convicts by their countries of origin.

    ” Sexual abuse is such a taboo topic in Pakistan and if these men went unsupervised, would they strike again?”

    They may not. Pakistanis target white people for such acts out of inherent racism. This is to an extent true to Indians also.

    “I can understand the reasoning behind the measures chosen by the British
    government but don’t think Pakistan should be some kind of dumping
    ground for the acts of vile men.”

    These are Pakistanis who went to UK. And if you don’t accept them, then UK will start strict rules for future visas. And all your politicians have homes in UK, and they can’t afford this.

    ” The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader has been implicated in extortion, murder, money laundering, aiding and abetting terrorism in Pakistan”

    Clearly, logic doesn’t work in Pakistanis. Has he been convicted in UK? And who in their right mind take Pakistani Kangaroo courts seriously? Even you Pakistanis don’t take your judiciary seriously.Recommend

  • SuperNeo™

    Definitely Pakistan should accept these peoples .

  • Sunil

    They are your people, a passport is just a piece of paper. More and more people are questioning the wisdom of having Muslims in their countries. Muslim migration needs to be banned.Recommend

  • Babu Rao

    why can’t pakistan take their own citizen back who r muslims as pkaistan was created for muslims, and should take all muslims and then channelized their energey into whateven pak muslim nation want to …Recommend

  • Ravian

    Pakistan should not accept British trash. They have committed their crime in UK, they should be punished in UK or if they need to be deported, they should go to a jail in pakistan to complete their sentence.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    Is India also asking the same from Indian Muslims? After all, barring the convertees, the originals were not natives when they came to India almost 1000 years ago.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    NO. When they left Pakistan they were not criminals. They became hard core criminals while living for a long time in England. Look at their faces. They ooze wickedness.Recommend

  • Striver

    They should not be welcomed in PK. They committed a crime in England and that’s where they should spend the rest of their lives rotting in UK prison. Keep them out of PK.Recommend

  • Striver

    OK, then stop persecuting the Kashmiris and let them choose between India, PK, independence. In one small step India will have got rid of its “Muslim problem”.
    What say you?Recommend

  • Striver

    Pakistan was not created for Muslims alone. The driving force behind the creation of Pakistan was that Hindus persecuted the Muslims (and Christians) and treated them like the Hindu untouchable caste.
    Here’s a quote for you:
    “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State. ” (M A Jinnah)Recommend

  • Striver

    OK so instead of persecuting the Kashmiris let them choose between PK, India or independence. In one little step you will got rid your “Muslim problem” and you can live in peace.Recommend

  • Rahul

    What they did is not even a crime in Pakistan. Pakistan will probably make a shrine for them like Mumtaz Qadri.Recommend

  • Saj

    You’re comparing apples and oranges, with reference to deportation of Altaf. In the matter of these degenerates, we can not revoke Pakistani citizenship no matter the crime (though that would have been nice) however we may be able to prosecute them in Pakistan where award of death penalty is possibility. If we play the death penalty card correctly, the British government may just be compelled to hang on to them longer.Recommend

  • genesys

    since they hold dual citizenship i guess Britain has a right to deport them to their country of origin given the nature of the despicable crimes omitted .Would they do those acts for their women folk or are they more precious than the whites in whose lands they went to earn their living.Recommend

  • Umar Ehtesham

    Why should we ? Pakistan was created for Pakistanis based on two nation theory for the Muslims of British India. This is NOT a dumping ground.

    They comitted these crimes after they were naturalised as Brits by the gov. It’s their problem now.Recommend

  • Umar Ehtesham

    Funny this coming from a person who’s country prides it’s self on it’s diversity and secularism or used to anyway.Recommend

  • Critical

    These men threatened the police that they will put fake complaints of racism and islamophobia if they try to investigate their rape charges…
    They preyed on poor white girls by drugging them and blackmailing them….They used racist slurs against white people while they were exploiting them telling white girls deserved to get raped. etc….

    It doesnt matter if Pakistan doesnt accept them, but there is no reason for Britain to keep them ..

    If you people believe in Sharia law, give appropriate punishment when they come backRecommend

  • Vaibhav Bhau

    They are Muslims and Pakistan see itself as protector of Muslim ummah.Saudis gives millions to porkis rulers and military dictator.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Pakistan already has many but should obviously take these guys more so if they are into jehadRecommend

  • Bezukhov

    Pakistan is their natural habitat.Recommend

  • rama

    Why Pakistan allowed dual citizenship in first place ?Recommend

  • Sane

    This is difficult to ban Muslim migration as Muslims are spreaded in a very wide region and in many countries having strategic value and resources as well. But, if ban comes on India, all Hindus would be banned.Recommend

  • Critical

    Oh yeah,then how come no Christian has ever migrated from India to Pakistan….
    Why Pakistan ka matlaab is La Illah ha illallah???

    How come the only SC minister ran back to India within 3 years and repented his mistake?Recommend

  • Ahmar

    So deportation only? The Brits aren’t going to put them in jail for their crimes? If I am not mistaken even M Aamir and M Asif were jailed for match fixing and they don’t even have British nationality.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Madam your country produces Hafiz Saeed and Maulana Masood, harbours Osama and Dawood and you are preaching the West.Recommend

  • Sunil

    Did Hindus ask for secular republic or wanted Muslims in India? NO. It was Gandhi and Nerhu. We are a diverse nation BUT a Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain nation. As we say when Muslims are in a minority they want secularism and when in the majority want Islam. The world is much more aware these days. I fully agree with what the British have done.Recommend

  • Sunil

    I am a Kashmiri and proud to be an Indian, I have chosen. It is the Muslims that are the problem not the rest of us. We are forever Indian.Recommend

  • Fahim

    2 of above are not even produced in Pakistan. One in India and another in SaudiaRecommend

  • Swaadhin

    ..and hence the word “harbour” is used.Recommend

  • Striver

    You’re lying. You’re not Kashmiri.Recommend

  • Sane

    What would you make for murders of Muslims and rapist of foreigners in your country,Recommend

  • Sane

    They were living with Indians and must be sent to India.Recommend

  • Sane

    Muslims in India will make another Pakistan. Your Hindu mindset will left them with no other choice. You can’t get rid of Muslims any way.Recommend

  • Ramesh Kumar

    but don’t think Pakistan should be some kind of dumping ground for the acts of vile men.
    Why not, they are Pakistanis, primarily.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    What jehad? You Indians and your sweeping statements…!Recommend

  • Sunil

    The Aryan invasion theory is not valid and is not being accepted as valid. I am a native the Muslims are invaders or converts. Either way they need to go to Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sunil

    If I am lying then what are you doing? Lying to hide the truth. Kashmir is named after a Hindu Saint 1000’s of years ago, it is our Holy land. Recommend

  • Striver

    What I am doing is telling the truth; what you are doing is relying on myth.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    Keep your bigoted mind and its wishful thinking to your own self. Recommend

  • Sunil

    I know my family background, unlike you.Recommend

  • Sunil

    How can the truth be bigoted?Recommend

  • Striver

    Your are showing signs of a deep seated inferiority complex. Sort it. I am proud of my family background and I hope you are too. One piece of advice, don’t make wild and unfounded assumptions about people you do not know.
    The Hindutva are creating a generation of Pakistan and Muslims haters based on lies and nothing but lies. This means that we are unlikely to see peace in the region for at least another 50 years. That is sad.
    Don’t follow them. Use your own mind.Recommend

  • pavel

    why does the uk allow it?Recommend

  • Babu Rao

    ok, lets assume tht true in 1947 but now entire pakistan is full of criminals so why not take some british accent pakistanis…Recommend

  • Striver

    If PK was full of criminals trust me Indian would be running from their own country. Indian criminals are like goats droppings against PK criminals. We haven’t unleashed them yet. Make sure you don;t take us to the pint where we have loosen our grip on them.Recommend

  • Babu Rao

    wait, days r out number. weak india is no more..Recommend

  • Babu Rao

    soon all pakitanis all over world driving taxi, and running halal meat shop will be deported back to where they belong pakistanRecommend

  • Babu Rao

    in that theory all muslim, christain or non-hindu’s must have be gone from India by now, and hindus, or nonmuslims must have been thriving population in pakistan, correct?Recommend