When honour lies in what happens between the legs of women

Published: July 16, 2016

Qandeel Baloch is dead. PHOTO: FILE

Qandeel Baloch is dead. Seems like the woman had earned the ire of way too many men. In Pakistan, the ire of one man is enough to claim your life or at least ruin your face forever with a splash of some acid. First, it was Maulana Abdul Qavi, followed by her husband’s revelations. Finally, her brother came for her life.

One woman against three mighty vicegerents of God?

Boy, she needed to be put back in her skin and reminded of her auqaat (place) as a woman.

Let’s fragment her experiences with the mentioned three men.


The then Ruet-e-Hilal Committee member got embroiled into controversy after Qandeel uploaded a video and some selfies with him of their meeting in a private hotel room. With her revelations of Qavi’s flirtations and inexcusable conduct considering that he is a religious cleric, Qandeel claimed to have exposed the true face of this mullah.

When the controversy around mufti Qavi surfaced, even I was a bit wary about Qandeel’s version. But his recent statement,

“People can learn a lesson from the fate of this woman who had accused me falsely,”

Makes me wonder if all along Qandeel had been telling us the truth.

His statement came during his ‘condemnation’ of the killing. It amazes me how shamelessly he is indirectly justifying the killing by referring to it as some form of punishment for Qandeel’s alleged misdemeanour with him. He seems to be telling us that she has been served well. Makes one wonder if he has some role in ensuring that she is ‘served well.’


While the husband claimed that it was a love marriage and he still had letters written by Qandeel with her blood to him, the social media starlet offered a different version. She claimed that it was an arranged marriage and she had been a victim of domestic abuse during the one year long relationship. As if accusations of abuse were not enough, Qandeel went on to announce that she will now fight for the custody of her son.


According to news reports, police have confirmed that Qandeel was killed for ‘honour.’ Family sources claimed that Qandeel’s brothers had asked her to quit modelling and the one who killed her had been threatening her about uploading pictures and videos on social media.

Qandeel was famous for her suggestive videos that she uploaded on social media. While I respect her right to use her body as she pleases, I have had my reservations as a feminist over what I see as her own objectification of herself. In my opinion, women have better talents that merely looks. If you say that this is ‘what she wants,’ I still feel that she has been conditioned by our patriarchal society to want this.

It is just like we are made to believe that we, as labourers, are compensated for the amount of our labour, while in reality the capitalist enjoys the surplus that we create. The systems in place are basically exploitative and we are conditioned to serve these systems believing that we are doing good to our own selves. However, no opinion or morality brigade is superior to a human’s life.

Just this morning, my sister told me how a male friend of hers told her that it’s good that Qandeel has been killed. When asked to elaborate, he claimed that with her death ‘so many young men have been saved from sin’ as there will be no ‘sinful’ videos any more.

It amazes me how helpless our ‘young men’ are when it comes to saving themselves from ‘sin.’ To ensure their safety, their only solution is always the elimination of this sin – mind you, sin is just synonymous with woman – and never exercise of self-control.

In reality, it is Qandeel’s honesty and defiance of patriarchal norms that actually points out how dishonourable our society really is. She was alone, powerful, influential. And she told all the haters out there that she refused to be suppressed under their patriarchal standards of morality. As Andaleeb Rizvi aptly puts it in her Facebook status,

“Qandeel Baloch’s honour killing is a reminder that we are not an honourable people, and probably won’t be for another 100 years. She brought the dishonesty and hypocrisy of the mullah out for the public to view. She told of forced marriage and domestic violence she faced at the hands of her own family and husband. She told the society that she was the only owner of her body and self, and will not be dictated by men. She revealed how unhonourable this patriarchal society is, and so she was ‘put down’ by a man.”

Pakistan likes to believe that it is a champion of ghairat  (honour). After all, hum maaen, hum behnain, hum betiyaan, qaumon ki izzat hum se hai (We mothers, sisters and daughters, the honour of nations lies in us).

To someone who is not aware of how things work in this country, I bring to you a small definition of what honour really means to this country.

To be crude, it basically revolves around what happens between the legs of women. To be precise, this honour is the tool employed by our patriarchal society to ensure that no woman enjoys the freedom she wants.

Leaving Qandeel Baloch aside, pick up any instance of honour killing. It is no rocket science; all we see is a constant struggle on the part of the champions of the ghairat brigade to enforce the regualtions of morality – lest you forget, these rules are only for women, to make them subservient to the authority of men. Be it the case of Sumaira, the 17-year-old girl who was killed by her ghairatmand brother in Orangi Town, Karachi, this April, for speaking to a stranger man, or that of 16-year-old Zeenat Bibi who was torched to death by her family for marrying out of choice. These women are a few of the women who were reminded of the fate of exercising freewill. With them, women in general are reminded of the lesser status that society actually gives to them.

“In case you are under the misperception that you can equal man, I will remind you of your status,”

Says society to each of us women.

While many of us will feel that not all women are deprived of freedoms, let me remind you of a harsh reality. Our freedom as women is restricted to what is allowed by the men who ‘own’ us – our fathers, brothers, husbands, etc.

If I am an independent woman today who can work with freedom, it is only because my father is a progressive man whose values allowed me to attain independence. As much as it breaks my heart to say this, even our freedoms and the amount of them thereof depend on our men. Qandeel Baloch is dead because the freedom that she had been exercising all along had not been validated by her family’s men. The same will be the fate of any of us who dares to defy the parameters of freedom defined by the men of our families.

Let’s sink back into our collective depressions.

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Minerwa Tahir

Minerwa Tahir

The author has completed her Masters in Mass Communication and is currently incharge of the Karachi desk at a local leading daily. Her interests include Marxism, feminism and social issues. She tweets @minerwatahir (twitter.com/minerwatahir?lang=en)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Irzam Javed

    Minerwa Tahir good job. I really appreciate it.
    This is the murder of Humanity Recommend

  • Naveed

    Its a sad story through and through with a number of people sharing the responsibility of this gruesome crime but whats even more sad is a horrible rant with an even worse title.Recommend

  • wb

    Ms. Baloch was as dumb as my rabbit. But , she had all the rights in the world to live.

    Pakistan is a country where stupid idiots kill stupid idiots because idiot no. 1 did not agree with idiot no. 2. The question that idiot no. 1 contested with idiot no. 2 was that who was a better idiot!!!

    That’s Pakistan. Can anyone refute me logically? Out of 200 million? No.Recommend

  • @nsmartinworld

    Thank you for the Western feminist tut-tut.Recommend

  • dee

    Rather than collective depression, know that the sadness and pain of today, is honor-living for Qandeel. She deserves no less that for women everywhere to cry her name, and the names of too many others, and there is no other time for the grief but now.

    It’s my hope that with each sacrifice women have made, more and more people will be horrified and take action. Men like your father take action by stepping ahead of others and outside of culture norms, always a brave move. It’s not by politics that things will change, but by men becoming good husbands to their wives, fathers to their daughters, sons to their sisters and mothers.Recommend

  • John E. Natas

    Brave young lady to write this. I hope all goes well for you. Islam has been made to become s a curse upon the human race & Pakistan is a prime example of this.Recommend

  • Amnah Khalid

    What a cheap headline in the name of feminism. Baloch was killed because until her real name was hidden her family enjoyed the money she brought in, later it became a matter of family honour. Besides that the Baloch tribe wanted to sue her…what rubbish u are writing. Get your facts right before instead of shaming all women or are you aiming to get the same cheap publicity as Baloch ??Recommend

  • asad

    normally people kill when they know they can get away with it. If you don’t have the right laws and right people to implement, you may be faced with even more heinous crimes which would prevent us have any faith in humanityRecommend

  • Fahim

    Yes, honor lies between legs of women. If not for you it is your fateRecommend

  • Keyboard Soldier

    Wonders of Tribal Islam for you.

    The CII will protect the murderer brother and possibly also give him a membership in the council.Recommend

  • http://gandholi.wordpress.com/ Fauzia Rafique

    ‘Familial Promises – The ‘Honour’ Killer’s Code’
    By Fauzia Rafique

    If ever you
    set foot
    outside this house
    Smack you, I will


    If ever you
    cook anything
    I don’t like
    Bash you, I will


    If ever you
    give birth to
    a female child
    Rap you, I will


    If ever you
    marry a man
    of your choice
    Smash you, I will


    If ever you
    ask for your
    property rights
    Whack you, I will


  • LS

    One of the worst country for women…



    And these people have galls to say that they respect women… like everything else in the country the respect is also a sham.Recommend

  • Munna

    Good Riddance. Another Baghairat member of the Liberal Activist Brigade bites the dust.Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    why do do liberals of pakistan only awaken from their sleep mode after something liberal is accompanied by some sort of a tragedy. These butt hurt cry babies have the same annoying sequence of actions every time a tragedy occurs:

    1- Mourn
    2- Whine, moan and complain about how oppressed they are
    3- How every man in pakistan is capable of honor killing
    4- Making sure their crocodile tears of guilt are splattered all of the social media for whole word to see what a laughing stock we have become
    5-Try their level best to promote a negative image of pakistan simply because of one incident involving an individual case
    6-Make sure everyone in the country is made to feel guilty about something they did NOT do!
    7-Shun down everyone else who remotely tries to reason with them or present a counter argument

    Like give it a rest. Yes, its a tragedy she has died. Blame the murderer. What is wrong with you folks going out to blame ordinary citizens and claiming that this has to do with a deep rooted societal problem? Ridiculous.
    His brother killed him for God knows what reason and no one else has anything to do with her murder. But liberals are using the tragedy as an excuse to paint a horrific picture of pakistan that its oppressed for artists and female models and how everyone is at risk of being killed for honor for being bold and bla bla bla . RIDICULOUS. Contain your hate of the country within yourself and dont pour it out online. Government must monitor liberals’ freedom of speech online as their intentions are to hurt the country’s image.Recommend

  • Yusuf Jan

    You make some very good points. But there is so much more to this!
    Illiteracy and hypocrisy of epidemic proportions.
    Surrounded and pounded by manipulative forces.
    Technology allowing uncontrolled exposure to the world and liberal values / beliefs / practices to a society that is totally unprepared to digest all this — probably a couple of hundred years behind in digesting all this.

    Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” is a wonderful read on British Colonialism — what happens to a virgin civilization when it is introduced to an advance civilization – that is a thousand years ahead of them.

    We are experiencing a “Technological Colonialism” and we are not prepared. I am not saying that this is deliberate or there is any conspiracy about this. There is so much we need to do as a nation to prepare our citizens to take all of this global information positively and benefit by it.

    I wonder if survival is more important in these times than losing your life to lost causes (at least lost-causes for the short-term – another 100 years)?

    Unfortunately, women, now and historically, have had to struggle the most and bear the most pain. And, the end does not seem near for women in many parts of the world.

    I end my discussion with one of my most favorite poems by the late Kaifi Azmi – “Aurat.”


    Flames of war are ablaze in our world today
    Time and fate have the same aspirations today
    Our tears will flow like hot lava today
    Beauty and love have one life and one soul today
    You must burn in the fire of freedom with me

    Arise, my love, for now you must march with me

    Patience will not help you struggle through life
    Blood, not tears, sustains the pulse of life
    You will fly when you’re free and not ensnared by love
    Heaven is not just in the arms of the man you love
    Walk unfettered on the path of freedom with me

    Arise, my love, for now you must march with me.

    Wherever you go sacrifice awaits you
    To surrender is a way of life for you
    All your charms condemn you
    The ways of the world is nothing but poison for you
    Change the seasons to flourish and be free

    Arise, my love, for now you must march with me.Recommend

  • AloysiousDacunha CelebratingLi

    Firstly Im deeply saddened to hear of Qandeel’s murder. I proudly call her a martyr for her right to live as a women. Thank you Minerva for posting the facts of a shameful society that Pakistan is. There is nothing religious here just the fact that men in Pakistan are hypocrites living under the fear of losing their women. They profess verbally that they respect women as equals yet they will never stand up to condemn the massacre of women who act freely. An example is a video circulating on facebook of a man dancing(titled Maulvi ko dekh). What amazes me is men in Pakistan dont see wrong in a man expressing his desire to dance and enjoy music through his body moves but they condemn a woman dancing even though they secretly enjoy her in their hearts (and probably in their pants too when they see her as a sex toy).
    I am ashamed today to call myself a man in Pakistan because I am a champion of equality and yet I sit here doing nothing to condone the murder of another woman.

  • Kukku

    We have to be Realistic.
    She met Mullah with a mutual agreement but then she decided to expose and insult him (and supposedly the whole mullah community) which was a breach of trust and privacy.
    A Mullah also has a right to “Privacy”. You must expect hard reaction when you will deceive somebody by making his private video and then putting it on media.Recommend

  • Fenwick Melville

    She should have gone abroad as soon as she had the chance. Westerners have more respect for women on the whole.Recommend

  • MGTT

    One of the most stinging articles I’ve ever read. Great job, keep it up!. Recommend

  • raj

    Very bold but honest articleRecommend

  • Wierdness

    I dearly believe, assesing by the language used in this post, that express Tribune is more of an adult magazine rather then a real newspaper.having said that a person doesn’t deserve to die because the state failed to do what was the state’s responsibility. Secondly there needs to be a consensus of what we classify as “freedoms” of both men and women with in the constraints of our society. For example offering a victory strip tease for the cricket team is more of an exploitation of the freedom rather than its utilization.once we are not able to address issues according to the sensitivities or there lack of, in a society there will always be violence. Qandeels brother in this matter is no different then a an English defence league chum beating up immigrants only because they happen to be in his country.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Mullah is the mother of all crimes in Pakistan. For him female exists only below the waist(and that is where his brain lies),and will be murdered if she uses her brain,and God-given rights to be her own person.Mullah is the epitome of what religion can’t and should not be.Recommend

  • Farah

    freedom isnt just about to have sex with whoever you want…!Recommend

  • Awais Imran

    I don’t get the hypocrisy of the writer. Yes women have been treated unfairly but this very society was responsible for electing the first Muslim head of State. Clearly a generalisation of all men is not just unfair but also pathetic on the writers part. It seems for all feminist freedom too lies in what happens between the legs of women !!
    With that said what happened to Qandeel Baloch is sad and the perpetrators must be brought to justice. Strong legislation is perhaps the only way. May Allah have mercy on her soul.Recommend

  • syed baqar ahsan

    it is really shameful act rightly being covered by your media but same with intensity being done by Indian army in occupied Kashmir is not being projectedRecommend

  • Salma

    and how prudish you are, as if it is a great virtue. Especially if you are also cynical.Recommend

  • Yourown

    Infact you sound like a crying baby’!! The writer has just tried to express her opinion and put forth some hard realities which exist in society. She also gave two good example other than QB but…..!!! Are you suggesting that you will allow your sister or daughter to marry a man of her choice???? Are you suggesting that the woman in your family can have friends or boy friends??? contrary…do you seek permission or tolerate objection of having female friends…???? Would you scold your son/brother in the same manner as you would do to your sister/daughter??? Have some introspection and ONLY then would you understand what the writer is trying to point at. Writers sometime do the job of showing the mirror to the society…that’s what she has done and i feel proud of such daughters of Pakistan. May god bless her and we need more of them.Recommend

  • Yourown

    Well written and keep it up!Recommend

  • MR.X

    Women need some incidents to blame all men ive noticed. The west has taught them through movies etc.Recommend

  • Awais Imran

    Do they my friend ? 1 in 4 women in UK suffer domestic abuse. 2 women are murdered every week in UK as a result of the said abuse. These are global issues my friend and blame game would achieve nothing.Recommend

  • MR.X

    The murder was wrong no doubt,by why bash all men. They like to bash men. The media has made women like this they are always crying men are oppressers bla bla.Even the westeren women are still naggiing(not satisfied) with a 70% divorce rate and women turn a blind eye to that fact. Ihve had enough of this bullshit.Recommend

  • Asad Zaidi

    Well, neither is a man allowed or permitted to have relationship with an unknown girl and nor is it permissible for a girl to have that. The feminists here are condemning every man on the face of the earth but let me state some ground realities here.
    1) A large population of pakistan is poor to lower middle class.
    2) A large number of women from the said class work outside their homes to earn enough so as to meet the financial requirements of the family.
    3) Most men don’t have a problem with that.
    I condemn the murder of qandeel baloch and every other unjustified killing for that matter but the liberals are using this incident to promote that being lewd and making a show of your body is OK for girls. That is not what freedom is about. It does not mean that you have freedom to decide whatever is right. There are limits which are placed on us by Allah and whoever is not abiding by them is doing wrong.
    Yes, there is a need for better communication between parents and their children on the matter of ‘sex’, so as to prevent child abuse and the perpetrators are caught and punished but there is no need to exhibit your body like she did.Recommend

  • Asad Zaidi

    First of all i would like to quote a verse of the Holy Quran
    that men and women both should lower their gaze out ofmodesty.
    If a believing man is not doing so, its Haram, and if a believing women is not doing so, it is Haram as well. Now for men and women, islamic code of dressing is not similar and it is written in quran that women should not show of their bodies and men should not look at other women. and please don’t make it a contest where girls will state something along the lines ‘if men are not going to stop being perverts, then we are going to dress as we please’ and boys will go with ‘if she dresses like that, she must want to show off’. Its a two way street. There are mistakes by both genders. And believe me those who think that men can get away with doing so are wrong. Allah’s judgement is waiting for them in the hereafter and it will be just.
    now before all of you jump on the popular bandwagon of calling everyone who talks of religion a mullah, I am just an ordinary muslim. I sin just like we all do but i cant refute or ignore quran.Recommend

  • Asad Zaidi

    Don’t comment on things you don’t know. Islam does not permits killing in general. What you see on the news sitting in your glass castles is far from true. First of all, go, do an unbiased research on islam and its point of view on this matter and then come here to blame it… Good ByeRecommend

  • Milind A

    Hard reaction?? Then why have a justice system and courts.. Just give a hard reaction everytime one is outragedRecommend

  • Alter Ego

    I know of many women who call her a disgrace and an attention seeking lady.
    There are no shortcuts in life.
    If you want to succeed as a singer , then sing like mad.
    If you want to be a bureaucrat, then study like mad.
    If you want to write about women issues ,then read like mad.

    If you want to do nothing and be famous then be Qandeel Baloch.Recommend

  • Lolz

    If her brother had to kill her, he would have killed her long before when her videos started getting viral on the social media. In fact he frequently visited her all these years and it seems he himself got kidnapped/blackmailed by the perpetrators to give it a color of honor killing. QB started receiving threats after Mufti Qavi scandal and she raised alarm as well!Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Western and Rape civilization are prime examples of morality.

    Where does a grandmother gives birth to her own grandchild?
    Where is a help line has been created to stop rapes?Recommend

  • Azshah

    Sathai, below average analysis and upfront generalization. KU mass communication is an awesome school, you must be new to this. Not your fault, deads worth more here than alive. What she did and used to do, it was her right. How can you say, she exposed Qavi a puesdo religious hunk ? So would you like to expose, say me, like that? Hehe….very interesting argument. He killed her for honor or any b.s like that. But you can’t claim that she was victim of Qavi or her husband. Don’t let emotions to dominate your words.
    Besides, what does that metaphor mean to you., between the legs? How does this analogy apply in QB case? Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    No one objectifies women more than the west and the Indians.
    You objectify them in media,in school.
    You objectify them in song ,in dance,
    You objectify them in hospital ,in homes.

    You have the guts to say that you consider them your equal.Recommend

  • Arsha

    Why not? As long as I am not cheating anyone and as long as it’s between two consenting adults then why not?Recommend

  • siesmann

    And what about the Mullah.Recommend

  • siesmann

    It was not liberals who killed her.It was the lust of a Mullah that vilified her and led to her murder.And it is not about actresses etc.it is about the Mullahs,who are subhuman and propagate bestiality and oppression of women.Recommend

  • siesmann

    It is about Eastern Mullah lust !!Recommend

  • siesmann

    Because that is what your Mullah teaches you.Recommend

  • siesmann


  • siesmann

    She was safe as long as Mullah’s lust has not reached her.Recommend

  • siesmann

    And this Mullah lives in a country as pathetic as PakistanRecommend

  • Amnah Khalid

    Facts dont lie dear, I smell burning somewhere uff. Watch it. Dont fall so low to personally attack, you dont even know me .Recommend

  • Amnah Khalid

    My comment is a poke on attitude of society and its condemnation when it could have done more before she died her tragic death.

    There is no fear or surety or severity of law or fear for reputations from society for such acts of feudalism. What a hypocritical society wahh to condemn her death that allowed her exploitation, she wanted to act there is no avenue so she did it ‘cheaply’ on social media, once her real name became public it became a matter of ‘family honor’, without any state security or Ngo protection it was sooo easy for her brother to simply drug and strangle her and wahh ‘confess’ his crime, the same molvi she ‘exposed’ has offered to pray her namz e janaza wahh, the same media that minted money off her now thinks its now a question of women’s right and with great urgency Pakistani feminist spit off hatred on men. What a great tamasha! No one raises, when will religion be de-linked from culture so its brutality stand exposed although culture does evolve in time why should it be stuck on honour killing? Society has not moved on and it remind me of the song from Pakeeza’s inni logo ney, as a tribute to Qandeel, because the poignant sad lyrics remain still relevant to her society !Recommend

  • 4thaugust1932
  • Shahid Rashid Awan

    Totally baseless article..No one talking about elements deriving these honour killings.
    1- Lack of education
    2-Ignorance about religious rulings against murder
    3-Societal pressure
    4-brought up by parents where males have been made custodians and aurthorotative over females
    5-no severe punishment given to the killers

    To me, woman are equally responsible until they stop proclaiming themselves as helpless and weak creatures.

  • Patwari

    Wrong in triplicate. YOU are the hypocrite class.
    Mohtarma [ the $1,5 billion woman, wife of Mr.10%] was
    elected prime minister decades ago. Eons ago.
    Pakland was a just a tad better country then, not what it is
    now.. There was no Shia Genocide in progress. Ahmadis
    were not killed for sport. Christians were not butchered and
    burnt in their homes. There was no open hunting season
    on Hazaras.. There was no TTP then. Or other montrous
    entities, cultivated and supported by the masses and the
    govt. People were not pulled off buses and killed because
    they were Shias. People were not massacred in buses.
    Anyone remember Model Town Massacre? No? Happened
    only two years ago. Unarmed civilians shot dead by govt.
    The day she tried to come back she was blown to pieces,
    by the extremists/terrorists. A week does not go by when
    you read of women being killed for some purported excuse.
    Take your pick. And the killers GO FREE.
    Do you think now, in this current atmosphere a woman can be
    elected PM? Doubt any of this made sense to you.
    Get a life.. Instead of these sanctimonious joke/comments/diatribes.Recommend

  • Clee Toris

    did you meet your commenting quota for the day? good. now chill.Recommend

  • yasir

    Excellent Writ-upRecommend

  • Iftikhar Ali
  • Aka

    How have all women been shamed here? You are being ridiculous.Recommend

  • siesmann

    So why would the same Mullah claim himself as pious face of Islam.Recommend

  • Khaleesi1547

    Now you can only imagine the state in Pakistan where the reporting rate itself is abysmally low! Please do not live in an illusionary world and comfort yourself with these statistics.Recommend

  • Khaleesi1547

    Sadly this kind of support from the so called elite or liberalists was absent while she was alive. All of sudden, her death has made people realise how BRAVE she was and how deep-rooted patriarchy is in this country. RIP Qandeel.Recommend

  • Sane

    This is electronic and social media who set stage to kill her.Recommend

  • Sane

    Where Mullah comes in?Recommend

  • Sane

    You have all liberty to live like animals.Recommend

  • Sane

    But, the Mullah taught her about a good Selfie.Recommend

  • Sane

    Westerners have made the women a sell-able commodity.Recommend

  • LS

    It is your repressed mind that thinks that way.. for us they are doing a JOB and get paid for it, no one is forcing them to do anything, they could very well refuse to do it and walk away, many do. We don’t kill them just because they appeared in a seductive video…Recommend

  • LS
  • Sandeep Karan

    very well said. as long as you are not cheating anyone, it does not have whether you are having relation or sex with a man, women or a donkey.Recommend

  • Fenwick Melville

    Just as it is in Saudi Arabia.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Pakistan has not answered such questions. Who killed Benazir, who killed 3 Million Bangalis in 1971 and even who killed Kaide Azam Jinah? Jinah also liked to wear good clothes like Kandil. He was also beautiful like kandil and he also flaunted his beauty, British accent and wealth. He also was not religious and started courting with mullas towards the end of his life just as Kandil. Both were heart/Dil throb of masses.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Pakistan has not answered such questions. Who killed Benazir, who killed 3 Million Bangalis in 1971 and even who killed Quaid e Azam Jinah? Jinah also liked to wear good clothes like Qandeel. He was also beautiful like her and he flaunted his beauty, British accent and wealth. He also was not religious and started courting with mullas towards the end of his life just as Qandeel. Both were heart/Dil throb of masses.She could have become like Jinah and would have received of messages of love like Gen. Raheel gets these days.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Agree with you. These mullahs have created a sick society.
    And they rule over it. The govt.supports them.Recommend

  • Shannon McIntire

    Really? Only because Qavi further denied his involvement with her were you inclined to believe her version more? It truly was not enough that she removed his hat and donned it herself, then posed for a pouty selfie? That evidence was not enough to sweep away the curtain of blind faith from your eyes? And because he implicitly condoned her murder, you feel it is just to imply that HE had something to do with it? It is not possible to attribute her death to anyone other than the Pakistani males who hung on her every word, pleasured themselves to her photos and videos, and then condemned her existence once they had released themselves from their pent up lust of her.

    YOU are part of the problem. That your first instinct was to believe a pious man with power over a woman with photos to prove it show that patriarchy is your religion.

    You mention her disagreement with the man she said she was forced to marry when she was 17, which is heartbreaking, but then you say this. “As if accusations of abuse were not enough, Qandeel went on to announce that she will now fight for the custody of her son.” Is fighting for your child also some reprehensible sin in Pakistan or to Islam?

    If the only reason you are able to speak like a free woman is because your father allows you to do so, YOU ARE NOT FREE.

    You say, “While many of us will feel that not all women are deprived of freedoms, let me remind you of a harsh reality. Our freedom as women is restricted to what is allowed by the men who ‘own’ us – our fathers.” You can chose to accept this fate, or you can strive to change it, Your fathers will not change unless you force them. Either accept your fate or defy it like Qandeel. I hope she is and remains an inspiration to you all. The only ones holding you back is yourselves. Recommend

  • Taha Sarhandi

    i think the writer has been suffering from a serious disease which is known as feminism! i condemn the murder of Ms Baloch but i sincerly think that people are making way too many arguments out of it. The point is that the lady has been murdered by her brother and has explicitly stated that he killed her as she was defaming the baloch. i think the murder is more related to the tribal customs prevalent in our society!Recommend

  • Ibrar allshore

    Dear writers don’t portray what she has done as a way to success and the right path to success……. please…… just condemn her killing thats what we all should do……….

    What she has done was the wrong way of success. don’t encourage others this way

  • Alter Ego

    No you enslave them , just go to America’s Sin Cities , see what women are forced to endure there and then talk.Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Unfortunately, you dont have that right .
    Anyway when was Qandeel Baloch going to “rescue” her son?Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    You don’t like Mullahs , i get it.
    But what has Mullah got to do with this.
    Did he force the brother to kill?
    Don’t let your prejudices drive you into a senseless talk.Recommend

  • gp65

    Why no one’s ghairat is affected by Mullah Qavi’s behavior?Recommend

  • gp65

    /she had already said she was going to leave the country with her parents because her life was at threat here.Recommend

  • gp65

    She got out of a bad marriage and got a graduate degree from open university while simultaneously working in sales and marketing positions. Maybe you think that is nothing but I disagree.
    Her social media success came to her because people were watching her videos. If creating videos was sinful, why is it that watching it was less sinful? Have the sisters of any man watching these videos killed him because he was acting dishonorably?Recommend

  • gp65

    What about mullah deceiving people by acting pious while having fun with a na-mehram?Recommend

  • LS

    Slavery is a different issue, has nothing to do with what people do with their own bodies… you are not the only one who has been to sin cities of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. There are enough women slaves in pakistani households whose only job is to cook and bear children.. More over what happens in sin cities does not apply here.. you guys are poor at talking and expert at mixing unrelated issues.

    There is no sin city in India and enslavement is a world issue, that does not mean their relative Kills them because they appeared on social media..

    Focus on the issue at hand where intolerant pakistani society kills people.. just because they appear on social media with some revealing clothes.. what she wore people don’t even blink an eye on it let along killing them… killing is not an answer to satisfy your alter ego..Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Lets call a spade a spade.

    She got her degree from open university , i applaud her for it.
    Maybe she should have put her talents into studies,writing,singing etc.
    But what did she choose to do , she choose to be vulgar
    She decided to get media attention by any means possible.
    She abandoned her son , she proposed marriage to IK.
    She danced semi nude in music videos.
    She made scandalous videos with Maulvi Qavi.
    The maulvi is as much to blame as she is , but she broke the deal ,so to speak.
    She should have been booked for indecent behavior.
    But desi liberals don’t see any nudity even when its staring them in the face.
    If Qandeel Baloch had been booked for indecent behaviour then desi liberals would have spouted arguments like don’t watch if you cant handle etc etc.
    So desi liberals are as much to blame for her death as anyone else.Recommend

  • Hammad Majeed

    what is this crap u publishedRecommend

  • Alter Ego

    Women in Pakistan are given children,home , respect and a family that takes care of them when they get old.
    What do you give women, objectification, diseases,fatherless children and HIV aids.

    India is a rape city.All that frustration caused by Indian dirty movies has to go somewhere.And it goes into rape.

    The issue here is the family system,which keeps our society together.There are no child protection centers in Pakistan,there are no old homes in Pakistan,there is no social security in Pakistan.Our family system provides these things.Our family system works.Its not about being liberal or conservative.Its about protecting our traditions,our family system.Recommend

  • LS

    Your opinion does not matter, data does.. Rape is much more in pakistan where burden of proof is on women to bring 4 witnesses. No one reports it.. same with Bachabazi… no one reports it… Sharmeen obaids documentary proves the state of slavery of women.. you guys live in bubble…


    pakistan has 28 rapes per 100,000 women making it world’s 6th largest rapist country behind South Africa, Botswana, Sweden (most rapes are done by immigrant muslim community and amount to 77% of the total rapes), followed by Nicaragua, Grenada and Pakistan..

    Bachabazi is rampant from kasur to bus/truck stands of peshawar till karachi in south.. hopefully you still remember the 300 from kasur, and 1400 from Uk raped by pakistanis and most child molestation in germany are by pakistanis. They are at the top!!




    Even if I consider 500 kids a day for the whole nation it amounts to whopping 1,825,000 kids every decade for a population of just 220 Million…

    This is what happens where there is no support system… Muslims commit a lot of crimes.. everywhere… not just in Germany.. everywhere… in the world.Recommend

  • S

    Learn to read and write English first. Before commenting.
    You are pathetic. Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    You do know that anyone can edit Wikipedia pages,don’t you?
    I think you are mixing Afghanistan with Pakistan.

    I can point you to pages that show the sex slavery in America and India.
    But you only see what your eyes want to see.
    Those with glass houses should not throw stones at others.

    Or are you saying that women would rather choose to be sex workers rather then be protected by their family?Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    What has the mullah done , she went to the mullah wearing strange clothes.
    She is as much to blame as that idiot.
    Or are you saying that the Mullah forced her to take those selfies,post them on media and then play victim.
    Grow up.Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Desi Liberals have created a sick society where every woman of bad characters is portrayed as a heroine.Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Who killed thousands of muslims passing through Punjab?
    Who killed and continues to kill thousands of Kashmirs?
    Who killed Sonia Gandhi?
    Who killed Kennedy?

    Answer these questions and i shall answer yours?Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Sonia was politically killed by Indian voters. Islam kills Kashmiri Hindus & Muslim KashmirisRecommend

  • Salim Alvi

    I am not Jinah, so my Angrezi would not be upto mark. But my Maths, EE & programming skills make me take job in Bell LabsRecommend

  • Arsha

    Animals live with a better moral code compared to most humans. Animals dont judge others while hiding their own transgressions. Animals dont kill just because someone is not like themRecommend

  • LS

    Unless you have valid source you cannot.. Try editing it with crappy or un sourced statistic.. You don’t know that do you?

    Lastly.. Murder is the most heinous crime that there is and you have been trying to defend that with useless and irrelevant arguement of Sex Slavery to the topic at hand.

    The data from German Police, the Map and the number of crimes… NO I am not mixing Afghanistan or Pakistan.. you can continue to act as an ostrich while in last one week 4 more pakistani women and a man died along with an unborn child due to honor killing…

    Lastly: here is how pakistan ranks in supporting elderly people…
    Ranked @ #92

    Here is the Gender Gap Rankings for Pakistan.. It makes Pakistan among worst countries for women. Ranked at #141 out of 142 countries…


    Here is the same report for 2015

    Pakistan slipped to #144 while India climbed 6 spots and improved

    What support are you talking about? Start by abolishing laws that require 4 witness and they will report more crime if they can overcome their shame. It is not easy… and stop pointing fingers at others that they are bad and hence it is ok for pakistan to kill people.

  • Awais Imran

    Well yes unfortunately unqualified mullahs who took over our mosques in the 1970’s and 80’s as a result of our and our allies policy of Afghan Jehad have a rather incorrect interpretation of Islam and women rights.Recommend

  • AmberJeanetteGardner

    Placing “honour” on the women in the family is basically saying the weakest in the family is responsible for every single mistake of every other family member BESIDES her own, including those who are freer to make mistakes (the men), and we all know “boys will be boys” is a favorite patriarchal quote. It’s shocking any woman has survived.Recommend

  • AmberJeanetteGardner

    It’s a patriarchal rape culture played out in different forms.Recommend