Will legalising homosexuality encourage incest?

Published: October 20, 2015

A gay rights activist holds a rainbow flag during a Rainbow Pride rally in Kolkata. PHOTO: AFP

(Authors note: Before forming judgment, I urge readers to read this article to the end.)

After the United States Supreme Court legalised homosexual marriage across America, those in favour of equal LGBT rights showed their support across the world. Here in Pakistan, Facebook users had their profile pictures covered with a rainbow filter to show solidarity with the ruling.

This upset many Pakistanis who are against homosexuality, including actor/intellectual Hamza Ali Abbasi, who feared mankind was now rolling down a slippery slope and that the backdoor to sexual deviations had been opened.

For this article, I accepted questions from Pakistani Facebook users of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, which I shall address shortly. Let’s start with Hamza Ali Abbasi.

One of the arguments presented by the actor was that if we are celebrating homosexuality, then what’s stopping us from celebrating incest next?

Let’s look at homosexuality and heterosexuality as two sides of the same coin. According to scientists, they are both sexual orientations developed by genetics.

If heterosexuality is like driving a car, and homosexuality is like driving a motorbike, then incest is like driving into a volcano. You could drive into a volcano on a motorbike or a car, but either prohibiting or allowing bike-riding will not affect the road to the volcano. It still exists.

In short, homosexuality and heterosexuality are merely a mode of transportation. If you think about it, they are only sexualities. You can be harmless or harmful as either.

Incest, on the other hand, like rape or child molestation, is a dark destination. It is only harmful.

Argument: If you legalise homosexuality, fathers will be more likely to prey on their sons and other boys in the family. Hence, legalising homosexuality encourages incest and child molestation. (Sent in by various people)

This is a common argument from heterosexual men and women. Does the legalisation of heterosexuality make underage people of the opposite sex more attractive to you? Heterosexuality is legal, yet most of you aren’t on a molestation spree, thank goodness. So why would legalising homosexuality encourage molestation or incest when heterosexuality does not?

In simpler words, heterosexuality is acceptable, but does it make the molestation of young girls at the hands of men, or young boys at the hands of women acceptable? Of course it doesn’t.

In fact, studies show incest is related to sexual suppression. It sometimes occurs in families where people do not have legal outlets. So an argument can be made that legalising homosexuality actually discourages incest.

I would like to cite an example shared with me by a user online anonymously. It is a common case in this nation. A Pakistani homosexual man married a heterosexual woman due to family pressure. He kept his sexuality a secret from everyone, including his wife. This was several decades ago in Pakistan when homosexuality was even more taboo than it is now.

Unable to find an outlet for his true orientation, this person began sexually abusive behaviour including incestuous advances towards people of the same gender in his own family. In essence, incest was inadvertently encouraged because homosexuality was unacceptable.

Argument: Child molesters are now demanding the same rights as homosexuals. (Sent by Anonymous)

As I explained above, it is not nearly the same thing. Legalising homosexuality is legalising homosexual intimacy between adults. A child molester needs an innocent young person to take advantage of. That’s illegal for any sexual orientation. A child molester can be heterosexual as well, yet heterosexuality is perfectly legal.

Argument: You say homosexuality and heterosexuality are only legal between consenting adults. By the same argument, can you not argue in favour of incest between consenting adults? If two members of the family above the age of 18 wish to be intimate, then are you in favour of them also? What’s the difference? And if you have no argument against it, then isn’t legalising homosexuality paving the road for legalising incest? (Asked by various people)

Studies show adults in homosexual relationships can be just as functional or dysfunctional as those in heterosexual relationships. Yet, studies reveal that incest even between adults is psychologically detrimental and deeply damaging.

Legalising incest between consenting adults means that those who are living in a family dynamic in a society where incest is legal, and carry such feelings, will live in sexual tension until they achieve intimacy. Some families stay together for 18 years before offspring are old enough to give legal consent or move out of the home. That’s 18 years where molestation is likely increasingly. It is a harmful environment for a child. At the very least, a father or a mother will be waiting till their child is of legal age for incest, which is deeply damaging for the family.

Writing for The Psychiatric Times, Richard P Kluft expands on the matter:

“Incest often leads to traumatic bonding, a form of relatedness in which one person mistreats the other with abuse, threats, intimidation, beatings, humiliations, and harassment but also provides attention, some form of affection, and connectedness.”

William Saletan at Slate weighs in:

“Incestuous connections lead to an overlap of family relationships and social roles and thus to a disturbance of a family bereft of (clear) assignments… Children of an incestuous relationship have great difficulty finding their place in the family structure and building relationships of trust with their next caregivers. The vital function of the family for the human community… is crucially disturbed if its ordered structure is shaken by incestuous relations.”

Argument: Well, if you can argue that legalising incest between adults encourages molestation, then why can’t you argue that legalising homosexuality between adults will also encourage molestation? Isn’t it the same thing? (Sent in by anonymous)

I’ll say it again, legalising homosexuality allows adults to seek relationships with other homosexual adults. This is the same for heterosexuality. Homosexual or heterosexual relations can be achieved with another person of any family, yet incest by definition means seeking intimacy with your own family member. As I explained above, living under the same roof for at least 18 years with another person who desires you leads to various issues, especially if incest is legal.

Argument: But alright, for argument’s sake, why should incest be illegal even between consenting adults? Let’s just talk about incest between adults.

Aside from the psychological, there are numerous biological issues resulting from incest. In Pakistan, certain diseases are already increasing in villages where the gene pool is shrinking due to marriages between cousins. Now imagine the biological complications between children of directly related parents or siblings!

Argument: What if the adults in an incestuous relationship use protection during intimacy?

Contraception isn’t a guarantee. It is a risk with grave outcomes. A child from this union has a significantly higher chance of developing grave physical and psychological problems.

Even if there are no chances for children, the consequences are grave.

According to William Saletan:

“When a young man falls in love with another man, no family is destroyed. Homosexuality is largely immutable, as the chronic failure of ‘ex-gay’ ministries attests. So if you forbid sex between these two men, neither of them is likely to form a happy, faithful heterosexual family. The best way to help them form a stable family is to encourage them to marry each other.

Incest spectacularly flunks this test. By definition, it occurs within an already existing family. So it offers no benefit in terms of family formation. On the contrary, it injects a notoriously incendiary dynamic— sexual tension— into the mix. Think of all the opposite-sex friendships you and your friends have cumulatively destroyed by ‘crossing the line’. Now imagine doing that to your family. That’s what incest does. Don’t take my word for it. Read ‘The Kiss’. Or the sad threads on pro-incest message boards. Or what Woody Allen’s son says about his dad:

‘He’s my father married to my sister. That makes me his son and his brother-in-law. That is such a moral transgression. I cannot see him. I cannot have a relationship with my father …’”

To sum it up:

“Homosexuality is an orientation. Incest isn’t. If the law bans gay sex, a lesbian can’t have a sex life. But if you’re hot for your sister, and the law says you can’t sleep with her, you have billions of other options. Get out of your house, for God’s sake. You’ll find somebody to love without incinerating your family.”

Noman Ansari

Noman Ansari

The author is the editor-in-chief of IGN Pakistan, and has been reviewing films and writing opinion pieces for The Express Tribune as well as Dawn for five years. He tweets as @Pugnate (twitter.com/Pugnate)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Umar

    What does the Islam Say??.. I don’t know what these liberals want to achieve being this ignorant towards religion..Recommend

  • gdgt12

    Even if it doesn’t encourage incest, won’t homosexuality encourage and trigger support of countless other unnatural and grotesque things like bestiality ? That is a ‘sexual orientation’ too, after all.Recommend

  • Ammar

    Always remember that initially people laughed at the idea of LGBT and considered it a disease (this is well documented in any medical book that was published 25 years ago). Suddenly, medical science made a breakthrough and identified that LGBT is a normal orientation that can be prevalent in any individual.

    The same way we consider incest and molestation a disease now. But who can guarantee that doctors might discover that this is also just an orientation and should be allowed in the future.

    This is what all the other heterosexuals are trying to get at and I guess the author fails to understand.Recommend

  • Meral Ghafoor

    Great article, finally someone saw this issue beyond religious prejudice and ignorant disposition.
    However, this article needs some references to scientific evidence of homosexuality.Recommend

  • Spindle

    I think the question of two consenting adults having an incestuous relationship has not been answered well. You have given the same kind of arguments that people against homosexuality give. Damage to family fabric,and psychological effects are something you can’t prove and can be subjective. As for sexual attraction, you can always use protection to avoid problems. So, what’s the harm if two adults are consenting and using protection and if they want to have a family then they can adopt children.
    I doubt apart from moral, cultural or religious reasons you can come up with a valid argument against incest. But then those are the arguments against homosexuality as well.Recommend

  • talha usmani

    This article is really absurd in terms of the thought process gone behind it. People are going against the natural essence of life and some stupid people are defending it based on their hypocritical articles. Really a shame.Recommend

  • Ravian

    Dear Noman, just a fifty years back, homosexuality was a taboo, (like incest is today) (almost) all over the world. The western society, which is driven by “evolving” human intellect and science, slowly started opening up to homosexuality, until it was legalized in some parts of the world. Similarly, biologically speaking, brother and sister are just a boy and girl. What is the harm in them making out? blood relationship is made sacred by religion and society, which used to hold homosexuality a taboo. If you don’t believe in religion, then you have to let science lead you on social relations. And according to science incest and bestiality might be legalized as long as both the parties are willing……………… So the point is where to put the barrier or keep on moving it as we evolve intellectually. If you “legalize” homosexuality as it is natural, then you can’t stop a male and female from having sex as it is natural, no matter if they are blood relations. (hereditary diseases can be avoided if they don’t have children). The point in keeping homosexuality illegal is to stop the human society from eroding.Recommend

  • Asif

    What is so hypocritical. You seem incredibly silly. This is a fantastic blog by the author.Recommend

  • Asif

    You are incredibly dumb. It has been spoonfed to you but you can’t digest it. Unbelievable how tick people can be.Recommend

  • Asif

    Does the author need to spell it out to you? Do you not see the difference between orientation and choice. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are orientations. Incest is a choice. Are you stupid?Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Jeeze. Dude how can you not see the difference between orientation and choice?Recommend

  • Omar Ali Khan

    define homosexuality and then define pedophilia and then conclude that the misinformed SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO WRITE BLOGS for a pulbication of some repute. this is a ghastly piece of misinformation and utter trash and dececption. shocked and stunned.Recommend

  • table

    Fantastic. If they don’t understand even now, let them stay ignorant. They deserve it.Recommend

  • wb

    This blog shakes the very foundation of Islam. And many Pakistani Muslims are going to vent out their wrath at the writer.

    Good job.Recommend

  • Zuljin

    Good drive for highlighting this but wanted to point out that homosexuality linked to genetics is wrong. There is no genetic connection. In fact current discourse in human behavior views gender as being on a continium rather than discreet catagories. So sexual orientation becomes a function of socialization rather than genetics. Sex is concealed, its ur plumbing so to speak. gender is the visible performative part around which sexuality centers. Citing more sources would strengthen ur article too.Recommend

  • absar

    Homosexuality is also a choice, go out and find a opposite sex person.,i agree with the Original comment.Recommend

  • Brain Think

    I cannot even begin to fathom how retarded this article is.Recommend

  • Dawood Batozai

    The most disgusting article ever. Shame on both the writer and Express. There is nothing scientific about this disease of homosexuality. How many dogs are homosexual if it is scientific or natural? Do Not invite the wrath of Allah and Do NoT misguide people. Everyone must report this article to the regulatory authorities and I gonna do it now to PEMRA and PTA. I read parts of the article which are completely absurd and senseless and no one else should waste his/her time by reading it.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I can’t tell if that’s a slam against homosexuality, or argument against the ability of science in determining how stuff ideally works.

    “A long time ago, people used to drown suspected witches in the river thinking that if they’re really witches, they would just float. Then science came along and told us to stop doing that. Grrr, science has no respect for our cultures and traditions.”Recommend

  • ahsan

    i am amaze at some of the comments here though i think author is pretty much on some agenda and intentionally overlooked the basic question by humza

    the point is if we allow homosexuality in the name of “right to love” would we allow or celebrate if someone love their parents/children/siblings and want to have sexual relations with them again in the name of love

    and where as the orientation is concerned i would love to see some research papers or scientific work which could support that and it should be a real research work backed by real scientific bodies. as frankly there is a research paper claiming electricity could be produced with the help of “Djins”Recommend

  • Islamabad

    Excuse me! But homosexuality is also a “dark destination”. You are comparing incest with rape but contrasting it with homosexuality!
    And for your information not all scientists agree that homosexuality is genetic! According to some it is learned.
    It is something that is against the natural constitution of humans as created by God! Since we were sent down in pairs of man and woman.Recommend

  • Islamabad

    Did the author conduct some research to prove that homosexuality is genetic? There are many researchers that support the findings that it is learned.
    Accept it or not homosexuality is also a choice.Recommend

  • Islamabad

    Why on earth are you justifying homosexuality through incest?!
    Homosexuality discourages incest?! Great joke.Recommend

  • GDF

    You won’t find any supporters in Archaic Pakistan for LGBT

    For incest on the other hand, you may find many!Recommend

  • Saima

    I don’t know what you wanna achieve being this ignorant IN religion!Recommend

  • vinsin

    You are confused between orientation and choice. Do you have a choice for being a bisexual or Homosexual or Heterosexual?Recommend

  • vinsin

    Please give those arguments.Recommend

  • Ammar

    My point being that human laws keep on evolving and changing. Centuries ago the world was flat and now it is round. Decades ago atom was considered the smallest particle and now there are even smaller particles. Are you saying that there is no possibility that a choice might become an orientation in the future.

    But seeing the way you are defending this article and replying to comments, there is no possibility of a rational argument here or perhaps you are the author in disguise lol.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    The author has put forward some very logical points very lucidly. However, he’s missed one point. Given the statistics on bacha baazi in Pakistan, it is quite possible that legalisation of homosexuality in Pakistan will make people feel they have a license to openly carry out bacha baazi too. Then Kasur will look like a minor misdemeanour.Recommend

  • Tooba Jabbar

    You failed to reply to that guy’s question down below, who was talking about Islam and what it says about legalizing gay marriages. Care to answer that one?Recommend

  • Ahsan Masood

    A wonderful read. Even though I am not very happy with the issue of incest being discussed in the same space as that of homosexuality, it was a wonderful read. One can tell the number of painful discussions the author has had on the topic. To me incest and homosexuality are two extremely different sexual practices. One cannot equate one with the other. Likewise I have had a number of painful conversations in which the issue of pedophilia has been spoken of in the same breath as that of homosexuality. To all those people, please go read a book. Only cowards hide behind religion and sweeping statements to legitimize their bigotry and hatred.Recommend

  • Gullu

    No, not at all. It is ridiculous. Recommend

  • Anonymous

    The idea of homosexuality is itself hypocritical. It may seem fantastic to your sillly mind, but it defies all logic. In this article the author mostly compared homosexuality with incest, its like comparing a murder with mass murder, if u compare latter with former, the former does looks puny, but it still itself is a big crime!

  • Anonymous

    Your assumption that homosexuality is an orientation comes from “the modern day scientists” who says that it is in their genes to be homosexual, then tell me how do that gene even survive during this whole period of evolution??? Homosexuals, if there were any, could not reproduce earlier as they didn’t have facilities like in vitro fertilisation and surrogates, so how did that gene prosper till now?Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Religious prejudice? Ignorant disposition? Ma’am i think u should say that at least after reading QURAN! Its not some prejudice any random mullah holds against homosexuality, it is given in THE HOLY QURAN what heppends to those who indulge in such kinds of perversions!Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Brilliant article, Noman!

    Why are people talking about legalising incest? Incest is widely prevalent in Pakistani society- marrying a first cousin is incest. Since people aren’t getting arrested for it , it means incest is acceptable! Marriages between cousins take place in India as well although it’s quite uncommon or not as common as it is in Pakistan. It’s a sick concept.Sick sick sick.Recommend

  • MAT

    Great Mr. Asif… Enjoy your liberal thought. Why are you afraid of other’s comments?Recommend

  • anomaly

    What exactly do you mean by “natural essence of life?”Recommend

  • Fdg

    Homosexual couples are two adults with consent

    How do you take consent from a goat?Recommend

  • anomaly

    1. Psychological effects can indeed be studied
    2. There is no logic behind even bringing up incest in a topic about sexual orientation
    3. However if this were a separate discussion about the topic of incest I would argue even among consenting adults it is in the state’s interest to discourage incestual relationships because of overwhelming evidence proving how unequal the dynamic is (same goes for polygamous marriages). Adults can still enter in such relationships but because of its inevitable damaging effects it will never be socially acceptable in a culture with nuclear families. You can’t legally arrest and punish two or more adults for forming a consensual sexual relationship in the unlikely event if it were to happen even despite the nuclear family/taboo but you can deny them the right to marry. That is because doing so does not discriminate against a protected class nor does it pass the strict scrutiny standard like banning same-sex marriage doesRecommend

  • anomaly

    No that’s just a terrible slippery slope you’re using. There is no evidence to support that nor is that a sexual orientation. Also again, sex is only allowed among consenting adults and an animal cannot consent. Btw discriminating against homosexuals or oppressing homosexuals does not mean homosexuality seizes to exist. It is not something that can be encouraged. I as a straight woman could never be attracted to a woman the way I am attracted to men. Not allowing me to be with a man won’t put an end to my heterosexuality. The real problem here is in your loaded question, by calling homosexuality unnatural, when in fact it is found and recognized in nature, you set it up for foolish slippery slopes. Why would homosexuality be any more likely to encourage or trigger support for beastiality than heterosexuality would?!Recommend

  • S Hashmi

    Here’s some simple logic:
    God created man (and woman). God tells man to marry the opposite sex – no ifs and buts. Man says, “science proves this.. therefore man can marry same sex”. Faithful man says “God’s word is above all. To hell with science”. Misguided man says “To hell with religion. Science is above all”. God created heaven and hell. The choice is yours.Recommend

  • KAKE

    homosexuality is hypocritical?
    And women wearing Hijab is not?Recommend

  • RIT

    Don’t know about homosexuality
    But Religion IS a choice!
    No amount of research can prove that you were BORN with a religion!Recommend

  • RIT

    And how is Sharia and Hijab helping the Human society?Recommend

  • Abbas D K

    Wearing clothes is also against the natural constitution Recommend

  • gp

    It has been studied that there are homosexuals in every animal!
    esp dogs
    Elephants mate with smaller same sex elephants if they are extremely charged sexually!
    In fact all animals in this world are bisexualRecommend

  • FDG

    Pedophilia does not constitute the consent of children
    Gay couples are together with thier consent!
    btw not homosexuality but you should be supporting Pedophilia you know! Recommend

  • hippie

    Maybe you should look up the meaning of fathom and then use it properly in a snetence!Recommend

  • kmd

    Did God personally tell you that men have to strictly marry women?Recommend

  • Rauf

    Once again mistaking homosexuality and (homosexual) pedophilia. The author addressed that quite elaborately.Recommend

  • WesternIowan

    Books and scrolls are unnatural. They don’t occur in nature (unlike homosexuals and heterosexuals who exist on the planet even when they do not encounter or read a single book or scroll). Books and scrolls are man-made, so anything you learned from books and scrolls about God is unnatural. Since you are not old enough to have existed eons ago to witness anything “sent down” firsthand or to even verify anything was even sent down in the first place, everything you attempt to attribute to God is from unnatural, man-made sources. Since homosexuals, bisexuals, and heterosexuals exist without books or scrolls, they are part of the natural constitution of humans.Recommend

  • Sane

    Islam and all religions condemn homosexuality. This is the act even animals do not do.Recommend

  • Sane

    100% correct.Recommend

  • Dawood Batozai

    Can you show me the scientific research? It is a social issue and a degradation of marality, norms and values. Usually sex is considered as a tool for reproduction and that is its purpose apparently. Purposeless things like homosexuality, masturbation etc are psychological and social diseases. Science has not been able to tell us why sex even exists among species when there were many options for evolution to choose from. Recommend

  • Anwaar

    Dude why do u keep bringing religion, hijab and etc etc in a debate aimed at at sexuality … :) … come up with some decent arguments … :)Recommend

  • Headstrong

    You obviously didn’t get my point. Read my comment again. I stated that those who indulge in bacha baazi will think that they have now have a license. Obviously these people aren’t too careful about law and its nuances and some distorted version of what is permitted will filter down to them. Recommend

  • Gdp

    Return of the insane
    All animals are bisexual
    Almost all animals have shown homosexual behaviourRecommend

  • AnthonyK62

    The latest study shows homosexuality is NOT genetic. Many studies have shown homosexuality is the result of child or teenager sexual abuse. It is obvious your article is worthless.Recommend

  • AnthonyK62

    Another point: an Irish senator said since homosexual mirage was legalized, why not legalize cousins marrying? http://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/david-norris-says-gay-cousins-should-be-allowed-to-marry-1.2399232Recommend

  • thriftysmurf

    Why is it always women and gay men trying to bring a sexual revolution in every society? Just curious..Recommend

  • RIT

    Look at what are ppl using to oppose lgbtRecommend

  • Danish

    Islam clearly forbids homosexuality. Everything else, like logic, reason, science, etc. can go down the drain.Recommend

  • gp

    ok so next time you have sex and don’t have a baby, go to a doctor coz you apparently have a “psychological and social disese”!

    BTW there is ample research proving animals do show homosexual behaviour !
    I’m not gonna spoon feed it to you!
    look it up!Recommend

  • gdgt12

    “..it is found and recognized in nature” This is one of the quite, to me at least, irrational arguments that supporters of homosexuality make. Look, if something is practiced by animals, does it render it justified to be practiced by humans too ? If pigs eat what they defecate, by your logic, then humans doing the same would be a completely natural thing as well. There’s a reason why animals are called inhumane.

    It is true that there is no evidence, but, I suggest that you wait and observe as homosexuality is recognized throughout the globe. To me, it will pave a path for people to demand legalization of other odd practices, such as what I have already mentioned.Recommend

  • gdgt12

    There’s a difference between homosexuality and homosexual couples. You don’t need consent to be homosexual, so you shouldn’t be needing consent to adopt bestiality.Recommend

  • Brain Think

    1. First of all it is “sentence” and not “snetence.”
    2. Second, may be you should look up the meaning of fathom before blabbering in the comments section.

    Thank you.Recommend

  • S Hashmi

    Did God personally tell you that stealing is bad?Recommend

  • Zahid Aslam

    Being Muslim it is not allowed in Islam. And i believe if there exist a gain in homosexuality, Allah had never abide us by doing so. So some points are not reachable by our mind. We just have to keep faith up. Dont go in complications. Make it simple people. Its Azab for us due to our sins, that we started thinking about this sin whether it is a sin or not..Recommend

  • Rd px

    What if u don’t like girls?Recommend

  • Rd px

    Because not everyone is gay, 10% people re gayRecommend

  • Rd px

    Islam teaches love.Recommend

  • Rd px

    What two adults do out of free will should be only their matter as long as its not harming each other.Recommend

  • Rd px

    Making it legal or illegal doesn’t stop it. The one who doesn’t have this tendency won’t do it and the one who has will not stop by law. 10% humans are gay.Recommend

  • Rd px

    Because they are suppressed.Recommend

  • Rd px

    There is no such study. Tell me which study u read? Abuse does not make people like same gender. Those who have this tendency will want to do it. I have friends who are gay and have always liked boys and never liked girls. They were not abused ever and only started gay sex when at 26 and found they did not want girls at all.Recommend

  • Rd px

    The law has never stopped adults from having sex with each other and the law can’t really stop two people who love each other and want to enjoy sex with each other.Recommend

  • Rd px

    Google it and u will find the genetic answersRecommend

  • Rd px

    Would u like ur sister to be married to a man who has no attraction for girls? I would never want my sister to marry such a man.Recommend

  • Rd px

    Please legalize homosexuality for the following reasons.But only if both are above 18 and are doing it with free will. Reasons : 1. God has created some humans who don’t like opposite sex but like own sex. They can try to change but can’t. For them only option for love and sex is own gender. Medical science agrees that 10% of humans are like that. Why nature and God create gays I don’t know. But if God makes people gay He can’t punish them. 2. Making it illegal does not stop people. Those who do it have always done it even in countries like saudia. 3. Animals do it too. Love and liking is not dependent on gender. 4. Making it legal won’t cause more people to do it. Only those people will do it who have this tendency in them.Recommend

  • Ravian

    Ammar is not stupid, he is saying that about 25 years back homosexuality was deemed a choice, but today it is deemed an orientation. Maybe 25 years from now, bestiality and incest might be deemed an orientation……….. clear???Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    I wonder why so many Indian readers reach from across the border to fan the flames. Do you guys seriously have nothing better to do?Recommend

  • Sane

    You have serious comprehension problem Recommend

  • حمزہ بٹ

    You are right….!!
    Thank you for sharing such views…
    Someone had to take the initiative…!!Recommend

  • Fawad

    This article is “uncalled” for. Absolute rubbish. Why would we worry about these kinds of things in Islamic Republic of PakistanRecommend

  • Sarah A. Minhas

    It’s helping Muslim society. That’s good enough.Recommend

  • Sarah A. Minhas

    Can everyone calm down? Whether you agree with homosexuality or not, that’s up to you, but quit insulting each other like 9 year olds. Everyone has their own opinions. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. If you use that freedom to express your support/hatred for homosexuality, okay, but don’t start crying if the other person does too.Recommend

  • Videlicet

    “Homosexuality is an orientation. Incest isn’t”– that just sounds like western narrative.
    I’m straight and it’s very hard for me to view things from a gay person’s perspective. All I can do it substitute Man and Woman for each other while try to see the world from such a perspective. I cannot actually feel like a homosexual would. So, it is hard for me to say how acceptable or unacceptable would incest be for a gay person, what men mean to me, what women to me, what siblings mean to me etc. And even if I were gay, if asked what I think about incest I may pretend to be horrified by it (even if I like it) because incest is very unacceptable (at least in the west) and while people like me (gay) are trying to win acceptance globally, it would make us (gay people) look queer and horrible were I to admit such a thing about me. Besides, unless you are a speaking to a western audience, incest is not such a crime. I find it disgusting– but that is only me. There may somewhere be a consenting pair of related adults who may like the thing. Just because they may give birth to a baby with 1.5 heads, 2 tails, 3.4 eyes, a wheel and a side-stand if they conceive, it is not fair to make it illegal.

    About homo+incest– there are no chances of conceiving a child.. or am I unware of some basics of human body functioning :-(

    My stand:
    1. Hetero/Homo -sexuality– freedom, no laws against– leave it to choice
    2. Incest– freedom, no laws against– educate people about the evils
    3. Child molestation– strict laws protecting the child with mandatory penalty, statutory rape laws, educateRecommend

  • Videlicet

    The point Ammar makes is that there is not sufficient credible evidence to classify one as choice and the other as orientation. The line between these two is too fine and blurred. There is also enough agenda for these people to draw such lines so as to fight one battle at one time (fighting for homosexuals today at the expense of the incest-sexuals, maybe fighting for incest-sexuals after this batte is won). I’m not sure whether I’m stupid as well but I’m not convinced by the author’s or his references’ proofs about these points.

    I agree with Ammar in the sense that they are both tiny minority compared with the ‘normal’. (I don’t use the word ‘normal’ to malign the others as ‘abnormal’. This is strictly said from a statistical perspective) That of course doesn’t mean that neither group must be denied the right of choice or other civil freedoms.Recommend

  • Kumar

    The analogies used in this article are so bad that you can’t even stuff it from the backside.Recommend

  • Keith Pullman

    Under a system of gender equality, there is no good reason to deny that we must keep evolving until an adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, monogamy or polyamory, race, or religion is free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage (and any of those without the others) with any and all consenting adults. Polyamory, polygamy, open relationships are not for everyone, but they are for some. The limited same-gender freedom to marry is a great and historic step, but is NOT full marriage equality, because equality “just for some” is not equality. Let’s stand up for EVERY ADULT’S right to marry the person(s) they love. Get on the right side of history!Recommend

  • Dawood Batozai

    That does not justify homosexuality. Irrelevant argumentRecommend

  • Dante

    Heterosexuality is why everyone exists in this world.

    Just saying.Recommend

  • anomaly

    You’re the one who called it unnatural. My point was to give examples of how it has always occurred in nature, hence not unnatural.

    So far you have proven you have absolutely no evidence to back up what you claim but you believe it is sufficient to restrict the rights of other human beings.Recommend

  • Faruk

    Next article from the author should be on the benefits of homosexual marriages and parenthood.

    A child will be robbed of motherhood when he is adopted in a man-man relationship or fatherhood in a woman-woman relationship without his or her consent. This is child abuse at its best.Recommend