Sexual harassment at LUMS, don’t blame the university!

Published: November 1, 2014

The Federal Ombudsman directed LUMS to fire a teacher from the law department for sexually harassing a student.

A video of a woman walking the streets of New York City, getting hundreds of catcalls from men went viral around the world this week. The woman is followed, called all sorts of names, and her attention is solicited, but none of the men touch her.

In Pakistan, instances of men “inadvertently” touching women are all too common. Girls are taught to ignore it, to avoid creating a ‘scene’. Not only does society silence the woman, our very laws discourage women from reporting cases of violence against them.

Yesterday, news broke out of the Federal Ombudsman directing the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) to fire a teacher from the law department for allegedly sexually harassing a student. I graduated from this very department a mere two years ago. Upon hearing the news, my reaction was not one of disbelief. I did not wonder, “How could this happen at LUMS?” but rather “which one of them finally got caught”.

Having served in both the student council and the law student council at LUMS, multiple cases of sexual harassment were reported to me by students. All of these girls decided not to pursue their legitimate cases for fear of their reputations being tarnished. They did not want to “create a scene”.

One student was harassed incessantly by an admin staff member; he took her number from a form submitted to the office and constantly texted her.  She did not report him; she did not want to “create a scene”.

Another student caught a worker hired by LUMS pleasuring himself in front of her. She walked away; she did not want to “create a scene”.

One student walked into class wearing a sleeveless top and her professor exclaimed,

“Girls who dress like this, their mothers do not sleep at their homes at night.”

She quietly went to her seat; she did not want to “create a scene”.

There were even unsubstantiated rumours of teachers and students dating and substantiated rumours of teachers and teaching assistants dating or teaching assistants and students dating.

However, it would be foolish of you to think that LUMS is the problem. The problem is that we do not have a larger conversation about sexual harassment in the country. LUMS, at least, has a sexual harassment policy in place. Other universities where this is common, these things do not even attract censure to make the news. Students from various government colleges and schools have even held protests about facing harassment at their educational institutions. However, they were not taken seriously.

Schools all over Lahore are bubbling with gossip about teachers and students dating. A prominent school in Lahore caught a theatre teacher and a student crossing the teacher-student relation boundaries on school premises but the incident was brushed under the carpet.

LUMS seeks to serve as a model for schools and universities across the country. In all my interactions with board of trustees at LUMS, I found people like Syed Babar Ali and Mr Abdul Razak Dawood to be visionary people, but they are not involved in the day-to-day happenings at the university.

LUMS prides itself on equality; a large section of the student body comes from the National Outreach Programme (NOP), and there is no visible discrimination based on sex, gender, religion or ethnicity. However, if the people at the top do not hold the culprits responsible, then these principles will stand in name alone.

As the student representative of the disciplinary committee at LUMS, I have observed several proceedings. My conclusion is that the hearings violate all principles of justice; students are assumed guilty and it is their responsibility to prove their innocence. The disciplinary committee has flatly refused in the past to hear of any cases against faculty members. The only time the committee actually acts against faculty members is when a political faction within the university professors wants a professor out.

I could name people involved in flagrant violations of the LUMS policies, and the principles it stands for, but the problem is not LUMS. Despite its flaws, it stands as an institution that at least allows its students to voice their concerns.

However, the appointments in the last five years in key offices risk politicising the university and martialling a restriction of freedom for students but news of sexual harassment at LUMS should open a larger conversation about sexual harassment in the country.

We should not socialise girls in Pakistan to not ‘create a scene’. There are rampant cases of molestations and sexual assaults in Pakistan, which go unreported, even to family members. Women are taught to just live with it but we should tell them to create a scene, to report the perpetrators and seek to bring them to justice.

There is a real need to break the complacency regarding the question of sexual harassment that plagues our society. The educational institutions should be safe havens for girls, every school and university in Pakistan should offer a safe place for them to report cases of sexual harassment.

Let us start encouraging our girls to report it rather than shaming, or blaming, them. Generations have suffered in silence, and I think it is about time we have this conversation. The schools and universities, for one, are a great place to start.


Shehzad Ghias

A graduate from the LUMS Law School and is running his own theatre production company, Cogito Productions.He works as a theatre teacher at various schools. He tweets @Shehzad89 (

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  • a.

    Rather then convincing girls to ‘create a scene’ in a society, the culprit of ‘already created scene’ needs to be punished to the extent that no scene happens further in future. A sane would prefer not to create a scene of him/ herself in front of the whole world and also would not want to ‘create a scene’ (or defame) his/her reputable institute like LUMS just because of handful of such people. Recommend

  • girl malik

    When we were in 10th grade our chemistry teacher forcefully kissed my friend and she did create scene actually we didRecommend

  • xxx

    Islam teaches Women to dress,walk and talk modestly and from what i have heard unanimously they lack these qualities. Same goes for the silly men who harrass women(even in burqas but to a relatively low ratio in my opinion). When women act like this they are well an open invitation to such evils. You need two hands to clap.!!
    We are far away from our religion and whoever advocates it is bashed by so called liberals,feminists e.t.c. LUMS is more of a westernized society which by Iqbals claim is ‘Stabbing itself’. Accept their positive things and reject the negative. I wish for a true Islamic Jamhoria Pakistan.Recommend

  • Hamza

    Well it is thought to be bad if a girl gets harassed, i am in favor of the point. What if the girl is encouraging her surrounding to be like this? Why was she wearing a sleeveless? A girl knows what she is wearing and what will it uncover and how will she be portrayed. I totally agree that men are perverts and use their manhood to overcome a female but what of the girls who are welcoming these acts? If you are standing on a traintrack you cannot blame the train to hit you.

    Secondly, people involved in these shameful acts must be brought into the light and they must be punished.

    And if you want to be secular then deal with these cases and shutup women, because you chose your path yourself.Recommend

  • Moizzah Asif

    its not just LUMS which has policies and laws against sexual harassment and lets the students raise their voices if they are a victim of sexual harrasment, many other institutes impartimg higher and secondary education have strict policies and law against sexual harrasment and they have a better grip on this in their respective institutions. it was very shocking to hear what some of the faculty and admnistrative staff are upto in LUMS. trust me there is a problem in LUMS, i am not against the institution neither do i have any grudges i am just stating this because I am also a part of this system and I have not found a single well reputed institution which has lost its grip on these issues. the admnistration at LUMS really needs to prune out the cause as soon as they can. Recommend

  • Anum

    I think it’s really important that you started off by saying that bad mouthing the university where this incident happened is important. At least, I think it’s important to establish that the *entire university* isn’t to blame. In the case from yesterday, from what I understand, the university did protect the accused. In this case, the university is to blame, specifically, the administration who handled the case the way they did. But the fact that there was a student who stood up against this (and from facebook, I’m assuming she had friends in LUMS who helped her stand up, shows that the students there are willing to make that change). Maybe they are learning *something* that makes them think it’s good to stand up for these causes, even if their university doesn’t practice what it preaches.Recommend

  • Syed Muhammad Irtiza Wahidi

    Follow the religion properly and consistently, it has instructions for both men and women and law on this topic in very detail. There would be no problems, then! (InshaAllah),Recommend

  • knightridrr

    LUMS so called DC has failed to live up to purpose and their admin has definitely politicized recently.LUMS should have fired the faculty member if they don’t want their reputation tarnished. Clearly they have let faculty member off the hook just because he has strong political ties in and outside of the university.

    I feel sorry for the female students at LUMS as their university have indirectly told them to keep their mouths shut in case anything similar happens to them in future.Recommend

  • Areeba

    this so does not happen in any campus of NUST, because the discipline in NUST is amazing, other institutions should learn from NUST.Recommend

  • Parvez

    You have done your bit by writing about this and creating an awareness…….you deserve praise. Hopefully the management at LUMS will sit up and do the right thing.Recommend

  • Sajjad Assad Khan

    That,s why education institutions became sex nurseries. We should teach and encourage women to speak about what they face in society in day today routine of life. But even if they speak and tell who will take action, police, law enforcement agencies or courts? It will not be stopped because women in our society are considered as weak, shy, think about family reputation that’s they want to hide. In the future it will be increased due to lack of awareness in our society about women justice and freedom.Recommend

  • FaiRaj

    With media particularly cable channels N internet we have lost our culture N values… From my personal experience you will charged by the girl for harrasment if you do nothing…if you r player then u r hero Comparing west I think its not best example because US Uk Germany r the countries on top of the list with most women not harrased but rapped… So if seriously girls have harrasment issues then I think following saudi culture will do the best….!!Recommend

  • Ali

    I have done my undergraduate and graduate studies both from pretty reputable, posh and not so conservative business schools and I have never come across or heard of any such events. Wonder why such defaming articles are published on ET, infact I wonder if such events actually occur or these articles are just the product of Business Schools War. Which Business school is it going to be next to hit the ET Blogs?Recommend

  • MFZ

    This is a great start, but speaking of protecting “our” “girls” only extends the patriarchal mentality that causes an atmosphere in which young women are afraid to report sexual harrassment.Recommend

  • Shahrukh WK

    if the girl was sexually harassed in front of her classmates and her classmates sat throughout the scene zipping up their mouths doing nothing about it at all, then i am afraid we are facing with integrity issues as a nation.Recommend

  • Ameer

    Numerous occasions of sexual harassment, the university’s utter failure in curbing sexual harassment and after confessing that “disciplinary committee hearings violate all principles of justice” you say “don’t blame the university”.

    Why? Because you went there?

    This is Conflict of Interest 101.Recommend

  • Aftab

    There were all types of harassment at LUMS when I was there. In the Law Department, there were two professors who had an adulterous affair with each other. At another point male faculty hired a model just because of her looks. But the worst was the Social Sciences department, especially Anthropology professors. Every type of harassment. They especially picked on girls who wore hijab or dupatta. Exactly as my colleague writes above, these poor girls never reported it. I wonder would Asma Jehangir and Hina Jilani come to the rescue of the religious girls harrassed by their secular friends?Recommend

  • Maulana Maulvi

    If LUMS tells its female students to cover themselves properly, no such scenes would ever happen. But of course, this is something that you never want to happen.Recommend

  • Warda

    I’d create a scene if it were ever to happen to me, and so it never happens. If people were to know they won’t be spared, they will recognize their boundaries. A well written article that addresses a genuine problem prevailant in various institutions. Girls should be made to believe, and it should be this way, that reporting harassment won’t go against their imageRecommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    You would hit a Pillar or Post lowering ur eyes the moment you enter the Campus because all around you are femme fa’tale(a woman who is considered to be highly attractive and to have a destructive effect on those who succumb to her charms).Recommend

  • Khadija

    Wonderful article. It would’ve read better, however, if you had called the “girls” at LUMS who had complained women, because that’s who they are.Recommend

  • Yousaf Haque

    One of the best examples of insult over injury is the remark passed by that low-minded teacher which he passed on that student wearing sleeveless dress.The writer of this article should have asked to bring such sick minds to book rather than asking girls to create a scene which seldom brings any positive result,if not further trouble for female studentsRecommend

  • Arsum ali

    just tell me Is wearing a sleevless top within the boundaries of Islam??? And then people like u say that girls are molested and are not secured in this country why they wear these type of clothes in the first place….Recommend

  • Nocebo

    Right, and so while we are calling out our phallocentric nutjobs, can we also take a moment to call out all the bajis who put on their post-quiz pouts and go, ‘Sir, barhaa dein naaaaaaa.’? Because I’m certain that’s sexism too. And something surprisingly not many women at LUMS seemed to have a problem with, barring a few sistahs of exceptional integrity.

    Case in point, I’m almost 90% sure who the ‘your mother won’t be able to sleep at night’ saint is at LUMS and this won’t be the first, or the last time the dude has said something to this effect. Except, when the same dude, for some inexplicable reason, saw it fit to give his ‘betis’ in the class grade bumps on account of their beti-like status none–with the exception of one truly feminist soul (a hijabi, irony oh irony)–saw it fit to call the dude out or even silently register the act as deplorable.

    My advice: If you want things to change, we will go with you to our graves to make sure these sad excuses for human males keep to themselves. But not if you can’t commit to fighting sexism yourself. You don’t get to pick the parts you like and leave the rest off. It’s a package deal. Take it or leave it. Recommend

  • Ali

    If you could just lower your rapist eyes, no such scenes would happen. But of course, this is something that you never want to happen.Recommend

  • kainat

    Ahh another article advocating LUMS. Ok this is everywhere and many are solved but this is the first case which went to Ombudsman. On which one of right decision is made. Thats a simple storyRecommend

  • samina

    I am an eye witness of sexual harassment when I was teaching in Bahria college NORE 1 Karachi as a lecturer..a lot of girls came walking to me crying hysterically abused by a senior Chemistry Lecturer in the Chemistry lab..that lecturer is now the Vice Principal of the same institution by the grace of shit… He even tried to hold my hand and offered me to come to chemistry lab when I was standing in the corridor inquiring about his health after his accident…I hate him since then and I cannot forget that dirty man .Recommend

  • Mina Moeen

    The best part about this article is– that it has been written by a man highlighting an issue that causes troubles for the womankind. When men of the society realize that women should raise their voice and stand up for themselves and their rights, that’s when the society truly goes towards becoming morally sound!Recommend

  • Dr Hamid

    So you want society to encourage female “not to create a scene” while they already are creating scenes everywhere..i feel for all those innocent scared of creating a scene when they are being sexually harassed in a way but then what about all those millions who create scene out of nothing and taking advantage of themselves being a female??? unfortunately there is nothing that can prove a man innocent when a female has accused him of sexual harassment especially when she is backed by many of such feminists like you in our society,Recommend

  • waqas

    This will continue to happen unless we as a society do not place ourselves at one side whether liberal or religious. CO-Education demanded height of moral and ethical values to be followed.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    There was lot of Rumpus on the Dress Code being implemented in NUST. Remember “Familiarity breeds Contempt”.I for once blame the LUMS Administration for keeping their eyes closed & not evolving Checks & Balances. You cannot allow a Society to do whatever it feels. Can’t follow the Law of the Jungle. . Wherever their is Promiscuity it will lead to such occurrences.Recommend

  • Hassan

    You have to blame both.
    Teach your daughters how to dress
    Teach your sons how to respectRecommend

  • Ahsan

    You just blame each other and don;t go for root cause….Recommend

  • Ahsan

    you r rightRecommend

  • thatrandomgirl

    Im from ziauddin university. Our very own dean used to text girls, invite in his office and give them all kinds of favor but he was kicked out of the institution when he was caught red handed in university’s basement and now he works at hamdard university. Recommend

  • Gp65

    What??? Blaming the victim-eh?

    In our part of the world sexual harassment. – which goes by the euphemism of eve teasing is not something that is invited by the girl’s clothes or character 95% of the time. More often it is a brazen man who is used to this conditioning of women to ‘not create a scene’. These people do not spare even grandmas walking with grandkids.

    Start blaming the oppressor instead of the victim.Recommend

  • Gp65

    I am a feminist and i feel what you listed is a fair expectation that a woman expecting equality does not seek special benefits on account of her gender. Here is the thing though. All women are not monoliths, just as all Pakistanis or all Muslims or any ther category that you care to name.

    It is possible that the type of women who feel angered by this behavior and those who use their gender to get grade bumps are not the same women. So you cannot invalidate a leitimate complaint of a woman because a different woman is cynically manipulating her gender.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Horrile attitude of blame the ictim. Sexual harassment is widespread and promiscuity is not. If nothing else, that proves that women who are in no sapre’ way or form ‘asking for it’ do get sexually harassed.

    Secondly this argument that promiscuity justifies sexual harassment is a very slippery slope. Everyone’s idea of what a modest dress is different. For someone a girl in jeans and a full sleeve shirt is modestly dressed. For another the jeans makes it western and hence promiscuous. For another a loose flowing salwar kameez maybe modest but for someone else if the arms and face and hair are sowing it is promiscuous. For some a hijabi maybe considered modest but for others the fact that you can see he face and the eyes maybe promiscuous. For someone a niqaab maybe modest but for another the fact that eyes can be seen maybe promiscuous. So unless you are suggesting that all women should dress in abayas – not sure how the onus can be on the woman to prevent the crime – and sexual harassment IS a crime.Recommend

  • Gp65

    I am sure Asma Jehangir would stand for the rights of the hijab or dupatta clad girls as much as they wold any other type of girls. How did you conclude that the tormentors of these hijab clad girls were secular people? Do you even know what secular means? It does not mean atheist (not that there is anything wrong with being an atheist in my opinion). A man who regularly reads namaz 5 times can very well also be secular.

    The tormentors of these poor hijabi girls just assume that they areless likely to protest and are thus easy targets. Sexual harassment has nothing to do with sex or religion and everything to do with poeer play of some men who are perverted.Recommend

  • Uzair Ahmed

    What piece of advice do you have for non-Muslims and atheists; what religion are they supposed to follow in your view, then?Recommend

  • Gp65

    You are not a woman and so did not experience this first hand. You did nit hesr aout it because – as the author pointed it out – the women for whom such experiences are all too familiar have been conditioned to not create a scene.

    So if you were a sharif man with a sharif set of male friends, this would be inivisible to you.Recommend

  • Komi Sarwar

    Sir, I wear hijab. But I do feel that your comment is highly prejudice. Covering one self should only be to please AlMighty. Why is covering one self started to come in the discussion so that yu can be safe from getting raped(emotionally and Physically)..

    It is the mentality that needs to be changed. No matter what the girl wears. No one has the right to sexually harass her. And No! You (tge harasser) can not blame the girl after harassing her. This is tge very reason our males use because they are too emotionally weak to get their emotions in place. WHICH IS DISGUSTINGRecommend

  • smhasnb

    Actually LUMS Law faculty issues a statement regarding this. Apparently it was just a tap on the shoulder. CCTV footage apparently confirmed that. Not saying there is no sexual harassment in LUMS. I’ve seen worse than thatRecommend

  • Gp65

    You clearly have no understanding of he word secular. A hijabi woman can also be secular. Secular simply means someone who would also treat the faith of other people with respect. It does not mean anti-Islam as you. Seem to think.

    Also the notion that a girl wearing sleeveless is inviting such acts is asolutely absurd.Recommend

  • Auwn Muhammad

    Egregious violation of Basic principles is indeed condemnable ,Teacher used to be known as Role Model but i wonder how on earth would someone stoop at such lowest level ,We are living in patriarchal society and women seem to be surviving such attacks on daily basis everywhere in pakistan whether it’s a most prestigious institute LUMS or some Shopping Mall .

    MY request to you Please do not absolve LUMS .If you knew about such acts of exploitations then most probably it would’ve known to all Higher management ,They should have taken notice of Ruthless exploitation of female students but the didn’t , Despite all they have done something exemplary now right at the moment and deserve appreciation .

    No girl can report her case ,It’s a Uni’s responsibility to protect her from all kinds of evil happening in Uni’s premises ,In our country There is no law implemented which ensures the protection of women’s rights ,Never ever in our country culprits faced conviction and that is the reason women are taught to ignore such acts by men .It’s a time to encourage our mothers,Sisters,Daughters,Wives to report the cases which caused their exploitation .Recommend

  • well…

    nust does enforce a dress code, which somewhat makes sense.but there have been equally horrible cases of sexual harassment.Recommend

  • Fatima Baig

    Yes that is the solution. Because a woman wearing a burqa will never be raped. Is that what you think?Recommend

  • anum

    majority of the girls think that creating a scene would only destruct their respective image in the society because there will be no one to hear them as the culprits have enough sources to secure themselves or they start black mailing those girls. there is a need to change the whole network of the law regarding sexual harassment. the law must be enough strong to punish the wrong rather than the innocent one.Recommend

  • Ahoy

    People commenting here about the do’s and don’t’s of the dress women should wear in order to not get sexually harassed probably think that women covered from head to toe don’t get harassed, or worse raped. What of child sex abuse which is so rampant in our society? Is that too caused by the “revealing” clothes the child wears? Should we start dressing our kids too in head to toe burkas in order to protect them?

    It is deplorable to see victim shaming happening by what can only be assumed as educated people who read Tribune.Recommend

  • Junior Einstein

    Exactly… But No,they wont improve them selves & they’ll just blame others for not doing more good than them…Recommend

  • A.

    Yea be religious and don’t show your arms or I will rape you.


  • Noor

    Dresses provoke such actions, true, but they are NEVER the complete/actual reasons for doing so. Majority of girls here in Pak who get touched and called on are the ones wearing abayas and dopattas.Recommend

  • Abrez

    Another reason:


  • Zaid

    Well said.Recommend

  • Abeer

    I am sorry sir .. But your facts are just simply wrong. Cases if sexual harassment are very less in the Uk. This is based on my experience both in the Uk and Pakistan. I have spent 15 Years of my life in Pakistan and 8 years of my life in England .. And i can honestly say that such cases occur significantly less compared to those in Pakistan. I believe the solution lies in ourselves. We need to correct ourselves. Everyone at some point of their life has done this one way or another. I am very ashamed to say that i too have been involved in such disgusting and contemptible behaviour. We need to focus on our selves and then try to teach others. Correction of self is the way forward and the next step would be to encourage decent behaviour and discourage the shameful.Recommend

  • Zeeshan Ali M

    I’m totally against sexual harassment. But tagging the teachers comment “Girls who dress like this, their mothers do not sleep at their homes at night.” as a sexual harassment, is a bit overdoing it.
    I think that teacher was as concerned as her parents should have been. He was not `sexually harassing` her, instead his intent is was to “Nip the evil in the bud”. We are not living in Sweden or USA or any other European country. I mean the next time a girl starts wearing short skirts to colleges and you would want to poke a thousand lustful eyes but anybody condemning the dress would be a sex offender. What kind of a Muslim nation is this. I know the `Moderate Muslims` and the moderation keeps on increasing. May Allah guide us to the right pathRecommend

  • Zeeshan M

    Maybe. But a women revealing herself would sure have a lot of votesRecommend

  • A liberal.

    Once the Prophet(Pbuh) was travelling with his cousin, and a beautiful woman came up asking for directions. The woman was so beautiful that the Prophet (pbuh)’s xousin could not stop staring. So, the Prophet (pbuh) gently turned his cousin’s face away. He did not command the woman to cover herself, nor did he reprimand her. He chose to turn his COUSINS eyes away.
    Do not blame the innocent for their mindset.

  • Anon

    you go sleeveless infront of men and you expect them to respect you and not act like animals infront of you? what ever happened to good old modesty? why are the men only to be blamed? why don’t you wear a dupata if not hijab and wear full sleeves once in a while, but noooo they’d rather be “modern” and dress inappropriately and then they expect every tom dick and harry to respect them and look at their face while they talk not what;s below. harrasement most certainly is wrong but the thing is these women want attention from the opposite gender more than they care for their own respect yet they complain so much. some feminist crap. when you leave the Book of Allah and abandon His commandments this is bound to happen. the society today is what it is because of our own actions.Recommend

  • Noor

    I appreciate your work. I am a current law student in LUMS. I do wear abaya and cover my face. Yeah and also I do face problems regarding petty matters. I raised my voice several times. All I demanded was a last table in PDC as in lunch time there are so many people that I am not able to eat with my face covered. I put my request in front of PDC management to please just reserve a last table for girls who wear naqab so that they can eat easily but all they said that we cannot reserve any table. I am not demanding a curtain to be hung for us, I live in an Islamic state and I have a right to practice my religion and it is the responsibility of my state to help me practicing my religion, LUMS is a part of may state so this thing applies to it also. I raised my voice in front of student council members but no output or any reply as if it seems that student council is active just in elections. All my efforts are still in vain. Do pray for my efforts to bring fruit.Recommend

  • ayman

    so you’re saying that it’s alright for women to dress inappropriately and expose themselves to every creep there is out there? the Creator of both men and women has told women to cover themselves in the Holy Quran so that they may not be abused. do you know better than the Creator Himself? no, women in hijab are not immune to rape and harassment but naked women or half dressed women are much more vulnerable. its common sense. so one should try and adopt all precautions for maximum protection from such unfortunate incidents. being half naked or going sleeveless and wearing capris won’t really help. women would rather be “modern” than modest and dress inappropriately. when you don’t care for your own respect how do you expect others to do so? as for the creeps who rape children they’re worse than animals. just like Allah swt destroyed the people of Loot because of commiting sodomy. so men are to be blamed and will be held accountable if not in this world then on the day of judgement but women have a big role in corrupting society by the way they dress and present themselves and anyone who denies that is blind to the realities of this world.Recommend

  • yasirjamal

    Well saidRecommend

  • yasirjamal

    Agree with youRecommend

  • Maulana Maulvi

    Dear Ali, are you in some way trying to suggest that wearing improper dresses like those in LUMS correct?Recommend

  • yasirjamal


  • Shahid Sandhu

    This is really a problem here is Pakistan.
    And you are brave enough to point out this problem.Recommend

  • Edward
  • Maulana Maulvi

    Fatima Sister, Allah Almighty has ordered the females to cover themselves. Since He is the Creator, He knows what is the best. If a man commits a crime against such a lady, that man is to be tried very harshly by the law. In fact, there is capital punishment for rapists. The victim is not given punishment.Recommend

  • Hamza

    Your long paragraph makes no sense to me.Recommend

  • Hamza

    Komi Sarwar, Sister, you are right when you said that wearing hijab should be to please Allah Almighty. This will additionally save you from a lot of harassment trouble. Those males, who harass women, are horrible and should be punished severely.Recommend

  • Hamza

    Yes dear, they keep saying that males should lower their eyes. They will not change their improper dress. I wonder if they’d like to suggest that males should roam with their eyes lowered all around the campus and some indecent girls moving arrogantly in their totally indecent clothes?Recommend

  • stay safe and blessed

    Instead of encouraging them to create the scene, society or institutes should have strict rules to avoid the scene in the first place. It takes two to make a quirrel.
    Sophisticated and respectful dress and attitude keeps many people and problems away. Recommend

  • shah

    what i think is creat no scene is actually a problem !! why not creat a scene some one is attacking you !! why not defend your self !
    there is always to scene two way for attraction !! if a girl is harass or force , why not she complain in start . 2nd if this happen then girls have to be loud for there rights .
    and this is alarming for the institution where gender are not safe !!
    in such a esteem institution this case by administration or teaching staff is a question mark for security for all !!!Recommend

  • FaiRaj

    From my personal experience, ,,Even Worse type of person never touches or mistreats a pious or rightous girl even they respect in Pakistan. If you go in jalsas ur self N mingle at midnight bad things or good for many of them will come in every direction …! N u said uk is good,, Because u stopped feeling their because of difference between paki N British Elite… this link will help u know some facts but when you r in you will never realize.…And what I know about pakistani girls harrasement isnt issue to them, who harrases is the issue…!!Recommend

  • Raza

    well said dearRecommend

  • Shiraz Durrani

    ten years ago,hundureds of students were raped in Govt.high oys school no 1,peshawar.All teachers were lateron honorably acquited.Recommend

  • Shiraz Durrani

    noody can do anything with girls in a Mardan university,as they are not visible.Recommend

  • Khurram Manzoor

    Well said. If people know that the scene would be created for sure, they will learn for sure how to keep their hands in their pockets


  • Urooj

    Being a young Female Faculty Member myself at leading University, I can say its two way – Students to teacher and teacher to students, however majority of cases are from male to female side in patriarchal societies like Pakistan or ( may be other coutries too – as per my read suggest me).
    This sexual frustration is not in LUMS only, but as per my observational experience it’s everywhere.
    Having exposure of leading corporate organizations, i saw this ‘accpeted phenomenon’ so pervasive that discussing it with bosses meant, ‘why being so sensitive, face reality, be bold’ ,and ‘jo aurat ghr se nikalti hai phir ye sab bardashat karay’ –(aurat can have need to earn, it’s not luxury for us always)
    Moment i step out of my home, during driving i see zillion frustrated men to spy or drop me till i reach my workplace!
    Who to report? Police? — please Tell me something practical, we girls dont want to get harassed more!

    Anyhow, i am glad atleast someone had the courage to bring this to notice, though i personally neither know the culprit nor the victim!

    We teach students HRM ,Management etc, if only we taught them being better humans too!

    Nevertheless. I pray May Allah grant us all Taqwa so we both genders control our sexual frustrations falling prey on Innocent people and find means to satisfy our gratifications on Halal means.


  • curious

    I wish I could see you and bow before this comment.. very well said.Recommend

  • AMK

    It is the mentality that needs to be changed. No matter what the girl
    wears. No one has the right to sexually harass her. And No! You (the
    harasser) can not blame the girl after harassing her. This is the very
    reason our males use because they are too emotionally weak to get their
    emotions in place.

    learn to control your hormones
    Start dressing decently in public

    Dont try to stop creating scenes, start reporting them, and force them to take action,Recommend

  • Hadi

    so basically you mean girls wearing skinny jeans FORCES you to touch them? this is how one should justify their lack of self control?Recommend

  • Maulana Maulvi

    Yes dear, they keep saying that males should lower their eyes. They will not change their improper dress. I wonder if they’d like to suggest that males should roam with their eyes lowered all around the campus and some indecent girls moving arrogantly in their totally indecent clothesRecommend

  • Tehniat

    that fired staff member’s name must be mentioned with a picture so that a proper ‘scene’ could be made of those who embarrass. And so that he is not hired by any other organization.
    and for those commentators who are considering themselves very religious: do not add mualana to your names. its defaming Islam. How do you know girls adept western attire at LUMS? for that you have to look at those girls and our religion has commanded you to lower gaze. first follow religion yourself!Recommend

  • Ali A Sharif

    i dont get it why people are so confused about how to curb it all… its simple, make some laws.. enforce them.. have some workshops…. give men & women courage to speak about it… those who like it or use it for their benefits can carry on & those who dont.. can use the law….& that needs to be strict…it’s not about religion… u cant go on saying that all girls in Lums should wear hijab.. its their personnel choice..u cant forcefully implement itRecommend

  • Lotz

    Mr. Ahmed showed no remorse. He called the judge a “racist,” th girls “prostitutes” and blamed white Britons for “training” their daughters in drinking and sexual activity at a young age.Recommend

  • adil

    Sexual harassment is Haram in islam but can be amusement too if you think that its not haram.
    fortunately, we are muslim and I believe covering yourself properly is halal and any part of the female body is visible its Haram. Then there is no point to justify over prohibited thing in religion.Every woman has to cover herself , this is logically far as, our traditional issues are making people desperate.that’s the major reason people are getting out of is easy but nikah is impossible. One should control his eyes but what if you see amusing parts of female body commonly that you have less space to keep pointing your eyes at.

    Its not one sided thing , we need accept our religion by heart.islam is not modern, islam is complete we should follow it not amend.

    Thanks Recommend

  • siesmann

    Only if she can produce 4 male witnesses or she will be an adulteress and is to be punished by deathRecommend

  • Moon

    People only blame ladies they are forced to accept that they were guilty it was their fault they were dressed like this or whatever, i m covering myself for almost 10 years and i faced this situation 3 times in my life on my way to university and i found out its not the dress a woman is wearing it is the thinking of a man what he thinks about woman and in the passing years i felt there is no respect in the eyes of men for women.Recommend

  • utg001

    although I do agree on the fact that sexual harassment is very common in Pakistan especially in Universities, I still don’t agree that students should be allowed to come to any university as most do in LUMS. I understand that there are some who encourage this kind of thing but I sincerely believe that people of Pakistan are not ready to embrace the western culture of women showing more skin freely.
    I know of cases where girls in almost see through skin complain that boys are teasing her. What boys do is wrong, but what the society as a whole has gone into is equally bad. I have stood up for the rights of the needy whenever possible, but when I see something that might call upon such actions, I’m sorry I cannot do anything.
    I am a student of EME college NUST and the admin has forced us to wear uniforms in college, the result, there are no talks of anyone harassing anyone. But then there are some who like to show skin on special days and end up crying in front of admin to report cases of groping.

    We have strayed so far from the basic teachings of Islam, if you are going to follow that path, nobody is responsible for your well being and you should not expect anyone else to abide by the rules set by anyone. Just accept the teachings of Quran and see the world change around you.

    I am not saying that everyone should start wearing abaya, there are girls here that wear fabulous dresses but still instill respect in hearts of everyone and there are girls who dress just in uniform but make everyone around her hate her.

    You might think that I’m putting every expectation on the girl, truth is, I live my life as simple as possible and do not give others any reason to get me on the judgment day. If anyone lives like this, why would He/She see anything like this.Recommend

  • a female
  • silversurfer

    A woman’s greatest protector is the law of the land. The religious zealots commenting on dress codes and giving references to religious scriptures are actually a big part of the problem.

    Does harassment only happen when a woman is seen in a particular dress?
    What about obnoxious calls at home that women have to endure and lewd messages on the social networking sites where many women just go by their names.

    Nobody is suggesting women to go around in bikinis which is what mullahs think about whoever fights for women’s rights.
    Implementation of law is the key which the self proclaimed religious zealots would never allow.
    If women read this comment, the sensible ones would agree.Recommend

  • silversurfer

    First decide to what extent a woman should cover up. Your head quarters in Saudi Arabia are still debating whether a women’s eyes should be visible or not.
    Secondly, the capital punishment is useless when a woman cannot even report rape if credible 4 muslim males are not her witnesses.Recommend

  • Aun

    Stop curing the symptoms look for the root cause which inveterate very deep. The root cause is that we are in a phase of transition from one culture to another. And since we have embraced only a part of another culture and abandoned only a part of our own culture we are missing out on many things. LUMS is a university where this transition is more prominent. So these problems will persist unless we completely abandon our culture in favor of the other superior culture or we completely revert back to our genuine culture. So there are forces pulling us on both ends and we are somewhere in between. Lets hope for a better tomorrow :)Recommend

  • silversurfer

    You have hit the nail on the head. In Egypt, over 80% women have complained of serious harassment in a country where majority of women cover up according to their traditions. What can one say to the west now?

    Mentality is shaped up by the degree of the implementation of law. If people fear retribution, crimes against everyone would go down drastically.Recommend

  • Sheikh Hamid Nasir

    Muslims were to be an example for those non-muslims, but now a days Muslims are themselves fighting with each other, sorry to say even on very small issues. We should be model for them rather than to suggest what religion should they follow !!!Recommend

  • rebel

    if you think women wearing a burqa dont get harrassed, you need a serious reality check.Recommend

  • Maryam

    Come to Punjab University and you will get to know what sexual harassment actually is. At least we need to be a little more resilient.Recommend

  • Hmm…

    Nicely put.Recommend

  • Rocky Raymon

    It doesn’t matter whether you are girl or boy, whether you wear hijab or not, proper dress or improper dress, gaze your eyes up or down. Action & words speaks louder then thought and that is called “Jihaad-e-Akbar” fighting your own Naafs. That is the point where Allah tests His people to the most. You can be as virtuous as possible through your entire life in theory but when you are actually given the choice that’s when you are tested.

    Seek justice only from Allah as this world is no place to ask for justice from, no matter how innocent you are just trust & Believe in Allah and His will. You might not get justice in this world, but, know that Allah Almighty is seeing everything and He will surely bring justice no matter what Satanic people do.

    Since author mentioned the line “create a scene”, I can only conjure that he truly really did not understands its meaning.
    Dear Author let me ask you do you even know why majority of girls or family refuse to “create a scene”?

    In my opinion it will be the heartiest desire of the victim girl or family to slaughter the person right away. However, there is no Law that suggest that it will give protection or will protect his/her dignity in the process. Rather it turns into a matter of dramatic fun for all to watch causing only more pain.