No, I am not beckoning you… I am just a woman trying to get to work

Published: May 26, 2014

It may be a truth universally acknowledged that a lone woman on a public street must be in want of sex commerce; yet, I am not a sex worker. I am just a woman looking for a taxi to take her to work. PHOTO: REUTERS

It may be a truth universally acknowledged that a lone woman on a public street must be in want of sex commerce; yet, I am not a sex worker. I am just a woman looking for a taxi to take her to work. PHOTO: REUTERS What it’s like to be a woman who is solicited for sex on her own street, outside her own home.

To you,

The driver who sees my loosely wrapped headscarf, jeans and long shirt, and wonders what’s going on; the passer-by who watches me adjust the messenger bag on my sagging shoulder with one hand and cover my eyes from the sun with the other, squinting at something in the distance; the curious men and women on motorcycles, in vans, riding bicycles and on foot, wondering what I’m doing on a street corner, so early in the day. And especially to those who might wonder if maybe, just maybe…

Let me stop you right there and say what doesn’t need to be said – what shouldn’t have to be said: No, I am not a prostitute.

It may be a truth universally acknowledged that a lone woman on a public street must be in want of sex commerce; yet, I am not a sex worker. I am just a woman looking for a taxi to take her to work.

I stand here because my family only has one car and it doesn’t make financial sense for me to buy my own yet (maybe ever). I stand here because my current transport situation is such that I need to find a new mode to commute, every morning. I stand here because this damn city doesn’t have any proper public transportation. Because I need to freaking get to work.

So no, I am not beckoning you.

I don’t want you to stop and ask me how much I’ll take or to slow down your Prado or Bolan or Honda or your washed-up, rimless, 98 Toyota, to see if I’m interested in making a quick buck. I don’t want you to park your ride a few hundred yards ahead of me and stare at me through your rear view mirror either. Or drive by me multiple times despite my obvious disinterest.

Maybe you already know that; that I am not what you think. But I bet you don’t know that I have written down your license plate number or what I’m planning to do with it now.

Believe me when I say I wish I could forget the view into your car; I wish I could just forget your faces – clean-shaven, bearded and moustached alike, and your clothes – crisply ironed shirts and shalwar kameez. The thoughts written in the arch of your suggestively raised brows hit me every time; they raise doubts about the bearded/clean-shaven, and well and poorly dressed men I have in my own life.

I am just a woman looking to get to work, whose sagging shoulders and tired eyes bear witness to the exhaustion of waking up to the thought of this one extra thing that needs to be done every damn morning. It is exhausting to be in this routine of dealing with filthy men in fancy cars and sexist men everywhere else; this includes the well-reputed multinational that taxis take me to every morning.

This is the organisation where I’m told Shahid Afridi didn’t have it entirely wrong and the best chefs in the world, after all, are men. Where my colleague looks at me in his crisp white shirt, neatly pressed pants and eerily white teeth and tells me I have no idea what I’m talking about when I say women have it tough in this country. And though I don’t particularly identify myself as a feminist, and my voice is composed as I demolish him into silence, I can’t stop my hands from shaking with rage at this man who insists he knows better than I do what it’s like to be a woman.

What it’s like to be a woman who is solicited for sex on her own street, outside her own home; who is told by her wiser colleagues to just buy a car, or have one called to her house even though, yes, it is ludicrous that she should be punished for being a woman without a car and driver. To be the woman who waits and wonders whether it’ll be another 15 minutes till she gets out and away from the lecherous eyes on the street to the chauvinist minds in her office.

A woman whose her heart skips a beat when she finally sees a flicker of yellow at the end of the road and, ironically, despite the warnings of disapproving aunties about taxi drivers (they rape and kidnap in between trying to make a living for their families – another obvious, universally acknowledged truth), she is relieved to get into the backseat because she knows that no sexual advances will follow. Because this man seems to be the only other person this morning who understands the type of business transaction she is looking for. That standing on a street corner does not equate to working on it. That she is just tired and pissed off and needs to get to point B… one minute ago.

How can that man, in the crisp white shirt, ever understand what it’s like to be a woman?

I hope for the day when the rest of you, driving, walking and riding-by, would just drive, walk and ride on without questioning; that when you see me, you somehow, finally, realise that I am not a prostitute; I am just a woman in a sick man’s world trying to get to work.



A concerned citizen of Pakistan.

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  • Bushra J

    Very well written and start from the heart. Have been in the same exacct position for countless times and I feel your pain.Recommend

  • Sana Dar

    I have gone through such experiences alot of time. unfortunately we r living in male dominating gutterRecommend

  • Syed Saad

    I really wish and hope we get a carpooling or uber service all over Pakistan.. These transport problems are a nightmare for common citizen..Recommend

  • Miss Syed

    Women should just stay at home. Never mind if they have an ailing old father, no brother and are single. They should kill their self-esteem, beg and despite being educated to Masters level, must stay inside their homes and do nothing even if their peculiar situation justifies them to work even in Islam.
    Sick men. Sick women who raise such men. Sick men who support this system. Sick men who do not have any chivalry left.Recommend

  • PostMan

    I don’t know about anyone else.. but from my side, my sincere apologies for the male behavior. I too wish that it just vanishes – the staring, the scanning, the analysis… everything.
    Respect & regards.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    Why do you need to work.Recommend

  • Amina,Kerala

    ” And though I don’t particularly identify myself as a feminist, and my
    voice is composed as I demolish him into silence, I can’t stop my hands
    from shaking with rage at this man who insists he knows better than I do
    what it’s like to be a woman.”

    This is exactly how I feel when I talk to my conservative uncles.Fortunately I’m blessed when it comes to my friends and colleagues.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    This was so beautifully written. You have a lot of skill.Recommend

  • Adoniah

    It was like reading two different articles merged into one.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    my advice. carry pepper spray. and use it.Recommend

  • Ordinary Pakistani

    Aoa, I really liked reading this and thought this was very close to what happens to Pakistani women everyday, even though I am a guy and you may say that I cannot possibly understand what you feel when you get out of your house. I have seen this happen with women myself on the roads, at the markets, at bus stops, as a male student hanging out with other students etc etc – The only place I would, out of my own observation and thanks to your article, disagree with you would be the fact why do women take such risks knowingly? I am NOT saying that they should stop working, getting outside the house or anything on those lines; All I am saying is, why can’t the lady in this article hire a regular taxi driver, who she thinks has a good moral character, out of her experience with that driver before? Why not be on the safe side and give these low-moral-passer-bys less to look at? If I had a sister who was suffering this way, that would be my advise to her, to hire a regular pick up…


  • Khalai Lota

    Very well written.Recommend

  • qasim

    good article, being a guy i can only apologize
    most of these ‘men’ forget they have mothers and sisters of their ownRecommend

  • Arsha

    Well written. Took me back to the days when I was fresh out of college and had started working and went through the same experience of cars stopping to offer a lift, men staring, and some men at work even commenting why I am working after all I seem to be from a “good” family. It had hit me really hard. Recommend

  • Guest

    Excerpt from Hollywood’s Movie Walk of Shame (2014)

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    We either need to curb prostitution or legalize it.Recommend

  • xyz

    This is so true! Four years ago, I remember standing near Delhi Colony after office around 6 pm to catch a bus to my university with books in my hands, a car (Mehran) stopped by and an elderly man started calling me. I was shocked and it took me a while to understand what’s going on. Afraid, I started walking to the opposite side till he left.Recommend

  • nadeem

    Point well takenRecommend

  • MHZ

    Dear Sumi,

    Please don’t stereotype men.
    We don’t consider women standing on the street corner as prostitutes.Recommend

  • Fatima Zafar

    thanks for writing this :) great work.Recommend

  • Zonab

    its like someone said in a talk show (cant remeber exactly), we respect our women by providing them seats in buses, by giving them priority in queues, but we cant respect them rightly to not to stare at them, to let them be!Recommend

  • Laraib

    Such a nice article its a bitter reality on our society ….working women facing these issues every day..time to change mind set ..a difficult task bt not impossible…..till then may b our sleeping politician woke up and work for “aam admi” . youngster don’t need Laptops and loans..they just want safety of live on the roads and basic needs like transportation……Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Nice work! Explained your perspective finely. Recommend

  • Osama Khan

    Someone needed to write this. Thank you
    – A male citizen of PakistanRecommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    Why do you need to stand early in the morning alone to go to a job. Is it more important than the slur cast upon you.Recommend

  • ManiK

    Sir why don’t you try sitting at home wearing choodiyan to answer your question?Recommend

  • Tuba Khan

    i wish our so called male society could realize n take sum initiative instead of criticizing…not only walking through the streets, using a public transport is really troublesome for the women because of these men…. i must appreciate the author for bringing this issue in highlightsRecommend

  • The One

    In all of the countries I’ve been to my experience in Pakistan has been the worst (that includes India). There is such a marked lack of respect for women it’s shocking.

    I will say this that in my university (a male dominated engineering one) I have yet to see a single guy behaving indecently with the girls. The atmosphere in the streets around the university is also very positive. If any outsider tries to misbehave with any of the female students at least five boys will stand up for her even if they’re complete strangers.

    And that pretty much sums up what’s missing in the rest of Pakistan. Education and the stand taken by the boys to not point fingers at girls for how men behave around them but also to put a stop to vulgar behaviour before it becomes normal.Recommend

  • Kushal

    What an opinion. A true pak soldier indeed.Recommend

  • Kushal

    great great col saab.. If I were in your place I would have asked why she was born in a society dominated by you.Recommend

  • Queen

    Great blog! Something we women face everyday. Women face unnecessary honking of horns and slowing down of cars even when they have their cars parked on the other side of the road, and have just stopped on the pavement to cross the road. Thanks to the author for highlighting this issue. Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Good writing , On a more practical side, you should speak to your company seriously about providing transportation to you and other people like you. I am sure you are not the only one having this problem. Why don’t you start some collective transport system in your area ? Think about it dear .Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Syed.. Some women go out to work not out of choice but necessity. They are the only earning members in their family. What solution do you have for such problems ?Recommend

  • ayesha

    Maybe because she needs the money to help her family run the house sir. and in NOT a feministRecommend

  • Bonga

    Great article Sumi. I am supervising a PhD on transport and women social exclusion in Pakistani cities. During this research, I realized that transport situation for either poor or rich women are very bad in Pakistan.Recommend

  • anti troll

    nice trollRecommend

  • KM

    This really depicts fiminist thinking… Cover your self then if still some men stare you then just think that he is adding sins in his register and Allah is looking all and be confident. You can also hire some taxi or transport from your home till our Govt provide proper transportation system for male and female. by the way due to nature of men and their thinking Islam have best principals for Women that they should not travel without Mahram. Most of the Women earning spend on their own shoping. Women hire a “massi” for house chores and spend their earnings on them why women think that house chores are less graded.Recommend

  • MHZ

    It’s only a male-dominated gutter until you are quietly sitting at home/office complaining about it.
    Next time you are harassed, you can kick the guy in the groin.
    PS: Not all mean gawk at women standing on the corner or consider them “available”.Recommend

  • Naeem

    Generalizing stereotypes is what these people do.Recommend

  • Sham

    But we are all muslims…we are going to heaven…we are the best in the world…it’s this mindset that needs to change first.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    That escalated quicklyRecommend

  • mshaiq

    Good on you for writing this!Recommend

  • SamSal

    What do you suggest?
    She calls the entire baraat to drop her off to the stop?Recommend

  • mshaiq

    HAHAHHAA! Seriously? Trolling or satire?
    Why do you need to comment on subject matter that your narrow mindset cannot comprehend? Is it more important than the betterment of this nation.Recommend

  • Arsha

    Because I want to. Isn’t that a good enough reason?
    How about that I want to be financially independent or that I enjoy utilising my education to contribute to productivity in society or that I want to contribute to support my family financially . And how about it gives me the confidence to be self-reliant, aware, and secure.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Women need to dress appropriately to avoid this happening. Tight jeans and exposing the body shape are distracting and appealing to men to think that way. The blame should go to the women who dress inappropriately. Why can’t you do “Hijaab” when going for work?Recommend

  • mshaiq

    I appreciate that you are sympathetic to Pakistani women that face this especially as a Pakistani man.
    But to answer your question of why women “take such risks knowingly” -Because the burden of morality isn’t on her but on the taxi driver, those men driving by who should (ideally) mind their own business and keep on driving without noticing her.
    The point is that whether she chooses to hire a taxi driver to pick her from her house or decides to stand at a bus stop, she shouldn’t have to suffer men stopping their cars or driving by repeatedly to stare and wonder if she’s a sex worker. Their dirty minds is not her burden to bear nor her problem. And her hiding away will not fix this perverted mentality in our society. Telling people who have such a mentality that they are wrong is what will change it.
    The burden is not on her. It is on the minds that have that kind of perverted thinking.Recommend

  • abhi099

    “that includes India” Why did u consider india too ? What bad incident towards women did u see or experienced here? I really want to know because I come from a middle class family and I may have not seen things which happen in areas which are poor, not developed or any other reason. I cant say the ultra rich or middle class areas of my city are perfectly safe but I have never ever seen any bad things happen to womenRecommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    confusion spreads its wings on every in vivo
    you wanna work then you gotta handle all the
    unfairness the mothernature brought to youRecommend

  • Parvez

    That was a strongly worded piece and made absolute sense.
    Having been around as long as the country has, I can say that before the horrible Zia era and before ‘ religion ‘ was thrust on the country…….. things were different and much, much better.Recommend


    Its not just here, women throughout the world are becoming a sex tool now, statistics show that 400000 women are sexually assaulted in UK every year which makes it 1 sexual assault every minute , and the ratio is every two minutes in america…
    Alhamdulilah, despite of other issues, our country and other islamic countaries are still safe from this filthiness, as compared to these DEVELOPED countaries…

    But just complaining doesnt make things better…we need to see the triggers behind these dilemmas…the biggest reason behind our ethical downfall is the broken relation of the muslims with their culture, values and history…it has been planted into the minds of our people, and specially the youth, that our values and culture is inferior to whatever comes from the west…and when u follow a culture, u definitely have to face its consequences, may it be good or bad…

    The biggest feature of Islamic social system, is the veil of “Sharam o Haya” between the both sexes and respect for women…and the biggest trait of western culture is the nudity and the satisfaction of desires, may it be in any way…

    Islam has identified seperate roles for both men and women, and when any one of them tries to get out of its scope, they have to face the consequences then…untill the women was treated according to our Islamic culture, she lived happily, but since she is shown the path of “freedom”, she is suffering and will continue to suffer…Recommend

  • Zara

    In the Uk I dress modestly but do not cover my head when I am outdoors.
    The ONLY way I feel comfortable in Pakistan when I visit is to cover up completely with a long dupatta when outdoors. I am often taken aback by the local girls there where some are wearing sleeveless dresses and others like myself walk around covered up.
    The great irony here being that as a Muslim I feel more comfortable being outdoors in a christian country rather than a Muslim country ! Recommend

  • Mani

    Umm. Pretty sure her comment was sarcastic.Recommend

  • Salma

    First try to become a “Man” that islam has asked you to. Only then you should worry about how muslim woman should be.Recommend

  • Shanza Syed

    And why can’t guys lower their gaze ? why can’t they respect women ?why can’t they accept the presence of women normal ?? In this society there is no person left who opposes the person who is wronged but only the person who suffers .Recommend

  • Musaddaq

    Rightly pointed out this social ill. There is a long way to go to change this mindset and reform society.Recommend

  • Syeda KAzmi

    cast a slur upon you?? what a barbaric mindset you have…Recommend

  • sundas

    Sir, she needs to work because she has all the rights to work, because she can choose to work and because she wants to work. Why it does bothers you?Recommend

  • Citizen

    Oh i am so glad someone wrote about it . Thanks . A femaleRecommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    Excuse me? My mother worked and no it was not to spend on shopping but to support her kids after her husband died so shame on you Sir You live in a fantasy world it seems. Typical Urban middle class and Upper middle class mentality. Pathetic..Recommend

  • Ceen

    @ KMThis type of thinking is exactly what creates the kind of behavior complained about in the article. First advice cover your self up. what do mean by that? Are you suggesting that the writer didn’t cover herself up? secondly if they are staring, ignore them. why because they are men? Ignorance of a crime is equivalent to endorsing it brother!!!! Secondly a whole speech about why women dont need to work….. why so that men may be able to continue making rules for women? so that men may continue to overpower and undermine women according to their preferences and turn them into submissive sub-humans much like slaves? Deeply disappointed by your comment man…. please try to be rational and look at the world in a more holistic manner.Recommend

  • Proud to be Muslim

    It is although difficult but applicable through government support or something else, allow females to ride bikes. It will look awkward for some time but afterwards it would all become normal and it this way a lot of transportation problems of females would be solved.Recommend

  • Sana

    Reminded me of all the times I travelled in public buses and experienced sexual harassment one way or another…I hated it but I wish I had the courage to speak and take action then!Recommend

  • Mehreen

    Beautifully written and thought provoking, though I don’t think men of this country are going to change any time soon.Recommend

  • Samra

    Men will stare no matter what you wear.
    I walk back home on the main road when I come back from university everyday. I cover my head and I wear a labcoat, which is obviously loose, so there’s zero body exposure.
    I still get jeered at and verbally harassed by guys on bikes and buses that pass by. Recommend

  • Saher

    She was being sarcasticRecommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Awww geez then its fine.Recommend

  • SamarYz

    You do realize that women in Muslim countries DO NOT report rapes due to the Islamic law of four male witness. At least in developed countries, rape victims get justice.Recommend

  • Imdad Soomro

    The writer has chosen a topic which is rarely discussed in our society. The kind of issues faced by middle class women in particular are very alarming for Muslim country like ours. I feel extremely sorry for the girls/aged women who commute on public transport of Karachi where they hardly find the space to stand in the bus. There is no sense of respect for women at public places or at work environment.
    The deprivation of women rights in our surroundings is so common that people don’t even consider it a menace to their own lives. Anyone who is involved in this illegal act can become victim himself. The authorities who need to enforce the women rights need to make strict laws regarding this and implement them forcefully.Recommend

  • Mohsin Shaikh

    Thank you on behalf of all Pakistanis for bringing this up … We live in a rather cruel world of worthless judgmental people with no regard for people’s feeling; Shameful… God bless.Recommend

  • Saqib

    I am really very ashamed after reading this. I wish I could change all this. We need to learn to respect you Gals. Point taken.Recommend

  • Joshua

    It should not BE a risk, that is the whole issue. Women who do not take these “risks” are just allowing their lives to be molded (in a small or big way) by these repulsive social quirks. I applaud the writer for taking this ‘risk’, and ideally ALL women should come out on the street like her and face this demon until it is extinguished. Women of Pakistan, know your rights and be ready to make the sacrifice to claim them. Come out on the streets, revolt, and in less than a month those chauvinistic pigs will be cowering at your feet.Recommend

  • Nada Zain

    Give EasyTaxi a try sometime. It costs a bit more than rickshaws etc and isn’t the best choice for regular commute, but still.Recommend


    Your argument reflects that you are ignorant of the proper knowledge of hudood law…

    I am not saying rapes do not happen in our countries…they do happen, but its as clear as a bright day that the number is nothing as compared to these “developed” countaries… what i actually want to point out is that the the flood of westernization in our countaries is bringing with it such filth…

    It is a practical observation, that still no one can dare to poke a women in public or disrespect her in our society…but yeah, it will definitely not be the case if we continue to trade our values with what is coming from the west…

    (The statistics in my above post are based on those 60% cases that are reported…according to statistics, 40% remain unreported and it does not include the adultery commited willingly, even by the girls under 15 years old..that number would not be countable)Recommend

  • Waqas Tariq

    Yeah, lets blame it on women. /sRecommend

  • Waqas Tariq

    Pathetic thinking is all I can say.Recommend


    How about wearing a black gown (abaya I think) during your travel from home to office and back home… can put this in your bag when you are at office and be your original self at work……. there are no guarantees that all men will start considering you a sister……..however this is just a hypocritical solution for a hypocritical society!Recommend

  • The One

    I have included India because sometimes when I’m whining about the harassment on the streets in Pakistan my Indian friends will have identical horror stories. But ultimately you’re right while women are harassed in India they are not forced so brutally to give up their lives to appease men.Recommend

  • Neighbor

    who gave you a commission Col ?you are tendering such a shameful apologies if it was sarcasm.Recommend

  • The One

    Ah, I was sure some of the comments would be about how women are to blame for being harassed and I’m right. I wish men would get out their low class mentality that women only work in offices at their own leisure.

    What kind of 1st world utopia are they living in where all men are gainfully employed and bringing in heaps of money? Who is working in the fields as soon as the sun rises? Who goes out of their homes everyday on brick kilns and cleaning other people’s homes. If women sat down at home we would be growing poppy seeds and not wheat, rice and cotton.

    No one helped my grandmother when she was widowed at 25 with infant daughters, not even her own brothers. She was harassed on the streets for going to work (no, she couldn’t afford a car), she was harassed in official offices, she was harassed for just being a single woman (and no, Pakistani men do not marry widowed women with children). At some point she thought moving to a non-muslim country would give her more dignity and respect but she never made the move because she thought things would get better…Recommend

  • ghumman

    Articles must be written by guys too on this specific problem of our culture.Recommend

  • gp65

    I understand and empathise. I faced this in Delhi daily 25 years back. Situation of pulic transport in Delhi is much better now so hopefully women entering workforce today do not face this situation. It is for this bery reason i.e. not everyone can afford a personalised mode of transport that initiatives to improve public transport that Shahbaz Sharif for instance is taking in Punjab should be appreciated insteqd of criticized.

    Of course apart from pulic transport there is the issue of changing the culture and poverty or social conservatism with few opportunities for genders to minle are NOT alid excuses for such culture. I for instance have lived in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Bangalore and not faced such harassment even though at that time Bangalore and Ahmedabad too had spotty pulic transport systems.Recommend

  • gp65

    I am from India and this story was also story of my life in late 80s in New Delhi. I have worked in other parts of India also and not faced such problems -so the issue is not pan-India.Recommend

  • gp65

    Her blog is directed to those men who do behave in such a manner and it si obvious that there are plenty of such men. If the shoe doesn’t fit you, don’t wear it.Recommend

  • gp65

    Maybe because he husband/brother etc. are trying to get to their jobs and cannot stand around escorting her? Anyway, what is she supposed to do on her way back – other than stand by herself?

    As for the slur, who is at fault – those who cast such a slur for no reason or the author who is a victim?

    Way to go in laming the victim.Recommend

  • gp65

    Did the Prophet’s first wife sit at home? Don’t just make stuff up to disempower women and cloak it in religious terms.Recommend

  • gp65

    How do you know the author wears tights jeans or that she does not dress modestly?

    In any case instead of discussing woman’s clothes you should discuss the man’s conduct.Recommend

  • gp65

    First of all many women work out of compulsion. Secondly, even if a woman works out of choice there is nothing wrong with it and it is certainly not a justification for harassment. Thirdly, you are making a lot of assumptions about the author’s spending habits and attitude o domestic chores without having any data points whatsoever. Finally, feminism is only about equality for women and is not the bad word that you are making it out to be.Recommend

  • gp65

    It is ireelevant why she wants to work. For someone who claims to be so Islamic, take heed from your Prophet who was married to a business woman.Recommend

  • Abuzar Jamil

    Gentlemen are only raised by good mothers.Food for thought.Recommend

  • Raza

    Excellent… enough said!Recommend

  • Milind A

    Sir – Unlike you she doesn’t belong to the army for her to enjoy all the good life – perks, plots, pensions…Recommend

  • Dipper

    Please dont make this about you. This is about a woman and her struggles. The fact that you are offended says a lot about you and your kind.Recommend

  • Sid

    Dear Sumi

    My empathy for what you faced. And feel shame for my fellow gender member’s behavior. However it kind of pricks when you generalize the problem as “Sick Men’s world”. Just because such things are more frequent in India, Pakistan and more religiously adamant and patriarchial mindset countries, it does not make men in other part of world as sick.
    The blame lies not just in men but the social structure we have created where even woman asks another woman to keep quite on certain matters to avoid shame.
    I see many rape news in India, which in a way is a good thing, not the act ofcourse, but the exposure which leads to those sick minded people to get rightful punishment. To change the society and mindset of men dominated world we need more than just articles and few thumbs up to your post.
    You are educated and very capable to start organization for your cause. Am sure you will find many support within and outside your country. Maybe you will bring change and improve situation of many such woman who faces such rude treatment from man.
    Good luck and Khuda Hafeez.Recommend

  • x

    While I agree with ‘when in rome, do as the romans’ and don’t wear inappropriate clothes in Pakistan (where I reside as opposed to what I can wear while on vacation abroad), everyone’s definition of ‘appropriate’ differs and while yeah I won’t wear a revealing outfit or a low back, I certainly will not cover myself from head to foot and make simply going to the market or the park for a walk a huge burden. I’m ok with jeans and sleeveless and if even women like you think this seems to be inviting trouble since you’re so taken aback by girls wearing sleeveless, i’m sorry we have our whole lives to live here and we’d rather get on with it rather than pandering to what men around us may thin/perceive about us before stepping out of the house every day.Recommend

  • Pir Mudassar Ali Shah

    Post their number plate on internet for lulz :PRecommend

  • Eric
  • Qaiser Habib

    Dear Ms. Please do as majority of women do, use public transport. It is very in-convenient but much safer.Recommend

  • Ramchand Haripurwala.

    Amazing you made it to Lt. Col. in the army. Which army
    was it?…Mali? Papua new Guinea?Recommend

  • Landhi wala

    This is an Indian troll. Under a fake Muslim name.Recommend