Google should ban Pakistan

Published: June 12, 2013

Appealing to the Pakistan government is a lost cause when it comes to the YouTube ban. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

For a journalist, perhaps nothing is a greater violation of human rights than the denial of access to information. In the case of Pakistan versus YouTube, I think the government’s nine month ban on Google’s video-sharing website is really the limit of regressive and, in the eyes of any global citizen who accepts the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, unethical and illegal behaviour.

I hold out no hope of sanity or assistance from the new government in this case.

It is clear that in a country as fragmented along the lines of ‘haves’ versus the ‘have-nots’, ‘extremists’ versus ‘the rest’, the ban on YouTube and possibly all of Google in the near future is the pragmatic (read: easy) stance to take.

Placate dangerous, religion-intoxicated extremists like Mumtaz Qadri who are able to act thanks to the high-level of extremism in the average Pakistani, and let the small number of middle class, upper-middle class and elite who are blessed enough to have access to the internet suffer. The latter is far less organised, and far less likely to start gunning down people in the streets over internet censorship.

Appealing to the government is also a lost cause because as I have written before, those in power benefit greatly from a ban on the internet, which they perceive to be a (quite real) threat.

Additionally, our Constitution is flawed and utterly inadequate when it comes to discussing the web; our media men and judiciary are by and large too old, ignorant and/or outright alienated from the online space to truly understand the issue.

Instead, I think the YouTube ban should be proactively dealt with by Google, who should listen to the plea of ordinary citizens of Pakistan who are its customers, take a principled stand and refuse to negotiate with the government until it stops trampling over the rights of its citizens. Or to coin a childish catchphrase that fits this ridiculous situation – Google should ban Pakistan.

If I’m going to lose my Google products one by one anyway, I’d rather have it done with Google openly refusing to participate in the denial of my basic right to access information on YouTube or through search, rather than have the government place new bans every few months, or worse, Google agreeing to allow me limited access to its products/services.

Facebook has already bowed down to such pressure in the past, and my access to some pages and groups is blocked because I am a Pakistani browsing from within the country.

I consider this a sign that Facebook has a sadly regressive streak in its management. To agree to setup such censorship in order to avoid being banned in Pakistan is akin to siding with the extremism and backward thinking that has this nation in its grips. That is not a helpful, decision aimed at enhancing democracy – it is an extension of mob rule and a violation of human rights.

Where is my unlike button?

Where is my ‘If you are a Pakistani citizen but wish to opt out of this blockage, click here’ button?

So stay strong Google. You will not have much support in Pakistan, but your stand will be the right one. As a citizen of this world first, Pakistan second, do not limit my access to YouTube to secure a short-term solution to the ban.

Instead, ban Pakistan till the nation grows up.

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Jahanzaib Haque

Jahanzaib Haque

News buff and Web Editor, The Express Tribune. Jahanzaib tweets @Jhaque_

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • IZ

    Google as principled standard-bearer of human rights? You do know that they cooperated with US authorities to give them access to data about their users right? I don’t think rights are their primary concern….Recommend

  • Faisal Chishti

    Thank you for posting this.Recommend

  • bEEP

    well said.Recommend

  • Rizwan Javaid

    I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Recommend

  • Kaiser

    Welldone Jahanzeb. People like you are in fact most illiterate persons boosting around to be champions of “freedom of expression” and ‘human rights’. If you really believe in Freedom of Expression and also think that your ideals in West believe in that then just write a column about holocaust that it requires to be investigated and you will come to know about the truth of your claims. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari


  • Hala

    at least there is sanity somewhere. love this!Recommend

  • Khawar

    You could have simply said Google to ban Pakistan forever because this nation has decided not to grow!Recommend

  • Talha Naveed

    So tell me again what is wrong with facebook blocking certain pages which are abusive for the muslims?
    It is not an act of shame for facebook. They should respect the sovereignty of a state. Ban it in that country and everyone will be satisfied. But wait? Aren’t we all citizens of the world first? Why did we choose to draw country lines in the first place? -.-
    What google needs to do is to implement a filtration system which blocks the viewership of such footage in Pakistan. The same as some of Sony Music is blocked in Pakistan.
    Asking to remove certain footage which is against a religion is “freedom of speech”. Not extremism.
    Banning youtube was a bad decision. Being a student, no one feels that more than I do. BUT, pakistan should not bow down to google. Recommend

  • Hashim

    Dude thats a really nicely written piece of work. Absolutely have to agree with you. Recommend

  • Majid

    Very well written !!Recommend

  • afza siddiqui

    oh my .that would be wud i do my assignments if there is no google :p there is no more survival of the student kind if there is no google so please spare us from such ideas :) Recommend

  • Asim Ibrahim

    By banning Google you will be in Dark Age my dear. It not times to argue either to ban or not. I am sure all the IT Gurus & Always Corrupted Government of Pakistan should initiate to build our own search engines, OS and apps and other IT Techs. It may take years but in future that will beneficial and give freedom from themRecommend

  • Riaz Khan

    Fully agree with the writer! I suggest there should be total ban on internet in PK till they grow & understand that world has become a global village. Besides ban all TV channels except PTV channel & Quran TV. Recommend

  • a

    @Talha Naveed:
    because its the world’s job to not offend you? have you ever considered that perhaps you are offending the entire human race with these narrow minded thoughtsRecommend

  • Aahjiz BayNawa

    Your call for Google to ban Pakistan itself is a reflection of extremism!Recommend

  • hassan ejaz wyne

    so according to you the rights defined by the UN are the only rights ? and according to you violating the feelings of millions of muslims worldwide by a service provider is not violation of human rights ? and what useful information have people really been getting from youtube ?Recommend

  • Sarah

    I don’t agree to you completely. its right that we need to have access to the “right” material on the web but still anything blasphemous is NOT AT ALL acceptable. I do have strong faith and belives in my religion that anything on the web will not have any impact but what about a young mind who has yet to know the difference between right and wrong, who considers anything on internet as an absolute truth.
    I do NOT want the blocking of google at any cost..but google need to put in appropriate filters and stop the so called freedom of speech.Recommend

  • Hamid

    Behold that Google is losing money by the persistent. To grow fast it needs Pakistan. So it’s either us to surrender or to Google. I hope we don’t. Let’s steadfast to protect Islam from humiliation.Recommend

  • AAK

    is it just me or did your comment make no sense whatsoever!Recommend

  •!/pages/Jahanzaib-Haque/149352001744540?ref=ts Jahanzaib Haque

    @IZ: This piece is less about Google actually taking a principled stance and more about my wish for them to do so (in a different world perhaps). I’m really talking about Pakistan and its stance here.

    @Kaiser I think holocaust denial is atrocious and I can Google it to see just how bad.

    @Talha Naveed A filtration system is censorship. If you want to opt in for censorship because your sensibilities are offended, go right ahead, but don’t include me and all other Pakistanis or Muslims into that group of yours.


  • Ali

    middle class, upper-middle class and elite who are blessed enough”, a bit too much to swallow in one phrase. Right?Recommend

  • Kamran

    You sound like an illiterate man. Constitutions have nothing to do with internet, Laws do. Also, writing an article in a newspaper makes it a formal request to government? Why do you mention what you have not done. Just because you can write English you seem to think whatever you write makes senseRecommend

  • suhaib

    so you don’t have ‘hotspot shield’ yet? ;-DRecommend

  • Muhammad Ali

    What is more fundamental – humanity of freedom? Youtube was banned in Pakistan not to suppress the spread of information, but to negate the evil-minded people who have uploaded a blasphemous video and also of those who have denied to remove it. Keep in mind that this is not freedom. If I kick you, should it be allowed – after all it is freedom for me (whatever it is for you).
    Freedom – of anything -by itself is meaningless and even dangerous. Justice is more important.Recommend

  • Hassan

    There are still proxy & web anonymizers (Zacebook & etc along with hotspot shield) out there for all who require uncensored access of information in Pakistan so its a waste of time getting into a fruitless debate & getting the job done while you can matters the most. CheersRecommend

  • Alam

    Do you know what FISA is?Recommend

  • Imran

    After reading this, I think the writer (Jahanzaib) is an extremist himself. Taking the extreme stance.Recommend

  • Mj

    “Welldone Jahanzeb. People like you are in fact most illiterate persons boosting around to be champions of “freedom of expression” and ‘human rights’. If you really believe in Freedom of Expression and also think that your ideals in West believe in that then just write a column about holocaust that it requires to be investigated and you will come to know about the truth of your claims.”


    Uhh, there are plenty of conspiracy theorist and nutter sites on the internet ‘disputing’ the historical accounts of the holocaust, in which not just the jews, but many millions of gypsies, disabled, and prisoners of wars also lost their lives. There is no restriction of holocaust denial in many western countries (except in 1-3 which were victims/perpetrators of the crimes).

    You can similarly dispute moon landing and claim to believe in aliens, but to do so you only reflect you lose grip on reality, and you will be mocked for it, but that does not mean that you do not have the freedom to express your wild conspiracies.Recommend

  • Muhammad


    Without getting into fundamental debate of freedom of expression, freedom to access information etc. May I ask you what difference does it make to an individuals life or nation whether facebook, youtube, twitter etc are active or banned. Except for getting ‘bored’ any thing else you can highlight? Does it effect econnomy or state of affairs of nation or individual? any impact on access to education, health or security?

    I am not in favor of the ban but I need to understand why such a harsh stand against GoP?Recommend

  • Asim Ibrahim

    I have all the bypasses in my hand but i m talking about initiation to build our own solutions.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Riducluous… At least google should ban those videos.. And realy this act of blocking youtube until the learn to respect the Muslims ; must be praised..Recommend

  • Usman

    If you think you are citizen of the world first, please go to some other place and use youtube or whatever site you want.Recommend

  • pak

    you have a low IQ and no sense at all of Pakistani social structure Google should be banned if it doesnot comply Recommend

  • Tahir Chaudhry

    I do understand the write’s sentiments, but it can’t happen.

    Google is a corporation, not a court.Recommend

  • HZ

    Web must be freely accessible to all Pakistanis. If any of the website restricts users from selected topics while turning a blind eye to topics that hurt others including us, then they are earning a negative point for their own bad. All such topics may be just a tiny fraction, say 1 percent of all the content on their websites.

    We have the right to protest however denying the right to access to the fruits of the remaining 99 percent is simply a greater a negative point for us. Recommend

  • Sarim

    Well said to please the born Pakistanies with brains from abroad. You should ask google to maintain some ethics and try to see what billions of people trying to express about that mal act .Recommend

  • Talha Naveed

    @jahanzeb – With respect sir, what you are saying implies two things.

    The whole country and the entire muslim ummah is standing behind you. Except for the few insane ones who sadly do not agree with you.
    If an India fighter plane flies into our airspace, we shouldn’t do anything about it. Of course it does not affect the sovereignty of the state.

    Respect is an element that should be well maintained in freedom of speech. I’m sure you would be offended if someone said horrible and untrue things about your family. Wouldn’t you?

    @mr.a – well, it’s the world’s job is nothing really. You have to act for your own defense. Narrow minded? The same question goes for you. “you would be offended if someone said horrible and untrue things about your family. Wouldn’t you? “Recommend

  • Hasan

    Banning youtube or even banning the anti-Islam videos is a silly demand. So some people in the West are propagating hate material against Islam. So what? Are we also not propagating hate material against them? I am not defending either of these acts, both are equally wrong. But why can’t we grow up? Asking for bans on such videos is like asking for a blanket ban on cigarettes because they are injurious to health and we do not want our children to take up smoking. People should have the sense to decide for themselves.

    And for the hyper religious who wear their religion on their sleeves, you keep going round and preaching everyone and raising all hue and cry, have you ever stopped to think what the Prophet (SAW) himself would have done in this situation? Would he have made ridiculous demands that non-muslims respect us and our sensibilities. No he would have urged us to keep our heads down, work hard to get to the position where people would respect our beliefs without us having to beg for it. There are only a handful of Jews in the world, yet through hard work they have managed to reach a place where no dares to move against them. Please, do think about this before you give me flak. Peace!Recommend

  • Syed Shujjat Hussain Shah

    First don’t blame on Pakistan because not only Pakistani all other Muslims don’t want to use youtube you all know what’s reason! we don’t want to listen any bad News about islam about ALLAH about Rasool (P.B.U.H) , same is done by youtube if google want to secure there customer so they must have to secure our feelings that have to stop this kind of thinks which is against Islam and Muslims!Recommend

  • Talha Naveed

    If google can block Sony Music in Pakistan on their request. They can very wall put a censorship on the videos that Pakistan demanded to put on. So your claim to ban Pakistan is plain wide foolish. Recommend

  •!/pages/Jahanzaib-Haque/149352001744540?ref=ts Jahanzaib Haque

    @Muhammad: How do Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and the internet impact Pakistan or any country? Well since you mentioned economics, here you go:

    Every 10 points in internet penetration per 100 translates into 1.21% GDP growth – World Bank Study

    We can wait for the ban on Google and the World Bank’s next study on how it has impacted our economy.


  • ashar

    For a journalist, perhaps nothing is a greater violation of human rights than the denial of access to information.

    And there is no need to observe any sort of ethics in that so called informative stuff. That is your journalism. By the way why you used the word perhaps?. Recommend

  • Madhia

    Where is my unlike button?

    Where is my ‘If you are a Pakistani citizen but wish to opt out of this blockage, click here’ button?strong text

    Thanks author for speaking my heart out…..Recommend

  • Kaiser

    Jahanzeb. Thanks for your reply but for how long we will remain slave to these so called people of West. We have our own culture and should be proud of that. We need to take principle stands and any one trying to make fun of our beliefs should be told not to do so in a befitting manner.Recommend

  • Kaiser

    @Mj. Ok if you think that there is no ban on discussing holocaust whereby one can understand what actually happened and what was its gravity then kindly start a blog or discussion on your favourite google and you will come to know that this discussion is not allowed as it hurts certain people. Are Muslims around the globe are not hurt when some thing against ISLAM is posted with out any basis. For a peaceful World every nation needs to grow up and should respect feelings / beliefs of others.Recommend

  • Kaiser

    I think I have written very simple language. What you have not understood?Recommend

  • Abdul Mukhtar

    Pakistan should make it’s own measures to block the contents only by their own IT experts.. YouTube & Google must not be banned in any case.Recommend

  • Omair Ahmed

    I think its high time for Pakistan to put blanket ban on Google.. Only then they will learn and beg to us!Recommend

  • g

    this a good slap on the face of that stupid Barrister sitting in London, while enjoying everything for himself and demanding ban for Pakistanis….well doneRecommend

  • Historian 1

    @ hassan ejaz wyne: “according to you the rights defined by the UN are the only rights ? and according to you violating the feelings of millions of muslims worldwide by a service provider is not violation of human rights ? and what useful information have people really been getting from youtube ?”

    Have you investigated yourself that the events shown in the so called “offensive movie” against muslims is not true?…or you are just following others, to claim it blasphemous??Recommend

  • pak

    it’s just you… Kaiser’s comment makes senseRecommend

  • Indi-Pop

    There is no ban on discussion of Holocaust in US. Denial of holocaust is restricted in certain countries of Europe and elsewhere but US is not one of them. US is probably the country the only country where even hate speech is not banned. You are free to express your opinions about anything and everything as long there is no immediate incitement to violence. For eg. I can say “bury all jews” in a public rally (where no jews are present i.e. in no danger of violence at that moment) and my freedom of speech will be protected under the first amendment of the US Constitution. US is much ahead of us when it comes to giving basic freedoms to its people. If you any problem with someone speech then counter it with reason and argument but banning anything is not the way to go in any civilized society.Recommend

  • Indi-Pop

    Great work Jahanzaib. It’s time to move on a free world where governments do not get to decide what we should watch and what we should not. This argument is not just about google or youtube but the interference of goverments in our private lives.Recommend

  • Kamran


    Very very very very well saidRecommend

  • Kamran

    Global Citizen my foot. Can you even travel to any other country if your Pakistani Passport is revoked? These UN declarations will not come to help you outRecommend

  • saad bukhari

    As a muslim and then a pakistani , i think the google should make negotiations with the pakistani government and ban all the faulty material on youtube in pakistan . The reason i am saying this is that every country has its rules and regulations. And we should respect that. When it comes to religion we should be very careful and we should not allow the non muslims to make fun of our religion and our prophets. Islam also says not to say anything bad about other religions as it is mentioned in quran. But these people have stopped believing and stopped practicing their religion. So they have also stopped respecting other religions. some people say that we will not grow if these websites are banned in our country. here is the list of websites banned in China , and they are improving day by day.

    We will only grow if we are united and stop every type of corruption in the country. Recommend

  • Kaiser

    What a logic. Assuming at your own whatsoever suits you. By your definition, we all must just sit down and let anyone do whatever he wants to do against us and should not even protest. Keep it upRecommend

  • Syed Mazhar Hasan

    … after reading this article, I am fully convinced that an “extremist” can be found anywhere in any form or shape. We cannot judge him or her from his or her outfits. “Pakistan should ban Google” and “Google should ban Pakistan”, both are extreme situations. So please don’t confuse our cute “mummy-daddy” class by propagating your extreme thoughts. Tolerance is only solution in any case!Recommend

  • kamran

    you are going to compromise over your religious beliefs. dont cross the limits on the name of freedom of thought and expressions. you are giving examples of western human right laws then try to do something balsphamous about holocast or any thing of their religion. then you will know what are the laws about religious blasphemy. Recommend

  • Abbas Ali

    Funny to read that Muslims all over the world are hurt by a low budget trash being posted on YouTube and not by millions of Muslims being slaughtered in Palestine or because of the thousands of Muslims in Africa dying of hunger. What a bunch of idiots.
    If u consider the video blasphemous, don’t watch it!!! There isn’t any invisible hand forcing you to watch the damn thing. Isn’t it us who topped the most porn searches. Were we forced to do that? I dont like Justin beiber, I DON’T SEARCH FOR HIM.

    This new situation about the IT minister warning google. I’m sure the management of google wet their pants. This is what happens when u make a lawyer the minister of IT. Woman google is not just a search engine. I knew this government would take us back to 1997 when everything according to them was great.Recommend

  • a

    @hassan ejaz wyne:
    un protects actual rights of actual human beings
    not your “feelings”
    its not the worlds job to protect your feelings
    grow up
    hate speech is wrong but there is a difference between hate speech and a percieved insultRecommend

  • Asad

    Why asking GOOGLE to ban Pakistan or let them share?? Why you are so dependent on them??? To be PROACTIVE mean, we would have built our own search engine and educational video archive via our own IT EXPERTS.Recommend

  • Sid

    @hassan ejaz wyne:

    The shrill and absolutely ridiculous comments, validate the authors concerns. Well done.
    The irony is mind bogglingRecommend

  • doom

    Google cooperated with US authorities? I’d check that. Even Verizon didn’t “cooperate” really. A court ordered them to share meta data.Recommend

  • Hala

    of course it affects all of these things. if you use the internet to entertain yourself then sure the only downside is boredom
    but many educational, business and creative things depend on itRecommend

  • Osama

    Ban is due to a very solid reason. and Google should grow up and listen to the voice of more than a billion population of planet earth….
    Bloggers like u are pathetic. You should be forcing google and youtube to grow up and act like mature companies.Recommend

  • Adeel Janjua

    According to the terms and conditions of both Google and Facebook, any hate speech or any such material that, by design or by fault, inflicts upon the sensitivities of a certain sect of society, comes under objectionable content and IS removed. The said videos (still do not believe that we are stuck on them as more religiously inclined nations have moved on) are objectionable and should be removed. But banning the biggest search engine of the world? Really? That is the solution? Ostrich syndrome? Pigeon mode? If this is the solution that a democratic government can come up with.. Then bring on the martial law! (Not a Mushy supporter by far). Recommend

  • Arsalan

    Thank you for writing this. I feel absolutely saddened all the time to see the state of affairs in my country. How freedom is nothing but a joke here, the very word for which this country was born has become synonymous with BAN BAN and BAN!!! It is the most depressing state of affairs as our lifestyle has been decided by bunch of bullies who don’t think twice before burning a church or a cinema. Shame on us Pakistanis for giving it in to these hate mongering bullies. Recommend

  • a

    maybe too simpleRecommend

  • Hala

    @Tahir Chaudhry:
    he wasn’t actually prescribing it
    its funny how this completely went over peoples headsRecommend

  • Shahzaib Iqbal

    I have a better Idea, why say only to google, why not the whole internet?
    I think the whole Internet should be banned for Pakistan, right?

    and why only stay ban on internet, ban phone lines and any-other way of communication as-well.

    stupid people, why not stop the people from thinking, there should be ban on thinking as-well.

    then we all pakistanis will hide in a small box in a dark room and put fingers in our ears, so we don’t have ban ourselves as-well.

    if a person have fungus in his fingernail should it be wise to kill that person?, or should it be wise to treat the affected part only? Recommend

  • a

    @Talha Naveed:
    he’s not speaking for everyone.
    that’s the point he’s speaking for himself and saying that the government does not speak for him
    uggh being offended and expecting everyone to cater to you are two different things
    are you really that careful in your life that no one has ever been offended by you
    if someone said something about my family that was untrue, i wouldnt care because i know the truth
    and i care more about my family than random people saying stupid things. Recommend

  • bilal mirza

    another reason to shift to apple. Recommend

  • Sadaf

    @Talha Naveed:
    its actually a completely different thing.
    google is not protecting sony’s “feelings” they are protecting the ownership of their product against piracy
    feelings are subjective, business is black and whiteRecommend

  • Sadaf

    @Omair Ahmed:
    yes they should beg you to let you use their services
    “please use this free service that connects you to the world and gives you things you did not have before, we’ll do anything you want”
    i will echo the authors sentiments of grow upRecommend

  • Bibi Jamila

    Aint no body got time for dat! Recommend

  • Muhammad

    @Jahanzaib Haque:

    Ah dear!

    Try to understand what it means, does it mean watching videos on youtube or updating status on facebook could lead directly to GDP growth or in other words if every Pakistani starts watching Youtube videos or facebook then we can become one of the highest GDPs in the world. Comeon !

    This is a very qualitative statement based on qualitative relationship between internet use and the growth associated with it e.g. business deals move faster over internet than over traditional communication routes fax, snailmails, couries etc. and even if we take it literarily it says ‘internet’ penetration and not the ‘Youtube’ penetration.

    Cheers !Recommend

  • Fawwad

    I agree Jahanzaib. Remove the Ban on Youtube! Freedom should rein supreme!Recommend

  • Sadaf

    blasphemy is an archaic and outdated concept which says if you dont agree with me i get to kill you. i don’t know what western country you are speaking of but none that i know have a blasphemy law. they criticise and poke fun at their own religions all the timeRecommend

  • Tahir Chaudhry


    Well it’s even more funny to see that you just missed the irony in what I said.Recommend

  • RA

    The entitled attitudes we Pakistanis have in some regards continue to amaze me. You are offended by something on Google, don’t visit that website! What would a pointless ban achieve anyway?Recommend

  • Muhammad Usman Khan

    @afza siddiqui:
    Absolutely right! Recommend

  • Rizwan

    Well i am surprised after reading this article of your jahanzaib if you are talking about rights so just answer me the right to safeguard intrests of every person from any religion so google should first make a policy to review post of users and check if any violates the rule so they should block them from postingRecommend

  • Muhammad Usman Khan

    Well said dear @Usman: Recommend

  • Muhammad Usman Khan

    I am very happy with the step taken by the govt. of Pakistan, there should be a limitation and check and balance in the use of internet. No matter which is the site whether it is google or any other site of this kind.

    There is a wide variety of their alternatives so the Pakistanis and other Muslims should feel no sadness in this regard.Recommend

  • hammurabi

    Realistic piece.People who criticized you have not read the true history of religions.Recommend

  • Singh

    Jahanzaib Haque: You are banging your head on wrong wall. After reading all comments, I feel pain for you. most people does not understand concept of freedom of speech. You are trying to swim upstream river of intolerance.
    I appreciate your effort to help your country to move forward in 21st but very few takerRecommend

  • Gratgy

    If Google bans Pakistan then Pakistan will lose the #1 spot for searching Porn on the net.Recommend

  • Asim

    Here’s how you can access YouTube from Pakistan (Windows 7).
    1) Open “Network and Sharing Center” from Control Panel.
    2) Click on “Change adapter settings” from left column.
    3) Right-click on the connection icon that you are currently using and click “Properties”.
    4) Select “TCP/IPv4” and press Properties.
    5) Type “” as your “Preferred DNS server” (This is Google’s public DNS service).
    6) Press ok.
    7) Now you can access YouTube by typing “”.
    (Note: “https” and not “http”).

    This will work in other versions of Windows as well.Recommend

  • Asim

    Couldnt agree more!Recommend

  • gp65

    @Author : Brilliant, brilliant brilliant. Every word was well thought and crafted.

    @Kaiser: Sorry this whine about holocaust denial does not apply in case of youtube. There are any number of youtube videos that claim that the holocaust never happened.

    @Talha: The filtration system you talk of is possible and 49 countries have it. While I personally disagree with that because it constitutes censorship, Pakistan could also go for it. What is this system – it is to have a local version of youtube. Youtube will remove anything noncompliant with local laws from local version of youtube. This is precisely how India, KSA etc. had the video removed. So why does Pakistan not have a local version of youtube? BEcause it has to follow certain procedures and also pass electronic liability laws that it currently does not have. Once it has such laws, then it could also have a local youtube implementation.

    @Omair Ahmed: Total digital ad revenue from Pakistan (not just to google) is around $5 million annually. Total quarterly revenue for google for the last quarter was around $12 billion. Pakistan’s revenues are not even a rounding error on the google P&L. Overestimating your own importance and underestimating counterparty’s options is an ongoing phenomenon that one has witnessed in Pakistan and it has not served Pakistan well.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Rizwan: “Well i am surprised after reading this article of your jahanzaib if you are talking about rights so just answer me the right to safeguard intrests of every person from any religion so google should first make a policy to review post of users and check if any violates the rule so they should block them from posting”

    You have right to be offended. You do not have a right to NOT BE OFFENDED. In other words you are not entitled to live in a world where everyone tiptoes around your fragile feelings. Right to make controversial is the start f free speech not the end of it. Otherwise no one would be able to say anything other than ‘I love my mother and gaajar ka halwa’.

    Also are you aware that many things in the Holy Quran itself are such that they give offense to followers of other faith? So does that mean that people should ban that? No. This issue against blasphemy was taken to UN by OIC way back in 1999 (well before this video came up. The current UN stance is that one should protect the right of a believer to worship as they choose rather than protect the belief itself. In this regard it is actually many Muslim majority countries like KSA which are the worst offenders.

    In any case you are obviously unfamiliar with youyube. It is a self publishing system.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Muhammad Ali: “What is more fundamental – humanity of freedom? Youtube was banned in Pakistan not to suppress the spread of information, but to negate the evil-minded people who have uploaded a blasphemous video and also of those who have denied to remove it. Keep in mind that this is not freedom. If I kick you, should it be allowed – after all it is freedom for me (whatever it is for you).”

    Thee can be no humanity without freedom. You have the freedom to worship as you choose and this video does not prevent you from doing so. As far as example of kicking is concerned – no one has right to be violent but free speech (unless it is inciting violence) is not considered to be violent in itself even if it offends you.

    Again what offends you may differ from what offends others.The things in your faith against idols may offend Hindus. Does that mean that your right to say things that offend others should be abridged by law? No.

    you have a right to be offended. You do not have a right to not be offended. In other words, it is not everyone else’s responsibility to protect your feelings just as it is not your responsibility to protect other people’s feelings.

    Personally even though I am a Hindu, I found the video offensive. Most people will not say or do things that offend others and they may an economic and social price if they do that. But to legally require 4.5 billion non-Muslims in the world to comply with your beliefs is just unreasonable just as requiring you to comply with their beliefs is unreasonable.Recommend

  • Liaqat Ali

    A thought: Do I need someone else deciding what is ‘good’ for me? Do we want the GoP deciding for us; are the people who are thrown in a panic when asked to produce a Bachelors degree the right people to be able to make these decisions?
    Second thought: Ignorance may be bliss but are we not as Muslims enjoined to pursue knowledge and enlightenment. Knowledge is power or the US would not be picking a fight with China over cyber-spying.
    Hey there’s an idea since we are the country whose data was most scarfed up by the NSA Hoover lets cut our connection to the world and maybe that is the plan with all of these power cuts huh. No electricity means no power for the electronic gizmos and…so everyone relax we don’t need to ban anyone we just ban ourselves :)Recommend

  • Muhammad Awais

    Number of internet surfers are increasing today in an underdeveloped country like Pakistan, and Google is well recognized search engine, so people use it very commonly instead to use any other search engine. The new IT and Communication Minister had told in her first day at office that in future we can ban the google in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Jabreel

    Google etc have agreements with China, KSA, UAE etc for ensored information.Why a great fuss if Pakistan demands same? The only issue is that Pakistan does not have guts to conduct dialogue assertively and respectably.Recommend

  • Shaheen

    Why don’t they just ban the internet and call it a day ?Recommend

  • Shaheen

    @Syed Shujjat Hussain Shah:
    This might come as a surprise to you but not every other person cares about Islam.Recommend

  • SBTC

    Requesting Google to ban certain videos on YouTube just because a certain community is offended by it will not do good to anyone. If Google complies with the request of one community, a plethora of communities will spring up and request removal of videos that members of those communities are offended by.

    I can see PITA rising against videos that show meat and leather products and advertisement by such companies. Cyclist community standing up for the ban of advertisement by oil and gas companies on YouTube. Apple fanboys protesting for the removal of Samsung/HTC/Google/Android ads and vice versa. The list goes on and on.

    Heck there are a million other videos that will bring about certain good to the very community who are requesting the government to block this site, just because of one teeny tiny 10 minutes long video.

    Nobody even knew that the blasphemous video existed until the media stumbled upon it. I believe it had less than a thousand views in two or three months. Yet the more people protest against this video, the more famous it became, the more people talked about it. Others see that it hurts the Muslims, so they start making similar videos. Just like a bully in a high school would pick on you if you start to show reaction to his actions. This video would have sank to the YouTube abyss had people and media ignored it. Just ignore these videos, and they will go away.


    Telling Google to ban Pakistan entirely, of their search engine, and their services (mapping), operating systems (Android), Books, Gmail, Translate and other related features would bring immense harm to all kinds of industries in Pakistan. A number of thriving online business rely solely on Google’s services. I believe it will harm Pakistan’s online business irreversibly.

    Banning Google is the far right’s way of showing extremism. Asking Google to ban Pakistan is the far left’s way of showing extremism. Pick a side, both are equally bad.


    To the person who kept asking what good YouTube brings to the students apart from ‘entertainment’. There are numerous videos on YouTube related to every subject on all levels of education (O/Matric, A/Inter, Undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D, Medical, Bio-tech, Business and Commerce, Computer Science and languages, thousands of tutorials).

    I believe that a large part of me passing the O and A Levels exam within 4 years, and then studying for Inter within 2 months in order to give an entry test in a Pakistani University (because they are based on Inter course) was achieved by the help of YouTube. Not only that, it is still helping me in my first semester of University due to tutorials and stuff.Recommend