Fashion Pakistan Week 2013: Nothing screams sexy like the Pakistan men’s fashion scene!

Published: June 7, 2013

Is anything hotter than the local men's fashion scene?

Hey girls, but more importantly — guys!

The last time I wrote on fashion, I covered the all-important impact local fashion is having on terrorism (n’ stuff).

This time, thanks to the recently held first-ever Men’s Fashion Week in Pakistan and Fashion Pakistan Week 2013, I present to you an exploration of men’s fashion!

I think the clothes really speak for themselves, but with a handy dandy speech bubble, I hope to call to your attention the nuances that go into design through the imaginings of the models that get to wear these splendid creations.

Without further ado…


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Nadya V

Social critic and part-time gossip monger

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  • Fahad Raza

    Had this been in the Sunday Snaps.. hits would just kept on coming…Recommend

  • kanwal

    Is this for the real? If these outfits were part of fashion week, i would nt mind if their makers are contemplating suicide tonight, bcoz i am right now. Lol. Recommend

  • Abul Kalam Azad

    ha ha ha…. good one Recommend

  • Black Widow

    The writer is totally right on this one. The show was such such such a cheap version of international style shows with wannabee written all over it. I for sure should’ve taken tamatar and andaas with me.Recommend

  • saif ur rehman

    lol, nice points to be noted.Recommend

  • Saima

    Haha thanks. We laughed our heads off with this one. You just made our day. I guess some things should be left with Women only. Go Feminism! Not literally though ;)Recommend

  • florence

    I feel sorry for these men who have to wear these outrageously ridiculous outfits.. Manhood goes down the drain! tsk tsk tsk….nonetheless hilarious speech bubbles!Recommend

  • Samreen

    really LOL for the ‘girlfriend sandals’ one!!Recommend

  • Parvez

    Nadya V never fails to impress………..and get a laugh as well.
    Lady Gaga meets pagri meets Aladdin………….vaaaah !!!

  • AmQamar

    Sheer Bakwas!Recommend

  • Nobody

    I’m all for having a men’s fashion week, but not with this fashion. But then again, the stuff most women wear on the runway during fashion week is frankly hideous and not anything most would ever consider seriously wearing. That being said, I don’t particularly care for the fashion worn by these men but I certainly wouldn’t get bored there. ;)Recommend

  • Haseeb

    This is DA BOMB!Recommend

  • Haseeb

    But I would like to point out that most images are from Karachi Fashion Week: Men’s Fashion Week. You guys should get your facts right. And the title is about the other fashion week, which was ACTUALLY good menswear.Recommend

  • sidra

    haha itx awesome :PRecommend

  • M

    looks more like a costume party!!!Recommend

  • fashion mania

    Among all these fashion shows opened in Pakistan, fashion gets my heart. The office lady style is my favorite. Capable and experienced images make me feel wonderful and ambitious. I wonder if there is anyone feels the same like me.Recommend

  • Rabeel jameel

    Ha ha ha very funy dress Recommend

  • zambezi clothing

    Ha Ha Ha..this is so funny fashion blog! What a good funny insight you have got! Really enjoyed the blog! Tremendous work with this blog. It was really convenient from a reader’s perspective.Recommend