Say yes to Valentine’s day

Published: February 11, 2013

One would hope the government would notice this trend and intervene before the ideological fight turns to actual violence. PHOTO: AFP

There is no better indicator to how little Pakistan has done to prevent the nation slipping down the extremism rabbit hole than the increasingly visible outcry against Valentine’s day.

Back in the 90s, nobody was concerned with the celebration of Valentine’s day. The general population was unaware of the event, and the few who knew went their merry way with chocolates, cut-out hearts, red balloons and the hope of securing a date or making a loved one feel special.

The 2000s have, however seen each Valentine’s day turn increasingly into an ideological battleground between the forces of extremism out to score political mileage, and well, teenagers with red balloons. One would hope the government would notice this trend and intervene before the ideological fight turns to actual violence, but perhaps such foresight would be expecting too much.

So here we are in 2013 with these big billboards up across Karachi:

And on vans:

Photo: Parked at Bahadrabad Chowrangi, Can't believe some one paid for this, lol


Say NO to Valentine’s Day!

“If you do not have haya in you, you are free to do whatever you like”


This tradition reflects our insensitivity indignity and ignorance of Islam.


Who is this group willing to spend tens of thousands of rupees per billboard?

They are the Tanzeem-e-Islami – a splinter group of the Jamaat-e-Islami who state on their website that their basic belief are “the same as that of Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat” and:

“Since Tanzeem-e-Islami addresses specifically to the duty of struggling for the establishment of the Deen, it believes that the Western constitutional and democratic model is not suitable for this purpose.”

At this point, any readers who feel democracy is ‘cr*p’ may exit stage left.

For everyone else, we need to realise that Valentine’s day is no longer a pop-culture/globalisation phenomenon – it is now a political statement.

I personally do not like Valentine’s day. I think it is gaudy, commercial and just plain silly at times. But I am willing to fight for the right our nation’s hormonal teenagers and sappy romantics have to celebrate it. You should do the same, because an ideological war is being fought here, and while you may personally detest Valentine’s day, please realise that the endgame of extremist outfits like the Tanzeem-e-Islami is not to bring an end to Valentine’s day, but to democracy and any/all of the (few) freedoms you currently take for granted.

Take a look at the ‘methodology‘ section of the Tanzeem-e-Islami website if you are having trouble visualising the ‘change’ this organisation wishes to bring.

So have a heart (literally). Celebrate Valentine’s day in some small visual manner this year to establish where you stand politically. If you don’t do this for yourself, do it for the minority out there who consider this day important.

At the very least, when you are bashing Valentine’s day, just be extra careful with the words you use so as to not end up being a part of a very real movement aimed at taking Pakistan down a truly dark path.

PS: I do not think the solution to this problem is the removal of such billboards, as that would be limiting free speech. I do believe the answer to this is a communicated response, and a level playing field whereby violence and threats in the name of religion are not used by those with another world view to enforce what they want.

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Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that the English translation from Bukhari in the billboard was not found. It was identified by commenters in an Urdu translation. 

Jahanzaib Haque

Jahanzaib Haque

News buff and Web Editor, The Express Tribune. Jahanzaib tweets @Jhaque_

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  • Waleed Shah

    Cmon!! You are going after the word Haya? I think that is clever usage of language to make people understand.

    Personally I really do not care what billboard they have put up. If billboards with models donning skirts/bare legs can be put up and everyone is expected to stay shut and not say a word in the name of tolerance and to show that we aint extremisit, then why can we not tolerate this? Why this liberal extremism? Recommend

  • PakistaniTeen

    Brace yourselves against people who turn Muslim on 14thfeb!Recommend

  • PakistaniTeen

    How about someone you thought always hated you, asks you out for a date on valentines? Filmy han? So darn not know how to deal with the confusion created due to valentines!
    Dhuz Dhuz Dhuz……Recommend

  • Whattay!

    Buhaha.Hormonal Teenagers! That clicks =pRecommend

  • Ozymandias

    @Waleed Shah:
    So you have no issues with people claiming to be moral and religious misquoting Bukhari?Recommend

  • faraz

    You can have a harem of 100s of women, but you cant celebrate Valentine’s dayRecommend

  • Said Chaudhry

    right on the money Haque.Recommend

  • Saqib

    If you can not search properly please don’t accuse others that this Hadith is not there in Bukhari

    حدثنا أحمد بن يونس عن زهير حدثنا منصور عن ربعي بن حراش حدثنا أبو مسعود عقبة قال قال النبي صلی الله عليه وسلم إن مما أدرک الناس من کلام النبوة إذا لم تستحي فافعل ما شئت
    Narrated Abu Masud Uqba:
    The Prophet said, “One of the sayings of the prophets which the people have got, is. ‘If you do not feel ashamed, then do whatever you like.”
    صحیح بخاری:جلد دوم:حدیث نمبر 712 حدیث مرفوع مکررات 5
    احمد زہیر منصور ربعی بن حراش حضرت ابومسعود رضی اللہ عنہ سے جن کو عقبہ کے نام سے یاد کرتے ہیں بیان کرتے ہیں کہ انہوں نے رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے فرمایا کلمات نبوت میں سے جو لوگوں نے پایا ہے یہ جملہ بھی ہے إِذَا لَمْ تَسْتَحْيِ فَافْعَلْ مَا شِئْتَ۔ یعنی جب تم کو حیا نہ رہے تو جو چاہے کر ڈال۔Recommend

  • Waleed Umer

    صحیح بخاری:جلد دوم:حدیث نمبر 712 حدیث مرفوع مکررات 5
    احمد زہیر منصور ربعی بن حراش حضرت ابومسعود رضی اللہ عنہ سے جن کو عقبہ کے نام سے یاد کرتے ہیں بیان کرتے ہیں کہ انہوں نے رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے فرمایا کلمات نبوت میں سے جو لوگوں نے پایا ہے یہ جملہ بھی ہے إِذَا لَمْ تَسْتَحْيِ فَافْعَلْ مَا شِئْتَ۔ یعنی جب تم کو حیا نہ رہے تو جو چاہے کر ڈال۔Recommend

  • Hammad Mian

    Mr. Writer Tomorrow you would say “Say Yes to Holi, Diwali etc”. Promote your culture instead of others.Recommend

  • Saif

    So in simple words, if anyone points out something we do as unislamic, he/she is an extremist. Valentines day IS unislamic and if we’re a muslim nation we must not approve of it. If someone wants to celebrate it, go ahead but do not give the arguement that people disapproving it are wrong. They are not. If you are a muslim, be strong enough to acknowledge what is right abd what is wrongRecommend

  • Tribune Reader

    There is one on Bahadrabad chowrangi on wheels
    click my blog to see that imageRecommend

  • Aijaz Haider

    Say no to this blog.Recommend

  • Mudassar

    After reading some of the comments up there i am in the state of shock that how our society got polarised and the fact is that the generation of Zia era is on its high.Recommend

  • Learner

    Great. Now, wishing a Christian ‘Merry Christmas’ is akin to being a heretic when following the Islamic faith. Celebrating Valentine’s is similarly akin to being heretic. Not a lot you can do around here without the moral (Islamic) policing of a society that never was encouraged to take its own decisions. The ‘good Muslims’ will churn out the prevalent dogma of why the Sunnah doesn’t approve of a day celebrating the principle that their very faith propounds. Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    (Grumbles) Yet another piece of pseudo-liberal, anti-religious, Western propaganda.

    Don’t you know that expressing love and affection is against our culture?Recommend

  • Adnan

    Valentine Information:

    Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is observed on February 14 each year.
    St. Valentine’s Day began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus. The most popular martyrology associated with Saint Valentine was that he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire; during his imprisonment, he is said to have healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius. Legend states that before his execution he wrote “from your Valentine” as a farewell to her.

    Today, Saint Valentine’s Day is an official feast day.

    It is Christian’s Culture – February 14 (fixed by the Western Christian Churches) & July 6 (fixed by the Eastern Christian Churches)

    Conflict with Islamic countries:

    Saudi Arabia
    In Saudi Arabia, in 2002 and 2011, religious police banned the sale of all Valentine’s Day items, telling shop workers to remove any red items, as the day is considered a Christian holiday.

    The concept of Valentine’s Day was introduced in Pakistan during the late 1990s with special TV and radio programs. The Jamaat-e-Islami political party has called for the banning of Valentine’s Day celebration. Public at large still consider Valentine’s Day as opposed to Pakistani culture and Islamic teachings.

    Islamic officials in Malaysia warned Muslims against celebrating Valentine’s Day, linking it with vice activities. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the celebration of romantic love was “not suitable” for Muslims. Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz, head of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), which oversees the country’s Islamic policies said a fatwa (ruling) issued by the country’s top clerics in 2005 noted the day ‘is associated with elements of Christianity,’ and ‘we just cannot get involved with other religion’s worshipping rituals.’ Jakim officials planned to carry out a nationwide campaign called “Awas Jerat Valentine’s Day” (“Mind the Valentine’s Day Trap”), aimed at preventing Muslims from celebrating the day on 14 February.

    “Muslims please use your brains and don’t market others without any returns”Recommend

  • javeria

    Everyone has a right to live their own lives.Recommend

  • Saima

    A wee bit of misrepresentation here……Valentine’s day is not a Christian religious festival….it is purely cultural. So let us not fight culture with religion. Ofcourse it has nothing to do with Islam….and neither do birthdays, convocations and cricket world cup for that matter. Do we chase and criticize everyone who celebrates them too? Respect everyone’s right to freedom of expression…including religious people. And………Oh please get over it….as if Pakistan has lesser things to worry about. The money wasted on this campaign could have been used to creating jobs and feeding people.Recommend

  • nexus

    I fail to understand how invasion of the western culture is in any way going to improve things for us.. really?? Everyone is aware of their culture, or more like, lack of culture. Encouraging our young ones to head in this way is seriously like pushing them over the cliff. Its seriously nothing but a commercial take. We should rather focus on uplifting our teens , helping them out to survive this obnoxious world, rather than make them Romeos and Juliets. Recommend

  • Raheel

    That tanzeem is surely besharam and behaya and bewafa.Recommend

  • ali

    he needs to realize raising voice against it is not because of the “freedoms we take for granted of democracy”, rather it is the duty of every muslim to preach the good and forbid the evilRecommend

  • Rida Malik

    This should just be against people who would eventually turn violent. Oho, cant you guys read? This is against political motives, not religious intentions. This WOULD eventually turn into violence because all we know best to do is how to use religion for our ulterior motives. sympathy votes jou mil jatay hain bhaiRecommend

  • Raza

    I think the point the author is making here that, regardless of personal opinions about Valentine’s Day, nobody has the right to take away another individual’s right to celebrate it, because its a part of their personal domains. An individual’s haya and morality are not random organizations’ responsibility which probably have no other issues to raise other than Western corruption (how about sectarianism, female oppression, corruption, ethnic killings, for once?). If a person does wrong, that’s his/her issue and he/she will be held accountable. We don’t need Taliban-like self-appointed custodians of religion to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong; we can figure it out for ourselves thank you very much. Recommend

  • Dr Asma Azhar

    Something that is totally out of Islam can not be justified at all… End of!
    Promoting something haraam and celebrating najaiz rishtay is what valentine is.. Your dont need a specific day to show someone else how much u care! This is soo star plus and co, cable has ruined our generations, Muslims here in UK haven’t gone to this extent, whatever happened to Pakistan? Recommend

  • The Rebel

    Jamaat-e-Islami is a party of crooks, thugs and mullahs, and if some people actually support this joke of a ‘party’ which clearly has it’s own agenda behind everything it does or says, then this country is surely plummeting into the depths of darkness. Say NO to JI.Recommend

  • aliya mansoor
  • Khan

    Well why would this nation approve of a valentine’s day or events of the sort. It is a society where mommy or papa pick a girl/boy for their children which are most of the times “phuppo ka beta” or “mamu ki beti”. It is a society where lifetime relations are made not out of love but because of how much the boy has in the bank account or how underage the girl is (taakay larki, larkay k ghar walon ki marzi main mold hojae). What do you expect from such whacked up people???Recommend

  • Fiza

    Well I am a practicing Muslim but I don’t see anything wrong in celebrating valentine’s day! I know it’s a marketing gimmick to attract consumers but if it gives happiness to some ppl so be it. Religion also teaches us tolerance, so those who want to celebrate should be allowed to do so. This moral policing is just too much to digest. The religious zealots take up petty issues just to distract ppl and create more intolerance leading to extremism. How dare we judge ppl and how how dare we much big statements on the basis of hadith which was probably said in a different context! Why not take up issues concerning rape, Domestic violence, murders, ethnic cleansing…Think ppl think!!!! We can teach our children to be murderers, Thieves, bad human beings but not romeo Juliet! I dont see anyone saying anything bout corruption and no banners have been put up saying that KILLING SOMEONE IS BAD, but they all suddenly become Muslims when its convenient for them. Bravo!

    Btw its not just restricted to lovers. The concept is no longer BEHAYA now, you can celebrate valentine with your loved ones like family, friends and your husband…so whats so bad in being happy for a day in a country where there is not much to be happy about??? in west the marketers have come up with the idea of celebrating it with your pets and giving them gifts…

    After reading comments from the educated lot that i believed would be more tolerant towards others, I must say i’m utterly disappointed!!!!Recommend

  • gp65

    @Author : As always, you are on target. You are not indicating your personal preference for Valentine’s Day but speaking up for the rights of others. This is what one would expect from any liberal (which I think is a good thing to be).

    @Waleed Shah: “If billboards with models donning skirts/bare legs can be put up and everyone is expected to stay shut and not say a word in the name of tolerance and to show that we aint extremisit, then why can we not tolerate this? “

    If you read, the author actually said that he is not against the billboard which is freedom of speech. HE is against the implied threats of violence to those who celebrate it anyway despite these billboards.

    @Learner: One of those rare times when you and I are on the same page.

    @Hammad Mian: “Mr. Writer Tomorrow you would say “Say Yes to Holi, Diwali etc”. Promote your culture instead of others.”

    And if he said that would it be such a bad thing? No one is asking you to give up your own culture. No one is asking you to celebrate Holi or Diwai or St. Valentine’s Day. But if someone else celebrates it, how will it hurt you?

    @Dr Asma Azhar: It is unclear whether you object because it is haraam in Islam (pls. provide reference) or because it is too Star Plussy or because it shows a greater degree of glbalization in Pakistan compared to your Muslim friends in UK have.

    @Adnan: ““Muslims please use your brains and don’t market others without any returns””

    You are implying that somehow celebrating St. Valentine’s day amounts to marketing Christianity? If you had said it helps to market choclates – but Christianity? Seriously?Recommend

  • Milestogo

    We should stay away from western influences and get closer to one true god.Recommend

  • Asad Malik

    I think valentines is a pathetic excuse and more widely celebrated in Pakistan than in the United States. I do not agree with valentines day BUT if these people think they can stop others from doing whatever they want, then I support valentines day for the sake of countering these ignorant extremist mullahs and burkahsRecommend

  • Parvez

    Excellent and sensible thinking.
    The essence of Valentine’s Day is to express and spread joy, love and happiness through out the year and is celebrated once a year – doesn’t every religion teach a similar lesson ?
    The comment by @javeria : ‘ everyone has the right to live their own lives ‘…… spot on.Recommend

  • Uzair

    Excellent article Jahanzaib. Sadly most (almost all?) of our populace seems to think morality is enforced from without, and even worse, that love is a “sin” (while an old marrying a teenager is ok, or that men can have multiple wives, or that young men and women can marry for love out of their own choice, are all considered “sinful” and socially wrong.).Recommend

  • Ashar Pervez

    As a muslim just ask yourself if the concept of Valentine’s day is compatible with Islamic teachings. Simple.Recommend

  • Karella

    As the saying goes ‘ make love not war’ . This is more apt for Pakistan in our current predicament, than it ever was in the 60’s. Neither religion or our culture is against any expression of love.
    When I was a kid, I always wondered why kissing was censored on TV, while killing was shown blatantly, sometimes in gruesome detail. I used to ask innocently, is kissing a greater sin than killing? Never got an answer then, and I am sure I won’t get a coherent one now either. Recommend

  • Ghazi

    Justifying one sin coz of other is lame..Recommend

  • makhan

    i see no harm if my knowledge base is increased even by a non-muslim and especially if it assists me in preparing fr my akhirah. If someone choses to act as per non-muslim traditions then thats her/his choice and obviously it would lead her/him to there respective fate. Its CHOICE we make.Recommend

  • Umar

    Pakistan is a mulim country and in a islamic country there shoudn’t be vallentines day? EUROP/USA never has celebrated EID!!!Recommend

  • Yasir Mian

    Liberal extremists Do you wait entire year for Valentine Day’s arrival and then you would express your loves to your loved ones ? :) If for you guys, a single day should be reserved for love then Can’t you express that love on Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid-ul-Azha Recommend

  • Zaeem

    I would like to say to the writer better do some research before bashing against any organization.
    I would ask readers to study tanzeem e islam and its ideology and the work they are doing rather following someone who i think is fed up islam Quran and sayings of mohammad saalahualhiwalsam.
    Brother jahanzaib if you want to know more then have face to face meeting with me.
    JazakALLAH khairRecommend

  • http://London Dr. Nawera Orakzai

    Whats sort of complex these so called muslims have. Have you ever seen any Christian, jew or Hindu celebrating Eid festivals ?Recommend

  • Historian 1

    Everyone has the right to say or display what he thinks right provided it should not be against the laws. Most important is that there should be no violence involved. Recommend

  • Adil

    Well there is no debate on valentines day if you married, even if you are engaged you can give reasonable gifts or cards , but DATING in parks or hotels and doing unethical things, this is wrong . . .Recommend

  • Adil

    And for those who are mixing Valentines day with Eid, Did you ever celebrated Holi or Easter as a Muslim in Pakistan …? For married and engaged couples every day can b a Valentines day Recommend

  • Zshan

    I think we should remember that we are the citizens of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN.Recommend

  • I despair!!

    Why does everything have to be such a song and dance nowadays? God I so relate to your words that back in the 90s no one did actually give a flying about this stuff. Bring back the attitude of the 90s!! Also I find that image you have used completely hilarious. So, these people actively went out of their way to MAKE these love hearts/placards, or bought them etc and then burned them? ..dear God, I do despair for these people. Give us all a break. These people are as much of a laughing stock as those people who fall for the gimmicky kitschy day of valentine! take a freaking breather, save the freaking environment, stop burning things!! Just everybody CALM down!Recommend

  • blah

    soo im wondering. if there’s nothing wrong with adopting western culture (read foreign culture) why is it SO bad if people adopt “arabic” culture.
    yall seem to bash those that try to arabize society or introduce arabic concepts and ideas, yet you so happily embrace western things.

    just stick to ur pakistani culture or then stop being hypocritical.Recommend

  • The Rebel

    @Umar: That’s because Eid is a festival celebrated only by Muslims as it is a part of the Islamic culture, while Valentine’s Day isn’t bound by any religion/culture and is a global event aimed at spreading a little bit of love and happiness. Isn’t that what Islam teaches us to do as well?

    What anyone does with his/her life and the choices they make are their private matters. Pakistan would be a much peaceful/happier place to live in if other people just stopped butting into our lives and got on with theirs. Every person out on the street seems to be a part of some kind of a moral brigade. Live and let live, for crying out loud.Recommend

  • Nobody

    There is nothing unislamic about valentine’s day. what is wrong with you people? for those more conservative in thought, take the boyfriend/girlfriend culture out of the equation. how the hell is a married couple celebrating love haram? you people have tunnel vision and you’re partly to blame for the downfall of Pakistan and their extreme take on things that are harmless. so what if people celebrate it? are they stopping you personally from being a spiritual person or devout muslim? will time stop?

    i personally don’t care for valentine’s day as i think it’s just a way for florists, candy shops and hallmark to make money, BUT i see no problem in people celebrating it if they want. it doesn’t stop my life from carrying on and in no way interferes with ANTYHING i want to do. and as i said before it’s not unislamic. just because something is NOT islamic, doesn’t make it haram or anti islam. you don’t want to celebrate it, don’t. let other people do so.

    how scary is it that Pakistan’s religiosity has gotten to the degree where people don’t protest or burn tires when little girls are married off, women are raped to resolve disputes, women are killed for “honor”, men women and children are murdered everyday because they don’t follow the majority sect, and there is a general unrest gripping the nation, but come valentine day, oh my that’s a big no no, take to the streets and stop the madness people. how dare those little hormonal adolescents or love sick couples celebrate their romance?? bleckh! valentine’s day will be the cause the nation falls deeper into the abyss people, forget all that other stuff I mentioned.

    would be great if i saw such billboards and ads and protests against all the horrible, vile criminal behavior going on everyday. Recommend

  • Loki

    That Tanzeem e Islami should stop propagating these things cause its everyone’s personal choice to celebrate it and they cannot impose their rules on us!!!!Recommend

  • Moz

    @Waleed Shah:

    “If billboards with models donning skirts/bare legs can be put up”

    Where are those billboards with women wearing skirts/bare legs in Pakistan?? I would like to see how truthful are Islamists!!Recommend

  • Nobody

    Eid is a religious holiday; valentine’s day is not. and before you cite sources explaining the christian background of it, it has no religious affiliation whatsoever in the modern world. it’s simply a cheesy romantic day for people to spend money on each other. harmless. and boyfriend/girlfriend is not the ONLY relationship out there. married couples celebrate it as well. or should married couples not show any love and affection either as it is unislamic? Recommend

  • Black Widow

    “There is no better indicator to how little Pakistan has done to prevent the nation slipping down the extremism rabbit hole than the increasingly visible outcry against Valentine’s day.”


  • Human

    This Day of Love is wrong
    Spending all Charity money on billboards is correct
    get a life.
    If they don’t want to Love or Spread the message of Love ( Which God says to love & be a loving caring person )

    I guess they missed the point .

    IGNORE them we will still celebrate this day with our family & friends < send out cards < messages, flowers etc etc

    No one can tell us how to live Our own lives >
    Something Good is always Haram for them but what goes on like Khotttas & killing in the city no one has the CASH or for a Billboard or a rally to Stop killing < robbing &
    Get your facts correct about this Beautiful Day Recommend

  • Human

    Valentines day is is NOT EID.

    Its simply a Day focused on love is they any harm if you wud just say I love you to your family & Friends ?

    Or is there a Problem with the Word LOVE for you ?Recommend

  • Sharjeel

    Article well disguised by the author. First he placed a picture of violent protestors to make up the mind of the readers that those protesting against this day are all violent. Grow up, the first picture does not belong to Tanzeem e Islami’s protest. They did it peacefully and so it should be appreciated.Recommend

  • Moz

    45000 Pakistanis dead in terrorist attacks and valentines day is our biggest threat. Recommend

  • someone

    @Dr. Nawera Orakzai:
    yes our family friends celebrate Eid with us & we celebrate Christmas with them , they even fast with us
    so is there any problem?

    Akpi choti soch mein bohat BIG problem hainRecommend

  • Historian 1

    @ Adil: “For married and engaged couples every day can b a Valentines day”

    By your logic everyday can be mothers day, fathers day, eid, (for well to do) etc.
    There is a symbolic purpose to collectively celebrate these days once a year on global level. Recommend

  • Ali

    @Hammad Mian:
    If you have any =__=Recommend

  • Pakistan

    For all those who are claiming Valentine’s Day is not Hrama. Any relationship b/w Na Mahram Man and Female is Haram from Islamic Point of View.Recommend

  • observer

    @Hammad Mian:

    Mr. Writer Tomorrow you would say “Say Yes to Holi, Diwali etc”. Promote your culture instead of others.

    And Day After, he may promote Cow’s Milk and Mangoes, instead of Camel Milk and Dates. What is this world coming to?Recommend

  • Maher

    Islam and Haya please keep these words aside please. Thee words would have some meaning in any Islamic country. We are not an Islamic country btw ok . Recommend

  • Working Woman

    Confused write up, confused deductions.. But i am still not confused about celebrating Valentine’s Day. I don’t like it personally.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Dr. Nawera Orakzai:
    Actually Hindus participating in Eid festivities is fairly common in India. If you have never seen it, it is because you do not know any Hindus. So while you meant to. Ask a rhetorical question you just ended up displaying your ignorance. Not just for Eid , it is not uncommon at all for Hindus to throw Iftar parties for their Muslim friends.Recommend

  • eeSHuu

    Valentines day is mare be-hayai … it can only be acceptable if between husband and wife, mother and son, daughter and father, brother and sister … but not between na-mehrams …Recommend

  • eeSHuu

    true … celebrate it … our society will still allow you … but dont promote it … and look down upon those who do not … Recommend

  • eeSHuu

    culture shall not adopt things in conflict with religion … Recommend

  • faraz


    It exposes the bankruptcy of principles of moralityRecommend

  • Mukarram Khan

    i fully support “Say NO to Valentine day”. Stop writing these articlesRecommend

  • Saad

    Democracy is hard to adjust within religious matters. Conflicts and opposing thoughts will occur. No matter how hard you restrict, people will find ways of doing what they want to do by other means, thus claiming being democratic. I do not ‘celebrate’ Valentines and I dont think the stereotypical couple dating culture should be encouraged. Yet MAYBE we should celebrate the day but in a different perspective, such as try and promote valentines as a day where we show love to our brothers and sisters within the islamic boundaries? Convincing is far better than banning.Recommend

  • ana

    to each his own in every country being diverse….Recommend

  • Waqas

    you can get the necessary articles on reality of valentine

  • Ram Lubhaya

    Atleast in multi-cultural India we do visit our Muslim friends to wish them and have great lunch. @Dr. Nawera Orakzai: Recommend

  • Utkarsh

    @Waleed Shah:
    There is a major difference in billboards with women wearing revealing clothes and billboards telling people they have no shame if they celebrate Valentine’s Day: the skimpily clad women are not saying you are behaya if you don’t wear skimpy clothes.

    And to the guy talking about Holi and Diwali…please. Do you even know what Holi, Diwali or even Valentine’s Day are?Recommend

  • TTV

    What is it with you people and misinterpreting articles? The Author isn’t forcing anyone to adopt this “waahiyat” tradition. He’s simply stating that people who wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day should have the freedom to do so.

    “but DATING in parks or hotels and doing unethical things, this is wrong”

    I’m curious to hear your explanation as to why “dating” is wrong. A majority of muslims would probably respond with “because my religion said so”. So let’s ignore religion for a minute (don’t worry, I’ll take the blame).

    Now then, why is dating wrong? Theft is wrong because you’re depriving somebody of their possessions. Murder is wrong because you’re taking someone’s life. Rape is wrong because you’re degrading and “damaging” someone. What do all three of these “wrongs” have in common? They each involve a lack of consent and the infliction of harm upon an innocent person.

    So how does the act of dating between two consenting individuals fit into the same category as the aforementioned acts? Sure, there exist abusive relationships. But the situation would not be much different if the couple were married. Other concerns lie with the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies; which can be easily avoided with the use of modern contraceptives and protection (provided that the individuals in question are intelligent enough to use them). So, why do we continue to judge dating as wrong if it doesn’t fit the description of a “wrong”?

    I respect your religious beliefs, but please do not allow them to cloud your judgement. The opiate must not stifle free thought.Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Wonder why Tanzeem e Islami or anyother AVO (Anti Valentine Organization) ever condemned ethnic or sectarian killings in Karachi.
    One Murder is Equal to the Killing the Whole of Humanity. Ever seen such billboards from them ?Recommend

  • Waqas

    here you have the complete list of articles published by Tanzeem-e-Islami on situation of Karachi:
    Feel free to revert in case of queries.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    There is nothing wrong with valentines day! If you peoplehave issues then fine, it’s your life. There is no need to eradicate it from life all together! You don’t have to like it, you may believe its against Islam, and fine. In the end each person will answer to God themselves, you don’t need to fix in! Extremist fools! This is why our nation isn’t prospering! Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Tanzeem e Islami should improve its campaign and do something like that .Recommend

  • moizah asif

    well, the first thing isyou should not have highlighted the hadith the way you did. your biased thoughts are quite alarming because probably you are trying to show that the hadith is used out of context which is not true. if you don’t think that ‘haya’ needs not be observed between two single kids or umm your teenagers..then who do you think should observe haya between themselves?

    when a thing is done on individual basis that is not a problem for you and me.. but when a custom, which is not really our custom, and for which the country’s official religion does not show any flexibility, is promoted on the country’s media.. then it is quite alarming..

    why do you want to support the hormonal or something whatever you said for the muslim teenagers to plan giving gifts to the so called loved ones.. and you know today’s pakistani teenagers do not restrict themselves to giving away tokens of love.. they plan and do all kind of sexually illicit activities which are condemned at every level in the official religion.

    my dear author the official religion’s last prophet has also said that muslims are not to follow any of the non muslim traditions and culture. and you know very well from where did your valentine day sprung out :)

    addressing your second extremism of pointing out tanzeem that they do not support democracy.. my dear author do you know the system of state’s admnistration laid down by the official religion of pakistan.. you shoudl have done your home work before writing this blog,and for me you are an exrtremist who is an extreme supporter of the west!Recommend

  • Waqas

    this is the freedom of speech that the link you just shared is now saying “The article you are looking for is no longer available in this website.”

    meanwhile you can view the latest press release from Tanzeem-e-Islami on Valentine on the below link:

  • Muhammad Taimour

    Mujahdi bhai :pRecommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    sure, dude.Recommend

  • Rozina

    Say “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” to this blogRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Asma Azhar,

    “Your dont need a specific day to show someone else how much u care!”

    Then I urge you to stop celebrating 14th August too. You don’t need a special day to show that you love your country.

    Isn’t everyday supposed to be an independence day? Hmph!Recommend

  • Point of view
  • Socrates

    The burqa clad ladies and the their male counterparts should take it easy.Recommend

  • Raiya

    This is absolute nonsense. Celebrate valentine’s day to save democracy? Recommend

  • Dailysmspk

    As a Muslims we Disapprove Valentine day, I wana just ask yourself if the concept of Valentine’s day is compatible with Islamic teachings????Recommend

  • Danish

    Reading the thread of comments is just plain

    The page on Tanzeem-e-Islami’s “Methodology” states the following:

    “We shall target a particular evil in society, and employ all the contemporary techniques of peaceful and non-violent agitation and civil disobedience to eradicate that evil, including street processions, public rallies, strikes, and sit-ins. We shall not damage any public or private property; we shall not attack anyone under any circumstances, but at the same time we shall be willing to lay down our own lives.”

    I think this is what democracy is, is it not? I mean, compare this statement to what Martin Luther King did for the elimination of segregation in American Society. Segregation was considered correct by A MAJORITY of white americans back then, while only a handful of african-americans were opposed to it. Of course, I may be wrong – comparing an issue of racism with that of religion may not be correct. But, the Tanzeem-e-Islami is looking at the issue of valentine’s day in a similar manner.

    The Tanzeem-e-Islami has every right to publicly EXPRESS it’s viewpoint as long as it does not ENFORCE its viewpoint on others. So far, despite being in the mainstream for at least 40 years, violence has not been the modus operandi of Tanzeem-e-Islami. Recommend

  • Human

    Happy Valentine’s day to Everyone including Tanzeem.ORG


  • uet

    So many days for hate, Just one Day for love!Recommend

  • Human


    Thats how you make it everyday for your self
    your choice Love or hate Recommend

  • Human

    Happy Valentine’s Day Pessimistic .
    Have a Great day

    Missing you Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    You can have 3 wives but you cant celebrate Valentines Day … sigh*Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    To all Anti Valentines Day peeps: Whats the big deal …. to each his own, you should stop forcing your opinions on others … on a side note, Id love to get a teddy bear this year… really love em :)Recommend

  • Milind

    @Dr. Nawera Orakzai:

    As gp65 pointed out Hindus participating in Eid is quite normal here in India. We (me and my Hindu friend) were invited by our Muslim friend to his house for Eid and we participated whole-heartedly, travelling across towns for the occasion… My Muslim friend’s Mom played a gracious host by acknowledging our religious sensitivities and asking us our preferences for veg food. (Both of us were ok with non-veg food and we went with their available fare, instead of having a separate menu for us). Alternately we do have Muslims greeting us and visiting us on Hindu festivals…

    Some festivals are mostly cultural/area, confined to the province area and everybody participates in it…. I can understand the reason for you being ill-informed… There are hardly any minorities left in your country for you to mingle with.Recommend

  • ilyas

    I don’t care about politics but I know one thing that the sentences which was quoted is hadith and we are not supposed to celebrate valentine’s day as Muslims.Recommend