How much do you hate Pakistan’s media?

Published: January 22, 2013

An image that appears on multiple Facebook pages targeting the Pakistani media.

Keeping lists of all aspects of Pakistani activity on Facebook is a manic hobby of mine. I consider myself the tracker of the totality of our online diaspora, which is best represented on Facebook (8 million Pakistanis and growing fast).

One list that has been very consistently growing and producing content is my (rather plainly dubbed) Pakistan Media Haters list.

Over the last two years I have been diligently adding pages that spew hate (i.e. irrational, cherry-picked critique with dollops of venom, lies, incitement to violence and racism) against the local media. I have also tried to decipher where these pages are coming from, ideologically and literally i.e. who is running them and possibly funding their activity.

  • It’s safe to say that the Facebook pages are operated by a rather small group of individuals.
  • These individuals operate in tandem with each other, often campaigning and cross-posting from each other’s pages.
  • The pages tend to ‘like’ (you can like as a page on Facebook) each other, as well as pages supporting the Pakistan Army, Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi – aside from the more abstract Jinnah, Iqbal and Islam-related pages.
  • A number of the pages are updated daily, most with manipulated images/graphics/illustrations that suggest a fair amount of (ideologically motivated or paid?) dedication.
  • Most of the pages have a small, but extremely dedicated following, resulting in very high traction (shares and likes) for their content.
  • There is definitely an audience out there that agrees with the message(s) being disseminated.

I could venture to speculate from the above-mentioned facts, but I won’t. I will leave the speculation to the readers, and all the evidence is easily available on Facebook anyway.

Let’s take a look at some of the ideological fronts these pages act on. In particular, let’s see why they hate local media so much!

Pakistani media is run/supported by RAW/CIA/MOSSAD

This is probably the most popular theme on all the Facebook page – a firm belief that Pakistan’s media is sold out to foreign powers or the highest bidder.

[NOTE: I have tried to avoid images targeting a single media group, and have not included many vile, racist, obscene attacks on individual members of the media]

[Translation for the image above: Under this flag’s shadow, we are one, we are one.]

[Translation for the image above: Everything is sold here.]

Pakistani media lies/misrepresents current events

The Facebook pages tend to take any ongoing current event and twist it to fit their anti-media agenda. Take a look at a few examples after the January 2013 Quetta attacks below.

[Translation for the image above: If Balochistan is handed over to the Army, the first thing which should be done is to cage this treacherous media. For whenever the Army tried to sabotage terrorists through, the media defamed it by giving it the name of ‘military offensives’.]

[Translation for the image above: Pakistani media! For many years in the past you have been blaming the Army for the unrest in Balochistan. So why are you demanding Governor rule and deployment of Army personnel in the province today? Such  shameless and treacherous media organisations you are.]

These pages were also a part of the propaganda campaign that tried to portray violence in Burma against the Rohingya Muslims using images from other disasters.

With a slightly different twist, these pages called out the media for not speaking out on the issue.

[Translation of the image above: Send your curses to to the conscience-less, sold and Jewish media which stayed mum over the killings of 28,000 Muslims in Burma.]

Here is another example of shares after the shooting of Malala Yousufzai.

Note how unlike the majority of propaganda circulating against Malala online, these groups focused on lauding the Army and bashing the media (rather than calling Malala a CIA agent, scam artist etc.)

[Translation for the image above: Salute to the Pakistan Army! And curses to the media dogs who bark against the Army. But, like always, the Pakistan Army proved that it’s always ready to serve the people, while the dog kept barking.]

Pakistani media is destroying society

A more general complaint is that local media is hell-bent on destroying society by attacking its values, its figureheads, its traditions etc.

[Translation for the image above: The day when the whole nation was paying tributes to Quaid-e-Azam, The Express Tribune was trying to create confusion regarding him. Who actually was Quaid-e-Azam, learn from his own words.]

[Translation for the image above: The above channels, showing vulgar Indian dramas, are not aired in parts of Pakistan. If you are still receiving these channels, then you can call your cable operator to stop their reception. To raise your voice against vulgarity is your moral and social responsibility!]


[Translation for the image above: Everyone beats drums on death anniversaries of Indian actors Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand, but which channel mentioned anything about the death anniversary of Hafeez Jalandhari?]

Additional notes

The image selection above is not a complete representation of the content on the Facebook pages on my media hate list. They also feature many graphic, personal attacks on media group owners, journalists, politicians and TV anchors. These attacks sometimes include incitement to violence. Additionally, there is a lot of racist content targeting Jews in particular, and a fair amount of religious extremism in many posts.

Geo is, by far, attacked more than the other local media groups. Whether this is because they have the largest and most popular news channel or because they have the most enemies is hard to tell. Their Aman ki Asha initiative is particularly targeted for obvious reasons.

Examining the content of the pages, it is clear that there is a sustained hate campaign being run (manufactured?) against local media. There is very little emphasis on actual critique, much less truth telling and integrity.

The twisted nature of this undertaking and the fact that it attracts a crowd (albeit a select one) makes these pages (and their owners/operators) ironically just like the nightmare local media they envision and despise.

But what else could we expect? The media as an institution is after all, a mirror of the society it is operating in.

Facebook pages accessed for this post include (but is not limited to):

Pakistan media – The fifth column of the enemy

Geo is a Jew Tv

Say NO to Indian Culture

Youth Campaign against JEW TV [Official] 

Youth Campaign against Express Tribune [Official]

Pakistani Media Agents of CIA and RAW

My Ideology is Islam & My Identity is Pakistan

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Jahanzaib Haque

Jahanzaib Haque

News buff and Web Editor, The Express Tribune. Jahanzaib tweets @Jhaque_

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Rana Usman

    There’s no doubt about the tangling role of media in many cases. The incidents are not long gone when media played a role of culprit.

    How many of you remember when this media was making a stage for Lal Masjid Operation, it was obdurate to find headlines likes ‘Writ of Government Challenged’. Media Anchors like Hamid Mir and Shahid Masood were stressing upon Government to carry on Operation, and when Government did it, the same media took a U-turn to malign Government for this act of violence.

    The same media played a role of culprit in case of Akbar Bugti Murder.

    You know, the reaction/opinion of people is slowly made. It doesn’t comes out by light speed. If today, these people are spreading such things, of course, there’s a history behind it.

    Never to mention, how Media gave a whole week to Malala Yousafzai for nothing.

    Accept the fact that above the fair footage of Media, there are many other hidden agenda, for example take the week of Malala Yousafzai attack. Why the whole week was given to her? Just to get rid of discussion on Long March to Waziristan of PTI, and it happened, the march settled down like dust.Recommend

  • Mass media sucks

    Mainstream media is the same everywhere my friend, u have to seek the real information Recommend

  • Taimoor

    Hard to trust the media after the Malik Riaz fiasco. That was jsut one example of the penetration of the elitists into our media. So why should I trust this garbage media. They paint people as devils and devils as people. They never ask the obvious questions like what the PPP or PMLN or any other party has accomplished. Instead they nit pick issues that irrelevant. So yes it is a bika hua media. Recommend

  • Pessimist

    My reaction after seeing these pictures: LOL.

    My God, we’re one confused messed up lot. It’s everybody’s fault! Ronald McDonald! Jacob McJew! Btw, can I make another assumption? Majority of these pictures have words in Urdu or, to be honest, plain English. Perhaps you can deduce their target audience from this?

    Oh and how could you miss the countless Aafia Siddiqui photos? I’ve seen a few of them.

    For Rana Usman:
    Accept the fact that above the fair footage of Media, there are many other hidden agenda, for example take the week of Malala Yousafzai attack. Why the whole week was given to her? Just to get rid of discussion on Long March to Waziristan of PTI, and it happened, the march settled down like dust.

    I think whenever a 13 (?) year old gets shot in the head for her views, it is sure to make international media. But I understand your point, everything in Pakistan HAS to be a conspiracy theory. I mean the other day my mother told me there was a dead cat on the road. I’m sure …. killed it….Recommend

  • The Khan

    The truth hurts, bro. Recommend

  • gp65

    “Everyone beats drums on death anniversaries of Indian actors Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand, but which channel mentioned anything about the death anniversary of Hafeez Jalandhari?]”

    There are limits to hatred. Dilip Kumar is still alive – why talk about his death anniversaries? (I know it is not the author who said this – but whoever it is that said this – the message is for that person).Recommend

  • Sohaib Irshad

    Its perfectly all right to show charred dead bodies, human pieces scattered, some host even got a heart attack when he came to know that PM could still survive and Army wont interfere.

    Its easy to criticise Jahanzaib. This mindset is developed by you and your self righteous media organizations when the portray a suicide bombing a scene from 007 with full effects/animated movie.

    Educate them instead of criticising from across the field. They wont listen to you anyway. Recommend

  • AA

    Mainstream mediais badperiod.Recommend

  • JM

    The article has taken out the representations from facebook regarding the media, however, not critically analyzed them. If you critically analyze them you will find them to be true. As an outsider to Pakistan, I watched the Pakistani media and realized that this is not a representation of Pakistan, but rather, it is working on some of its own “Agenda”. Besides, for may of the pictures that you have put on this page, there is ample evidence available regarding media’s role.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Reality bites !!!Recommend

  • what nonsense!

    “But what else could we expect? The media as an institution is after all, a mirror of the society it is operating in.”
    a completely false statement. here are some examples:

    while the vast majority of pak audience hates to see indian content (dramas, award shows and their songs while news is read out), the whole media still shows indian stuff. i fail to understand as to how come our media shows stuff which people hate watching, there seems something really fishy in it?

    Now lets talk about latest TuQ episode, the whole media and almost all anchors kept shouting for 3 weeks that army and agencies are behind it, and in the end we all know that it was solely his movement, did the media apologize for spreading rumors and maligning the army and agencies?

    i am not pro or anti anyone but i just ask that you keep calling somebody a murderer without proof, the accused person eventually comes out and says that he did not commit murder and then you say so what, every murderer says that and keep on calling him a murderer without proof, is this fair? is there any end to this? won’t you call this propaganda? in media’s case, this is exactly how it looks at the army and agencies.

    so Mr, Jahanzaib, just so you belong to the media, please spare time to highlight its ills and evils which are far far more than its positives, as Sheikh Rashhed says,
    “har koi company ki mashhoori main laga hai!”, you my friend ar doing exactly the same by writing such a blog!Recommend

  • Salman

    mano ya na mano, social media speak from people hearts, and mostly reflects the true sentiments of the people. while, i don’t understand who does the mainstream media actually represent. Dawn & ET are certainly not representing Pakistani people. They have their own agenda, they want to forcefully push unwanted liberalism up people throat.Recommend

  • zombie

    I beleive it is wrong to treat them all alike. We cannot deny that many or all of these journalists may have clean conscience. But sometimes facts are confusing:
    – One of the leading journalists who apparently shares pains of Pakistani people went on for a Luxury Hajj on taxpayers’ money. (We know of only one) So much for the bashing of politicians, generals and judges for same kind of double standards. Moreover, demanding plots from the government for jounralists, special provisions and other benefits give an impression that they consider themselves above those they criticize.
    – Showing of “Munni Badnaam Hui” and “Chikni Chamaili” during 9pm News, when I am watching news with my family, not an R-rated movie, is distrubing.
    – “Breaking News” of a Dhamaka in distant streets of Lahore often turns out to be a mere Khota Gari tyre puncture. All they achieve is public panic and fear.Recommend

  • lalarukh

    i hate GEO , Express and all media who is against Islam & PakistanRecommend

  • Haris Javed

    What, When, Where, Who are present!!
    unfortunately big WHY is missing in our media reporting.. .!! sheer spoon-feeding!Recommend

  • haha

    if u really believe that media any where in the world states truth and nothing but truth then u r living in a lala land… :)Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Great post dude!Recommend

  • Gratgy

    “Jounalists for sale, Buy one, Get on Free


  • hba

    haye haye! Dilip kumar ko kyun mar dala?Recommend

  • Yawer Amin

    There is not a slight doubt that media these days is abusing their influential power, there were days when somebody wants to raise voice about inequalities, injustice and system, he starts a newspaper, then there came TV and they started channels but for a justifies cause, several newspapers were banned by governments for publishing the truth, and as for monetary benefits they newspapers were often poor they only motivation was to serve good to publish what is good.
    And as we see today’s media especially TV channels, They have only one motive that is to earn money on either cost. they do know that they are doing massive damage to society and country by yellowing their product, but they just don’t care. No doubt media is best source of knowledge and an essential platform. But media these days fails to build a positive image. ! Recommend

  •!/pages/Jahanzaib-Haque/149352001744540?ref=ts Jahanzaib Haque

    @Rana Usman:

    “take the week of Malala Yousafzai attack. Why the whole week was given to her? Just to get rid of discussion on Long March to Waziristan of PTI”
    This is just appalling logic on your part. Like our local media, it seems you are open to conspiracy theories with no proof, and making your agenda a priority over reality. Enjoy it.

    @Sohaib Irshad: I think TV channels’ coverage in general is disgraceful and unethical. Agreed.

    @what nonsense!:
    “while the vast majority of pak audience hates to see indian content (dramas, award shows and their songs while news is read out), the whole media still shows indian stuff.”
    You are wrong. Go check any TV ratings over the last 5 years and you will see that the vast majority of Pakistanis want to watch Indian/foreign content. The demand is so high that TV channels are ditching local content in favour of content from abroad.


  • Taimoor Asif

    Great article for Pakistani friends who have issues with role of media. Here
    I would like to say “Unaccountable media for irresponsible nation.”Recommend

  • salmanzq

    How dare you defend yourself when everyone knows that the media is a jewish conspiracy. I’ve seen evidence of it in the documentary named Tomorrow Never Dies. Recommend

  • Working Woman

    Above pictures should have included one showing ALL channels stating BombBlast news with ‘SAB SE PEHLEY, HUM NE KHABAR SUNAI APNI AWAM KO’..

    Jay, I want to know your opinion about this. What does a channel gains with this particular statement? Has emotional sensitivity of content deciders reached ZERO?Recommend

  • Ali Asghar

    Some restrictions should be applied to media in order to keep it on straight track.Recommend

  • Nasamajh

    @author: We have tested and tried our media several times and have never found any allegation against it untrue.. It’s time you also changed your lens and saw the reality! It is all the game of money and fame!Recommend

  • aatif iQbal

    i saw last day 1 chennl was first condemning india and indian media about LOC tension and very after this that chennal gave headline of FILM FAIR AWARD and made thier best to let people completely knwo about all information about that award show. i just wanna ask to paki media that do You realy have any agenda or its just a race of catching audience without any pros and cons of your headlines and other telecasts specialy releted to ENTERTAINMENT??
    don’t You know about the other so many good things happining in PAKISTAN ..?Recommend

  •!/pages/Jahanzaib-Haque/149352001744540?ref=ts Jahanzaib Haque

    @Working Woman: The TV channels are largely run by a bunch of unprofessional louts who have no training or understanding of journalism, much less ethics. The owners of media groups condone this kind of behavior as long as profits continue to come in. My personal opinion is that PEMRA and the Supreme Court acting together taking real action will have most of the industry’s issues straightened out in a few years time. Lets hope it happens in our lifetimes.


  • Working Woman

    @Jahanzaib Haque:

    Yeah, Let’s hope :)

    P.S. But we have people of midset that SC & PEMRA are no one to decide the channel content. Many won’t like the idea of regulationRecommend

  • A Peshawary

    The media is getting back what it reserves. It is a replica of program like “Hum Sub Omid say Hain” or Khabarnak and many more. Pakistani media particularly electronic media deserves much more than this.

    It is not a hate campaign, rather it is the voice of the people; the claim widely reiterated by the TV anchors. The slogans igniting violence can never be endorsed therefore are condemned from core of the heart.

    A PeshawaryRecommend

  • PakDefender

    The PAkistani media is not showing the truth instead creating panic so social media is right about what is being showed..Recommend

  • PakDefender

    Dear Editor

    Could you plz answer questions what is raised by social media on the above pictures…Recommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    The problem is that we all are hypocrites………….We watch geo all the time but hate geo, we all watch Ishq-e-Mamnoon (highest rated drama in Pakistan) but hate it……..We all watched Veena’s Show Astaghfar (her show got highest ratings in Ramadan) but hate veena.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Excellent work, Jahanzaib – and the translations were really helpful. It appears that people don’t want to hear news that disagrees with their preconceived notions and don’t mind investing a lot of time in creative execution to convey their displeasure. More power to them!Recommend

  • Rana Usman

    “This is just appalling logic on your part. Like our local media, it seems you are open to conspiracy theories with no proof, and making your agenda a priority over reality. Enjoy it.”

    We are not playing assumptions game like a fifth grader. Its okay, you may stop calling me a conspiracy theorist to win an argument, I already declare you winner as for I am here to play as Gentleman not to play a fifth grader.

    Accept the fact that Media is all about rating, about selling news. As Reuters once defines news as “It’s News! Man Bites Dog”. Recommend

  • anwar suhail

    Useful article. well doneRecommend

  •!/pages/Jahanzaib-Haque/149352001744540?ref=ts Jahanzaib Haque

    @Rana Usman:
    Fallacious argument on your part. I am calling you out for your baseless connection of Malala’s shooting to the PTI march. Please go read up on your fallacy here:

    That is where you made your 5th grader argument.

    I agree the media is all about ratings and selling news – I never said it wasn’t. This too is a fallacy on your part. Go read about it here:

    Also, since you opted to use the term ‘5th grader’ you can see the fallacy related to that too: (Note: I used it above as well – see how it sticks out like a sore thumb?)



  • Talat Haque

    This is just great! so good!Recommend

  • Gratgy

    ET what is the point of deleting my entire comment and publishing just the line which I copied from the article. Truly Bizarre!Recommend

  • Pessimist

    For Gratgy:

    Join the club! ET never publishes my complete comments. I honestly don’t have a clue about their moderation policy!! Recommend

  • Ali


    Even if the proof is there stating ‘Financial Aid to Media’ to socialize and modernize … educate the nation … We’re well aware of the titles media takes to accept AID. .. I know people inside media speaking out the stories behind ‘stories’ …

    You can fool ‘ignorant’ category by directing them the way you’re directed to, but you can’t win the other section.

    since unfortunately the prior category is bigger in number, you see your win …

    We know meaning of Pakistan and teaching of Islam, we won’t let you escape this way or other …

    you try at your end and see our try online …Recommend

  • http://EfffyouMedia EfffYouMedia.

    I just don’t get how the media in Pakistan is all anti-Pakistan, While in the other countries like Usa,India they are so pro towards their Country. I’ve watched their interviews on youtube and the way they treat their Pakistani/Muslim guests is just horrible. They would cut them off in half, Won’t let them speak, Call them Terrorist, Radical, Evil, Mullahs on their “face” Call Pakistan a failed state in front of Pakistani Representatives. And while showing the “Map” Of Pakistan they would remove the whole Pakistani Kashmir and show it as their “Own” While on the other side Pakistani media just likes to hurt the sentiments of their “Own” People, Viewers. Show Indian shows, Play Indian songs while news, And make birthdays of some random Indian people a “News” And be so friendly towards the sentiments Pakistani people don’t like. aman ki asha, aman ka khawab, Etc, Etc… Musharaf did so good when he banned the media of Pakistan. Media should be banned again and only “Ptv” should only be the entertainment, news source on Tv. This is what we “People Of Pakistan” Demand…Recommend

  • anique abbasi

    actually the media of Pakistan really deserves what has been said by all these pages on facebook. most of the Pakistanis now know the reality of Pakistani media who represent someone else!! not the Pakistani Nation!Recommend

  • Zuhaib

    True Story bro.. Media sucks..Recommend

  • Hasan Qureshi

    Patriots, Pakistanis,

    Please boycott these main media channels. Get your news from the alternative media like and Paknationalists, from Pakistan loving people like us.

    As far as ‘opinion’ goes, form your own! Recommend

  • M Rameez Ul Haq

    I am wonder if those campaigns are paid or someone funding them for exposing the JEW media! open your eyes, you have to be Muslim before making any decision over the issue, why media was silent when Isreal was bombarding over Palestine Geo and other news channels were covering Salman khan, Sharukh khan’s stories – shamless media. i will support Pakistan Army more if they are really funding those groups for the exposing JEW media. Recommend

  • maham

    well there is nothing wrong in the message these pages are propagating. The fact is that are media is actually penetrating our nation with antistate sentiments and thoughts being constantly imposed on them. The biasness and flawed information reaching our masses through the t.v if countered a little by such pages i guess it is of no harm. Apart from that i must tell u there are hardly any pages supporting military or zaid hamid. The no. of pages u findin favour or support of them is exceeded by the pages spreading hatred against them quoting the stoog media that unfortunately we hv. Recommend

  • maham

    @what nonsense!:
    Best reply (Y)Recommend

  • Dee

    Isn’t Express Tribune a part of it?Recommend

  • Loki

    Well no would want to see conservatism on tv everytime Recommend

  • Loki

    Well i havent seen anything against islam anywhereRecommend

  • Philosiraptor

    Pakistani media? Even though money is coming from elsewhere, we are suppose to believe it is Pakistani media?Recommend

  • Loki

    Social media is also not right about everything their are some things about electronic media but the people who criticize media on social media are also not angels they start campaigning against everything which they dont like sometimes without knowing the truth like they talk against every journalist spread misinformation about them Recommend

  • Loki

    @anique abbasi:
    But not every channel gets paid by american govt. and these pages who are spreading hatred against media also need to lighten upRecommend

  • Loki

    @M Rameez Ul Haq:
    Dont you have tv in your home when israel and palestine geo and other channels were showing news about it everyday in their newsRecommend

  • Loki

    @Ali Asghar:
    Well there are restrictions by PEMRARecommend

  • Loki

    I dont understand the mentality of some people who are always trying to force every women to wear hijab if media shows some liberalism than what is wrong in it it shows for those people who wants to see it but if they are too much conservative and dont want to see a women without a hijab then they should go to saudi arabia because women are not allowed to do anything their but if they want to live here then they have to face it that we have democracy in our country and they cant force media to show conservatism everytimeRecommend

  • gp65

    ET’s moderation policy is confusing because it is inconsistent. However, overall it facilitates debate by keeping out people who outright flame those that they disagree with. I prefer ET to TOI for that very reason. Dawn on the other hand rarely allows dissenting views to come through. Not implying that either you or Gratgy were flaming. Far too many of my posts have suffered the same fate as yours and I too never flame.Recommend

  • Usman Hashim Rao

    @Loki:…. Yup you are right America is not funding all the channels because there are INDIA, ISRAEL & England too to do the same funding.. :-D

  • Gratgy


    Yes I know, I have faced this frequently, but what is bizarre is that the only line that has been published is the line I pasted from the article plus my comment was neither flaming nor indecent.

    I would rather have the Moderators delete my entire post altogether.

    Atleast on the positive side ET’s moderation policy of deleting sentences in posts is one more thing all of us on the opposite sides of the border have in common :)Recommend

  • Tahir waqas

    @Pessimist: Many 7 and 8 years old are killed in drone strikes, y cant they get a week in news mediaRecommend

  • Nasir

    how can you say that hate campaign against local media is manufacturedRecommend

  • Khan

    Wow..feel like sheding tears for the “innocent” media but more of on the innocence of the author. It is a flash fact that whatever this media is doing with this country, no enemy could ever do. And can you talk about ethics when geo news prefers the bollywood sh** over the national dilemas, when deceased bollies are given more respect than Armed forces and when ideology and even existence of this country is questioned in order to root spoil the minds of masses. Bravo to the author for either being “innocent” or “ignorant” of the role of this media…..bravooRecommend

  • Ahmed HM

    Jahanzeb Haque must have thought he would be receiving favorable comments but it didn’t turn out that way.Recommend

  • Usman Hashim Rao

    Really disgusting. Why my previous post was not added here?
    Let me do it again.
    And please Face the Reality @MR AutherRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Error 404: Sharm-o-haya not found


  • ignorantways

    JaY ToOnS Ki JaY Ho . . . . Print Media (only ET) Zinda Baad . . . JHaq Zinda Baad . . .

    ET Zinda Baad . . . rest of all filth/ cult / electronic media / print media Murda Baad ! ! ! Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    The thing I hate the most about these pages is that most of them try to incite the masses by playing on their religious sentiments. Substantiating their claims by citing verses from the Holy Qur’an. My question to all these religious zealots, weren’t you supposed to quit using Facebook forever? Where is the Facebook haram fatwa now? Forgotten the Draw Muhammad (SAW) Day?
    Height of hypocrisy!Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    Media is the worst thing happened to us since 1971 … they just transformed the society into hypertensive, apathetic zombies !!! damn these blackmailers !!!!Recommend

  • Huzaifa Akhtar

    The fact that this article being published here is a positive endorsement to what social media is claiming. Well done social media !!!!! Recommend

  • SarcasticBilla

    ” Go check any TV ratings over the last 5 years and you will see that the vast majority of Pakistanis want to watch Indian/foreign content. The demand is so high that TV channels are ditching local content in favour of content from abroad.”

    @Jahanzaib Haque: TV ratings which are determined from less than a 1000 People’s Meter devices across Pakistan. Yes, a vast majority does want to see the indian contentRecommend

  • Zohaib Ur Rehman

    Our media ISLAM and PAKISTAN dushman mediaRecommend

  • Sexpress Tribune

    Sexpress Tribune is crying like a baby.Recommend

  • Unus

    Good research has been done to bring out the realities of pages spreading hate content about media in Pakistan. Media has its weaknesses but this is not the way to criticize it.Recommend

  • Babar

    The way media handles certain issues is what causing this hatred. The malik riaz fiasco was a blow to media’s credibility, and the way media handled the recent long march by Qadri is also raising some eye brows. Undue coverage was given to a person while at the same time 86 dead bodies were lying on the roads of quetta but seriously i don’t think it got the due share of coverage. And everybody in media totally forgot about the 16 dead bodies lying in peshawar at that same time.

    So yes I think this hatred of media is actual and is justified because Pakistani media is all about sensationalizing and i think our people actually enjoyed this attitude of media for a while but now they have had enough of it. Even some anchor persons from media like Talat and Hamid are questioning the role and credibility of media.Recommend

  • Moz

    Pakistani social media ain’t so credible either. So they should look at themselves before criticizing the media.Recommend

  • Muhammad Bin Saeed

    The problem with media in general is that they are doing business of selling information. If its regulated by government or non-profit organization then its no longer free. Either way it will be manipulated.

    Information is such a crucial thing that secret agencies are merely setup just for that purpose. So how can be expect such crucial resource to be delivered to us in a virtuous and sincere manner every time while we sit idle in our homes.Recommend

  • unus

    good research has been done by the blogger, and has exposed the people behind the pages. there are weaknesses in the media but this is not the way to criticise or target it. there are constructive ways too.Recommend

  • Ahmed HM

    All of a sudden, pro media comments have started to appear. Maybe J.Haque must have stood on his office table and told the staff to post comments.

    Conspiracy theorists. :DRecommend

  • http://calcuttacity,westbengal,india Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    There is good media and bad media everywhere, please don’t generalize them all as one and the same. I enjoy watching Pakistani news online too and picked up many words of urdu and I am a Indian Punjabi. Live and let live. There is a saying. ” I might disagree with you but I will defend to my last blood your right to express it” Recommend

  • Loki

    Well banning the media is no solutionRecommend

  • Loki

    @Baba Ji:
    If you hate media that much than you should stop watching it cause other than you none of us would want to go to stone ageRecommend

  • Loki

    @Huzaifa Akhtar:
    There are somethings wrong about our media but media also has a right to defend itself what do you want that you people want to keep criticizing the whole media and dont want them to even defend themselves i am also against media (not the whole media) for showing and promoting indian content instead of promoting our own talent and we also should not get to much angry or go to an extreme and involve every channel in to it without knowing the reality of every channelRecommend

  • Zeus

    Already hate Geo Express Tribune, Pseudo LiberalsRecommend

  • A2Z

    You just posted few random pictures and portray our society but did not critically analysed the situation. Why we are getting such things and what is the reason behind it. ET published your blog, this shows that they are busy in spreading hatred against those who are trying hard to portray positive image of Pakistan. This blog does not have any standard.

    Here is the answer to your blog which is more comprehensive and the author analysed the situation critically.

    I hope ET will publish this commentRecommend

  • Arslan Khalid

    Hard to trust the media after the Malik Riaz fiasco. That was jsut one example of the penetration of the elitists into our media. So why should I trust this garbage media. They paint people as devils and devils as people. They never ask the obvious questions like what the PPP or PMLN or any other party has accomplished. Instead they nit pick issues that irrelevant. So yes it is a bika hua media.

    link textRecommend

  • anwar suhail

    We haven’t seen anything against Islam on our media.Recommend

  • Shahbaz Khan

    hahahaa Dilip Kumar is alive , facts are never revealed because lies let them earn more.Recommend

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