Drone strikes kill real people; here are the ones I know

Published: February 22, 2013

Ruining, permanently, the lives of innocent people is just not justifiable. PHOTO: REUTERS

Yesterday, Senator Lindsay Graham, made the following remark:

“We’ve killed 4,700.”

“Sometimes you hit innocent people, and I hate that, but we’re at war, and we’ve taken out some very senior members of al Qaeda.”

And in this swift statement, all the damage caused and all the lives destroyed by drone strikes have been justified – just because Senator Lindsay “hates” it.

A huge number of civilian victims of the US drone attacks in Waziristan still remain silhouettes to euphemisms like ‘collateral damage’. Their voices are muted under the constant humming of US drones circling their villages causing constant fear and immense psychological damage.

They are also simply shunned from any semblance of humanity, not only the state – which directly and deliberately perpetrates these strikes, but also their own countrymen which cast a blind eye to them.

One such brave man is Noor Khan, who lost his father to a deadly strike in Waziristan on March 17, 2011 where a US drone missile targeted a group of chromite farmers gathered for a jirga along with 49 other innocent people.

Malik Daud Khan, Noor’s father was a well respected member of his community and was decorated by the Government of Pakistan. He was a patriot tribal who always helped and assisted the Pakistani armed forces, played an active role in the construction of a road through his village for the movement of the armed forces and had always been held in high esteem by the army as well as by the political administration.

Mourning for his father, Noor told us how Malik Daud had a good heart and always strived for betterment of his people and their circumstanc. He was one of the few supporters of the empowerment of women, exemplified by his efforts to establish a ‘women skills development centre’ in his village.

Noor Khan, who himself is a brave survivor of the March 17 attack, is also a petitioner in the first constitutional case filed by the Foundation of Fundamental Rights (FFR) on behalf of victims of drone strikes against the government of Pakistan.

Eye witnesses and survivors of the US drone attacks in Waziristan usually have similar, heartbreaking stories.

Drones circle their village with a loud ‘humming sound’ causing fear and havoc for hours before they finally attack their hujras in the village, funerals, fields or shops. The lives of many innocent children and women have been compromised and, property and houses are destroyed.

Children have stopped going to school and move about in fear of being killed like flies.

They usually don’t even know what the objects in the sky are or why they are killing them.

Perhaps, even many years later, we might still not be able to explain the answer to their surviving family members; we may never be able to tell them why innocent members of their families were so brutally murdered.

On September 7, 2009, during the month of Ramazan, Saadullah, another innocent victim lost his house which was the inaccurate target of a missile launched by a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle.

Three members of his family were killed instantly, while Saadullah and his cousin sustained extensive injuries due to the attack. Saadullah lost both legs and an eye as a result. To this date he suffers from mental and physical side effects that have lasted through time and cannot be healed. Every single day, Saadullah pays the price of a political and historical mistake he might never even have the knowledge of.

Dear Senator Lindsay Graham, these are real people who the US has killed, not just collateral damage.

Mir Daad Khan witnessed his first drone strike at the age of 13. He has seen up to five drones’ strikes in one day and six to seven strikes in 2012 alone. Due to the prevalent strikes in the area most children including Mir Daad Khan have stopped attending school. Mir Daad says this is because strikes target schools predominantly and only a few remain.

These are the very real effects that drone strikes have caused, but just because American citizens are not affected, noone seems to care.

Mir Daad stopped attending school at the age of 13 when the first strike occurred and like the rest of the children in the village, never went back due to the fear of being killed. As a result of this fear, he remains illiterate.

In order to support his wife, two small babies, and to help support a total of 17 family members living in the same house, he takes on small, non technical odd jobs. Mir Daad Khan’s father, Khanay Khan – aged 40 and the main bread winner of the large family – was also killed by a drone strike on March 17, 2011. Khanay Khan had been attending this jirga from which only scattered parts of dead bodies were recovered after the strike.

Mir Daad can probably never hope for a good, completely fulfilled life because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. How can you explain this away by three words i.e. War on Terror? Ruining, permanently, the lives of innocent people is just not justifiable.

Karim khan, who has taken the brave step of  filing  a case in the Islamabad District court against a  CIA station chief who called for the drone attack that killed his  teenage son, Zainullah, and his younger brother Asif Iqbal, in December 2009 said to FFR regarding the drone strikes that have killed a number of women and children since 2004:

 “Of course they are killing terrorists. A three month old baby is indeed a terrorist.”

The tragic irony, and the world’s silence to date about it, makes one sick.

Read more by Mariam here.


Mariam Kizilbash

The author read her LLM from University College of London and has worked in human rights NGOs in Islamabad and London. She is currently a legal researcher for Corruption Watch (UK).

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Stranger

    Its not enough U state problems madam. We all know the problems and misery and destruction these people are going through. We dont need a blog to get this simple logic . Can you suggest any solution ? Are those ‘terrorists’ willing to come and ‘talk’ ? what other way is there to ‘subjugate’ them and make them submit.Recommend

  • Saman

    Excellent article,so true. We need to stop allowing the killing of our own people but the real question is; will our puppet leaders ever grow a conciense and stand up to the mighty USA?Recommend

  • Parvez

    On a forum like this, this has to be the best write up on this subject so far……..excellent.
    The American policy behind ‘ the drone attacks ‘ appears to be ‘ casual ‘ in nature because as you rightly say ‘ no Americans get killed ‘. I use the term ‘ casual ‘ to imply, not thought through carefully as to the long term implications involved.
    This is akin to a question asked after 9/11 that ‘ if Bush had not responded with his knee-jerk response to attack Afghanistan and follow up of invading Iraq but gone about it in a different manner, anticipating the negative long term implications, things may have turned out differently ‘………….and this beggars the question ‘ Was this what they really wanted ? ‘ Recommend

  • Ebad Ahmed

    Indeed, it`s quite tragic to see such colletral damage, but Muhtarma one cant deny the fact that such strikes have targetted “legends” such Baitullah Mehsud, they have been effective, not only for US but also for Pakistan as well. Indeed, the people of Waziristan are severly effected from the strikes,and I am concerned of them, but is there any other alternative to target such militants?
    Anxiously waiting for your answer.

  • doom

    Can’t we put a little blame on Al-Qaeda too? Surely they shoulder more of the blame for the “collateral damage”. Surely they know that the drones are coming for them and their presence in a place puts everyone around them at risk. Their whole strategy is to hide behind human shields. If I lost someone this way, my anger would be directed at Al Qaeda and yes the Americans too. But Al Qaeda first.

    But I guess, what’s the point of blaming them. You could eventually get Americans to care if yo umake enough noise. Al-Qaeda, Taliban etc. never will. It goes against their very definition.Recommend

  • Farhan

    Drone strikes kill real people and the Taliban kill lifeless mud sacks who don’t deserve to be rememberedRecommend

  • Hassan

    The area where drones are deployed is infested with elements waging war against the UN forces in Afghanistan. These elements carry out raids in Afghanistan and retreat into Pakistani territory where they are provided refuge by locals either because of their beliefs or money. The Pakistani territory thus becomes a war zone and a legitimate target for the UN forces. The deaths of civilians by drone strikes can be avoided by preventing these elements from hiding among the civilian population. Recommend

  • Sane

    Drone attacks or state terrorism? More drone attacks ….more avengers labelled as terrorists.Recommend

  • Sikander

    @Ebad Ahmed:
    Ebad Ahmad sahab, imagine if a high value fugitive, a target, was living in a house next to yours. US decides to take him out and orders a drone strike. The drone strikes. Your house becomes a ‘collateral damage.’ You loose loved ones too (God forbid). Then I’ll ask how much weight does your arguement hold.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    @ Hassan: and the US forces along with all other nations combined forming the biggest war machinery is so pussy that they just watch these terrorists coming to Afghanistan, killing soldiers and retreat back to Pakistan! Please come out of this US media narrative! The only forces engaging UN and US forces are present in Afghanistan only!

    @ those asking for anyother solution other than drones!
    had the terrorism diminished after these drone attacks your argument would have made sense, on the contrary it is increasing. Please have some statistics of bomb blasts and sucide bombings in Pakistan, they are increasing!! Unless you wipe the entire population out!Recommend

  • Khurram Malik

    @Sikander: Your logic is bizarre in a a sense that If you know some Terrorist living near your region then how can you expect peace or non action on someone’s else part?. Drone strikes will continue until Wazir tribes will end their hospitality and so called PukhtunWali to Foreign Fighters in that region. Just visit Waziristan and for your kind information you can not only find fighters from Afghanistan and Punjab but also Now Chechans, Kazakhas and even Anti Chinese fighters from Uighar are living there. So kindly dont expect that you will try to hide every hoodlum of this region and then you will expect that you will live in peace with no problems at all. Recommend

  • Nitish

    So you support terrorism…Recommend

  • 3rdRockFromTheSun

    A counter-insurgency campaign requires a two pronged approach – flooding the area with troops (“Boots on the ground”) and launching a “hearts & mind” initiative. Boots on the ground – Pakistan army does not want to (or as they claim, does not have the resources for it); and “Hearts and mind” – the less said the better.
    So if Pakistan is unwilling to tackle the issue of harbouring fugitives who plan attacks on US / Afg from Pakistani soil, but does not allow US boots on the ground – what option is the US left with. And many on Pakistan’s wanted list have also been eliminated by the drone strikes; with the full cooperation of the Pak govt and army!Recommend

  • bangash

    Obsessed with drones while terrorists are busy in genocide of Muslims in Quetta and all over Pakistan.Recommend

  • Trudy Cooper

    Mariam Kizilbash: …

    ‘just because American citizens are
    not affected, noone seems to care.”

    Actually, many more are caring now, as they find out the truth about civilian casualties and injury, and the disruption of life in the FATA. I joined the Peace Caravan to Waziristan with 33 other Americans. We spoke with families of victims, including Kareem Khan. We wanted to bring their stories back to the US public directly.

    “Americans” and the government are two distinctly different things. Regular people have a conscience; the military profit centers and government hegemongers do not. But elected officials will respond to pressure, providing that pressure is strong enough and relentless enough. those of us who are US activists against drones are working to build numbers and momentum against this US policy that has been so devastating to Pakistan and so heartbreaking for survivors.Recommend

  • gp65

    Your sorrow and anger is understandable. You also need to understand the sorrow and anger of victims of terror emanating from Pakistan. Once you do that you will force your giovernment to not allowknown terror organizations to openly raise funds, openly conduct terror camps and so on. If this happens, drones will stop.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    It’s a matter of choosing between lesser or greater collateral damage and drone strikes seem to be the better option. Unless some wise-man offers a better solution.Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    I see many legitimate complaints. I hear zero practical alternatives.

    In the long-run, public awareness, education, social services and even improved psychiatric healthcare would cause a reduction in terrorism. In the meantime, we do need military action against those who seem to respond to nothing other than military strikes.

    And drones, horrible as they are, aren’t significantly worse than other forms of military strikes.Recommend

  • Vulcan Alex

    Good points in the blog, however after watching the end of WWII these people are few in number and not actually ones that we wish to kill. To end the war we used two nuclear weapons, lots of fire bombing of cities and probably would have killed millions more on purpose if the Emperor had not given in or we insisted on his head on a pike.

    Now folks in these areas could identify the terrorists, kill them and stake them out for the drones to note. Then no bombs would fall. They have other alternatives, none of them easy or safe. Make your choices is my take on it.Recommend

  • inam

    the life in Droned-areas is poor, brutish, nasty and short,,, the Americans are endeavoring to make it poorer, nastier, more brutish and shorter..isn’t it funny?? Recommend

  • cautious

    The cure for drone attacks has always been obvious – Pakistan needs to stop providing de facto sanctuary to terrorist – clean out the sanctuaries and take back control of roughly 1/2 of Pakistan which is being run by the Taliban. No one outside of Pakistan has sympathy for Pakistan’s sovereignty argument and those who think terrorist should only be attacked if there is zero risk to civilians are naive. Recommend

  • MAC

    While there is no justification for civilian deaths, there is a difference between a ideal scenario and what realistically can be done. Drones are effective, but not 100% accurate. Innocents die. That much is true. But what other alternatives are there? Realistically speaking, the only way the government can make its case in the international courts and to the U.S. is to show that drones aren’t needed anymore. That can only happen once the terrorist networks nestled in FATA and elsewhere are dismantled, so that they stop carrying out attacks against NATO forces in neighboring Afghanistan. Instead of expecting the U.S. to lay down its arms when it is engaged with its own soldiers’ lives at stake in a neighbouring country, Pakistan should do these people and the world a favour, and rout the terrorist networks on our soil. If we cannot do that, or will not do that, then the architects of our foreign policy have signed the death warrant for these people. That is all Pakistan can do as a weaker party, or a reluctant party; we aren’t Iran, sitting on millions of barrels of oil or natural resources, and we aren’t Turkey, thriving economically with a strong leadership. Even our army, with its big guns and tanks and tough generals, is dependent on U.S. aid and loans. The quicker we understand the rules of this game, the better it would be. Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @ author

    Please explain to your audience why US is sending drones to Pakistan tribal belt ?
    Why is Pakistan infested with terrorists who justify killings of innocent in the name of Islam ?
    In war collateral damage is a reality. Do you agree ?
    Why all high target value of the world ‘s most fearsome terrorist group al Qaeda are found to be residing in Pakistan ?
    Why Pakistan treats it Shia Muslim minority so badly ? Isn’t it suppose to be Islamic country.
    Why Christian, Hindus and Ahmedis live in constant fear and have faced persecution ?
    Why Pakistan intelligence agencies support Islamic fundamentalists ?

    Drones are wicked. But it is necessary to confront enemies who don’t value human life. Why doesn’t this tribal innocent people rise up against this barbaric animal TTP and al Qaeda ?Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Agree with cautious. Dismantle terrorist infrastructure and jail the terrorist sympathizing extremist mullahs. In jail teach them plato’s philosophy of logic.Recommend

  • striver

    @Stranger: This is not a blog about “terrorists”. In case you missed it, we’re taling about victims here. Their voices need to be heard.
    The solution is there in the article. Take legal action against the Pakistani Govt and the CIA station cheif and if necessary take the issue to the US courts, UN, ICJ.Recommend

  • striver

    @Mehdi: Some words of sympathy for the victims please. Seems you too need a lecture on “Plato’s philosopy of logic”. Recommend

  • Siddiqui

    so you commented here too nitish… Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @striver pretty cheeky comment. I would sympathize with the victims if the author highlighted the root cause. She is a lawyer by profession, she should have got this concept. Big majority of Pakistanis implicitly and explicitly support extremism. That’s why I raised few questions. What about the victims of TTP terrorism. I am physicist I am we’ll trained in logic. It’s who you need some.Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    @ Mariam

    so what?Recommend

  • Rafi Khan

    Try to, by mistake if possible, interview somebody whose family has been butchered by the militants, or somebody whose 6 year old son was kidnapped and trained to be a suicide bomber. Let me assure you, they have a more objective opinion about the drones, rather than your one sided take of the issue.

    p.s: i’v met such people personally. Recommend

  • Raza

    You are missing the point my friend. It’s not that we don’t blame Al-Qaeda, it’s just that being a terrorist organization this is very much expected from them. America however is a country that claims itself as a champion of “human rights” and “justice”. But maybe those human rights and that justice only apply to people living inside America. It’s America’s hypocrisy that is to be blamed here, it’s there ignorance for non-American’s lives that is infuriating. Please don’t try to defend them. You can’t rely or campaign against a terrorist organization to stop endangering human live but you can certainly raise your voice for a democratic state to do so.Recommend

  • striver

    I say this with the utmsot respect to you sir, a physicist (no matter how highly trained) does not have a monoploy on logic. A Pakistani street vendor with no a basic education can think logically in many ways than one. (No offence is intended to the street vendor or to you sir).

    Your assertion that explicitly or implicitly Pakistanis support terrorism, is a sweeping statement. Perhaps you aught to review Newton’s theory that every action has a reaction and begin to contruct your logic from there. Recommend

  • striver

    You need a little education in history with a focus on foreign policy. Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder just as “fighting for the right cause” is.

    Remember Neo-Cons; recall their back-ground; recall the numerous reports they published to create a “new world order”. Don’t forget how they persuaded Bush Jr. to invade Iraq and lies about Iraqi WMDs and now Iran and Syria are next in line; then the biggest cartch Saudi Arabia…….do some research…..don’t be lazy.Recommend

  • Rex Minor


    Your article is a great reminder to the people of the world of the extra judicial killings of innocent civilians including chidren, in muslim countries, which according to the rports that each mission is personaly authorised by the afro-am President of the USA. Senator graham is a neo con, republican. George Galloway is familiar with the guy, he is pain in the arsche of the administration.

    You should also be aware that several on this blog get paid for their input, so please do not be disappointed with their comments limiting the debate by classifying the victims as extremists or collateral victims, without the show of remorse. Either you are with us or against us, said Gorg W, and Pakistan Mush caved in and the war against the Talibans started a decade ago. And then came the man from the Alcapone city who was raised in the city slums and said, “I am no less of a President than George W, the white samurai from Texas.

    Now Colin Powel says on CNN, that we, he means George W, had no problem with the Taliban Govt., it was only that they refused to handover the AQ chief to us and hence we marched in. This he says, after the Talibans have defeated the great armada on the battle front and to his surprise he learnt that the AQ chief was found in the back yard of Musharaf domain.
    Drones are the video games and the frontier between Afghanistan and Pakistan is considered to be the ideal for practice runs. What the yanks do not know that the eletronic signals which the drones receive from the base in USA, also carry on return the eletronic signals to the base as well. This is science in actio and one can watch by the climatic turbulances in the USA to know that the rone is inactio. An what about the destruction and possible loss of life which the tornados, rain and snow causes?

    Let the expert tell us, we are just the observers.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • G Indian

    Those peoples must be sinners to receive Drone bombings. Drone is the easiest and the most cost effective way to get rid of terrorist leaders sorry cowards. Recommend

  • http://www.greatwavesofchange.org dan

    Great Waves of change are coming to the world. Will humanity struggle against itself or band together to salvage what good it has created in its societies? Only the Great Waves have the power to bring us out of these conflicts as we realize that we are going to have to turn to each other for solutions to a never-ending series of crises in the form of political, social, and environmental upheaval.

    All wars are ultimately struggles to control resources. The war on terror is no different, just marketed as something else. As long as the wealthy nations seek to maintain indulgent lifestyles for their comfort and convenience, we’ll see no end to these conflicts and heinous acts. The engine of war will plunge humanity into the chasm of permanent decline. Read more at greatwavesofchange.orgRecommend

  • jesus

    Can anyone buy drones and make their own kill lists? I can’t see why not. Good old Al-CIAda huh? I detest this. I am sickened by all of these plutocratic states that assume global sovereignty, “collateral damage” jeez, it’s about time we go back to sticks and stones.Recommend

  • usor

    The US is rapidly becoming the most hated nation in the world another news site has been quoted as saying. Well, and not without good reason – don’t they see this? Don’t they care? Of course they know this and no they don’t care.Recommend

  • Steve


    The “Terrorists” are the corrupt Pakistani puppet government and their Washington paymasters. What you are missing stranger, is the fact these are not legitimate strikes against enemies of the USA, but merely acts of terror against a people who refuse to live in subjugation. The only Muslim terrorists I see are the ones being armed and supported by the USA and NATO in Libya and now Syria for example.

    Drones are just vile cowardly weapons of terror.Recommend

  • Steve


    The answer is simple. NO they will never grow consciences, brains or balls. You need to get rid of the scum and get new ones.Recommend

  • Steve


    Oh and the corrupt Islamabad politicians keep their ill gotten gains in Dubai where the ever faithful HSBC bank is doing a roaring trade washing drug billions for the CIA, the Israelis and the Karzai gang. Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    And the Afghan President acts and orders the pull out of USA special forces within a week and put a stop to their sneaking into civilian houses at night. Is Hamid Karzai now on the path of History when the Amir(King) of Afghanistan ordered the massacre of all foreigners in Kabul. And when the Brits complained and refered to the agreement that the Amir had signed, he was quick to answer that he has no knowledge of english language.

    Rex Minor Recommend

  • jbw

    And ‘Sen.’ Lindsey Graham, an unmitigated DISGRACE, is the illustrious pol who proudly and vehemently boasted that ‘suspects’ caught in the ‘War on Terror’ dragnet would NOT get a lawyer: “Shut Up! You DON’T GET a lawyer!” Annihilating innocents in a one-sided ‘war’ that YOU unilaterally declared is an absolute SIN. The USA WILL reap what she is sowing….I am ashamed to be an American, and have been for a long time….Recommend

  • jbw


  • Sorensen

    How do you know that Alcaida even exists? What is terrorism sir….what is your definition? Have you ever seen one? Do you know of anyone who has ever seen one? Every time some fighter is killed in Afghanistan or Iraq he is immediately labelled as an Alciada terrorists and deserving of his fate.
    The lack of critical thinking is truly epidemic in North America, did it ever occur to you that there may be other reasons for this nonsense.
    All I observe is the West trying to instill fear in smaller nations for their ($) own purpose
    Rather than knee jerking to the tune of the mainstream why not do some research of your own to see what is really going on, that way you will not be responsible, through passivity, for this murder spree, that you now think is totally justified!Recommend

  • Mehdi


    Please enlighten me with the list of grievances pakistani and the paki govt has towards the western world. Why are they using extremism to gain strategic depth ? Drone use is the cheapest way to get these inhuman people out of this society and give justice to the innocents.

    Please tell me why USA is not using drone attack against say for example India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka in South Asia. Why pakistan? My beef with the author is that she simply stated drones attack are unjustified under any circumstances. Problem is that she didn ‘t highlight the root cause. Let me tell you if you kill innocents using drone for a joyride, you will see me first to condemn that act. I do treasure innocent lives. Situation with drone attack is not black and white, it is more in the grey region. Terrorists are known to hide among civilian population to garner support for their heinous act.Recommend

  • Mehdi


    I would beg to differ. On the contrary thousands are queuing up in front of us embassy to visit USA and for immigration purpose. Please check the Islamabad embassy or Karachi consulates. All the upper echelon of pakistani society sends their kids with the corrupt money to be educated in US institution. US taxpayer subsidizes your army. In return They use these terrorists to attack us interests. Duplicity at its highest peak.Recommend

  • cautious

    @usor. As I recall N Korea, Iran, Pakistan and Israel are the most hated countries in the World – your USA observation is inaccurate.Recommend

  • Choo Hader

    Can’t we all be adults here and admit that 911 was the work of Zionist Neocons, Mossad, and deep black ops in USSA govt? I mean, c’mon! There’s only 1000s of pieces of evidence!Recommend

  • Trudy

    @cautious: @Mehdi @usor
    on whether the US is “hated” by most of the world…it’s strange to speak of this so monolithically.

    Mehdi’s example given to support the idea that US is not hated:

    “thousands are queuing up in front of
    us embassy to visit USA and for
    immigration purpose.”

    Well, of course. It’s certainly possible to admire a US institution of higher education without admiring US foreign policy or the current people in power.

    Who would “hate” an entire country?? it’s architecture? it’s music?

    The focus of hatred is on what the decision makers do, not the country itself. But, if we’re focusing on the governments, recent Pew polls showed 75% in Pakistan see the US as their enemy. a more recent poll put the “disapproval” rating of US policy at 92%. Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @Choo Hader:

    9/11 was carried out by Salafis extremists, they claimed it in many forms of media, you just need to read the correct version of the history.Recommend

  • striver

    Bringing Bush Jr and Tony Blair to ICJ would bring justice to the innocents they have killed in the “war on terror”. They must be tried for creating hatred in one society against another so much so that there are people like you who buy into their theories of violence and hatred and justify drone strikes.

    They must be tried for creating deeper sense of racsim in the western world then existed before. It is no longer racism against the blacks its now the Muslims who are at the receiving end of the vile and naked racism.

    A little look at history will tell why the region is in such a mess. In case you’re thinking where do I start, your starting point should be the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. You will thank your lucky stars that Pakistan stood up agaisn the Red Army. Think about it. It will provide you with the answers as to why Pakistan is being attacked from all fronts and no othe country in the region.

    Tell me what greviences did USA and for the matter Britain have against the Afghans, that they had to attack them with such brutality. Educate me on who are the Neo-Cons. Inform me what is the objective of the “New World Order” report that they produced for Bush Jnr.

    Your simplistic statements may be a reflection of your mind. Thye are targeting people like you who sheepishly submit to their theories of violence and hatred smeared in blood of innocent people. Recommend

  • Mike Anthoy

    You’re sadly misinformed, Stranger. They are not terrorists. The people the US military are bombing simply don’t want the US occupying their land. The United States attacked and invaded Afghanistan on the pretext of catching a few dozen people on horseback, some accused of ‘terrorism’. It was a false pretext. Recommend

  • Mike Anthoy

    If foreign powers would cease occupations of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and stop the constant meddling in politics at every level in these countries, do you think the same problems would persist?Recommend

  • trudy

    What evidence to you have that…

    Big majority of Pakistanis implicitly and explicitly support extremism.

    Poll references, please? Percentages? Questions asked?Recommend

  • ImJustSayin

    Yeah, quit believin’ the “terrorist” nonsense. The only entity that is terrorizin’ me is this pathetic, fascist government and the sheep that believe their nonsensical propaganda. Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Why would some one hate Iran or North Korea?Tell us your wisdom.
    Travel through south America and tell them that you are either a ‘gringo’ or a friend of ‘Gringos’? Experience their unfriendly responses.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • andy fr dc

    If Pakistan wanted Americans “to care” about drone strikes, perhaps Pakistan should not have decided to back the terrorists. Did you think the world did not notice OBL in an ISI safe house? Recommend