PTI and Marvi: A love story turned sour

Published: March 22, 2012

PTI has adopted a disgruntled approach from the day Memon joined PML-N; they have not let any chance to criticise her slide. PHOTO: EXPRESS

When the PML- Q joined hands with the current PPP government, Marvi Memon took a stand (along with some other MNAs and MPAs of her party) and decided not to join the federation. She even went a step ahead and tendered her resignation from the National Assembly.

This move improved her image in the public eye and people began to feel that she will take revolutionary steps in politics; that she will use her political standing for the people of her country.

Political analysts and critics were of the view that Marvi Memon will join the PTI after she left her parent party. But due to her differences with the PTI leadership, she did not do so.

A few months ago when she held a jalsa is Sindh along with the region’s renowned journalist Qazi Asad Abid, it was thought that she will launch a new political party. But that did not happen either.

Earlier this month, Memon surprised her critics and supporters by announcing her decision to join the PML-N. I was really disappointed; I don’t think the PML-N is serious about solving the problems of the common man. Despite being in rule in Punjab for more than four years, they have been unable to fulfill their promises.

While I am critical of Memon’s move like many others, I disagree with those who are out to malign her. Differences of opinion always exist, but sadly, we find it hard to accept this.

In particular, PTI’s disgruntled approach from the day Memon joined PML-N  is proving to be extremely immature. The party is not letting any chance to criticize her slide.

A recent example of PTI’s frustration is their reaction to Memon’s appearance on a private channel’s show. Even before the show went on air, I started receiving text messages from PTI supporters; I even received one from PTI’s official message center urging its supporters to watch the program, stating:

Must watch Marvi Memon exposed by Shahzeb Khanzada in ‘To the Point’  on Express News at 8:05 PM tonight

After the show, I continued to receive messages that boasted the anchor’s capability of rendering Memon speechless.

I feel that the party displayed immaturity in handling the situation. It is high time for the PTI to move on and shake off the displeasure evidently felt by them after Memon announced her decision.  People must realise that politicians are free to join any other party; the PTI must realise that all defectors will not join theirs.

Despite its message of change, PTI’s reaction shows that it is no different from the established parties that display intolerance when it comes to differences of opinion.  Just like them, the PTI is not willing to respect another’s decisions or views regarding the political arena.

Many people are looking towards PTI to change the political landscape of Pakistan. In this situation, PTI should be more careful about its statements so it does not disappoint hopefuls.

I am also a supporter of PTI, but I am disappointed by the party’s sudden show of intolerance. If PTI is really looking to bring a positive change in the country, they must run serious campaigns via social media and other relevant mediums to infuse and enhance the level of tolerance of its supporters and workers. There are already some columnists and anchors who criticised the party for using foul language.

My humble advice to PTI would be to move ahead; to forget Marvi Memon and focus on strategising an agenda to bring the change the party has been so enthusiastically advocating.

Read more by Khurram here.

Khurram Zia Khan

Khurram Zia Khan

The writer is the media manager of Asiatic Public Relations and tweets @KhurramZiaKhan (

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  • Parvez

    Good balanced article. The PTI decidedly has to get its house in order. They are making too many visible mistakes. Recommend

  • Awais Ch

    Exactly! Very good balanced analysis!Recommend

  • Ali Syed

    It seems like PTI’s media cell is being run by a bunch of immature kids… If PTI aims to keep some of it’s more sane followers, it needs to do something about it. Recommend

  • http://NewYork Falcon

    Good message. Personally, I think it would have been great to see Marvi in PTI since she is a rare gem in the troubled political landscape of our country. I think that’s what many PTI supporters regret as well (even though some might come across as immature and angry primarily because of their age). We don’t have that many people like Imran Khan, Javed Hashmi, and Marvi in the political system. So, it would have been ideal to see them on the same platform. Lastly, it is sad to see her having ruined her political career early in her life despite all her noble intentions. Even if not PTI, she would have been better off launching a new political party in Sindh. However, what is done is done and we really wish her the best of luck!Recommend

  • PTIsupporter

    Great blog! Totally agree with the article. Just unfollow her, there is no need to pin point everything, she will learn her lesson soon.
    We need to focus on bigger things planned ahead:
    PTI Membership Campaign!!!Recommend

  • Corrupt

    hhhmmmmm……. No Comments.Recommend

  • rizwan

    when she says “fake change party or glitter gold” then obviously it hurts pti supporters.Recommend

  • Ibrahim

    I did not get any message from official PTI source. Did anyone else recieve this message. I think PTI message system is complex. Maybe they gave the message where Marvi is popular (in Sindh) .Recommend

  • Muddassir

    One simple question…what is the magic do you and all ‘upset’ columnist have that tell them that the comments left on these FREE forum are actually from someone who supports PTI/IK. Since there is an false impression that ‘PTI/Ik supporters do not have tolerate opposing views’, now in order to malign this party, anyone can leave nasty comments on anti PTI columns, appearing to be a PTI supporter.

    I seriously think that many of those who had literally no readership/ viewership have enjoyed a good ride on the backs of anti PTI campaign, and now it’s time for them to write something constructive or present some concrete solutions.

    we had enough to Sethi/ Javed style analyst..who are just good for analyzing the problem, YOU WILL NEVER HEAR A SOLUTION FOR THEM, as they have nothing to offer in that regard. Recommend

  • syed hussain

    Text messages from PTI supporters don’t necessarily reflect the party’s point of view. There was no official statement issued from PTI on the joining of Marvi so blaming PTI for the individual acts of its supporters is not a good idea at all. I think, the focus of writer’s criticism should be on the intolerant attitude of people rather than PTI. The article is a bit vague,unable to focus in right dimension. Although the decision of Marvi has disappointed a number of people but her decision has shown her real personality and that is, she is also a power hungry politician like many of her assembly colleagues. When few demands of her were not met, she parted her ways and how simply and proudly she joined a party which was a focus of her criticism during Musharraf era. Here we need to appreciate the acumen of PTI leadership who did not bargain with her. If today,she is a bit ashamed of,for what she had already done by joining hands with Musharraf then in future once again she might regret on her current decision, so wait and see.Recommend

  • Ishaq.Zaidi

    Nice Artical…@Recommend

  • Salman Zafar

    Ya. Ok… whatever…
    VOTE FOR PTI….Recommend

  • Asad

    people voting for raja riaz and rana sana ullah demanding perfection from other political parties/candidates.Recommend

  • haris ali

    well written..Recommend

  • Saud

    A message to the author and PTI supporters. If you previously thought Marvi is honest, capable and smart then you should try to understand the reasons for her decision. Don’t assume she is wrong and you are right. Listen to her with an open mind, you might reconsider your own choices.Recommend

  • Mian Nihari Shareef

    Thank you for this article.Recommend

  • http://KualaLumpur Jamshed

    Well nice article .. but official response from PTI came after Marvi did show with her favorite host Miss sana bucha and shown her own drafted appointment letter .. only then PTI came openly against her .. otherwise no body really care about her .. Recommend

  • Nabil

    Spot on!Recommend

  • pasha

    its a nice piece…but the sindhi activist referred to in the article is not Qazi Asad Abid ( real brother of speaker Fehmida Mirza and a ppp man-former MNA)…that was Ali Kazi, owner of sindhi newspaper Kawish and TV channels of same name….though a relative of Kazi Asad, but a rival as well in print media, Ali is an idealist….he is in fact inspired by Anna Hazzare movement in india..
    anyways, advise to PTI is sound….but i think since they r new in politics they will soon learn the ethics as well…..give them time…..
    I dont agree with authors view on NS….NS is the man who will bring the desired change, he has learned his lessons of being an army support guy, now has realised that the core problem of this country is involvement of establishment…army and its agencies in all the affairs of govt…including shaping the foreign policy…. Recommend

  • shahzad

    PPL are fedup of these old political parties and the criticism is not from PTI . Its becoz no one want to see marvi in the PML N .The ppl in PTI are same from PaKISTAN . They didnt came from some other country . I think she deserve what she gets .I personally lost my respect for her . Recommend

  • Zain

    Yeah yeah whatever, PTI has every right to hit back at Marvi Memon after her baseless allegations against the party, trying to malign its name. Point is, this is a nonsense issue that in no way would hurt IK’s revolution.Recommend

  • Eying Propaganda

    objectively written and I share the same thoughts. None the less PTI rocks !Recommend

  • Khurram Zia Khan

    Pasha, thank you for highlighting the Error.I will be more careful in future about facts,figures,names & other important details.My purpose of writing this is not to promote/criticize any person or party but I want to elaborate the fact that some time we drag a issue far too long and get indulge in lot if discussion.I think we as Nation should learn to quickly move ahead from issues which are not directly related to peoples life. Lets put all our energies together & work hard in our respective fields to bring the country out of the current rut.Thank you all for your comments on the above write up Recommend

  • Nazim Khan

    we agree that Marvi is an intelligent lady , and so we expect better from her , unfortunately her personal greed pushed her into a ditch, so it hurt when she consistently lied on that showRecommend

  • Nazim Khan

    and u know what the easiest way to become famous now a days is to write a nothing article against choice of masses , then sit in the corner and pretend to be the oppressed one Recommend

  • Umer Rasheed

    PTI officials did not launch any attack on Marvi. Rather it was Marvi who came in Sana Bucha’s Lekin show with a letter drafted by herself and went on and on against IK. PTI at max, have explained their side of the story only with reference to that letter. I am yet to come across an interview where IK criticized Marvi. However, in a lot of interviews she has tried to justify her decision to join PMNL by criticizing PTI and IK. I think after this very interview with Shahzeb Khanzada the matter is sealed. Marvi failed to answer most of the questions and showed her inability to justify her party. The good thing about this particular interview was that it was not Marvi’s take on PMLN vs PTI; rather for most of the show it was Marvi’s take on PMLN vs PMLN itself. Recommend

  • Hammad Siddiqui

    I have been Marvi Memon’s follower on twitter. Having met her few times, I thought she would join PTI. Certainly her followers were disappointed with her decision, but one must appreciate that politics is about surprises!

    A very well written piece by Khurram Zia.Recommend

  • Seher

    Very well written article. PTI might be afraid of Marvi Memon’s charismatic personality and the revolutionary ideas that she holds. therefore, they are trying to demoralize her by criticizing her wrongly. Undoubtedly she is a strong political lady and can bring a change in the political environment . she is truly a leader.Recommend

  • waqas

    lol imran phobia to PML N :P the first benefit to people of punjab specially due to PTI is tha shahbaz shareef is trying hard to restore credibility of PMLN by doing WORKS :))) there is alot to to come though and that a lot will be brought by IMRAN dosto :)Recommend

  • Tehreek-e-Insaf FATA

    Insafians don’t criticize Marvi because they are intolerant but the way she tried to justify her joining PML-N by maligning PTI merited some response.
    She could have joined any party N, O, P, Q… Z; nobody can object. But to malign PTI as justification of her decision is unacceptable and hence the response.Recommend

  • xyz

    I really liked your article. It is certainly true that we the PTI supporters should be more careful about our conduct because otherwise there will be no difference. I still feel that PTI is unduly criticized by a lot of people without even being in power but it is also true that when people are really considering a party as a hope then these things happen. So my advice to PTI supporters would be to show restraint even though I know that Marvi also criticized PTI in a strange way after deciding to join PML-N (which is certainly her right). So again, when the numbers are in your favor, why let people run away even, get them in the fold by your good conduct. But I must say that while even some official youngsters may be involved in some offensive language, Imran khan as we have followed him has been very strict in discipline and im sure things will get better. Once again, the article should be taken positively and seriously.Recommend

  • youth lahore

    One thing is clear that Marvi Memon is Oppurtunist and that s why she is part of corrupt status co nisaar league.The voice of Marvi is almost against of youth but she have right to join any way.Recommend

  • selina hassan

    quite enjoyed marvi ‘s expose’ in that programme and thanx pti for the leting us know the point is nt that she did nt join pti bt the fact that she’s bin appearing to be so self righeous all these months and then she joind n league lolzzzzzzz such a discredited party uffffff and don’t worry the change will come marvi memon is nt the issue almost feel sorry for herRecommend

  • Adeel

    ” I don’t think the PML-N is serious about solving the problems of the common man. Despite being in rule in Punjab for more than four years, they have been unable to fulfill their promises.”

    This is the biggest lie on earth… I don’t know which promise has not been fulfilled yet.. .May be writer (who claimed to be a PTI Supporter) could answer?Recommend

  • ghfdh

    One thing is clear that Marvi Memon is Oppurtunist and that s why she is part of corrupt status co nisaar league.The voice of Marvi is almost against of youth but she have right to join any way.Recommend

  • Muttaghir Ahmed Khan

    Very well composed and reflecting an important aspect of the contemporary politics. Even the most wicked persons of the world can become all of a sudden angels if they join PTI, in the same way the most pious people can be regarded as villainous, by the PTI people, if they dont join the Tsunami. All the disgruntled as well as notorious politicians of the other parties are being proudly welcomed and celebrated in the PTI. Go knows what kind of the revolution will they bring when sit together?Recommend

  • Shakky

    I wonder what criteria Marvi Memon uses to differentiate between political parties. The PML-N platform is very different to the PTI platform, so she clearly didn’t spend too much time thinking about what each party says it wants to achieve. That means that she was picking parties based on the dominant personalities rather than the party. Which doesn’t say much for her thinking process (if there ever was one). Imran Khan isn’t exactly an ideal leader for Pakistan, but he at least is head and shoulders (and even feet) above the jaded and corrupt Nawaz Sharif. I would be OK with giving IK an opportunity to lead, just to see how he does. But the Sharif brothers have already had their opportunities and have squandered every one of them. Recommend

  • Matin A Khan

    Women love to be called cruel, even when they are kindest. Recommend

  • Fahd Sahibzada

    Joining PML N is Timely and Right decision by Marvi. I fail to understand that why our innocent nation is getting be fooled by considering Imran Khan a catalyst of change. Before taking Pakistan as a country, we must look into his journey of politics. Running Pakistan cannot be compared with running few kannals Hospital. I’ve only seen Change in Imran Khan statements rather than doing practical steps in politics. If you observe him in interviews you will find him rude, hursh and giving disrespect. Naturally his supporters will follow the same path. I’ve seen his interview in Kal Tak program in which he was against maulana fazl-u-rehman as if someone has taken toffee from small kid and showing tantrums. As per Imran khan if opposition is taking side of Govt then what exactly his tsunami is doing if he can gather thousands of crowd in lahore karachi then if he is son keen then why not directing tsunami to Islamabad? Where is his asset declaration team, do you guys know assets of shah mehmood qureshi, leghari, jehangir tareen, sikander bosan and many of other politicians. Was his asset declaration hue and cry was for time being? Where is that young leadership and at other hand Imran Khan goes himself to chakwal to welcome fake degree holder to PTI ? Where is Imran Khan’s principal stand when 2-3 PTI leaders are still in assemblies and have not resigned, he often says that anyone can come but on Imran Khan policies, so is it IK decision not to resign from assembles or joinies have joined on their own terms? Internal party rifts started due to non management, then giving Pakistan to same people is a very big risk. Pulverizing corruption in few days and electing SHO which might be then sardars and jagirdars then? I don’t understand what Imran Khan’s plan is? In my point of view PML N is the best choice for Pakistan they have a very good team can be comparable with any party, they have vision and understanding of tackling international and domestic issues. I really appreciate Marvi’s decision and it will be beneficial for all stake holders. Recommend

  • Syed Masood Ibrahim

    Everyone is focussing on a slogan of “Change”, The real change has already begun from Punjab.Recommend

  • Rabia Tahir

    Marvi is progressive poltiician & she must have a platform where she can deliver.. I believe she has done the right thing by joining PML(N).. She could have wasted her by joining PTI.. indeed a very good decision by Marvi..Recommend

  • Asjad Khan

    Well PTI’s media’s cell doesn’t need to promote this show.Marvi has not a word to say except “i dont want to comment”Recommend

  • Roha Malik

    I completely agree with the fact that PTI is been run by many immature youngsters and i would recommend that Imran Khan should take interest in such mistakes done by the workers… coz at the end of the day all these childish flaw effect party’s image and i hope no one would like to see that at all…Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    Marvi who does not play cricket, is smart, quick, glib, young, talks fast, articulate, picks up nuances, catches the drift, does not wear religion on her dupatta, speaks accentless English and Urdu with greater fluency than almost any politician on the block, these and other additional qualities would have more camera lights flashing at this maverick politician than her would be employer, kaptaan.

    The tealeaves predict that she will be aiming at the top slot after a few elections, it was wise not to launch her own party at present. She needs more time to learn the ropes.

    Who would like to share a platform with a future female rival? Well done IK, you avoided a political suicide. Recommend

  • Fahd Sahibzada

    @Abid P. Khan:
    Yes Abid you are right that its good that she didn’t join PTI as Imran cannot even adjust with present lot of political orphans which he has happily accepted. Moreover, Imran khan believes in “I” rather than “We” which will become disaster for PTI. Recommend

  • http://Lahore Muhammad Talha

    PTI has no plan or agenda for Pakistan, They are non serious people, just criticizing all the people in Pakistan.
    Marvi is right to decide her options, especially when all the corrupt and non significant politicians have joined them. Good luck for the PTI people, Have fun Recommend

  • Salman Naeem

    Your advice to PTI is very masoom, Yaar be a gentleman and think seriously
    would they are able to change anything in Pakistan for whatever reason.

    Do u think Marvi Memon, Qureshes ,Kasuri will bring the change.

    Do you think MQM, PTI , PML, PPP, or any other party believes in
    100 % for Free & Fair Judicial system
    100 % for Free & Fair police system
    100 % for Free & Fair Media
    100% for Free & Fair Election commission

    Do you think our Nation is ready to bring any change in Pakistan , No
    Khurram you are wrong we are not wiling to change , I saw the pictures
    which was posted by Azfar on face book before/after PTI Karachi Jalsa , the
    peoples who are there is from the different class, they have blackberry,
    wearing expensive watches , designers dresses, lavish surroundings.

    When Imran “left” PTI! (One View)
    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came into being almost sixteen years back,
    with the sole purpose .i.e. justice. However, today now things have change
    largely in PTI, for good or bad, no idea. Their manifesto was never clear
    since its birth and now it is even more ambiguous. The shift in PTI’s
    ideology and vision has raised many questions for the rational minds. With
    the entrants of new heavy weights, and turncoats, the party has now turned
    into just another party of riff rats and opportunists. It seems like Imran
    has now left his own party. The party we all trusted. The man we all
    trusted left us like others.

    How easily (within one year) Imran compromised on his sixteen years long
    stance is surprising and worrisome too. Now there is an immense difference
    between the ideology of 16 years back PTI and current PTI. Unfortunately,
    PTI is no more Imran’s party.

    Is he the same Khan who said that he would never compromise? People like Dr
    Shireen Mazari and Omer Srafraz Cheema, who were with him through thick and
    thin are now left out as non-entities. In addition, people like Shah
    Mehmood Qureshi, Sardar Assef Ahmed have taken the key position in the
    party within few days. Why? How? Unanswered questions.

    Imran has said that PTI needs electable. My question is why don’t PTI
    create electable? Why they have to rely on the tried and tested people
    (people who did nothing when they were in power).Bhutto never came into
    power with any of the leftovers. He made his own electable. So why cannot

    Currently it looks like Imran has joined a party of leftovers. Why Imran
    left PTI, what could be the possible reasons? Is it the establishment using
    PTI and Imran for its own motives? On the other hand, Is Mr. Khan is too
    innocent to comprehend all this. Moreover, very recently the formation of a
    forward block with the name “PTI Nazaraiti” is much evident that Imran has
    left PTI.

    Imran Khan, the man who chanted slogans of change, justice, and youth.
    Imran who gave us vision and hope has now fall prey to the same people,
    people who betrayed us. Sad but true that Imran has left PTI….the party
    which we all consider a breath of fresh air was unfortunately turned out to
    be just another partyRecommend

  • ajmal khan

    PTI the so called party of the youth, yet youth are only online members of this party. Not a single member who is between the age of 22 to 32 is being awarded PTI ticket to contest general elections….this party could have been so much more than what it has become…after the lahore jalsa all politicians who had no options left joined this party in hope of coming back into power….i was imran khans supporter and now i hope that this party to fail miserably in elections so that that these so called electables would leave imran and join another party…. Recommend

  • Paki

    PTI has great plans for the Future INSHALLAH many should follow them… they are better then most parties, maybe even the best party out there….PTI wants change and thats what our People need. Pakistan needs to understand that no party is 100% perfect but PTI is Pretty close…they think about the future, the kids. That’s why they should deserve a clean sweep and INSHALLAH aisa hi hoga.Recommend