Stories about Zulqarnain

Zulqarnain did the right thing

Zulqarnain Haider has finally made it to the UK. This is a man who left a life of potential riches as an international cricketer on a principled stand of integrity. He was not ready to compromise his honesty and patriotism for a pile of money. He is not that great a batsman for One Day Internationals (ODI’s) anyway, so he could have easily taken the money and made a little less runs, dropped a stumping or two, or a run-out (I am looking at you Akmal, Kamran) and we would have been none the wiser. Taking the high road Instead, he has ...

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Pakistani fans, battered by the bat

The definition of the battered wife syndrome is, “signs and symptoms, such as perceived inability to escape, appearing in women who are physically or mentally abused by a husband or another dominant individual.” This definition may be specific to women, but should be applied to Pakistanis. The abuser being cricket. From early on this year, the ardent cricket fan has been bombarded with humiliating incidents of limited-overs captain Shahid Afridi trying to “hear” by chomping on a ball; a humiliating white wash in Australia and the creepy phenomenon of Shoania plastered all over our TVs because of Shoaib Malik’s strange relations ...

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