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5 reasons why the premier of The Walking Dead Season 8 was highly disappointing

The Walking Dead (TWD) is hands down the best zombie apocalypse show out there; diehard fans may even argue that it’s the best TV show at the moment. (Warning: The following post contains spoilers) We’ve been fans of the show long enough to feel that in case of a zombie apocalypse, we’re good to go. Not only does the show excel in showing the apocalypse itself, it successfully creates the sense of community that arises as a group of people struggle to survive together and fight a threat that could potentially last forever. However, the last season was pretty much a let-down, with ...

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Zombie killing at its best

The Resident Evil saga has come to an end. The sixth and final instalment of this blockbuster franchise, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, brings back Milla Jovovich’s kick-ass zombie hunter, Alice, to where it all started – the infamous Racoon City. Ali Larter, who plays Claire Redfield, also returns in this final offering of the video game based movie franchise. Paul W S Anderson, the director of the first movie in the series as well as the last two, helms the director’s seat for this final outing. Many cast members who played popular characters from the videogame in the previous ...

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