Stories about Zil Hajj

How are we supposed to carry out qurbani considering the rising prices of livestock?

I am an Eidul Azha enthusiast. When I was a child, the moment the Zil Hajj moon would be seen, my excitement for having sacrificial animals in my courtyard would escalate. My father always made sure to buy animals in the first few days of Zil Hajj. He often said, “I buy animals in advance for Khurram as I cannot see his sad face.” In the year 1989, my father had to leave for the US for his open-heart surgery two weeks before Eidul Azha. A few days before his departure for this life threatening surgery, he took me to the cattle market to ...

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Gullu Butt bakra, Raja the cow and our immature Pakistani media

The end of an Islamic year is marked by the performance of Hajj, an act of submission that Allah has allocated a huge reward for. Pilgrims from across the globe stand humbly before their Lord, seeking His affection. Days and nights are devoted in praising Him, whilst cutting oneself off from worldly desires and temptations. The end of this strenuous round of worship is marked by performing the qurbani (sacrifice) to honour Hazrat Ibrahim’s (AS) sacrifice. This is done not just by pilgrims but also by Muslims across the globe. However, in Pakistan, Eidul Azha has a comic side as well. A side that is mostly projected by our media. As soon ...

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