Stories about witness protection

Paraded naked-again! State traits or a shameless Ramazan special?

The other day while surfing the television I tuned into a channel where Ramazan special programme was underway, the host was telling the audience that as Muslims we should be very careful about how we treat women, not only in our homes but also in our society, we should respect them, treat them with great dignity and only then the society will flourish and become tolerant. He also quoted examples from the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  in which the Prophet (pbuh) had emphasised the role and status of women by his actions and sayings. After delivering these lines, ...

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Kharotabad doctor: Brutality for bravery

The murder of Dr Syed Baqir Shah last week probably won’t resonate as loudly as some others in recent memory. He wasn’t a politician, a victim of a trigger-happy American, or an icon for global jihad. He was just a doctor. A police surgeon committed to speak the truth regardless of the consequences. And that’s precisely what makes Dr Shah’s death all the more tragic. Last year, Dr Shah had given steadfast evidence to the effect that the death of five Chechens in Kharotabad in May was caused by bullet wounds fired by the police and Frontier Constabulary (FC). He said that ...

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