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The Meg: Watching Jason Statham kick some prehistoric butt was hellishly entertaining

It was in late 2016 when I found out that Jason Statham was going to star in a movie where he will take on a 75-feet long shark, the Megalodan. After hearing such incredible news, how could you not start rejoicing? In real life, Statham, the man who is known for playing antiheros and “tough-guy” roles, is trained in kung fu, kickboxing and karate and was also selected by Britain’s national diving team to compete in the 1990 Commonwealth Games. A guy like him battling Megalodon (big tooth), one of the most powerful and largest predators to have ever lived, would ...

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Skiptrace isn’t a ‘good’ movie by any metric

The success of action comedies like Rush Hour (1998) and Shanghai Noon (2000) helped Jackie Chan gain international recognition. For his latest cinematic endeavour, the star from Hong Kong has teamed up, yet again, with an American actor for another action comedy, Skiptrace. Joining him for the buddy adventure this time is Johnny Knoxville, the Jackass crewmember who may not have the star power of Chris Tucker or Owen Wilson, but still manages to deliver the requisite comic relief in a movie that is considerably more enjoyable than it has any right to be. Jackie Chan and ...

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