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Does the company actually think people will upgrade to ‘newer’ phones just to install WhatsApp?

Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most installed app on our mobile devices. It is easier and less costly to WhatsApp message a friend than to send a text message. However, recently the brainchild of the messenger has decided to take a step which is quite alarming. As of now, all we know is that WhatsApp has decided to drop support for Blackberry and some Nokia and Android phones. The disowning will go into effect in 2017. The Facebook owned application has decided to shockingly discontinue the use to aforementioned brands in order to push its own growth. In its blog post, the company stated that the mobile ...

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Nokia Lumia smartphones: A strong comeback!

On the morning of September 5, Nokia and Microsoft unveiled the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones -the new flagship models running Windows Phone 8 operating system. The presentation wasn’t as amazing as those we are used to seeing at Apple events. The phones, however, surpassed all expectations. I believe that these two models, along with the upcoming tablet from Nokia, will mark the revival of Nokia and here are just a few reasons I believe so. Top three key differentiators : 1. Photography: Don’t bother about the megapixels; they don’t really matter. The main camera of ...

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