Stories about Windows 8

So, which tablet should you buy?

Back in April, 2010 when Apple launched the iPad, no one had a clue what to do with it! Today more than 140 million people around the world are using these tablets for a number of things. The tablet category is growing faster than laptops and desktops and is expected to surpass laptop shipments by 2016. It is evident that tablets are the growth engine for computer manufacturers for the next few years until the next innovation comes along. While Apple and Google enjoy a duopoly on the software front, the competition on the hardware front is intensifying and opening ...

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Windows 8 is great!

I didn’t expect Windows 8 to be very good. Why? Because Windows 7 was excellent, and as longtime Microsoft consumers understand, the Redmond based software giant hasn’t released two quality iterations of Windows in a row. Not until now, that is. Windows 8 has been a pleasant surprise. It looks quite gorgeous, runs lightning fast, and best of all, is rock solid. For the $15 upgrade price I purchased it for here in Pakistan, it is an absolute steal for an officially licensed operating system. Over the years, whenever Microsoft has tried to take revolutionary steps with Windows, the initial results have ...

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