Stories about wikileaks

The trouble with free information

Wikileaks makes over 90,000 classified US military documents public. An aspiring activist posts offensive content on Facebook. Iranians oppose broadcast of their election protests over the internet through Twitter, fuelling international outrage at the regime. What do these events have in common? These events all represent the changing face of war. For a modern state now more than ever, insecurity is going to be measured by how secure its information systems and databases are, and not just by how many troops it deploys along its borders. This new threat that governments fear is well illustrated by Julian Assange’s attack on US strategy ...

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WikiLeaks: the old, the new and the ugly

A few days ago, released approximately 91,000 government documents related to the war in Afghanistan through three news organisations, the New York Times (American), the Guardian (UK) and the Der Spiegel (German). The documents are mostly a collection of war logs; a series of eyewitness accounts and reports from the soldiers on the ground and contain unconfirmed and unverified information. In the words of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, the documents are “true” but the information in them might not be. Keeping this in mind, I’m going to summarise some of the more crucial information from this massive data dump. The ...

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Wikileaks: a deliberate accident

Wikileaks, has opened a Pandora’s box by making public the transcripts or journals of the hour by hour detail of service by Nato soldiers in Afghanistan. It has been termed as the biggest leak in the history of intelligence. Most news sources are giving the story the headline of “Pakistan back Taliban in Afghanistan against the Nato forces.” The White House has strongly condemned the incident and sent detailed answers to the media describing how the US wants to establish peace in Afghanistan and wishes to work along with its partner Pakistan. They have shown that they have nothing to do with Wikileaks who has ...

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