Stories about weapons

Guns and poppies in Sindh

There are powerful people who suddenly appear with lots of arms, all brand new, semi-automatic weapons, into villages like Buriro , in rural Dadu, Sindh. People, the poor villagers are asked to hand over the lands to them and just work as tillers and do what they are told . They are threatened with dire consequences and even death if they do not cooperate. The police looks away and a new crop is cultivated. I used to listen to a famous US rock and roll band named ‘Guns and Roses’. Now it seems Sindh has over the last two decades ...

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Karachi: city of trash, graffiti, magic and weapons

Riding the train into and out of Karachi is an unforgettable experience, albeit a mostly unpleasant one. Some of the things you can expect to see out the window: Seven hundred graffiti ads for a charlatan Self-proclaimed Alim, Junaid Bangali has a graffiti ad campaign which starts 40km outside of Karachi and appears on walls every 200m or so all the way to his den of kala jadoo (black magic) in the squalid urban mish-mosh under Kalapul bridge. The sheer number of ads suggests Mr Bangali has pulled a fast one on yet another poor sap, advising him/her to paint 700 signs ...

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In Karachi, guns are not the problem

Since 2009, different quarters have been calling for the de-weaponization of Karachi. But with minimal trust in law enforcement agencies, many would feel safe with a licensed weapon in their possession, ideally placed in hands reach and to be used for defense only. Ironically the ones who call for de-weaponization are the same ones who wear weapons as traditional ‘jewelry for men’. But is this the only way to help curb target killing in Karachi? But why in Karachi? Karachi has imported many cultures over the years. Traditions came with the migrants whether from across the border or from up the ...

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