Stories about water crisis in Badin

A peddler’s life in the city of Badin: Making peanuts selling peanuts

My first interaction with the peanut selling peddler was nearly 28 years ago. In those days, I had gone to Badin (a city in Sindh) with my father. My father bought peanuts from him and that’s how I first met him. Just a month ago, I met him again with the purpose of writing a story about him and his life. The kind, old man was honoured and said to me: “I am happy to know that at least someone cares about the story of a poor man.” Muhammad Ashraf Chandio, 53-years-old and not formally educated, runs a roadside peanut cart in Badin. His ...

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The untold story of the water that Sindh drinks

It is a hot, dusty day. You grab a glass from your kitchen shelf, walk over to the mineral water dispenser, and pour clear and fresh water into it. The coolness satiates your thirst quickly and you leave it on the table partially full, in a hurry to continue the day’s chores. There is one reality lost in this mundane action: The water you wasted in one minute, some could stretch for one entire day. Not very far away in fact, there are people like you and I who satiate their thirst with water that is slightly better than sewage water. ...

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