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The trouble with ‘all you can eat’ deals

They got it wrong again. This happens every Ramazan. Every upscale eating place in Pakistan starts advertising their “all you can eat” offers. I think it’s a poor choice of words. It should be “All you want to eat”. Brings back memories of when we used to say stuff like “Teacher, can I go to drink water?” and they would scold us and tell us that it should be “May I go to drink water?” I can do a lot of things. Like leap off a building, for example. But the things I can do and the things I want to ...

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Afghanistan after 2014

Some questions sound very sweet and simple. Yet their answers are tough to come up with. One such question is: “What happens in Afghanistan after the 2014 deadline?” No one has the answer to that. At best what veteran diplomats and experts can talk about relating to the future of the country are their wishes for Afghanistan. They would want to see a neutral Afghanistan. But beyond wishes and predictions, nothing concrete is on offer. Foreign troop numbers are to start coming down from this July and as this happens, Afghan security forces are to take over security responsibilities. However, to ...

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