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Musharraf, the next Rana Sanaullah?

As a critic of Pakistan’s political system, I am constantly blighted by the fact that I did not vote. Even though this fact lies heavy on my conscience, I also know that I will not vote in the next elections either, simply because I cannot willfully bring any of the existing parties into power. The PPP, the various Muslim Leagues, the dreaded MQM, the right wing parties who form coalition governments no matter who wins – every single candidate remains unacceptable. Maybe it was the desire to have someone to vote for, maybe it was nostalgia, but the truth is, I actually waited for ...

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Election time in Afghanistan

As most of urban and a large part of rural Afghanistan prepares for elections, the Taliban have once again made it clear just how they feel about the polls. With hours to go before ballots are to be cast the Taliban have kidnapped Abdul Rahman Hayat, one of 2,500 candidates running for the parliamentary elections on September 18, 2010.  The news was confirmed when Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid sent a text message to AFP reporter stating: “We have kidnapped Hayatullah Hayat.” The Taliban have also been blamed for the kidnap of eighteen workers in Baghdis province. It is no secret that the ...

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Welcoming home Mr Musharraf

Former President Musharraf announced his intention to run for parliament or become President once again come election time, 2013. Rumours and reports suggest that his new party will be launched on the October 1,2010, after which his party will actively promote Musharraf as the nation’s saviour. Alliances are being formed, deals brokered and supporters invigorated. Democracy in action? Given the prospect of a new political force entering the country; it’s quite disheartening to read the near, unanimous denouncement of Musharraf’s return to Pakistan, or to politics, or both. Critics have argued that there is no room in politics for Musharraf anymore. I ...

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