Stories about VIP treatment

How many Zafirs, Zains and Shahzebs will it take for Pakistan to stop bowing down before the Khawars, the Kanjus and the Jatois?

I can very well imagine his pain, his helplessness, as he was being ruthlessly deprived of his right to live and follow his dreams. How he must have begged and pleaded for his life, only to be left alone to offer apologies for something he didn’t even do. I mean, wouldn’t anyone do just that to save their life? But the monsters did not just lack sympathy – they were inherently void of even a shred of humanity. They trapped him from all sides, with nowhere to go, and then their guns started blazing. Entire caches of bullets were emptied on ...

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Dear Bilawal Bhutto, with your protocol, you undermine the value of a common citizen’s life

Dear Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Let me start with appreciating the good work you did today. Thank you for taking out the time and inaugurating the new trauma facility at Civil Hospital. I am sure many citizens will benefit from it. And now let me address the more pressing issue. A baby girl died today as she was denied access to emergency treatment while you inaugurated the medical facility. I may not be able to find a better and grimmer illustration of the word ‘irony’. When you are chairman of one of the biggest political parties of Pakistan, you cannot act unaware of the difficulties ...

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