Stories about VIP protocol

The Hajis from our tax money

Dear readers, I would like to share my experience with all of you about my journey back from Jeddah, after performing Hajj, which transpired on our very own national carrier; Pakistan International Airline (PIA). Contrary to our journey there, the way back from the holy land was a bit different. It was different because due to some reason -better known to our tour operator – we were bumped up to the so called VIP flight carrying our royalty (parliamentarians and bureaucrats). The flight got delayed, like any other flight on PIA, but to my utmost relief and disbelief, the seat ...

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A president puts people first, not his comfort!

It was a normal day in the city and roads were open for traffic. Not a single person could be found expressing resentment over the visit of the most important person of the United States of America, in the wake of foolproof security measures that had been taken. Yes, I am talking about President Barack Obama. He visited Kirkwood Community College where I am currently enrolled in a programme to learn about American culture and language. President Obama addressed a large audience in a hall located on the premises of the college, which stretches across 680 acres. However, while security ...

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