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A love affair with chocolate chip cookies

When I was a kid, relatives visiting from America only meant one thing: Walkers cookies! I can still recall how I used to savour every bite; not too soft or too crunchy. It was just perfect. This was how my love affair with cookies began and my favourite by far are chocolate chip cookies. The thing is, sometimes I am just too lazy to cook so I try to find recipes which require the least number of ingredients. Hence when I came across this recipe which requires only five main ingredients, I simply had to try it out. The result: time saved, craving ...

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A delicious post-workout protein shake that brings out the glow in you!

After a workout this blueberry, lemon and vanilla protein shake is total bliss for glow getters! I started adding lemon and blueberries to my protein shake so had to share the recipe. I like certain words a lot, for example vitality and bliss. They are my quirky versions of yin and yang, so I suppose in the coming weeks there will be an emphasis on these two things. I’ve had about one green smoothie so far this year and though I should probably have one or two more, adding loads of greens to my plate albeit in the form of pesto or ...

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Three layers of chocolate heaven

There are some culinary combinations that gel together nicely and this recipe explores one such combination -cake – instant jelly and custard.  This is a simple yet amazingly tempting dessert that’s ideal for any special occasion. The best part is that it requires very little cooking time. Also, nothing is set in stone here so feel free to experiment with different flavours and combinations. Ingredients Chocolate/marble cake Swiss rolls (I prefer chocolate but you can use any flavour) Vanilla-flavoured custard powder (again, you can have any flavour you like) Milk Sugar Instant jelly (cherry or strawberry – because it adds a little colour to your dessert) Fresh fruits (bananas and apples go well with this ...

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