Stories about Valentine’s Day recipes

This Valentine’s Day, single or taken, try out these tasty treats

Valentine’s Day is back again. Shops and restaurants are all decked in red. Street vendors with heart-shaped balloons and red roses can be seen in every nook and cranny. It is my personal belief that this day does not have to be about couples alone as it has mostly been made out to be. All the single people out there do not have to go underground for the day. It can be an ideal way to spend a non-public holiday with your family and friends. I will take this opportunity to admit I am not big on celebrating all the love ...

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Red is the colour of love, so are these divine strawberry recipes for Valentine’s Day

If you were like me, you would have noticed the hues of red being painted around town in order to commemorate Valentine’s Day. From flowers to painted boards to stuffed teddy bears to inflated hearts – this day, a celebration of love, has become quite an occasion in our part of the world. Preparing meals, candle light dinners and the entire hoo blah shah surrounding this date are beyond me. Starry eyes, loudly thumping hearts, love-struck teens, long-stemmed roses, music in the air, helium-packed balloons, gift hampers, baskets of chocolates and teddy bears – all this is definitely a scene out of a romantic movie. ...

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