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Because I’m a lesbian

For 24 years, the horror of lesbianism haunted me. No, I don’t belong to an anti-religion, mod squad, liberal family. My family is as normal as any middle-class and religious family could be. After my teens, I grew up questioning my sexual orientation and my doubts turned into guilty trepidation when I realized this was not “just the phase” I was going through. This was the my life which I had been constantly denying. Being a lesbian in Pakistan where one is eloquently declared a sinner or deemed to have a psychological disorder, is like committing a crime. You are considered as disgusting ...

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The Capital Vulture: Top 10 Islamabadi superstitions and wives’ tales

Growing up, I’ve had a lot of quaint ‘folk’ wisdom imparted unto me by many a semi-lucid septuagenarian. Islamabad (all of Pakistan really) has a massive repository of the absurd and asinine, these totally bizarre yet still fantastic half-truths, wives’ tales and superstitions known by all citizens in different variations. Anthropologists, eat your heart out because this is all unchartered land by scholarly standards; and for the sake of discourse I’d like to offer up the greatest hits, this week’s top 10. 10. “If you keep swallowing your gum, a tree will grow out of your stomach!” The fear, the coma inducing ...

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Entering the corporate minefield

Growing up most girls whilst combing their Barbie’s unbelievably silky hair dream of life with a Ken look alike in a White House inspired mansion with three children who supplement the family income by being Gap for Kids models. I however owing to; a militant mother and being dropped on the head by a clumsy aunt umpteen times during infancy remember giving my Malibu Barbie’s flaxen locks 100 vigorous strokes and dreaming of taking over Mattel Inc. And truth be told the quest for boardroom success has not diminished in the last 20 something years. So I did what any other ...

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