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Labour of love: lessons learned overnight

““Final year students are required to do two night shifts per week in their Obstetrics and Gynecology posting.” Ever since I heard my in-charge say those words, the apprehension started building up until it became a real bothersome issue. I tried to look for an escape route, anything, to be able to skip those night duties. Amazingly, I’d never had to do night duties in my clinical rotations so far but this being my final year as a medical student, all the loose ends would now have to be tied up. In other words, there was no escape. The reasons I ...

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Punjab on education, setting the wrong example

The recent announcement by the government of Punjab to “privatize” 24 colleges has sadly been unable to garner the publicity it deserved. As part of the policy, a board of governors is to be constituted including the local district commissioner and National Assembly members. The implementation of this policy has been condemned by student, parent and teacher representatives. The government claims that on its part, it is appointing a board of governors to each of the respective colleges to make them more efficient. That said it has as yet, not offered any elaboration on what those efficiency gains may be. Paramount amongst the concerns ...

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The other side of the gate

Civil Hospital, Karachi. The teaching hospital our college is attached to is surely one of the best places to learn a lot of things besides the obvious medicine and professional skills. It’s a place which teaches you to shun your pride, banish your classy items, and raise your tolerance levels! It’s one of the public hospitals in Karachi, run on government expenses and charity by some NGO’s and the students of our college. It serves to all stratas of society but most importantly the poor, who can’t afford medical care in private hospitals. There is no consultation fee, no ...

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