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Why we need special economic zones

Pakistan is a country of unlimited human potential, especially with regard to talent that can be utilized to create a culture of dynamic entrepreneurship. Once the majority of your population is below 25 years in age you cannot depend upon a number of big companies working in the country to produce employment of a desired level for the qualified and skilled youth. It is all about how well the planners in the government provide solutions to the youth to become their own employers and in turn employ others. Let me give an example of a UAE based company, RSI Concepts. The company is ...

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Blackwater chief makes a run for it

Mercenary-in- chief and head of Blackwater, Erik Prince is reportedly moving to the United Arab Emirates to avoid prosecution or indictment in United States. The report comes from ultimate Blackwater watchdog Jeremy Scahill. Almost all of Scahill’s reports on Prince and his company have been authentic and congressional committees on Capitol Hill have even summoned Scahill to testify. Prince’s plans to move to the United Arab Emirates were influenced by many different factors, prominent amongst them is the indictment of long time confidant and a former president of the company, Gary Jackson. Two other senior executives and founding members of ...

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