Stories about two-day weekend

Nusrat Bhutto didn’t need a public holiday

It seems declaring a public holiday is one chore the government does best. Any opportunity or the slightest of pretext is grabbed by both hands – and feet – that have now become so lethargic that a two-day weekend is effectively achieved. Political parties find it almost routine to declare a public holiday when they please and shutter-down strikes seem to be observed every other day. Let alone the loss businesses or labour suffers, it casts a doubt on the country’s ability to be productive and sends out a wrong message to impressionable youth who believe it’s alright to slack ...

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Open letter to Shahbaz Sharif

Dear Mr Shahbaz Sharif,  If only you knew a little about economics and governance policies, I would not have been writing this letter today. For the past couple of weeks I have been hearing and reading constant malicious criticism from you and your fellow political puppets on the Government of Pakistan’s policy on two weekly holidays. Keeping the power shortfall debate aside for which this policy has been implemented, I would like to state certain economic arguments in favour of this policy, which of course you would have known of, if you would have ever taken an economics course in ...

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