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Did Coldplay’s video misappropriate India?

There has been some angst, both in the West and in India, about Coldplay’s latest and very beautiful video, Hymn For The Weekend. The video is being criticised by some for ‘cultural appropriation’. In this whole controversy, the west and the east have their own respective angles for their criticisms. In the west, the main argument behind the condemnation that some have expressed is that western artists should not incorporate popular art, imagery, looks, character types, and scenes representing the non-western world, because doing so constitutes an unethical appropriation of the cultural patrimony of the third-world ‘South’. This argument lacks substance. ...

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Is your online life more ‘real’ than your reality?

Your online identity has seen you do a bunch of crazy things from naming yourself after your favourite Star Wars character to putting up highly fantasised pictures of your human self on Bitstrips.  Bitstrips has become a craze among the young and old, with people creating pictures of their human selves online. Photo: Bitstrips (Facebook Page) However, what started as fun and games has long since existed to be only that. You are now as much of an amalgamation of your online experiences as your real-life ones and who is to say which one is what? With phone alerts punctuating ...

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