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Boys will be boys but Qandeel was defiant – so she must be eliminated

The first video I watched of Qandeel Baloch was shared by a friend on his Facebook wall. She was clad in a skimpy grey dress showing off her voluptuous curves. Swaying suggestively and looking straight into the camera she said, “I’m 99% sure you hate me but I’m a 100% sure not even my shoe gives a damn about it.”

In one fell swoop she not only fully asserted herself as a sexual being – a space denied to women in our society – but cocked a snook at everyone unwilling to acknowledge her agency. I instantly fell in love ...

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The boat ride into the arms of hope and terror

The tide was low that night. I had one foot under water and the other foot on the beam of the starboard. The bubbly little machine that the driver was certain would take us to our destination, swayed to and fro as the gentle waves touched its sides. Seasickness had already crept under my skin as I moved along with the raft, unbalanced, on the Mediterranean. It’s funny what a little seasickness could do to me, I thought. From what I was running from, seasickness was merely a remedy. The captain of this Titanic ushered me on to the boat ...

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Would Batman be able to survive in Pakistan?

Batman is a muscular and charismatic character, created by DC Comics, who has a large fan base and millions of followers. His mysterious moves and unique costumes have become a symbol of power. His persona demands reverence. In other words, he is probably one of the best action heroes ever created. Now imagine, what would happen if our government decides to hire Batman for his ‘services’? The increasing crime rates in Pakistan warrant a superhero, no doubt about that. However, would Batman be able to use his extraordinary powers to stop con artists and terrorists from creating more mayhem? Do you think Batman ...

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