Stories about Tuberculosis (TB)

Do you take antibiotics for a seasonal flu or viral infection? If yes, then you’re as ignorant as the doctor who prescribed it

We are living in strange times. Even though human innovation is surpassing all odds, we are moving backwards with antibiotic resistance and climate change. The discovery of antibiotics brought a new era in medicine that enabled us to save lives by treating the diseases that were once untreatable. But bacteria have fought back, evolving into superbugs, resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics. Last year, while visiting Pakistan, my five-month-old daughter had a sore throat, flu and fever, which are symptoms of a common seasonal or viral infection. It is not a serious infection and includes common diverse illnesses such as ...

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This Ramazan, go from smoking 20 to 4 cigarettes per day

Most Muslims who smoke refrain from smoking during the period of fasting, which may last up to 12-14 hours. Even after breaking their fast, most smokers smoke only a few cigarettes. Research has shown that somehow, during fasting, smokers do not have the urge to smoke. Those who smoke 25 cigarettes or more on a normal day, decrease the number of cigarettes to four or five a day during Ramazan. This provides an excellent opportunity for a smoker to get rid of this bad habit for good. With strong will power and a little extra effort, they can surely succeed in ...

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Beware, antibiotics are not the answer to every disease

A few days back, I called a friend and found out that she was suffering from a sore throat, yet again. Being a pharmacist, people talk to me quite frequently about the medicines they have been taking. This particular friend was tackling her sore throat with Amoxicillin and had disregarded the need for a prescription. Recently, however, she complained to me that Amoxicillin doesn’t work for her anymore. The truth is that she is not the only one. Most people don’t understand the dreadful consequences of misusing antibiotics. A sore throat, runny nose and fever are all inevitable gifts of the winter season ...

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