Stories about tsunamis

Yes, Senator Rehman Malik, you deserved to be booted off that plane!

There are times when something you dream of actually happens, like Senator Rehman Malik getting booted off that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight. Had anyone else been booted off this way it might not have had the same impact, but with Rehman Malik… it’s like being presented with a large, a very large, box of chocolates, a complete set of Harry Potter books (which are amazingly yet to be read), and a tonne of ice cream all at one go! Oh joy! My salams to the gentleman who took that stand. May you live long in a genuinely better Pakistan, with my prayers for ...

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Video blog: Sentries of the coast

Across the Indus delta in Pakistan, at Keti Bundur, Siddiq Roonjha narrates the once prosperous economic history of the area However,  recent battles with cyclones and storms have seen his home inundated and his precious belongings lost. He blames all of this destruction on the reduction of mangrove plantations along the coastline.  Siddiq, speaks of a time when the mangrove trees were enough to offer shelter from rain and storms. Now, entire villages have flooded and many people along the coast have died since the natural bio-shields found in mangroves has been lost. Development has seen the 600,000 hectares of mangrove plantations reduced ...

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