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Ain’t no mountain high enough, except maybe Rakaposhi base camp!

Foreword: I am not a travel writer and neither do I intend on being one. This narrative is simply an attempt to articulate a once in a lifetime travel experience to the fabulously mountainous north of Pakistan. Day 1 of expedition: On which all, except me, start the ascent to Rakaposhi base camp. Day 1 of expedition: On which all, except me, start the ascent to Rakaposhi base camp. When I woke up the day our expedition was to start, I felt a bit odd. I couldn’t quite pin point the oddity. I ignored the intangible (not quite bordering ...

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Four incredible reasons to travel the northern areas of Pakistan

The northern areas of Pakistan are heaven for those who seek adventure. From the highest mountains of the world, to lush green valleys and pristine lakes, the north has it all. Our travel gem. Here, I shall take you through a visual journey of my travelling experience through the north of Pakistan. After this, I am quite sure you will be setting up your itinerary. 1) Pristine lakes and solitude Northern Pakistan has been blessed with some of the most beautiful lakes that one could ever imagine. My favourites so far have been Karomber lake, Chitta Katha lake and Saral lake. I was once able ...

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Danish rape in India and advice to women visiting

A Danish tourist was abducted and gang raped at knife point in New Delhi last week. This is yet another one of a series of rapes that has shocked India and has shamed us once again. I have compiled a list of pointers that I think would make travelling safer for women tourists in India. Having travelled extensively throughout the length and breadth of the country, I have a fair bit of experience on dealing with problems that women could face while travelling alone or with fellow women. I’ve even made my share of mistakes that could have landed me in ...

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