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Is ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ a little too similar to B-town’s ‘Namaste London’?

Okay, I give up! A lot of people do not agree with my hyper-critical approach when it comes to reviewing movies. I’ve been called an eternal cynic, a tag which is probably the most publishable amongst various other labels I have had the pleasure of hearing. Bearing that in mind, I have decided to radically alter my ways with this piece and tried to analyse a cinematic work purely based on how the majority would tend to receive it. The dubious honour for this novel experiment goes out to the first full length trailer of the upcoming Pakistani romantic comedy, Punjab Nahi Jaungi. What makes Punjab Nahi ...

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History repeats itself, as Stephen King’s ‘It’ fuels our nightmares once again!

Clowns of the world are up in arms and they are not just angry, they are furiously frothing at the mouth. Surprisingly, the reason for their intense rage is a movie trailer. One that smashed streaming records with close to 200 million views globally in its first 24 hours online, blowing away the previous best of 139 million set by The Fate of the Furious back in December. It wasn’t just a film trailer dropping; it was a freakin’ cultural event. Within hours of its release, the first trailer of Stephen King’s feature adaptation ‘It’ became a viral sensation, trending heavily across social media. The movie promo featuring ...

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