Stories about Tomato sauce

Fusion food at its best: Cabbage rolls stuffed with ground beef

The experience of roasted cabbage rolls stuffed with ground beef and soybeans is tasteful and can be a part of a nutritionally balanced diet. This dish has great variety and is common in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. The cabbage rolls can be wrapped around a number of fillings, including seafood, chicken, meat, or vegetables, based on one’s personal preference. My preference is meat filling with an authentic Pakistani taste. I love the aromatic filling served with a tangy tomato sauce, as it brings the eating experience alive with its incredible zing. The filling is essentially ground meat (qeema) prepared with roasted ...

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Wagon-wheel pasta: A little taste of Tuscany on your Pakistani plate

So if you are amongst 95% of the people of the world, you are probably intimidated by cooking. So was I, once upon a time. To look at a well-cooked dish was like looking at the great pyramids; fascinating and intriguing, but a mystery as to how it was built. But watching Nigella Lawson cook, who made it look like a piece of cake, inspired me to start cooking. And to avoid any complications, I started developing my own simple recipes. And if I can cook, trust me, so can you. Unless you have a cooking-phobia and faint upon stepping into ...

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