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Stranger Things 3: 5 Easter eggs to get us excited (and worried) for summer!

The trailer for the third season of Netflix’s most anticipated show, Stranger Things, released recently and shook the internet to its very core. Since there is a long wait till it releases (Stranger Things premiers in July) fan theories have begun emerging to keep us busy until we see the real deal. These range from bizarre to probable. So I thought rather than doing a mere shot-by-shot review, why don’t we ponder over the Easter Eggs the show runners have dropped in the trailer? Photo: Giphy The following are my predictions for the new season. 1. Another Barb? In ...

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Presenting the 10 best films from Tinseltown in 2015

2015 has been a great year for Hollywood films. I personally can’t think of the last time there was as much anticipation for the movie calendar as there was this year. We saw the return of beloved 70’s and 80’s icons like Rocky Balboa, Han Solo, Max Rockatansky, The Terminator (for better or worse), a 70-year-old director, George Miller redefine the action genre and the most beloved movie franchises – Star Wars and Rocky – got rejuvenated. So naturally with the year coming to an end it’s only fair that we talk about the films that we loved the ...

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