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Are Disney and Tim Burton about to ruin our childhoods with Dumbo 2.0?

The trailer for the upcoming Dumbo makes me rue the day Disney figured out they could make a killing simply by turning their animated classics into live-action adventures. It’s a shrewd strategy – recycling tales that have already proven to be popular, cashing in on the nostalgia they invoke, and reselling the same product all over again in new packaging. It’s also a strategy that has generally brought in a lot of dough for the House of Mouse, so obviously the studio has doubled down on the idea and decided to reimagine everything they can possibly think of (looking at ...

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Is The Good Dinosaur as great as The Lion King?

The Good Dinosaur is yet another impactful movie produced by Pixar. Do you remember the kind of sentiments Disney evoked within you while watching The Lion King, especially when Mufasa was killed by the herd in front of his son? That is the level of impact I am referring to. The story begins with a twist. An asteroid which was meant to strike earth resulting in the extinction of dinosaurs, misses earth and life goes on as usual due to which humans (cavemen) exist along side with dinosaurs. While dinosaurs are seen talking, human beings communicate with gestures and sounds. This makes the ...

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Karachi Zoo: A threat to endangered animals?

The other day, my two-year old nephew would not let go of The Express Tribune. On the front page, there was a picture of a large white lion. While he didn’t understand the headline “South African white lions to land in Karachi”, he sat transfixed on the floor with the page and roared over and over again like he was the big bad Scar from The Lion King. Unfortunately, I could not be as ecstatic about the picture as my nephew. The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation imported these white lions at a price of Rs10 million. A glass enclosure is being built from a special ...

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