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Instead of scaring you to death, The Possession of Hannah Grace will bore you to death

Unlike most horror sub-genres that have found reasons to exist primarily because of their commercial success, the exorcism/demonic possession genre pretty much began and ended with William Friedkin’s 1973 horror classic The Exorcist. Sure, a number of ‘possession’ movies have been made since then but none of them have been any good and most of them have not performed particularly well at the box office. This, however, did not stop the filmmakers behind The Possession of Hannah Grace from attempting to bring new life to a genre that till now has been largely lifeless. The film centres on a former cop, Megan Reed (Shay ...

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Why did the Indian film industry churn out such horrendous movies in 2016?

The be all and end all of movies for some, while a bad joke masquerading as cinema for others, Bollywood is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. But yet, every single year, it manages to churn out films that are indisputably bad and 2016 was no different. So, in no particular order, let the bashing begin. 1) Fan: Rather watch a ceiling fan Fan is Shah Rukh Khan’s attempt to marry the only two characters he could act out, the wacky (Darr etc.) and the silly (Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa etc.), before he became the irritatingly tiresome Rahul and the tediously boring ...

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Is ‘Annabelle’ a copy-cat?

Annabelle was eagerly awaited on grounds of being the prequel to what is being called one of the best haunted-house movies ever. While The Conjuring was laden with original concepts and a spooky aureole, Annabelle, though not a bad horror flick, failed to live up to the expectations. Of course, with a great movie like The Conjuring already on board, expectations ran high but Annabelle did no justice to the masterpiece it followed. The movie isn’t bad. But it does not deliver the hair-raising spooks and flabbergasting little wisps of instantaneous shock that its predecessor did so well. While its parent film, The Conjuring, had sudden bursts of fright with its “clap, clap”, Annabelle had ...

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