Stories about target killing

Target killing: Collateral damage in an urban war

What is to be made of the latest target killing spree in Karachi? This question has been the cause of much speculation as an unending (and escalating) wave of violence has swept through the city, with seemingly no end in sight. Conspiracy theories lavishly depicting an attempt to destabilize the government by forces both internal and external are abound. Still others cite a political battle turned grim between the MQM and ANP, or worse, sectarian conflict or the dreaded ‘third hand’. The one reason you hear least of is actually the most straightforward of the lot, and fits perfectly with the ...

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Grab it if you can

Over the past couple of years, the menace of land grabbing has picked up in Karachi. This criminal act would not be possible unless rogue public officials and law enforcement individuals were involved. Largely, it has been state property and its departments which have been targeted, but a large portion of private property (which has lying vacant) has also been occupied by people who refuse to leave it unless there is an armed operation remove them. This hardly happens. In some instances the illegal occupant is conned as well. They buy a vacant property from someone who is protected by a political party which is backed by an ...

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In Karachi, guns are not the problem

Since 2009, different quarters have been calling for the de-weaponization of Karachi. But with minimal trust in law enforcement agencies, many would feel safe with a licensed weapon in their possession, ideally placed in hands reach and to be used for defense only. Ironically the ones who call for de-weaponization are the same ones who wear weapons as traditional ‘jewelry for men’. But is this the only way to help curb target killing in Karachi? But why in Karachi? Karachi has imported many cultures over the years. Traditions came with the migrants whether from across the border or from up the ...

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