Stories about talent in Pakistan

Why I am disappointed with Coke Studio season 9

Dear Coke Studio, I thank you for your efforts, for giving us some fine music yet again and bringing together the best talent in Pakistan. You are indeed a platform that makes us proud of our music. There are so many reasons why we love you and eagerly await your season each year. However, despite being a fan of your music, I couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied over the fact that you have completely neglected other provinces and their music in your latest season. Your biased attitude has disgruntled me. And it leaves me as a fan feeling like this gesture was in bad taste. I love Punjabi and Urdu ...

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Pakistani squash: Lack of infrastructure and no recognition, yet a great performance

Pakistan’s junior Squash team recently won the World Junior Squash Championship, held in Poland. Abbas Shaukat, Ahsan Ayyaz and Israr Ahmed led Pakistan to victory with Pakistan winning two of its three matches against Egypt in the final. It is Pakistan’s fifth title in World Junior Squash Championship.Photo: Tumblr I am, much like any other squash enthusiast in Pakistan, exhilarated by this news. Pakistan winning the Squash Junior Championship title after years of being beaten consecutively by the same opponent is definitely news worth celebrating. Undoubtedly, the efforts of the trio and their coach must be appreciated and ...

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