Stories about Syed Wahidur Rehman

Meeting Dr Wahidur Rahman, again

When I touch my heart, It starts to bleed, Like the hit of a dart. I miss Sir Wahid.   He showed me patience, He offered helpful advice, He created memories for me, On truth and beauty suffice.   As bright as the sun, How gentle he seemed, In my mind right now, He floats like a dream.   He trained us for the world ahead, He instilled us with hope. “Don’t lose sight,” he told us, “You won’t be able to cope”.   When the dark day came, With its mournful deed, Hundreds of shoulders volunteered, To carry and bury Wahid.   He was taken away, Bid adieu for the very last time. He was escorted to his destination, In the hollow, the timeless, the sublime.   He left ...

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