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Lahore, Sufi saints and the militant mindset

Data darbar, over 40 dead and over a hundred injured and I could have been one of them. Lahore Challo This was my family’s first trip to Lahore together, and we were determined to go despite admonishments all around. “What about the Punjabi Taliban?! Its not safe!” “You’ll get blown up. That’s for sure.” “It’s ridiculously hot. You’ll pass out halfway through sight-seeing.” “No” I replied to all of the above. “We are from Karachi, we can take it.” A night on the town My mother, my two sisters and I have just finished consuming an enormous meal at a roadside café in old Anarkali, and it ...

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Tea and biscuits for the hated

It seems like every day there’s a new steaming pile of nonsense published in the mainstream media about the Muslim world. For a geographically disparate grouping of countries that’s so incredibly important geo-politically it certainly isn’t easy to find informed comment and analysis, certainly not in the papers that constitute regular reading for many people in the West. If people are still beating the ‘clash of civilisations’ drum and decrying that ‘they hate our feedom’ then we know we have a problem. Take National Geographic, a magazine that claims to have been “inspiring people to care about the planet since ...

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